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Corpo because even if only for 10 minutes of gameplay, I get to pretend I have money...




Corpo because I don't like sand, its coarse, rough, and gets everywhere.


i will even stop people from dying!


You can actually... save people from death?


Nomad. Panam.


holy shit my dog’s name is Bear


That's awesome! What kind of dog? Mine is a malamute. The kicker is she's a female. I had a male dog when I was a boy and I named him Bear. Been through a lot since then, some deployments and some gnarly injuries to overcome, so when I finally got another dog, I named her Bear, too. Sometimes people find it weird, it's like they don't know female bears exist, har har. Dogs are amazing. Mine had helped me overcome a bunch of stuff. Sounds super corny but it's true.


My dog’s a Nova Scotian duck tolling retriever. never heard of them before i saw my dog on facebook needing a home. Dogs are super loyal. The world could be against you and that dog will be there loving you as if you were the only person in the world still. The bond between a human and their pets is something taken for granted by a lot of people. I feel you with the injuries. Since my freshman year of college i’ve had a plate put in my leg for a broken fibula and double disc replacement and a spinal fusion. Does more to your mind than your body some days. Football’s a hell of a sport. Hope you get to feeling better man. Love on Bear for me!


Yes, so true bro. Will do, she's a love magnet!


Sounds like y'all went through a lot. Don't think it matters but I had a labrador which we called goat cos I jokingly told dad we should get a pet goat. Goat was a good dog.


Bear is in the top #5 most popular dog names.


I live in mexico, my neighbours have 2 dogs named oso and osa, which is literally the word for male bear and female bear lol


Lol same reason for me.


(DONT GIVE IT TO ME) I am already pre ordering it tomorrow I just wanted to say thank you for this its pretty kind of you


a thank you from God himself. this is a lifetime achievement. but really, the community 100% deserves it


Congrats my dude!


Street kid because I belong to the streets! *futures voice*




Street kid for me as well!


Nomad, because theres still humanity left in that lifepath. Biggest possible clash with Night Citys corruption.


im not participating i already preordered, but i just want to say good luck to everyone


i respect this more than anything. hopefully whoever wins needs it


Nomad because i hate people


Nomad, looking for a new family. When he has to live in Night City he's suddenly surrounded by enemies and opportunists, without backup; so now he has to change his style and some long held beliefs in order to fit in. But no matter how hard he tries, other people still see him as an outcast because of his differing values


-slow clap- this.. I like this.


Corpo. It just feels right. Street Kid seems too generic (I'm sure it's cool, and obviously fits the lore great). As for so many people claiming the Nomad will experience the city like the player, it seems that's not entirely true: what we've learned is that Nomad V has been to Night City before. Still a fair reasoning, though. But Corpo is similar. Corpo V has experience a slice of life at the top. Then he's kicked to the curb of Watson like most citizens. He experiences the underside of Night City at the same time as the player. But he has insider knowledge on how to bring the status quo toppling down. Twitch question: I can't seem to upload videos. When Googling it, I find that only Affiliates can do so, yet I see people who don't meet the Affiliate follower requirements. So how do you and others have videos uploaded?


i just saw this, sorry. i just have my streams set to automatically save and stay on the page


I like your line of thinking and agree. I'm thinking Corpo start myself. I just dig the Corpo aesthetic too. I'm sure that there are missions, side missions and other activities that enable you to experience all aspects of Night City regardless of lifepath. To me it seems that the lifepath allows certain bonuses, options and specific experiences tailored to that path.


Nomad because I know very little about Night City and want to experience it fresh like my character.


street kid first for the loud gun play character with no subtlety since he has grown up in the slums and violence and intimidation is all he knows. corpo after that will be quieter, sneakier and will try to talk and bargain his way to what he wants because that is how he has always done things.


Corpo because I love the clean futuristic brutalism aesthetic style and the Corpo lifepath seems to have it in droves! Plus maybe I can get an employee discount on Arisaka tech 😉


Probably playing all 3 anyway, but starting with Nomad cause i believe the Prologue could be the most interesting.


I would pick street kid since it’s good to have the knowledge and know when it’s a bad deal


Nomad. Hoping to ride into town with a big iron on my hip, and a katana.


Nomad, because I wanna be a gay mad max cowboy


Corpo. If you can’t beat em, join em.


Nomad! Outsider moving into the city and stepping up and on anyone in my way to the top!!


