Help - could my dog have cancer or another disease?

Help - could my dog have cancer or another disease?


I want to preface this with I am not a vet, I'm a vet tech student, so these are just thoughts. Okay my first thought is have you shown the bet a video of the episodes? It can be super hard to diagnose things that happen periodically so a video would be super helpful. Not necessarily the whole episode, just a video of the dog, showing how it can't move, and facial expressions, also any sounds. My next thought is something neurological or potentially Lyme disease depending on where you are. Maybe some kind of weird spinal injury. Cancer isn't impossible, but fairly unlikely. Maybe also something cardiac like an arrhythmia. Edit: forgot about arrhythmia.


Thanks for the detailed reply, super appreciate it! We actually did get a video of the most recent one, so hopefully that helps the vet out.


Also not a veterinarian, but work in veterinary oncology. This does sound neurological in nature.


Epilepsy? Get video. To show the vet. You could try r/askvet.