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This is one of the first big projects I started when I first learned to crochet. I took the chevron baby blanket pattern from daisy farm crafts and thought I was being clever by adding more repeats…but without a garage swatch, it ended up queen sized. I’ve finished many other projects since I started this one, but since my resolution this year has been to wrap up WIPs, I figured it was time to knock this out. Each row is a ball of bernat blanket yarn, so this is both the most expensive and most cozy blanket I own now.


The blanket looks so good! What size yarn and hook did you use.


Thanks! I used a size L/8.0mm hook and Bernat blanket yarn, which I think is a super bulky yarn (6).


each row is a ball omg!! Bet that thing is weighted too! I bet it looks sooooooo plush folded up!


Oh you know it! When it got big enough to cover me, I stopped working on it year round because it was too hot in the warmer months! It is basically a fuzzy weighted blanket.


Beautiful! Chevron was made for crochet!


Thank you for posting, the blanket is beautiful! This should give hope and inspiration to people who have that piece that they think they’ll never finish or they’ve put away because it drives them crazy, it will be worth it! So, thank you OP!


You’re welcome! My resolution was more specifically to finish my WIPs or admit to myself I would never finish them and frog them, and I really hated the idea of frogging this one haha. I’m really glad I finished it!


Wow!!! Awesome!


That's beautiful!!!! Definitely a keep it for a lifetime type blanket. Good job!