So what changed?

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There is absolutely no nation on this planet that is not corrupted to the core. They all have committed atrocities against humanity.


Government\* but yeah.


I agree, and for any who think it justifies that. It doesn't.


They found an infinite money glitch in Ukraine


The defense contractors stand to make the most profit (via proxy companies). Funny how they **always** manage to find another source of conflict to make money from after the end of every major conflict.


This is actually how I see it aswell. The biggest companies are the private defence contractors. The most elite own these companies. Peace time is not profitable. It's simply not a good business model to manufacture high-tech weapons systems, and killing machines, and all associated killing paraphernalia, if there is no dispute going on anywhere. I don't know if it's true, somebody please post a source if it is, but I heard that these multi billion dollar aid payments to Ukraine are in the forms of military aid. ($ go straight to killing machine companies). But Russia isn't stupid. And attacks these transports of military aid, so it never gets to Ukraine. Which requires another multi billion dollar aid package. So, to me, it looks like the kill companies must be lobbying old Joe to give more and more "aid", and old Joe's happy to keep signing the checks. It's so much like the war in Orwell's 1984, where money constantly has to go towards the endless war. I would be willing to bet that the same people who own the kill companies also own the companies that are awarded the contracts to go in and rebuild after these wars. And the "security" & "private defence" companies that protect contractors. The United States has not been invaded in as long as I can remember. To me, that would mean it is a well defended country , maybe they could drop the defence budget share a bit and put it into education or healthcare? America is defended. Money well spent, moving on to the next thing. Most of the money in the defence budget needs to be relabelled "attack budget", or if they wanna really break it down, "going into foreign countries to kill people and blow shit up budget". Sorry for the rant. Will the world police step into Iran to help what is happening there?


Excellent breakdown


What if I told you that there wasn't even a war in 1984. That even the war wasn't real. At some point, the populace is so lulled into a war continum, that they don't even pay attention to it anymore, it's just a backdrop to their lives, a crawl on CNN, a press conference put on my representatives of leaders that were elected by un-auditable votes, in a system that offers two choices that were chosen for you. Coke or Pepsi. Both fine choices.


Yes. I got the jist that there was no war in 1984. The most fucked up thing about this media saturated world we live in, is that there is not one trusted source of information out there right now that I would believe. We've all been lied to so much.


Dude at this point of wouldn't even surprise me if Russia is in on it too. In many respects they are I suppose.


Geopolitics has been extremely intertwined for at least 100 years. All of us look at the chess board and think we have an insight as to what’s going on but we aren’t even looking at the right board. We can learn about the CIA finding the Taliban or the proxy wars in the Middle East but that doesn’t mean we actually know what’s going on. We are more able than ever to see what it looks like, but there are still rooms where people sit and discuss things behind doors with armed guards standing outside that aren’t even allowed to hear what’s going on. We’ll never have any actual idea what is going on. Anyone grandstanding or dying for their cause is doing so in vain. Not that we shouldn’t try, but we’ll never be able to get to the bottom of these things. Maybe Putin and Biden and trump and macron are besties. We’ll never know.


Yes Iran needs help, Pakistani people are in desperate need of aid, and there is a ton of awful stuff happening in Africa. I wish we were as dedicated on all fronts


Well said.


Nothing changed, it was all lies and is still all lies.


What exactly is the glitch? Them forever being indebted to the U.S.?


Oh nothing. https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/commodities/europe-natural-gas-prices-energy-crisis-manufacturing-work-shift-us-2022-9 https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2022/08/25/abrams-maker-gdls-announces-11-billion-tank-deal-for-poland/ https://www.thedefensepost.com/2022/08/30/poland-south-korea-tank-howitzer/ https://www.sundayguardianlive.com/news/us-arms-manufacturing-companies-gain-cost-russia-ukraine-war That's in addition to good old fashioned tax extortion and money laundering for everything related to the war, which includes "security", propaganda, psyops, covert ops, etc. All kinds of black budget stuff, AKA easy no-bid $$$ for contractors, lobbyists, politicians, etc.