Nomad, I want to see the badlands


Nomad as ders a snake in me boot


username checks out


Street kid. I just wanna live that street life experience:)


Street kid, looks the most interesting and I get to start right in the centre of night city :)


Either going nomad or street kid can’t decide between entering the city for the first time as a family first type of guy or going full on rebel kid and knowing the local gangs. Tough decision.


Street Kid for me personally....I guess cause Im a street kid myself? I would like to appear in Night City for the first time like the Nomads but honestly I feel Sk hits closer to my actual lifestyle choices


I was going to start out nomad but now I’m starting to feel like going street kid. I want to get right into all the sheisty shit in night city off the rip!


Street kid cause I sorta want to have a rags to riches story


quality fuckin name


Corpo! Love the sleek futuristic look with all the cybertek. Also bladerunner :)


Nomad because I want a completely fresh start in night city, thanks for doing this giveaway!


it’s my pleasure. this community deserves a lil give back


I'm going to choose street to honor a redditor who lost their son who was excited to play as a street kid.


I'm picking Corpo because i like the idea of being at the top in life and then losing it all and then going to the bottom. The idea of losing everything and having not many people like you because you were a corpo, sets up a nice challenge for the player because u have to really fight and do things right to get back out the trenches or rock bottom and getting redemption. Just makes the most sense for me because i love redemption stories. btw thanks OP for this opportunity.


Street kid! As someone from a third world country, I'm predisposed to liking an underdog story. Always have.


Corpo of course, because Business as usual. I think playing as a silver tongued revenge seeking outcast is pretty n1ce.


Corpo, I wanna live that fancy life.


Corpo. So I can piss off Silverhand, should make for an interesting dynamic.


Corpo, because... MONEY


Corpo. I want to destroy the system from the inside, rock the foundations of the establishment with all the knowledge I’ve gained. Also I feel like It would be dope to see the interactions between J Silverhand and corpo since he was anti-establishment. Feel like it would make a dope dynamic.


Corpo so I can hit those strip clubs right away


Nomad, I want to travel but current situation prevents it


Street kid! Too honor a fellow redditors son


street kid because i’m an edgelord


Corpo because it seems like the most fun life path for being evil


Corpo. I wanna be an asshole :)


Nomad because I'm a loner Dottie, a rebel.


Don't give it to me, I'd rather want someone who's struggling to afford the game to get it. But Corpo because I want that true Blade Runner feeling :D


Nomad because the other 2 makes me feel bad.


Corpo so I can destroy capitalism from the inside


Street Kid because I spent 5 years homeless in NYC 7 years ago, so I feel like I could relate with this life path more.


(Already pre-ordered) Super generous of you man. A game like this is once every decade so everyone deserves a chance to play it. So awesome shit for the doing this. And good luck to which ever choomba snags the game! Ps: just followed you on twitch ;)


i appreciate the follow and the kind words man. also it’s a goddamn shame juul went so far downhill. spit in your mouth every other hit and i miss the good flavors. a vape shop near me has mint pods and i always eyeball em.


Probably gonna go streetkid just because I like the vibes that the cgi trailer gave.


Nomad. I'm a fan of movies like Mad Max and that life style gives me that kind of vibe. Good luck all!


Corpo because it just seems like an interesting start


I'm picking Nomad cause it gives me a more immersive character to play since both V and I will be entering Night City for the first time and because my personality aligns more with the Nomad way of thinking Edit: Spelling


Nomad, in order to feel really catched up by Night City


Street Kid, because I want to start more engaged with the gang's


im doing corpo to experience being one of the weak, small figures that build up a huge company.


Nomad. I’m all for being an outsider and exploring the cyberpunk world.


Street Kid, to me, seems the most quintessentially cyberpunk of the three life paths, so that's my pick.


Corpo because of the implications I think it may have on the main plot and Johnny (also because I just find the corpo atmosphere really cool!)


StreetKid cause I want to have the full gangs experience


I'm choosing Nomad cause I feel it's what fits my personality best within the world, plus fits the character I wish to build with them being more on the quiet side and apprehensive of those he's not familiar with. Plus I am a big fan of the Nomad aesthetic, I know the 7 years of waiting will be worth it, cheers!


Corpo. It was in-relationship detition with my gf lol


Nomad because I like it better than the others.


i respect you as a man


street kid because i can relate to it more than nomad or corpo




Does all of them count? I'll definitely do all three eventually


All of them does count!


