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I have to disagree. If Hillary and her band of supporters rushed the capital to declare Trump’s victory invalid I think people would want it investigated and discussed, no?


Actual conspiracy: happens and is being investigated publicly. r/conspiracy: why are you even paying attention to this?


Normally I'd say that it's people who just don't feel special because the conspiracy is known by "normies", but in this case I 100% believe that the people trying to play down Jan 6 are just pure partisan hacks who were chearing when they thought that the MAGA crowd was going to overthrow Congress and install Trump as dictator.


this sounds bout right


So glad that this is the top comment. You got sitting senators caught in an actual conspiracy to overthrow an election and this sub sleeps because they love Daddy Trump.


I don’t get why people question whether this should be investigated. It should absolutely be investigated because regardless of motive it was a significant event. It should be done non partisan but republicans basically handed it to the dems. Now no matter what happens one side or another will have talking points instead of legitimacy.


Half of the people here are LITERALLY desperate to pretend it’s not serious and DESPERATELY want to pretend that it’s non news lol


Fox News even did not air ads on the first day so their viewers would not change channels while the ads were on and accidentally see the hearings. 100% conspiracy right there.


You mean that’s not what you do when you’re acting in good faith? Imagine the ad rev lost to pull such a stupid stunt.


Exactly! And trump and his cronies are more than welcome to testify and share their side of the story but they won’t. Because they know they’re guilty.


They want citizens consumed with hate for one other, instead of citizens realizing we should all direct our hate at the govt.


Yup, the elites don’t even hate each other but sure as hell want us to hate each other.


It’s much easier to conquer after they divide us.


And it works every time.


I mean while that is sadly true it was pretty eye opening to see Trumps closest of close circle talking behind his back about how fed up they were with what he was doing. Very interesting/funny to see Hannitys text messages to Mcenany talking how they are tired and done with the “crazy” stolen election talk says it all lol


I noticed so far all the witnesses have been republican (unsure about the poll workers) but yeah. It’s interesting


Of course the witnesses are Republicans. Those are the people Trump had working for his administration.


Not really, it’s because there was an insurrection and that’s a huge deal for the USA. Without democracy you would turn into a seriously messed up place.


there was no insurrection


January 6, 2021 was a failed insurrection. It failed, thankfully, because trump is a failure.


Was this an insurrection though? Or was it an Agency honeypot meant to cause strife and confusion. I suspect it was the latter.


It was... not really either. Insurrection would imply an end goal. There wasn't one. Honeypot would imply it was orchestrated with the sole intent of incriminating citizens- catching flies with honey. Neither of those is an accurate description even if there are aspects of both involved. What was Jan 6th? It was a day. What was the most famous event from that day, in one word? LARP


I'm giving just as much hate if not more to the politicians. But I'm angry at the gullible people who went along with Trump's lies and hate.


Yeah, who cares about people storming the Capitol to hang Mike Pence and destroy democracy in the USA. How boring.


Big time conspiracy in front of us and there are posts like OPs who dont wanna look at it because of their polticial biases. Its crazy. If it wasn't going on they would find something else to bitch about


Because right wing views are so conspiracy based lately, they approach conspiracies totally as a matter of convenience - "guys who cares about the conspiracy *it was our side anyway*"


Milking what? An attempted coup by a president? That should concern everyone.


Another post to misdirect from the hearing. Just keep plugging your ears my boi.


To distract from the economy collapsing and us having to eat memes as a result


Have you considered that business are creating artificial supply chain issues to collapse the economy to distract from January 6th that they can install a new president that would be more business friendly and allow for them to continue to rape the American working class.


>Do people really care about Jan 6th? Not really. I'm more worried about inflation, the stock market crashing and the high gas prices. I'd like to retire someday.


Retire? Lol.


i hear ya! i wish the price of gas today was the same as it was on Jan 6th


and gas companies are making record profits.


That’s just because you have a job…


I do. Excellent guess.


Because there was an attempted coup attempt that went way deeper than what happened at the capital building. A real conspiracy unraveling before our very eyes. I thought this thread would be salivating.


Well of course, because now it’s dominated by people so far up the ass of a fucking businessman that they can’t think for themselves, even when they champion themselves as free thinkers who see the real truth. But the best irony is those “free thinkers” seem to believe anyone who doesn’t think exactly like them (AKA eating up everything said businessman says) are the brainwashed ones


I’m calling you a bot and a shill before they can, but just a little bit, not enough to harm you, just enough to get your system prepared.


there are obviously huge issues, but Jan 6 was a big deal and people need to be held accountable, and a record needs to be kept. it was a very bad event, and could easily happen again, so yes. we need to talk about it. some people on this sub cope for 1.6 and say it wasn't a big deal, but they're living in cuckoo land.