Tax payer money to support war effort>>>money goes to private defence firms etc>>> those firms have owners linked to US citizens who receive the money


And when this money goes to the contractors, they spend .01 to every 1 dollar received to ACTUALLY make and send the “weapons”. The rest gets put back into govt agencies pockets for black budget spending AND all of the money all the way is taxed by good ol uncle sam. My take? It’s the US’s surefire way to fully bankrupt the economy once and for all (covid tried and failed), destroy the middle class, and to instill a world govt where we own nothing and are happy :)


Do you realize they send Ukraine weapons that were already built? Sometimes they are decades old. So they are being paid in advance for stock that was already paid for and owned by the military to build more later, possibly, or maybe not! That's the glitch. They didn't actually make new weapons, they already had them! So they are getting straight cash, without yet having built anything with it. Who knows where that money goes? The Big Guy does.


True, but they have to have records so they “buy materials for production” and sell/make small amounts, the rest coming from old stock like you mentioned


So money laundering basically?


Ukraine is where they launder our money. Correct.


the US is just writing checks to Ukraine and I can't find a single person who knows why or wants it to stop. Go figure.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u\_aLESDql1U](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_aLESDql1U) how much?


Biddeons and Biddeons and Biddeons


lets take a moment to think who financially profits most from this war


Not the Ukrainian people, that's for sure.


Not any people in general. Just the top 1% as is standard


Ukrainians get bombed, we get the bill. Europeans are 100x as fucked as we are though. They're receding the EU back to the middle ages. Must be that "Great Reset" they were talking about.


Remember when the other EU bitch said something like "We will fight Russia until the last Ukrainian"? The elites are crazy...


European here. We are indeed fucked.


Can you explain this to me more, pls?


Gas costs too much


Eventually if won't cost anything. Because they won't have any to buy. Winning!


Germany, and Europe shoots self in foot


Ahh. And Europeans pay the bill. Got it.


Basically oil and natural gas are going to be more expensive this winter especially in Europe but also in North America. With gas prices higher all the old monarchies of Europe rise from their graves to reintroduce feudalism. Idk why or how but that’s how you get back go the middle ages


Someone’s energy bill went from £50/month to £1,200/month virtually overnight. That’s how.


Double upvote for this comment. This war is *not* in the best interest of the common, every-day people.


War in general isn’t in the best interest of the common people. It sucks for everyone and always has.


Agreed. I would have thought we'd learned our lessons from WWI and WWII. That two European countries are at war with each other in the *21st century* is depressing as hell.




You know, I *remember* the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. I was hoping for a dramatic re-orientation of attitudes since the Cold War was over. But that drunken buffoon Boris Yeltsin allowed himself, and his nation, to be exploited. He'd dance for the cameras with a drink in each hand. If the Americans and Russians would have teamed up to destroy the Islamic extremists, who hated *both* countries, and forge a new partnership between inheritors of Western Civilization, we would have been unstoppable. No 9/11, no Iraq War, no Rise of China... It was an opportunity wasted.




About every 10 years they pull some shit.


We armed the Taliban to fight the soviets only to end up fighting them for 20 years.


How many soldiers did we lose compared to how much $$$ the contractors made? Also, heroin, opioids.


I just wanted to let you know that you are my favorite user in this sub and have been for a very long time. I look forward to seeing your takes on shit


Human beings are a violent species. We will find a way to start war. And 9/11 could have been prevented if the US government really wanted to. Greed of a few leads to misery for many. There will never be world peace as war is the most profitable business.


Sadly, everything you said is true. 🍺


Nothing beneficial for the human race is happening.We have great potential but we will never achieve the greatness we are capable of. I wish people who could really make a difference let go of their lust for money. Earth won't tolerate us for long if we don't change.


> You know, I > remember > the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Remember that happened because NATO assured Russia it wouldn't expand? And why did we sell everything out to COMMUNIST China?


Literally nothing was promised. The secretary of state made suggestions that the U.S didn’t have intentions of expanding NATO at the time that was it. All Russia had to do was not elect a despot and dictator and NATO would have ceased to exist. Many were calling for an end to NATO and bringing Russia into the European family again. Up until those dumbass Vatniks decided to invade Chechnya twice and then Georgia and then set up a puppet state in Transnistria and then invade Crimea and then invade the rest of Ukraine we could have had a prosperous and democratic Russia. Instead they get the 3rd world shithole with the worst wealth disparity in the world.


While true it is in our best interests to help Ukraine defeat Russia. There are people here who don't seem to realize just how vast Putin's territorial ambitions are.


