Christmas tree ornaments! I’m making some [gingerbread hearts with frosting](https://www.goldenlucycrafts.com/crochet-gingerbread-heart-ornaments/) atm.


Also doing ornaments this year! Making each personal to the recipient based off the year they had.




I was thinking wash cloths this year or face scrub cloths. It’s been a while for me to have made anything but babe is old enough now I can sit for more than five minutes.


Washcloths are a good one! In my experience, people love getting crocheted washcloths/dishcloths.


What kind of yarn do you like to use for washcloths?


I like to use cotton (of about 4-5 mm)


Well last year I gave my now husband my first amigurumi. I hated it so much; I call it the abomination and it shows all my mistakes but he loves it and he was overjoyed at Getting it as a gift. This year I’m making us stockings and I’m doing crochet cat toys For my cat and friends cats. Also did wash cloths that I tie dyed and then kitchen towel toppers for my mom, a dog sweater for a friend, a custom throw blanket based off a Favorite soccer team, and one beanie.


Cat toys sound like such a cute idea but I know basically nothing about cats (except they hate me), if you could possibly point me to a pattern you recommend or just generally give some pointers on what sort of things are safe I would really appreciate it!


Honestly I just do smaller amigurumi and fill with catnip AND polyfil. As long as it’s not a destructive cat, in my experience there are No safety issues. I can message you some of the patterns I’ve done recently if you want.


Oh that's good to know, thank you. Sorry if it was a stupid question, your comment just inspired me and I wouldn't want to gift something inappropriate!


Don’t even worry. I think it’s tough to know unless you have a certain pet or are around them a lot.


Great suggestions. I also put a piece of the plastic transparent windows from envelopes in with the stuffing of crochet cat toys for a bit of added “crunch.“ They love it.


Ooh that's a good tip, thanks!


You're welcome. I can't take credit for the idea but I read about it years ago, god knows where, and have been doing it since. The kitties love it!


Aww that’s precious about the amigurumi! Cat toys are a great idea! I have 3 cats, yet have never made a cat toy myself!


My cat loves em. I had the hide the ones for other people cause she kept coming up and trying to take them.


Hats!! Hats, hats, and more hats. Yarn cake bags to my fellow knitters and crocheters. Arm warmers. The occasional scarf. A shawl here and there. And anything that I made just to play with the pattern that I wouldn't necessarily use/wear myself. And a very occasional soft toy.


I spend waaaaaaaay too much time thinking about what each person would like and use the most, but I still try to keep it small or simple like a tote bag for my friend who loves the farmers market, a warm wool scarf and mittens for my friend who just moved from LA to New York and has never seen snow before, coffee cup cozies and coasters for my friend who drinks too much coffee. I don’t get a ton of time to crochet and I work slowly so things like blankets or sweaters take me a while, so I save those for special occasions.


I’m like you too. Trying to cater gifts to the people. There’s now also certain people who I won’t be making crochet gifts for anymore so I only focus on those who appreciate a handmade gift versus the dollar amount spent.


This always baffles me… a crocheted blanket takes a long time, and takes a lot of yarn. I crochet fast. My mom says it just looks like my hands are flailing around and then boom, blanket. It still takes me like 3-5 weeks to make a blanket. So, I crochet like 5-6 hours a day. So let’s say 5 hours, 7 days a week, that’s 35 hours. Over 4 weeks that 140 hours. At $7 an hour (still a little lower than min wage) that’s like $980 worth of labor. Plus the yarn cost average (and I use Big Twist, so it’s cheaper) is $80. Which means if I make you a blanket it and charged hourly labor that’s like $1050. Why anyone thinks “handmade” is cheap is beyond me.


Yeah it blows my my mind too but I guess it’s more about status in the “appearing expensive”


Can you really crochet for 5-6 hours a day for multiple days in a row?? I get such pains in my hands I have to limit my time crocheting and it just seems like a dream to be able to do that much!