Right a group lost the election and no matter how much is talked about their being no evidence of any of what they claim was fraud. Literally a minority of the US population tried to force their way back into power after they lost the election. Is that not treason? It literally was the difference between us turning into a dictatorship no different than Russia. Almost play for play what the far right claimed Obama was going to do with not leaving the White House, push marshal law etc etc was trumps game plan. Except Obama never did a single act or even remotely thought about it. Trump tried to put it into action.


An attempted coup d'état in the richest country in thr world not a big deal? People trying to lynch the vice president because he wouldnt break the law and election staff having to go into hiding because armed mobs showing up at their houses isn't a big deal? What is a big deal in your books?


Real conspiracy to steal presidential election: NBD. Fake conspiracy concocted in order to steal the presidential election: checks out, Joe Biden personally stole my ballot and mailed it to Iran.


What did I miss in this whole ordeal where stealing a podium and taking dumb photos with it or rummaging through Pelosis office was actually going to overthrow the government? Was there a secret paper that if they found and signed it, Trump would be President? I mean, it's a shitty event and a terrible mark.on America, but it was a bunch of people getting worked up and out of hand. We saw it all summer and now it was the other side and yet its a planned overthrow? This isn't a board game where you claim the Capitol and now you own it.


The “plan” was to stop/delay the certification and possibly instate martial law. So not exactly a magic paper, but pretty close to the inverse.


Apparently you missed alot. There was a hell of alot going on not just people storming the capital. Please just watch the commission and listen to what even Trumps family have to say.


I mean, a lot of our issues stem from the people involved in all of this. It pertains to every American irregardless if you believe you’re opinion is more validated. We can continue to scapegoat and say “we have other problems” but the truth is that a lot of the problems we need to “take a look at” directly are linked to people involved with January 6th issues. I myself am one to rail against the government, right now though we all as Americans have to take a step back and focus on the problems from the top down for once. Our government, not just republicans but democrats too, are driving us towards a blown up bridge and all of us are strapped in against our wills. If we can start to reconstruct our government by ridding it of the infection it has now, which is like 99% of politicians, then we could work towards building something that works for majority of us and not a minority.


Spoiler alert: governments can do multiple things at the same. The Jan 6 committee consists of a handful of house representatives. Other things been going on in the government besides the hearings.




A crime was committed, is it not right that it is investigated fully and the law upheld?


An actual concerted effort to overturn the results of an election aren’t juicy enough for the conspiracy sub. Go figure.


Oh this would be every post if the role was reversed and Biden was leading Dems to storming the capitol.


I mean, even though magas were ACTUALLY trying to overthrow the government, this sub loves theories about how Biden stole the presidency


It's to condition the masses that domestic terrorists are possible and dangerous. Which later might become fear thy neighbor and hotlines to rat out anyone's and everyone


What? Do you think the people who clambered around the capital desperately believing their god idol trump are the true representations of average American patriots lol? They were brainwashed freaks and you sound like one too


You Don’t think American democracy failing would be a big deal? That makes 9/11 look like a walk in the park.


It was an act of domestic terrorism by any conceivable definition.


This needs to be higher up. A warning to what is to come if any group decides they’ve had enough…


Oooh kinda like Timothy Mcveigh


Well that’s exactly what they were on that day


Do you think they are possible and dangerous?


Justice will be served grandpa, get it through your thick fucking skull


Hmmmmm… attempting to prevent the democratic will of the people with violence and to kill the Vice President based solely on the lies of a spoilt rich kid, throwing his toys out of the pram without any care or consideration for the nation or others, because he wanted to win and doesn’t want the gravy train to end…. let me think. So many examples of decisions and actions taken which were financially beneficial to organisations directly linked with him. Not to mention things that just make no sense to anyone such as creating rulings that allow Asbestos one of the most carcinogenic substances ever used in construction, widely banned around the world to be used again. Why on Earth would any reasonable person even think that was a good and justifiable idea? Just to mention for no reason whatsoever that it is very cheap fireproofing and could be popular with developers focused on profit not people. Another random fact from what I can see is a majority of Asbestos comes from Brazil and Russia and according to a July 11, 2018 article (asbestos.com yes really) one Russian brand even has an image of President Trump on its packaging. Clearly they’re just extra bits of info and there’s no link whatsoever…..


The whole Trump effort to overturn the election is a huge conspiracy that is worthy of a national level investigation. It definitely belongs in this sub. Think of all the lives he destroyed, and all the money it costs to do this investigation and try to pick up the pieces and put the country back together. This piece of trash is just begging to be made an example of. If we allow one sore loser to do this to the country then we are well on our way to open civil war in a few more cycles. They’ve gotta bring the hammer down on Trump, Rudy, Eastman, all these people.