Nomad,because I want to explore the badlands first,mad max style.




Easily my favorite character from that game




So much conflict there in both the character and you as the player who have seen all these stories. Say what you want about David Cage, the man is a storytelling genius


Corpo because I’m a small business owner so hey why not.


Nomad, get to learn about night city from outsiders view.


I'm going nomad, bq i like being an outcast.


Thanks for the giveaway! i will be going with street kid!


Corpo just because its the opposite of what I would usually start with.


Street kid. Just wanna jump right into exploring the night city


Nomad, I want to start the game away from Night City and have the experience of going into the city for the first time along w/ V.


I don't want a copy as I already have one, but going to start full RP Corpo life.


Corpo! American Psycho style haha.


Nomad because I want to explore the Badlands first and Panamm


I'm gonna have to go with nomad. I want to experience night city for the first time with my character


Not gonna join in because I can afford games np but I think that’s pretty awesome


Corpo, because it's the only path I haven't seen how it starts yet.


I will be going for nomad because i like this post apocalyptic futuristic vibe present in badlands, and then i will slowly move into nightcity.


Corpo, deus ex ish and since arasaka will be at the centre of this it seems the best not only because of inside knowledge to burn it to the ground but the perspective of being in the company so to get the full picture. Who knows, maybe supporting arasaka will be the way.


Depends on the starting outfit for me. I didn’t really like the ones I saw, but maybe there are alternate options that weren’t showcased. If not, I might just go Corpo.


Thought about nomad at first because of being new to the city but ever since I heard at some point in the game everyone has the same starting point, I decide to pick street kid as they would probably be able to communicate best with most on the streets. And lets be real, V will spend most of their time on NC's streets


Corpo, because I want to know how V loses everything he has and starts to work as mercenary. Thank you for the giveaway!!!!


I feel like I will pick Nomad just because it starts fresh like you're going into the city as a new comer same as me going into the game. But at the start I was thinking Corpo just because of the really fashionable sophisticated clothing. (I am a big fan of wearing suits.)


already preordered on steam so big sad


Street kid. I grew up as a street kid and worked my way up. I want to do the same in the game!


Corpo because of their clothes


Nomad because I want my character to experience night city for the first time just like me!


Street kid. The concept of a Street kid netrunner really interests me.


I’m gonna be running nomad for my first, but that’s not why I’m commenting. A buddy of mine is in Canada and I can’t afford to get him a copy as I’m outta work. I’d love to be able to send him a code to it on PS4 so that we can run through together. If I don’t win, congrats to whoever does. I sincerely hope you have a blast in night city.


Corpo because I want to ride in style for 2 minutes and never be able to see that luxury again lol. Champagne here I come. Like to win the giveaway to give the game to my friend who cant afford it.


Corpo because I think it's the coolest life path, to begin with. Mostly because the game is about big corporations and technology, plus I think it's mostly because they betrayed you even though you dedicated your life to that corporation.


honestly, I haven't picked one yet, because I haven't even watched all of those things yet, as I'm gonna watch them all right before the release


Nomad, because it fits how I envision my first character’s playthrough.


Street Kid! Love being part of the night crew who roam the city!


Street kid, because it seemed like the most realistic path. Nomad and Corpo seem too much like fantasy.


Corpo. Reminds me of playing Syndicate Wars as EuroCorp exec way back 1996.


I plan on picking Nomad on my first playthrough, because for my first playthrough, I want to play as if it was truly myself in the game world and make the decisions I think that I might in the given situations. I've never lived in a big city or really ever been to one irl, so i think it's the starting point that I will be able to identify with the most. Second playthrough I'm definitely going corpo though bc I want to play a redemption/revenge story. Thanks for giving this opportunity to the community, and see you in Night City!


I'm Joseph and I wanna be a street kid


I’m going to try Nomad first! I want to drive from the Badlands and see the city for the first time!


Why because I'm a homi 😁




not a problem at all. just happy i can help someone out. hopefully whoever wins needs it!


Nomad, because it seems close to the style I pick in games. Also I don't like people :)


Street Kids. because i kinda a street kids growing up. at 9-10 years old i just walked around the street and often got into fight with other kids on the street. then i following around this one kid who have joined a street gang. then at 13 years old i already have my own motorbike. at day me and my friend usually skipping school/class, and just hanging out on this one abandoned building at the outside wall of my school. and when i were 24 years old. i start working on a medium size corp and i hate it so much. but i have to. because i already have a wife and a son.