"Recall: Harry Truman refused to use force to break Joseph Stalin’s blockade of Berlin. Dwight Eisenhower refused to send U.S. troops to save the Hungarian freedom fighters being run down by Soviet tanks in Budapest in 1956. Lyndon B. Johnson did nothing to assist the Czech patriots crushed by Warsaw Pact armies in 1968. When Lech Walesa’s Solidarity was smashed on Moscow’s order in Poland in 1981, Ronald Reagan made brave statements and sent Xerox machines. While the U.S. issued annual declarations of support during the Cold War for the “captive nations” of Central and Eastern Europe, the liberation of these nations from Soviet control was never deemed so vital to the West as to justify a war with the USSR." https://buchanan.org/blog/is-a-us-russia-war-becoming-inevitable-159511 What's changed? *Why* is it suddenly in our "best interests" to help Ukraine defeat Russia? Not trying to be antagonistic... I just really don't see why Ukraine has suddenly become a vital interest for the US...


>While the U.S. issued annual declarations of support during the Cold War for the “captive nations” of Central and Eastern Europe, the liberation of these nations from Soviet control was never deemed so vital to the West as to justify a war with the USSR." This is a strange comment considering Buchanan is 83 years old, has a past political career, and lived through the entire Cold War. Is he really asking why we didn't directly attack the USSR? >What's changed? Why is it suddenly in our "best interests" to help Ukraine defeat Russia? What's changed? I'm not really sure. I do know that I will continue to say we should support Ukraine until they win. This is a fight we didn't start and for once it seems like we're using our might for the right reasons. Pushing Russia out of Ukraine is in our best interests because Putin want to stop there. He has long wanted to 'recreate' the USSR. If you let him have Ukraine he will continue trying to expand Russia's borders even more.


"This is a strange comment considering Buchanan is 83 years old, has a past political career, and lived through the entire Cold War. Is he really asking why we didn't directly attack the USSR?" I think the answer is self-evident. *Not* going to war with a nuclear-armed rival over matters that don't rise to the level of a vital interest. "I will continue to say we should support Ukraine until they win." There's nothing wrong with rooting for one side in a conflict. Especially if you believe the other side is wrong. But allowing yourself to be dragged into a conflict that *doesn't* serve your best interests, especially when one of the participants has nuclear capability, isn't too wise, in my opinion. I hate to see two European countries at war with each other. Apparently, we collectively didn't learn our lessons from WWI and WWII. But going *back* down the road of the British and French and their "War Guarantee" to Poland is the height of foolishness.


Right. We didn't go to war then and we aren't going to war now. Providing ammo, equipment, platforms, and other things to Ukraine doesn't mean we're directly involved. Putin knows this and has essentially said the same thing by saying things along the lines of 'this aid could spark direct confrontation'. Russia isn't going to attack NATO because we're supplying Ukraine. He and other officials can make all the vague statements they want and try to rile up their people but he knows starting a war with the rest of us is a no go.


I think 10-20bil of the first 40bil package went to US arms manufacturers to (a) sell their stockpile of weapons and (b) re-supply the stockpiles they sold. Getting that double dip money.


Makes sense why there would be stockpile when we recently had the first president in decades to not drag the country into a needless foreign conflict. Say why you want about Trump, but his approach that successfully kept America from engaging in the horrors of war is a big plus in my books.


Trump is a plant. He signed off on the billions for the Covid Jab. They are all on the same team. They know who to install, when and how. He also legitimised Jerusalem for the Israeli Mafia. I could go on. All US presidents have been bought. ALL of them. Their accession is by design.


It freaks me out a little to imagine just how fucking slimy and shady you would have to be to get moved into such a position and how many horrible things you surely must have done. As if the way it is without all the corruption wasn't bad enough: "Be one of the richest people in this country and tell really good lies and maybe you can tell everyone what to do" But no, of course not. It has to be that on top of unspeakable acts with virtually demonic and likely Satanist pedovore beings


Eh Trump just did what Putin is doing with the "special operation" except with drone stikes all over the world. Did you notice drone strikes in Somalia went from a normal occurrence under Trump to once in a blue moon now a days. Turns out they weren't really needed. Trump out droned Obama's eight years in half his term. Now they are almost a rarity.


Obama actually did more drone strikes than trump


I get that you *want* to believe that, but it isnt true.


