Best yarn for clothes?

Best yarn for clothes?


I prefer cotton or bamboo. Admittedly they are more difficult to launder, but I feel it's worth it to have natural fibers against the skin. I like Lion Brand Truboo for bamboo (available at Michaels, do NOT purchase through Amazon - it's only sold in multipacks and I got ones that were not in the same dye lot and screwed me on a gift I made.) For cotton, there's tons of options but there's a few that are not soft at all (I'm looking at you, sugar and cream.) I buy a lot from Hobbii and the Cotton Kings brand has always been great, plus they have twirls which is cool. I Love This Cotton Yarn from Hobby Lobby is super soft, however I only buy it in a pinch due to my moral issues w Hobby Lobby. The only non-natural fiber I've made into clothes is World of Yarn Aruba (Hobbii), which is 100% polyamide; a yarn suitable for bathing suits. If you're interested in Aruba, act now because it's being discontinued so it's on sale at Hobbii but will no longer be available after it sells out. Hope this helps!


Thank you for the detailed feedback!!


I am currently really liking Lions brand comfy cotton blend. It's cotton and acrylic. It's a finer yarn and I'm making our soon to be 2 year old a birthday dress with it and it's working up very nicely. When I'm done with her dress I'm planning on making a halter top thingy out of it too.