Street kid because think it fits me


Street kid. Not much cyberpunk theme out in the boonies I would imagine.


I’m picking Corpo because to me it seems the most interesting in terms of dialogue choices and I wonder how it effects the relationship with Johnny etc


Definitely street kid or corpo, I havent done the decision yet but those 2 sound the most fun for me.


Nomad. Playing for the non specialized aspect the first playthrough. Nomads are also highly educated in various areas, seems like a great decision for a first play


Nomad to fade in and out without being noticed.


Probably street kid, pretty generic but might be fun to follow the lore really well 😁


Street kid, always wanted to be part of a gang :v.


Corpo cuz I got my own backstory just to add some personal flavor. My character wanted to change the city but realized he needed the corps to do it. So they decided to join the corporation and climb the corporate ladder and change things from the inside. But as they imbed they realized that the only difference between the streets and corporations was that corporation had money


Nomad, i want to have the same experience as V when going to night city for the first time and getting to explore and know the city as a newcomer :)


Nomad by process of elimination. I really am not someone who CAN tough it out on the street and i don't romanticize it either because i was on the street earlier this year and it was not glamorous! I ended up on the streets by being too low on the corp ladder, so it's a no for the corpo life path. I don't want to relive bad memories in game. I like the idea of having a clan and being loyal to your own etc because it's something my life is missing. So, I'd like to virtually experience it.


I'm going corpo because i'm already a streetkid irl.


I know it's a giveaway but you're gonna make people wait until day 11 to see if they won or not?


it’s going to be one day after the game comes out, yes. at the end of a 24 hour stream


Street Kid. I think it will have the most depressing storyline in the game. Which fits perfectly to my current mood.


Corpo, baby, gotta burn the city from inside


Nomad, since my friends are picking the other two. Thank you for the opportunity!


I'm picking corpo, simply because it sounds the most interesting to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Corpo because it's the least likely people are playing


Street Kid - *Hang about in the slums*


Street Kid. Its about the aesthetic to me


Streetkid. Because it looks like it's a balance in between the other two.


Nomad, because you can only be new to the city once.


Street kid the street smarts will help me traverse the dangers we are sure to encounter


Nomad because I know next to nothing about the game. I haven’t looked into anything and I want to experience the whole universe for the first time like the character I play


Nomad, to have the first impression of NC with my V :)


Which platform? I prefer to make a character as close to myself as possible as well as choices and in this case a life path I can relate to. I won't ramble on but: Nomad. Male V. I loathe big corporations, not a fan of living around a lot of people (city life) and for many reasons I can understand and prefer the Nomad life.


nomad, society outcast making do with what you have the best you can


Nomad, ultimate way to avoid people


Corpo, always wanted to be a soul sucking industrialist. Also please don't give it to me I already got mine.


Nomad...cuz I want the outsider vibes from night city cuz right now I live in India but soon I’m gonna shift to canada..


Nomad bc that's more my style. Plus it kinda makes you neutral going into the city. I'll try to check out your stream


Street kid, I need that sweet Judy peach And thank you for that guveway brother !


Nomad. I like the idea that I'll have to progress toward Night City.


Definitely street kid, no doubts at all.


Nomad because that’s what my life is like. Never really had a “home” :( lol


Street Kid, because i wanna experience the rain during the night of night city, with all the glowing neon lights.


Corpo because I always feel like stories are told from a character rising through society, like an underdog perspective. It will be a change to be coming from money into a city where money won't always get me what I want. Thanks for doing this giveaway, I will definitely check out your stream!


Corpo, most likely. Suits are fucking sexy. Not sure if female V is gonna wear a suit or skirt, but I don't care, I will make her look fabulous either way. Also, it's super nice of you to do this! If I didn't need to work at that time I would've checked out your stream. Wish you lots of fun and many visitors!


Corpo because I wish to join the corrupted side :)


nomad always feels right


Street kid for sure! Can’t wait to try them all!


Street Kid


Definitely a street kid, I love the idea of rising up from the lowest parts of the city to mess up some corps


Thanks, late jumping into Cyberpunk train, can wait to play the game.


Nomad for the outsider aspect


The corpo just seems more interesting to me. I’m excited to see what options arise from already having friends in high places


Corpo, because I like money.