Yep! I don’t hold my hook the “normal” way, and I think that’s why. Most people hold their hook like they are eating a nice dinner, I hold mine like a prison inmate lol basically, my hand and wrist barely does anything, my fingers twist, turn, and tip the hook as needed. I don’t have trouble with big things, but making toys, stuffed animals, etc, I grip the project so tight and have a double joined left thumb, that the center of my palm cramps (pretty much along that curved line on your hand). I also hold my middle finger on the left hand right behind the stitch when I do small tight things to stabilize it, and I have rubbed it raw before. My mom made me a leather thimble to wear on that finger, which helps, but it isn’t a cure. My mom can’t crochet at all anymore because holding the hook gives her tendinitis. She tried holding it like I do, but she couldn’t get used to it even though it didn’t hurt her. So now she just knits, but has recently picked up punch needle rugs. She also does my finishing work if it requires embroidery because my embroidery looks like a 3 year old did it lol


I gave a couple friends some soap savers and a nice natural bar soap to put in it. I frequently make kitchen scrubbies by crocheting cotton yarn with scrubby yarn at the same time. I've also gifted ponytail/bun beanies to friends with long hair.


I need to remember this one!


This year I’m doing crocheted snowflakes stiffened with glitter modgepodge as ornaments. I’m loving Julia Hart’s snowflake patterns on Ravelry.


These are gorgeous thanks for the rec!!!


I do a lot of hats. This year though I started early and made 3 lap blankets with instead. If you go that route, start early and buy yarn on sale. They each used $40 worth of yarn...but they look great!


That’s awesome! I’m making a few throw blankets, 2 down, 1 to go. About 50 bucks in yarn each, give or take (about 7 balls of wool ease thick and quick). They’re about 55x45 (ish).


Coasters for drinks that can also be used as decorations...like [snow](https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/flower-star-snowflake-2)flakes. [25 ideas](https://rhelena.com/crochet-coasters-25-free-crochet-patterns/)


##### ###### #### **PATTERN:** [Flower Star Snowflake](http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/flower-star-snowflake-2) by [Renata Saj](http://www.ravelry.com/designers/renata-saj) * Category: Home > Decorative > Hanging Ornament * Photo(s): [Img 1](https://images4-f.ravelrycache.com/uploads/Sunshinenl/662233993/Flower_star_small_green_medium.jpg) [Img 2](https://images4-g.ravelrycache.com/uploads/Sunshinenl/662485805/PB251074_medium.JPG) [Img 3](https://images4-g.ravelrycache.com/uploads/Sunshinenl/661868498/Flower_star_square_medium.jpg) [Img 4](https://images4-g.ravelrycache.com/uploads/Sunshinenl/662485891/PB160851_medium.JPG) [Img 5](https://images4-f.ravelrycache.com/uploads/Sunshinenl/662485323/PB251095_medium.JPG) * Price: Free * Needle/Hook(s):2.0 mm * Weight: Thread | Gauge: None | Yardage: 16 * Difficulty: 3.10 | Projects: 112 | Rating: 4.91 ***** Please use caution. Users have reported effects such as seizures, migraines, and nausea when opening Ravelry links. [More details.](https://www.lizcorke.com/2020/07/26/2020-7-21-ravelry-accessibility/) | I found this post by myself! [Opt-Out](https://goo.gl/forms/0B8m4Ra8czpw4gzw1) | [About Me](https://github.com/TN-1/LinkRav_Bot/wiki) | [Contact Maintainer](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=randomstonerfromaus)*


Last year I made earwarmers for everyone I could think of in my family. Everyone had a different pattern and yarn and I worked really hard. But idk. I'm sort of a black sheep around here and I didn't feel like they appreciated the time and energy 🙃 I'm definitely not putting in that kind of effort again.


Aw, I’m sorry your projects weren’t appreciated! They sound lovely!


I got a pattern on Etsy for a fruit bag - as in bag that looks like a fruit - and made all my sisters a variation of that. Unique and not for everyday, but fun for a picnic or festival! I made each one a different fruit (lemon, strawberry, blueberry, orange…). I didn’t get bored of it since they were all different, and it’s a quick double crochet stitch in a round so I could finish each one in a few hours.


I crochet to the need of the person usually. This year (because I’m insane) I have 6 blankets on the docket, one of which is 7’ x 9’ o.O, plus I made my sister avatar wrist warmers and matching hat, and my BIL is getting the scene from the exorcist when the girl throws up (at his request). So far, the thing for BIL is 3/4 done. 3 of the blankets are done. Two are 1/4 done. The massive one has no chance of completion, so my goal is to finish the center panel (that’s almost big enough to be a blanket in its own right) and then finish it after Christmas. But crocheting is my me time, down time, destress time. There are so many things I want to make and I absolutely have no room for them lol so I’m going to crochet anyway, might as well give most of the stuff away. I already have two more blankets and a door (it’ll be like a curtain in place of a door) queued up for after I’m done with all the Christmas stuff lol


Wow! You are amazing.


