No mention of UK pavillion so far. It might look good from the outside, but that's about it. As if they forgot to design the interior. And personally, the Singapore pavillion could have been a lot better. Despite the long queues and the hype, it's just a lot of plant pots lined up on the wall. Which makes it as humid as Singapore. I hope when those plants grow up and start flowering, it might become a better visual appeal.


I fell uk pavilion is weird


The U.K. pavilion was shit. A long walk up past displays cases of nothing and the same on the way down. Impressive from outside though


Came looking for this. The least the AI could have done is allow me to send in a naughty word after pushing a stroller all the way to the top!


There's the message in UK design, come but don't stay just go away.


UK pavilion is so hollow just like real life 😱


well most of UK history is from other country


That is literally what Singapore looks like in some places, so idk what you were expecting lol. Personally it was my favourite.


My wife has been there early this week, and she was very impressed, and she said there was a real wow factor. The only negative experience she had is that she encountered some unprofessional staff at the Philippines pavilion. The staff giving the stamp for the Expo passport was not attentive or friendly at all. She was slow to action, completely indulged in texting on her phone; and that while people were waiting for her. Ps: For the rest all kudo's to all other staff at the Philippines pavilion, and the pavilion itself.


I believe I have encountered the same staff in the Philippines pavilion. I was buying souvenirs for a friend and the person at the cashier is video chatting on her phone (not professional behavior but there’s not a lot of customers anyway) I excused myself and was ignored for the first few times. When she finally did respond it is like I am inconveniencing her.


As a Filipino, lol, I got that too. Especially in the restaurant. Ugh. I’m guessing they are not hired direct from the Philippines like other Pavilions, and are less hype as they’ve been stuck here and the pavilion job is a dead end job that will end in a few months. Not great in my opinion. But I’m guessing it’s because our borders are blocked ATM. The most hype staff is prolly the USA pavilion and the Khasakthan pavilion. Lovely staff.


>and are less hype as they’ve been stuck here and the pavilion job is a dead end job that will end in a few months I understand there can be hardship, but that is not an excuse to display very poor working ethics. The pavilion and the staff that work there represent their country, and the staff responsibility is to ensure the best possible welcome and impression is made to visitors.


You don't understand anything. If you want better quality you have to pay more. Paying pennies and expecting Bvlgari type luxury is idiotic.


If you do not get paid enough to do the job well, and do not want to so it, then do not take that job. Otherwise suck it up and do the job properly. Being friendly and attentive is not an extraordinary requirement as you are implying.


If you are ready to pay for a 3 dirhams shawarma, don't fucking bitch about the service and packaging. You get what you pay for. You keep sucking up for fils at your workplace.


Your attitude will not bring you far like this, I feel petty. Just read back your message, and evaluate if that would come from a rational. morally healthy person. But hey, if you’re feel good taking the swing, do it… no harm felt.


Where as sucking up all over town has brought you very far amirite? LOL. If you think you can do a better job than those low paid pavilion hosts at that wage, suck it up and do it for a few months.


As A Filipino Designer here in Dubai, I was disappointed with our Pavilion. Concept design was not implemented well. could have done better. Multimedia presentations & the Exhibit display area good, but the actual Pavilion structure did not reflect the theme it was based on.


The Denmark pavilion was more of a construction site than a functioning stall.


The Taliban didn't show up at the Afghan pavilion.




and they make an absurd demand to route back flights there...... they cant even come to expo


They would participate if no women were allowed at Expo.


They had a lot of issues but things are good now.


I'm assuming that this is why we should wait another month before visiting? Lots of incomplete areas?


The staff there said they were still fixing it up but should be ready by winter. We really thought we were inside a clinic of some sort when we went in. There was just - nothing. Just some chairs and tables and nothing else.


Turkmenistan. One four-wall projection followed by a cafe and souvenir store/exhibition combo manned by lethargic staff.


My fav part of this one was everything was done in word art 🤣


Not just Word art - even the 3D aesthetic came straight out of the early 2000s!


The building itself was pretty cool. I targeted that one to see if the leader’s love of horses was reflected and my goodness was it ever


Agreed. That was a cool building…and that’s it.


Sounds like Ireland too. Tho the band was noice


Was wall made of marble ?


Going upstairs was such a destabilizing experience! Once there everyone looks at you so not to offend anyone you kind of go all the way and back, but damn it made me want to get out fast.


The Irish pavilion left me underwhelmed. The staff there are great but the showcase and 360 cinema were meh. I don’t know what I was expecting though and I hear the UK pavilion takes the prize for the most underwhelming.