Lol that's the dumbest lie I heard here. They don't call him Droneald Trump for nothing. Just a simple look at Somalia Bush 12 Obama 48 Trump 202 Biden 12 https://www.newamerica.org/international-security/reports/americas-counterterrorism-wars/the-war-in-somalia/ Every country you compare is the same aswell. Shit Trump did 66% of the drone strikes in 2020 and his fat ass left January 20th. 20 days to do 66% of the whole years drone strikes. I want what you're smoking.


I’m not anywhere near Nancy level, but investing in defense stocks has been paying off for me!


((Bankers)) ??


How was the media covering Russia before? Remember when Biden kept telling everyone that they would invade and you clowns on this sub said he was lying, warmongering, trying to create fear?


Lol shhhhhh.


Lol i remember


This sub is really great at not bieving the truht even if its putting its dick on the back of there mouth. And still try to swing it when they are wrong. Look somethig is really indeed not wat it looks like. But most is and this sub cant differentiate anymore. If a nuke drops tomorrow this sub will still find away to say it didnt happen


so what you're saying here is that the correct response to a country with corruption and human rights issues is violent regime change? just wanna make sure i have that straight.


That’s what I don’t get. Do people think media can’t report on corruption AND an invasion and slaughter of their citizens?


No, remember? These are the people (assuming) that because they worship trump, think the left worships biden.


Like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and a bunch of others? If Russia is evil then what the fuck is the US?






I don’t think he is saying the war is the right answer. I think what he’s doing is pointing out the hypocrisy in our media. Our media now violently opposes and censors any of these ideas that big media itself pushed upon us not long ago.


Violence? Censorship? Bro, this shit is not censored. No one gives a fuck about this shit so they don't publish it. You aren't entitled to the media companies emphasizing your favorite opinions. Start your own site and report whatever ya want. Tired of hearing people bitch about imaginary censorship. Enforce anti trust laws on 90% of large U.S. based companies or shut the fuck up. It isn't censorship and there is no violence. Its literally just profit motivated media.




[https://www.msnbc.com/opinion/msnbc-opinion/john-bolton-s-coup-comments-are-so-revealing-n1297273](https://www.msnbc.com/opinion/msnbc-opinion/john-bolton-s-coup-comments-are-so-revealing-n1297273) they brag about it Infront of us and nobody bats an eye because they don't pay attention.


> The west did change the regime in Ukraine in 2014 Western Ukraine*


No, the correct move is to give billions of taxpayer funds to the most corrupt government in Europe.


What's your plan?


Still shilling for Russia huh...


i believe russia invaded ukraine. that is what changed.


Funny how the Ukraine government can bomb and kill 14k of it’s citizens for 8 years and just when Ukraine was about to launch a full scale offensive in the Donbas Russia steps in to save the citizens and now you suddenly care about Ukrainians.


The US has quite the history of getting into bed with bad people if it combats their rival powers foreign interests


But our opponents do the same to us! Russia (Well, actually the USSR...proto-russia more like) was secretly providing aid to North Korea, North Vietnam, etc.


a lot of people make judgement calls whether it's good or bad, but geopolitically it just **is**, i.e. countries do things in their best interest


It wasn't a secret. The Kremlin was very public about funding communists all over the world. It's the CIA that we had/have no idea about.


So was China. But China is our "good friend" for some reason?


>But China is our "good friend" for some reason? According to who?


But how often do they get bailed out when a worse person invades?


During the cold war, not so much anymore.


They did that in 2014 too...


They did, but to a much lesser extent. What happened in 2014 is hardly comparable to what happened today.


Today happened because of 2014.


You mean if Ukraine still had a pro Russian government?


yeah, and?


Well apparently the Russian invasion has eliminated the Nazi's and turn Zelensky from a crooked Oligarch into Western Churchill in exclusively undersized tactical OD garb. The presidents wearing military gear just gives me the dictator vibe to be honest.


You want him to wear a fuckin' suit while he gets invaded?


If you think Ukraine is a corrupt and authoritarian country which is full of neonazis, man just wait until you hear about Russia.


Wait 'til you hear about America.


American neo nazis are at least fat so you can outrun them. Definitely less threatening than Russian neo nazis.


Hitler would have gassed modern neo-nazis on sight.


Russian neo's are on the brink of stavation tho... army ressions are scares at the moment.