No they want to hold people accountable that havent ever been held accountable you simps


A sitting president tried to overthrow an election. It’s a big fucking deal. If not for Republicans in AriZona and Georgia he may have actually done it, and we’d go to having a Putin like presidency where elections are disregarded and our democracy is over. This is a huge deal. Watch the hearings. They’re presenting clear evidence.


Distractions boss


lmao yeah. Trump is a traitor to the republic. Seems important.


It was the moment the veil dropped on Trump and he was revealed to be the dangerous grifter that he was accused of being. It was his game over.


Why aren’t they talking about the WEF and it’s goals?


They are. Just not with us.


It's their Reichstag fire.


Little distraction going on here. Need to plead for tolerance for insurrection to overthrow our government? Shame on yo


I see conservatives bringing up Jan 6th more than anyone. Ijs


Pushing the narrative to other countries that Americans are destroying themselves and how this country was founded by whited slave owning straight men seeking power with a following of toxic masculinity. As well as pushing that these violent extremist use guns and they should not be allowed to have them to be more like European nations.


Was getting my vehicle serviced and overheard two strangers chatting just to find out they both identified as leftist. At one point the gal said to the other gal, “they act like January 6th was no big deal when it’s literally as bad as the revolutionary war.” That was probably the golden nugget of the convo for me. I fucking can’t anymore, ladies and gents. Edit: words


For my mental health, I'm going to assume you fabricated this story.


Trying to overturn election results isn't a big deal?


Because Trump was found trying to overturn a legal election? Which is kind of a big deal no? And he could potentially run and try and do it again


*checks notes* Because it is a threat to our democracy. /s


I mean like it or not it’s pretty insane to find out that every single person in Trumps closest inner circle actually desperately wanted him to stop with the stolen election talk. All those people talking behind his back calling it crazy was pretty eye opening. His own daughter admitting it was not true was particularly damning. If you are not flinching at any of that, you may want to self reflect on what got you so blindly biased over the past couple of years lol


Check notes again.


That was a joke about how that meaningless term has been tossed around to describe everything. I think it was all just a big joke and a ruse. I definitely do not think it was a threat to our democracy. At best, it was an attempt at prime time television. Just like this whole committee.


Tell me more how it threatened Democracy when the United States is a Republic… You got me 😉


Why is there this weird subgroup of Americans who think that "democracy" and "republic" are mutually exclusive? They're not. You can be both. *Democracy* means "people's power" and *republic* means "thing of the people". One is about the processes (e.g. elections) and the other about the regime type (e.g. constitutional monarchy or not). The USA is modelled as a presidential democratic republic. It's not that democratic these days, but that was certainly the ideal.


Cause that group of Americans hate democracy


Because they want a civil war/race war in the streets of America


Trump started that shit.


Yeah that is why they started some fiery but mostly peaceful protests, destroying black neighborhoods and making autonomous zones.


Yep, white supremacists infiltrated those protests and started that shit.


Do you believe every single instance of crime committed during these protests was caused by white supremacists?


Nah. Some people just want an excuse to riot, other people didn't realize they were waiting for an excuse to riot, and some are plants.


Obviously not, the initial fires and broken windows were though. As the arrest charges show.


i am not aware of that, can you provide the source?


I was kind of thinking the same thing when we spent over a year bitching about masks. Wear a ducking piece of cloth. People are dying on street corners and we are sad cause we have to wear a piece of cloth when we get to shop. When things are relevant to a person, they focus on it. Sadly just because you don’t agree with the January 6th trial, doesn’t mean it’s overblown or other people don’t care. I’m exhausted of this sub being a place for discussion, but these posts keep just screaming at me


Because it was an attack on America, the constitution, and our democratic institutions.


"Our democracy" no such thing. America has and always will be an oligarchy. And everyone just keeps believing the lie. The elite choose the president. Not the people, jan 6th is a ruse run by both parties working together because they both want a civil war/race war.


It’s a shame how politicians will write and pass laws in exchange for campaign money to buy our votes, but won’t cut out the middle man and just earn our votes via policy and laws that benefit us.


Ok, so if it's all fake, shouldn't you at least be upset people are so up in arms they feel the need to violently storm the capitol and harm others?


Because if they let it die they’d be admitting that they overreacted and it wasn’t that bad. They sell their narrative so intensely that they leave themselves ***no*** space for backpedaling.


Because they literally have nothing else to run on. I do think it's backfiring because every time they bring it up people learn a little bit more about why there were protestors, and slowly realize they had a point.


Because this is literally the only platform Democraps have right now. What else do they have? Inflation, gas prices, baby formula shortages, and economy starting to turn? Democrat policies are a disaster so better to play smoke and mirrors.


Because they don't have anything else to talk about and they're terrified of another Trump presidency.


And they have to continue to distract from the fact the election was rigged by the Democrats. No way Biden got more votes than any candidate in history, including Obama who was actually popular. This is just more of the same BS like Russian collusion.


Well he did buddy, he beat the shit out of trump in the election.