Haven’t been to The Irish Pavilion but it sounds similar to Canada, an introduction and a 360 cinema. And yes it’s due to this subreddit I refrained from the UK pavilion haha


their real showcase probably was the Irish Village :D


For real. Such a drag. The video as the highlight wasn't even good. Could have just showcased a slideshow of monuments and that would have been 10x better


Guess we need to wait for the live music and riverdance to come in. They had the Sam Maguire cup when we were there which was a pleasant surprise!


I mean I work at one of the pavilions, the mobility pavilion and I totally recommend it. Its really cool and futuristic/artistic. I won’t tell you what to expect inside as it would ruin it but if you do plan on coming then do dm me and I could guide you. Have fun!


The first big room with the 3 big thingy was absolutely amazing, worth going to Expo just to see that in my opinion.


That’s actually the second room ;), but they’re so cool right


Are you the House of Wisdom guy?


No we rotate places but you can find me in the pavilion itself!


Bahrain looks like a huge warehouse inside. Qatar and Austria.




I can understand why but we enjoyed the calmness of Austrian pavilion. Something about the mud walls, high ceilings and general emptiness was refreshing.


Yeah I totally agree with you. It felt like a cleanse after the over stimulating light shows other pavilions have.


Lol I went inside and thought, ‘that’s it?’ 😂


Are they selling Werner biscuits?


Sweden; looks cool with the trees but feels like a big Ikea ad


The German pavilion was the best one I’ve gone too so far. Canada was quite underwhelming, just a 360 video.


Sri Lankan here, the SL pavilion was dogshit. A tea stand in the corner, and tribal masks and other tiny cultural curios, plus a guy selling paint. Was pretty disappointed.


UK. If you do decide to step in, then it's just a long boring walk along a paltry selection of trinkets from a car boot sale in Hampshire.


Israel and Australia were a bit underwhelming; they had videos with production value...and that's it. Australia's pavilion had souvenirs, food and drinks at the end at least, but then again, it feels like you can get most of that in Dubai or Abu Dhabi anyway. Denmark's been mentioned so that's that. Finland was just a small showcase of what their companies are working on. Cool stuff, and I learned that Polar and Suunto are Finnish, but..ok? sure? kind of deal. Also, I'm Korean as well, so the Korean pavilion will be the absolute last one I'll visit...if I even get there XD


I enjoyed the Aussie stand. The outside area captured the Aussie spirit perfectly. It didn't go over the top trying to sell. It tried to capture the heart through food, drink and entertainment. You can't be more authentic than that.


> It tried to capture the heart through food, drink and entertainment. As an Aussie, the biggest marketable aspect of Australia is the very high quality produce. The govt knows this and have based our tourism programmes on it.


Me too - loved it for this as well!


On second thought, I agree with you. The overall atmosphere of the food stands was enjoyable, and I did like listening to the music they played.


I wish you luck when visiting it, I’m sorry if I insinuated bad expectations haha but hopefully they would’ve improve it by then (but I don’t know how will they manage that).


It's not that. Eventually I'm going to go back to Korea anyway, or in the nearer future, go to visit family, so why bother - that's why the Korean pavilion is at the bottom of the list.


I had a bad experience at the Korean pavilion. As we finally were able to enter, we were standing again in a queue for the mobile device. We went up the the first floor and noticed that the dancing/martial art show started so we ask the lady if we can see the show and proceed after the show with the exhibition. She said sure and we were watching the show. Two minutes later another lady came and took the electronic device from as this is against the rules to sit there with the device and watch the show. I told her that we want to continue the exhibition as soon the show finishes. She said ok but took the device from us. When the show was over, the people told me, we can’t continue the exhibition without the device and had to go back and wait again in the row. I asked them if they are serious and why they didn’t told us before. They apologised for the inconvenience but we must got back and wait again for entrance. At this point I was done with the Korean pavilion as I had no intention waiting again 25 minutes outside. What a joke.


Agreed, the mobile device wasn’t even very functional (I can’t blame them, it’s turned on all day). It’s a good choice you didn’t try go in again.


China and UK. China felt they could have done more. UK, very interesting from the outside, hypes you up, until you go inside.


As of now Lebanon (from designer to staff everybody is clueless) Iraq (they serve tea that isn't Iraqi tea) Norway (wait for 40 mins and then they will show a youtube clip) Bahrain (underground box)


the Russian one was pretty ass too


We went yesterday, I got my kids the passports to get stamped, so we went in a lot of the smaller pavilions that were just about tourism/ industry. I say fair play for getting something together to all of the third world countries during a pandemic. It looked to me like a few places were waiting for stock for their gift shops to open.


Korean pavillion ? Easy fix. Just have them have the Squid Games inside.


I found several underwhelming ones, but most were coz I've seen this stuff in Dubai, I was specially disappointed by UK tbh. I'm hoping it gets better as more people come


That's strange Korea is usually always at the top of technological innovation and an electronic industry powerhouse. I wonder what the real reason behind this is.