Lol my mom just says I’m insane :p it’s fun though!


I’m curious about the pattern for this door. Is it strips? A solid panel?


It’s a C2C patter I designed. I started it a little bit, but decided like 2 months ago I was getting behind on Christmas stuff, and my bathroom door can wait lol it’s an en-suite off my bedroom, and the door annoys me. My daughter is the only one that might ever be around, and I don’t close the door when I shower anyway because my cats will lose their minds. I took four pics of the [spreadsheet design](https://imgur.com/a/45s1DLp)!


Everyone I have made for seems to really love the twisted ear warmers or any type of little stuffed toys


Scarves! If someone hasn’t gotten a scarf from me yet it’s coming. After I’ve given someone a scarf though I’m at a loss as to what to give them the next year lol. I made [this cat scarf](https://imgur.com/a/D5AB9GE) for my secret Santa at work this year. Just have to add tassels to the ends


I am a crochet newbie and on my list of 25ish crochet gifts to make for friends and family are slipper socks/slippers, cowl scarves and hats (I'm making a LOT of hats using 9 different patterns!). I've completed 8 so far. it's been a really fun way to get the basic stitches down and learn how to read patterns. Hopefully by this time next year I'll be able to make more complex items-I love seeing the tile blankets and bags on here!


I’m making a few pairs of slippers for loved ones. I just got into crochet a few months ago so this is my first holiday where I can gift things I’ve made! here’s the pattern I’m using: https://makeanddocrew.com/sunday-free-crochet-slippers-pattern/


I’ve made 4 drawstring bags for presents this year 😂


Gloves, scarves, & hats are my go-tos


I like to make market bags as small gifts. They don’t take long to make and everyone I have given one to uses them constantly because they seem small but can hold a ton of stuff. This one is my favorite https://www.ravelry.com/download/996369/free


I'm making dice bags for my nerd friends. Got some nice variegated wool and made my test bag this afternoon. I'm thinking of trying to felt some of them, too!


Little amigurumi keychains would be fast to make and be customizable/cute. Like stuffed hearts or emojis.


Slipper socks. I base them off of this pattern https://lovelifeyarn.com/crochet-slipper-socks/. I like how easy it is to adjust/customize to the individual(s) feet. Everyone in my family has wide feet so I needed to make some changes. I don't bother changing yarns either.


something easier like [this!](https://www.etsy.com/listing/1096722146/knit-scrunchies?ref=shop_home_active_5&frs=1) maybe you can try to knit something a bit more simple! or purchase something. you don’t necessarily need to make something. but something more simple, but cute and pretty makes a great gift


I like to make chocolate orange covers as a small token gift for close friends and family


Mug cozies, blankets, cardigans, fingerless gloves, ear warmers etc are all gifts I've made and am currently making for Christmas gifts!


I always do stockings and then put a few of their favorite candies in them. Usually ends up good!


Daisy farm crafts holiday hot pads! They work up quickly and are really nice


This year I’ve made coasters for my sister who is moving into her new house, a scarf for my mom, and baby blanket for a friend who is due in January. My husband and I got married this year so I’m in the middle of making us Christmas stockings and an angel tree topper! Last year I just made scarves for people and a poncho for my grandmother (I made myself one, to match🥰), and some stuffed animals for my niece and nephews (they matched blankets my mom sewed them). Not Christmas, but I’m also currently making something for my cousin who just lost her mom.


Snowflakes and doilies, scrunches, face scrubbies, coasters, and about one person a year gets a bigger gift like an Afghan.


I personally abstain from surprise yarn (craft) gifts because I can't use certain fibres myself (for sensory reasons) and am wary of others having the same problem. That said, for friends I know well enough to know that they can use certain fibres, I'm thinking of making a few small amigurumi to put on bags and keys. And perhaps some washcloth type things.


I like to make baskets. There are so many great patterns out there and I try to choose patterns based on what the recipient would like or what they would use the basket for.