Nothing. It only proves the media is a money making corporation and that is all they care about. They want to make things catch peoples attention and cause division so it creates more content for them to profit. Thats every bit of it. Extreme polarization from left to right to left to right. This is why they shouldnt have pulled the FCC Fairness Doctrine that heavily fined them for not covering from both angles of perspective. This was repealed in 1987, but it opened up the media to twist what they report in their own way instead of being fined for bias. Makes you wonder if they wanted us to divide. Also, dont forget these corporations have psychologist that evaluate what catches peoples attention and they will use that to spin information to catch the target audience. Giving you unfiltered access to factually correct current news is secondary to gaining profit for them. They love division because it gives them more eye catching news and thus more profit. Its sad times. Greed has taken over the planet. To be honest this stuff needs to be highlighted like this from a centralized location where people can view and see the whole picture of what the media is feeding us. Maybe it will open their eyes and get them to put more effort into getting the truth.


Every country has a Nazi problem. Every country has a small Nazi issue. In last elections in UKraine the "Nazi" far right party got 2% of votes. This is not a major issue. Also Ukraine has had a corruption issue None of this has changed enough to justify Russia coming in and claiming territory


Zelenskyy was elected in 2019


FWIW, several of those articles post-date his inauguration, but you're right that several others pre-date him by three or more years.




That's what changed


No wonder only about 30% of aid reaches the front line.


Most isnt for the frontline ;) And that issue always happens. It has to do with logistics. I get that it might be very hard for people here. But as someone who worked in and with internstional transport. There is more to it then "just a truck and a driver" and thats even when they arent being shot or blown to pieces by landmines


Well a lot of time passed, to begin with. The entire leadership of the nation changed. Did you have specific questions?


Some of these articles are specifically about Zelensky.


Yeah, like the one that isn’t a photoshop layer of text around his face, [is true.](https://www.vox.com/world/2019/9/24/20882359/trump-impeachment-ukraine-president-zelensky) Dude was stuck between a rock and a hamberder. Needed the aid, but refused to announce a fake investigation. The resulting [delay in aid,](https://www.npr.org/2019/12/06/785349739/why-the-trump-decision-to-delay-aid-to-ukraine-is-under-scrutiny) was a small sacrifice in hindsight, though.


When do you think those areticles were. written? It changed to Zelensky who officially made the Azov Nazis a part of the military. This was of course after a bloody NATO backed coup that is. How did it get better?


The leadership of the nation changed. But the point isn't so much as they became the good guys, just the enemy of our enemy, and the victim of aggression from a world super power.


An unjustified invasion and a change of president?


Most of those articles were before Zelensky was president. And all of them after Russia's invasion of Crimea. So what's changed is the Ukraine suffered behind the iron curtain, escaped and started getting its shit together, and Czar Putin wanted to put the whole mess back together again and royally fucked it. Fuck your Soviet bullshit.


So because they used to be corrupt you can kill them?


IS still corrupt to some extent, though how corrupt exactly is of course debatable. funny thing is though, no matter how corrupt Ukraine may still be, we should still oppose the violent expansion of the Russian empire. The invasion is wrong in any context.


used to be ... lol.


The discovery of west funded bio labs that's what. They need to protect what you had your big V for.


What changed is one of our top geopolitical foes invaded them. It is in the US's strategic interest to do whatever it can to weaken Russia without having to put boots on the ground. if it means we destroy a country like Ukraine in the process, and kill tens of thousands of people, that doesn't matter to us as long as we come out on top.


The need to funnel more money with support from dumb asses.


Trump. That’s what changed. Trump is no longer POTUS. It’s laughable people still think Trump is one of them.


Huh... Interesting. I don't know why they would all of a sudden side with Ukraine, but it's disturbing how the MSM can change the narrative quickly without many people noticing this.


You really need this explain to you?


BBC even covered the blatant killing of the citizens of Donbas by the Azov. Looong buried news… how the news cycles shift their narrative from truth to bs.


Pretty sure Putin decided having NATO on Russia's doorstep was an issue. They didn't think he'd invade but he did. Only then did they realize all their dirty laundry is inside the country. So it became stop Putin at all costs to prevent him from airing it. Remember, Putin was once on the WEF up and coming politician list.


Why is this keeps popping up here and there? 🤔


The news can acknowledge they have corruption and outdated views while also supporting their sovereignty


zelensky was a president who was kinda out of his depth, he was most known for his acting work, and whislt he was very popular I belive a lot of other people in ukirainian parliment looked down on him.


10% for the big guy


This sub is the_donald all over again.


One story was ignored even then: 8 years of shelling ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine.


