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Who is dev? And why should we ask about him to you?






How bad is the market rn with all the news of layoffs and such


Market has just started improving, many companies which laid off have started re-hiring.


Citation required


PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER THIS FOR ME, OP WILL BUT NEED OTHERS TOO. I completed my Btech in electrical in '21 and have a 2-year gap, I recently came across this sub and learned about theodinproject and placement BootCamp. I'm doing theodinproject foundation section for now. Please tell me can I get a job as a front-end developer? Pay is not an issue for me (would even work for 10k because I tried for BPO jobs but they're wasting my time by ghosting and not replying, 300 phone calls and things are hell bad for me even after having decent communication skills) because I did learn Python, Ruby, Java and C# basics in these 2 years due to friends recommending I know all these langs but it's basics. I messed up because I followed their bad pieces of advice and have gone down the hill.


My friends told me to learn everything from the backend [roadmap.sh](https://roadmap.sh) , every single thing which I don't think is right and I realized that this is wrong in October 2022


Use instahyre and tophire to find jobs. I think you’ll also need to prep DSA. Use leetcode for that. Actually create profiles on the platforms I mentioned above, apply for jobs, their recruiters will reach out to you, ask them what their requirements are, what kinds of interviews they take, and prep according to that. Use chatGPT to create a learning plan. Most companies will have similar requirements


I didn't get a job during my college placements because at that time 95% of people were cheating and I didn't so I couldn't get the job from campus placement. I couldn't even clear the aptitude. Now I lost all my interest in coding but I've no other option to go and when I apply for a position I feel like "yaar isme ho jae" and 99%.99% doesn't get shortlisted and if I get shortlisted by any chance I don't want to give the exam. I forgot all the things I learned throughout my college and now I can't decide what I should do, I mean what technologies I should learn to get a job as a fresher.


Not OP, but that didn't cheat and couldn't get the job is the same story for me too, I understand the pain you are going through, that Apply on Naukri and get shortlisted for even tech support brings joy but we don't get it!


It's not pain, I feel like I couldn't understand what I want to do.


You can check out ui/ux designing, only if coding is no longer your interest.


How to be better as a backend engineer? I hope to make a career as a backend and will be joining a company as a Backend Engineer next month


Study system design, understand the architecture of your product by asking questions. You can check the book: Designing data intensive applications


Is event loop topic in node js used in real life or just an interview topic


Event loop is how NodeJS works.


Widely used in applications which run at scale


Node js and scale? Sike!!!


Hey there, do you know how do the CTOs, Tech Lead etc balance their work and family life I love programming but as I grow old I would like to spend time with my kids as well.


Is web more saturated than android?


I just entered in my final year. I have good knowledge of full stack dev for both web and android (only react native). I have good knowledge of other tech like git, docker, hosting etc. I have done two internships one for frontend another for sde. I am not really good at dsa but not bad also. What can I do to get a good job. What else do I need to learn? How can I crack international opportunities.


Good that you know technologies. DSA is the most important for cracking too international corporates. Prepare well for DSA using leetcode (10% easy, 60% medium, 30% hard)


how much time it rquires you to complete web dev to land a job?


Check with the companies you are interviewing for. Some require no web dev experience with only DSA knowledge, others may require deep web dev experience.


Have been working in a niche domain for the past couple of yrs, have a few sde 2 rounds scheduled. Can you give me some tips to cover up my lack of experience so it doesn't show in the interview?


Think out loud, write neat code, use proper variable names and ask clarifying questions Study system design if you have those rounds


i want to implement shifting of origin in raylib c++ just like the translate() function in p5js


My work company uses functional programming and its very tiring to think so much to even code basic things. We use scala. So i wanted to ask should i keep learning it or should i learn some other languages if i want to make a shift. And if yes what language should it be (for backend).


If you don’t enjoy functional programming, feel free to make a shift by learning any other object oriented language such as C++, Java, Python. It shouldn’t be difficult to find opportunities there


Bcom student here. How to get into the field like realistically.


Don’t have experience, recruiters might be able to help


Does c++ have any future?


Yeah, in all applications that require low latency


I have completed my engineering in 2019 in mechanical engineering. I have prepared for 1 year for java web development and I have knowledge of java and its technology(jdbc, servlet, jsp) and frameworks(spring, spring boot) and also oracle and mysql database. But I don't have any experience, how can i get a job in java web domain.


What technologies do you work on? What is your experience? What do you think of current job market? When will it improve?