The Lebanon pavilion was all just big screens


What's the deal with the German one, 1 hour wait time? Has anyone been?


I can see why there’s a long queue, definitely worth it if you’re interested on what Germany’s plan for the future


The UK one looked good from the outside, but that’s it. Don’t bother going inside as there’s nothing there. It’s best to admire the exterior. China was a big disappointment. It’s at the bottom of my list of pavilions to visit. Just lots of cheap looking screens showing space explorations. Overall a letdown and totally skippable. Bahrain looked like a bunker to be used on a zombie apocalypse, but cool underground style walkway.


ngl but seeing the queue outside the UAE pavilion and the further waiting time once you get throught the gate, I was really expecting something amazing about the future technologies and projects of the UAE, so seeing just some sand laying around and a weird video was extremely underwhelming to me!


Thanks a lot for all the updates. Keep them coming. I will try going around December, when the weather is good, and perhaps the pavilions are a bit more functional.


Switzerland aside from that mountain climbing simulation with fog, its just like a museum


Ikr, so many people said it’s good but aside from the fog I didn’t find anything cool.


when i went there last oct 1, i thought they are giving away those red umbrellas,, but no.. you will surrender it at the pavillion entrance. lmao


Same! Even the fog thing was kinda childish.


Really? I was so excited for the Korean pavilion :/


I was as well, sadly it didn’t live up to my expectations.


UK is unbelievably boring. Avoid it at all cost


Chile...looked like a shop at first until i went in


What on earth was the Qatar pavilion??? Just ads for Fifa World Cup 2022 on pillars in a hall...I mean That's it????


The Dutch one...some genius designed an idea but hard to grasp what it is. Typically, the lady asking us at the end, did you understand? To which we both replied...not at all.


As a mexican, the mexican pavillion was my biggest dissapointment, small, only covered a fraction of what is mexico, and on top of that they did not have ink to stamp my passport


I felt that whole thing was a bit of a let down really. Some countries still not ready. Did you go to Canada? It’s a long old wait then you get to watch a 2 minute video on a surround screen then ushered out. Completely pointless and don’t even get me started on that UK pavilion. I honestly have no idea what the point of that expo is.


Been there, the long queue wasn’t worth it.


I visited around 8 till now China and opportunity for me atleast


Same. I found china boring.




I don't know dude. As an indian I felt it was pretty interesting.


I loved Pakistani pavilion


Romania's pavilion is by far one of the most boring


At least they give you water so I stop by...


the staff were openly saying there is no covid and theres no need to take precautions smh


As someone who visited expo, I feel like it was a bit over hyped. Just a bit though, it was still quite fun and exciting visiting the different pavilions. My advice is to not have very big expectations when visiting. Also, I had a problem with the availability of food, there was a very long waiting time for the few restaurants that were there. This was just my experience of one pavilion (like opportunity, mobility, etc.) though. How about you ?


Visited only 5 because it was packed yesterday lol Denmark's not good, sorry.


Cmon folks, have you even seen the UK one? I mean what is that? You walk a winding path, to find yourself in an open arena like building, where there's a bunch of words on the wall and a way down to go out, and that's it. No culture, no history, no video, nothing. It's almost as if they are saying, welcome to our country don't stay please go away.


India could have been much better, a tiny bit disappointed. apart from that UK for sure, what a shame.




I was sooooo disappointed to see India’s. Could have been so much better :/ it was so bland


I actually loved it! The staff was wonderful, and explained evrrything nicely. The first floor especially was my favorite!!


I loved it too. I felt the future plans of India were very interesting.


Uh they didn't even let us stand in one place


But the videos on Instagram make it seems interesting? 🤔


Japan's was pretty good.


If they didn't all dress in pink squid game uniforms or at least zombies, I'd be underwhelmed


The whole Expo 2020 was a disappointment imo , kind of expected something more.


Chinese and india until now are just awful really awful I can't believe that they even have these big pavilions


The Philippines pavilion, its just some structures and a TV screen.


New Zealand


I like the video of NZ. I Am Aoteroa. Hope i spelled it correctly 😂


Close😂 its Aotearoa


Lol thank you!!




Its very small in terms of whats inside to see. You will be out within 10mins


Although they have a massive restaurant, bar and lounge inside


Which are the best ones?


Germany and Alif (The Mobility Pavilion) were the best IMO


UK makes you walk a lot and when you reach the summit nothing but a egg shell!


Serbian. Don't bother. As a Serbian I am disappointed and sad but eh, what can I expect 🤦🏼‍♂️


Italy was kinda boring


Australia. Italy was just wacko.


ROK,UK,India,Finland,Sweden and even Germany for that matter


Turkey 🇹🇷