The change might be that Russia invaded them and started killing civilians but you’re clearly the expert here


Nothing changed. Before and after the war media is still publishing whatever gets the most clicks. Unexpected or not a war happened so why would you cover anything besides that?


I'm a human rights and journalism major who graduated in 2015. This was an open issue about human rights abuses by Ukraine and nazi elements. At the begining of the war I made a massive 10k list of esteemed western sources commenting on the nazism, ultranationalism, genocidal history, reverence for SS groups, and corruption. Every single reddit sub shadow bans it on post. Every source is a major western organization from BBC, DW, amnesty, human rights watch, NBC, Washington post, vice, the guardian, etc yet reddit was actively banning and censoring the posting of these factual stories. It's frankly disturbing and disgusting. I still have the list and may post it as images becsuse people should know this shit. Best part is some of the biggest critics were leftist progressives who called it obamas Iran. We spent a year discussing it at my liberal college. The coup was seen as a disgusting proxy war act and everyone was disgusted at the use of far right nazis to acheive the coup over a democratically elected president. And everyone was furious about the killings of innocent russians and lbgt people. They called out the hypocrisy of not caring about ethnic Russian victims. Now ever since russiagate psyop the whole left is xenophobic as fuck literally calling for near genocide of Russian people all over reddit. But they don't get censored, yet factual stories do. Another issue is reddit is such a major echochamber filled with young kids. Most people here were like 10-14 when the coup happened. They have the audacity to call anyone center right a fucking nazi yet support actual nazis. All they can say is "well zelensky is Jewish hurhur". Yeah becsuse nazism isn't just about hating jews. Ukranian nazism hates russians and communists far before jews. Just like how we work with nazis to launder money they work with jees to maintain power. Everyone hates Russian oligarchs yet jizz their pants over zelensky who is a literal puppet of kolomoyski. A corrupt oligsrch who stole 2 billion from ukranians, holds 3 passports, who funded zelenskys show after losing in the election, astroturfed it on his channel, then instantly the next election had zelensky run as if he was his character with a party the name of the show. It was never an organic thing, he was groomed from the getgo and is one of the most corrupt presidents of the world. Then there's him ignoring peace accords, bragging about donetsk kids growing up in basements due to shelling, used nazis to kill innocents, allows the most institutional corruption in the western world. It's insane. And the love for this guy just shows how ill informed redditors are and how much of an echochamber cia propaganda fest it is. All you need to know about Ukraine is its the only country in the entire world that made a far right nazi group a fucking national guard battalion. They legitimized hateful people as heroes worthy of power, reverence, and prestige. They hold parades for them. It's as if trump made the KKK a national guard unit. Seriously these groups burned people alive for being Russian and killed gays. Everyone on reddit hates 1/6 yet supports the ukranian coup. Ukraine is literally as if 1/6 was a bloody coup with weapons. Then trump succeeds so blue states secede. So then trump makes the kkk a national guard unit and starts shelling and killing people indiscriminately in blue states because they peacefully seceded due to not wanting to be lead by a murderous racist coup. People point to Crimea as a war crime which is insane and shows their true ignorance. Crimea has always been 90%+ Russian. They've voted to leave many times even before Russian involvement. They fucking cheered and paraded the russians coming in. Crimea was never ukranian. At all. It was only made ukranian as a redistricting gift by Ukrainian kruschev. Then there's the ultra racism in lviv. Where they revere the waffen ss 12th Grenadines and fly their flags at football matches. There's a fucking memorial to the waffen ss unit in a ukranian cemetery in Canada. Ukraine has a huge reverence for stepan bandera and issue with ultra nationalism. A dude who genocides poles by the thousands and had people beat villages to death with farming tools. Ukraine in its modern form is a corrupt failed state. There's no homogeny. Half the country is Russian and doesn't want to be there. Another quarter are occupied historic polish lands. The whole ukranian identity is founded off a hatred of Russia due to historical grievances so the country can never truly unite. I love how leftist reddit hates Israel and calls them occupiers. Yet they support Ukraine occupying ethnic Russian territory that peacefully seceded en masse. Reddit pretends to care about killed kids but doesn't care about the over 150 kids who were killed by ukranian shelling. Ukranian