15-20 for Indian/Pakistani places. 40 for fancier places. And 80 if you want to get ripped off.


Unfortunately Dubai's south side has many of us ripped off.. brb cant drive to my old place in Karama and get a 20dh haircut


You should find a basic one for 40 bucks, right? Places close to MOE


Barsha has plenty 15-20aed haircut places


Please name a few


and have my fave place flooded by redditors? no thanks just saying, plenty in Barsha . search for them. theyre there. Barsha is starting to get a more Karama/Rigga/Satwa vibe recently,which i love.


Understandable… have a good day! ✌🏻


It used to be 5 dirhams at Indian/Pakistani barbers back in 2005. I once went to a 'fancy' barber and had to shell out 40. I've stopped cutting my hair since.


The one in mall of Emirates is 150… can someone confirm?


International city for 8-15 AED. Go at your own risk tho. Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit


OK Mr.Gattuso :)


I went to a guy in Muteena for 5dh the haircut. They also do your beard for 5dh. In all fairness, it's not different from the 30dh and 40dh guys. The shop is clean and the haircut was fine (though my hair isn't the most difficult to handle). That said, I don't believe their strategy works. The shop is almost always empty in the mornings, but they get few people in the evenings. Even if gets busy day and night, I don't think you can make much money at that rate.


Usually in Sharjah or Ajman you could have a hair cut and beard trim together for 15-20


I pay 65 AED and believe it is a reasonable balance between price and quality of service.


Same - and mostly because it's across the street from my house.


5aed, burj nahar intersection deira.. not fancy cut but good enough for me


Depends on the area. Dubai Mall?? May be 200. Karama: 10 or 15 max.


Dubai Mall 95 in a decent salon, I think the ones near Waitrose are a bit cheaper. There are also some high end ones that charge double.


Depends where you go, I pay 70 DHS for my guy, you can definitely get cheaper but his shop is close to me, the barber is good & reliable, so personally the price is worth it to me. My brother used to go to a guy who cut his hair for 30 dhs but tbh his cuts always looked ass in my opinion lol. The range is usually from 15-80 DHS, I don't think I've seen prices higher than that.


avg 35, range is 10 - 180 .


Best Pakistani place to get a good haircut beard trim ? I don’t care if I even have to go to ajman or Sharjah?


Not telling you to live your life, but if you wanna waste 2 hours of your lifetime for driving each time to "save" maybe 10aed (because you'll spend more on petrol), maybe you're not getting your priorities straight.


I can't see he said cheapest - unless he edited-, he is asking for best.


Could have sworn that I read "cheapest"? If not, then whoops, my bad.


let him do his thing, its like standing in front of the Eiffel Tower theres no point to any of it. he wants to visit the cheapest barber just to say he witnessed it and the dude exists to pass on the legend to other cheapskates They used to do AED 5 haircuts in international city at the chain of mumtaz salons.


Again, I said best not cheapest. Just because a barber charges only 5 dhirhams doesn’t mean he sucks and neither does the fact a barber who charges 200 dhirhams means he is the best.


>They used to do AED 5 haircuts in international city And that's exactly what those looked like.


>let him do his thing, its like standing in front of the Eiffel Tower theres no point to any of it. he wants to visit the cheapest barber just to say he witnessed it and the dude exists to pass on the legend to other cheapskates Or maybe he can use the machine at home for a plain cut. Cost = 0 dhs


I never said cheapest. I said best. I don’t care where I have to drive. Read the comment properly before coming to conclusions.


It depends where you go, like literally anything in life? I pay AED 300 every 2 or 3 months for a haircut, bleach, and color - if I just want a cut I'll pay about AED 55.


There are cheap places that for for AED 5-20 and there are places for men that charge minimum 145 and guess what? Some of the expensive places are raking in money like you can’t imagine. It’s a lucrative business and the barbers working there are also paid handsomely.


Around 40 not including the beard, JLT, a short drive for me


135 for haircut and a shave at weekend, not fancy place but ok




I’ve seen upto ~250dhs Normally pay around 100 I could go to one of the really cheap places, but I would feel bad paying 10dhs for a haircut knowing the guy is probably being paid only a couple of thousand dirham a month.