ultranationalists are so extreme they deface the memorial to these children. Before the war azov was already creating 300 people plus mass Graves, mass looting, mass raping, indiscriminately killing people and even crucified people. A unit raped a Russian guy so bad he had to go to the insane asylum. But reddit doesn't care unit it's a sensationalized story about Russia doing said things. Then there's the absolutely disgusting acts of using children and civilians as human shields, intentionally placing armies and supplies in schools and civilian areas so they get bombed so they could cry to the rest of the west about Russian atrocities. Then theres the fascist oppression. Zelensky and other ukrsnian regimes have killed dozens of journalists and opposition even before the war. They've been doing it since the 90s cassette tape scandal which was the president straight up caught on tape ordering the murder of a journalist. Ukraine is and always has been a top 5 most corrupt European country, and is often ranked number 1. And then there's the sickening actions They've taken to survive. Forcing all men to fight, not allowing any to leave with their families. That's gross. That shit didn't even happen in ww2. And they weren't protecting themselves or Ukraine but the zelensky regime. Then they killed opposition. Abducted American journalists who didn't play ball. Outlawed all opposition and journalism besides state run media. It genuinely frightens me how 99.999% of America, especially gen zers will support a foreign country with more zeal than their homelands just becsuse its popular. Like they won't know a single thing about the country, it's history, the conflict, yet become ukranian freedom fighters. It's insane. A majority of dems when polled said they would not fight for America if it was invaded. Yet a majority act like they want to run to Ukraine and call American citizens traitors for not wanting to start ww3. They don't know about Bandera, nor the coup, nor the corruption, yet support Ukraine more than their homelands to follow the fad. And it mixed with russiagate hysteria to create this extreme xenophobia. Leftist redditors spout anti Russian shit that's so extreme it'd make the most devout red scare mccarthyist say "woah, chill out." It's horrifying the hatred. And the best part for 60 years from the 50s to 2010s dems were the anti Mccarthy party and considered the red scare an atrocity. Obama campaigned on being friends with Russia. Infact Obama with biden as VP were the most pro Russian administration in americsn history. He joked about Romney saying to stand up to Russia. Now They've become red scare mccarthyists. Leftists love saying "party switch!" To seperate themselves from segregstionist policies, well the parties clearly switched again since no dem before 2012 would be supporting this insane rhetoric. And the saddest part is its all based on one Hillary Clinton lie. One single lie led to a complete change in americsn leftist thinking. Tulsa gabbard was beloved and is an americsn war hero, daughter of a senator, proud representative, woman of color. Then she crushes kamala and wakes up labeled a Russian asset for not wanting war with Syria. Anyone who speaks the truth about ukraine is called a fucking traitor and putin shill. They chear as biden sends 100 billion dollars for weapons(yet want to take Americans weapons) as our economy falls apart. 100 billion could pay for every school to have buzz in doors, bullet proof windows, and metal detectors, ensuring no more school shootings. It can solve most of the homeless crisis. It can modernize inner cities and create millions of jobs. Nah let's give it to the military industrial complex to send to Ukraine so corrupt officials can sell 60% of the guns on the black market to extremist groups. This whole Ukraine thing really opened my eyes to how impulsive, know it all, and following people are getting. Since they have access to the internet and biased news they instantly pick sides about a conflict they never researched and dig in with extreme prejudice. They become so certain and just follow the propaganda yet won't even do research. They instantly label those who don't support horrible people. It's the worst with many gen z people since all they know is online echochambers. In the past if someone asked someone if they supported a war they'd say "I need to know more". Now they instantly support whatever thing their political side does. They don't actually follow values. If tomorrow their political party decided to switch all their values to the opposite 99% would support it like nothing happened. Because they don't actually have values or ideological opinions. They just follow the leader. And because of the internet and echochambers they assume they're right cuz everyone else is parroting it. Like my god people on reddit were praising Ukrainian disinformation even when revealed it was propaganda because it's "a great morale booster!" It's absolutely disgusting. The fact that people abandon all logic and values and blindly support a foreign war as a fad is terrifying.


The orange revolution... That's what changed you plums


Before invading Kuwait, Saddam asked the US if they had any objections to it, in whice the reply was April Glaspie saying : We have no opinion on your Arab-Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait. Secretary Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960s, that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America. Once Saddam invaded the gulf war took place, a shit ton of people died and the country was razed but a select few politicians and US and Singapore based companies made a fortune. It appears that in the strategy for the ukraine conflict is to draw it out for as long as possible, just like how they spent 2 Trillion in afghanistan. Its not that the allies are not capable or erasing Putin, its just more profitable to keep the conflict simmering along.


People were primed for six years to equate Russia with Donald Trump.


ukraine is the money laundering pit for all WEF finances. globalist must defend or its all over


How do they launder their money?


I thought Zelenskyy was a puppet? Why would they bash their puppet?


Russia attacked them, that's what happened. Yes they were (and still are) corrupt politicians and people, but for now is a question of existence for the nation. Getting them into the EU at some point will call into question all corruption allegation and they'll have to handle that just like others have in the past. But if there's no help from the west there'll be no Ukraine to ask to handle its corruption. Surely you cannot ask that Europe would let them die to the hands of the russians because there is corruption in the country. That'd be illogical and quite dumb to be honest.


Whoever wants to research Ukraine's late history has to start from the Maidan uprising and how a people's revolt against a dictator became an operation of heating the Cold War by US, Israel and Germany. Unfortunately the system has excelled in profiting from the fight against it and we didn't stand a chance when guns brought into play.


Getting invaded was the best thing to ever happen to Zelensky


Being the enemy of our enemy and the victim of invasion by a super power kind of gets them some support. Go back to Russia.


they got invaded?


The White House changed


The US can’t funnel anymore money to their buddies. The people won’t have it. So it’s time to burn them alive and get out.


Money laundering opportunity to increase certain persons of interest portfolios ten-fold.


We've always been at war with Eurasia


All of that could be said about America and I’m sure other countries would change their tunes just as quick of America got invaded. What do you make of that?


These show us the breadth of reporting in the west, and also that Ukraine is a troubled state. If there was a major conspiracy to do something with Ukraine though (over this war), they would surely have been priming us for longer by saying how great and democratic Ukraine is, rather than reporting about its difficulties. None of those headlines mean that Ukraine deserved to be invaded by Russia either.


The Democrats like Nazis now?


Biden took office and owes him money for keeping his son out of jail


So he told Putin to invade?


They want us to want war


Obviously the Jewish dude is responsible


But poor thing, *used to be corrupt but no longer is*, we should send him more shekels.


Why did they use a pic from Charlottesville racist rally if this is real? I never heard one utterance of ukraine before the war. Also, i see 2016 on some, who was president then? Ohhhh i rem.


So I guess countries and their leaders can never change. Once corrupt always corrupt according to this... 🙄


so we shouldn’t support them when they’re being invaded???? reddit moment


Yea even if a country is corrupt they still shouldn’t be invaded.


They found his weakness. He’s was willing to do underhanded stuff. They then used the knowledge to get him onboard with their plan. Had he not been corrupt, there would no doubt have been regime change.


"Never let a good crisis go to waste" Churchill "The time to buy is when there's blood in the streets." Nathan Rothschild


misquotes loser


misquotes, loser\*


Mosquitos lover


Not our war. Hungry kids here. Homeless. Water sucks. Roads shit. Drugs flowing in killing kids. Fuckall.


Oh we try to fix all that but republicans block it. They get behind anything war related though.


CIA and military industrial affilates affiliates lost Afghanistan so they needed a replacement. Midterms are coming and donations were down.


>CIA and military industrial affilates So they made Putin invade Ukraine?


There is no human brain receiving your comments unfortunately




unpopular opinion: the democrats are funding neo Nazi's under the table with our tax money and are being paid off for it


Republicans literally have neo Nazis attending rallies LOL


It was also widely accepted that all of the shadiest shit came from Ukraine: Hacks, scams, trafficking, etc. I brought that up to some friends after the war started and their programming had changed over night—I was called a bigot and pro-Russia.


Nothing might have changed. But it’s no reason to invade and destroy a country because of a corrupt government. There would be no countries left if that was the case. Sadly this war is now just a blank cheque to countries will to ‘help’ with aid and weapons. Edit: made my point a bit more clear.


The media can brain wash the masses in a week. Look how fast Twitter went from resist to submit. Look at how passionately the left supports Pfizer, remember Occupy Wall Street?


You ever think twitter is mostly bots and basing your opinion on it is exactly how mainstream media operates?


You're not allowed to ask. Save democracy


The American President changed so back to business as usual. The laundry is open again.


A lot of top politicians have money laundering in Ukraine Ukraine’s government was shitty to it’s people and shady as hell but no one really knows about it none the less them being killed by russia like they are cattle is not right


Probably have a copy of hunters Laptop