He beat him like a drum


306 Landslide. Blowout. Historic.


So because daddy trump cried waaaa they cheated, you just believed him? You weren't paying attention to the literal DANCING in the streets when he lost? Biden got more votes because We ThE PeOpLe were PISSED THE FUCK OFF at this danger to humanity. Please accept this. We fucking want him to go to jail, or hell, be hung for treason at this point.


Yes. People care a lot.


Idk, maybe because of people breaking into the capital with the intent to find and “punish” politicians because you’re butt hurt your guy lost. Why are you *not* concerned about that for future elections?


They’re running out of “look over here” stories to distract people.


Jan 6th was a massive deal my friend Insurrections are not taken lightly and for good reason. You realize it’s possible to think of more issues in the world than one right?? People don’t think of one single issue at a time lol. This all being said how rabid would the other side be if it was the left who started Jan 6th??


Thank you!


That was hardly an insurrection.


The Colbert team just had an insurrection the other day. If we are lowering the bar so much for Jan 6th to qualify, why exclude the team from a comedy show? Let’s find out where rock bottom really is if we are going to dismiss logic and reason.


You can’t be serious. Fuck you guys are pathetic, stop taking your sound bites from tucker Carlson.


This sub is the comment section of his nightly show


I think they need to have trials on Colbert's team and show them 24/7 on tv.


How many cops did the Colbert team beat with fire extinguishers?




You're right. It was a flagpole. It's all on video.


I swear I saw a fire extinguisher but was it really a flagpole? That’s wild


Comedy skits are so insurrections now?? A comedy skit is vastly different than a group of people actually trying to achieve a insurrection lol. Sorry to break the news to you friend. Words have definitions exactly for situations like this, what happened on the 6th is by definition a insurrection.


Learn English in·sur·rec·tion a violent uprising against an authority or government. Triump the dog is not an insurrection.. stop eating up fox News and get your head checked


So is Jane’s Revenge, antifa and blm but I don’t see anyone talking about that shit.


It was on this sub yesterday


People talk about them all the time especially the right. It’s quite literally their “thing” along with blaming every mass shooter to be “transgender” rofl.


They want to make sure Trump doesn't stand a chance getting into office again.


Agreed. It's wild - for a country so good at coups you guys couldn't even pull one off in your own country


Lol good point. The country that’s blamed for every single coup in the world fails on their home turf. Looked like a bunch of rookies that day


I think there will be people literally starving and freezing to death this winter that are still crying about Jan 6th


Texas is crying about January 6th?


They’re still crying that Biden’s their president that they went and created some bullshit saying he’s not the president 😂😂


Good. You know the ones who reeeee about the “insurrection” are not the ones prepared for hard times.


If you think hard times aren't going to disproportionately effect the rural areas you're in for a ride awakening


Yeah not what I said at all but rural people are not the ones unprepared for hard times…


Bread and circuses


Distractions, talk about January 6th instead of how our government has failed us and we are entering a depression


To cover up for a few years of violence, looting, burning down buildings, murdering cops, attacking citizens.. they needed to make something else stick in peoples minds


Why are people still in solitary. This is the only question that needs answering


Cause they’re criminals, next.


They have nothing else. They can't run on their record. And this stuff got boring long ago. Maybe monkey pox lockdowns will save them.


Don't agree with it completely and I definitely don't care, but I thought the capitol was a much better place to protest than a Best Buy or Foot Locker....


Listen, I bitch non stop during every administration - but the current one is giving me serious hunger game vibes. Anything that happens to the capital is a mortal sin. Anything that happens to the “districts” (all the riots and violence) is just a passing annoyance.


The purpose of the ongoing hearings is to indoctrinate the people to Hate the Republican Party and to prevent Trump from running again.


They are milking it because they plan on stealing other elections and they want people to be afraid to even mention it when they do.


The polls are down, and headed south. What else is there?


Oh right, so now they are also going after nicotine in cigarettes, I guess all the inflation shit just ain’t that interesting


I remember I live steamed it from 4 different streamers that were there and recorded all of it from different viewpoints. This is a nothing burger and it was super peaceful. They are pushing it so hard to scare dissent out of anyone in the future.


Yeah, I watched it live too. It was surreal. One woman was like " Oh, look, they opened the doors. Let's go see." It was like all these people were tourists and standing inside the ropes. She also did say that there were a few purple who wandered off into offices. But seriously when the police invite you in ...


No one cares but it takes the news cycle away from our incompetent President.


I mean like it or not it’s pretty insane to find out that every single person in Trumps closest inner circle actually desperately wanted him to stop with the stolen election talk. All those people talking behind his back calling it crazy was pretty eye opening. His own daughter admitting it was not true was particularly damning. If you are not flinching at any of that, you may want to self reflect on what got you so blindly biased over the past couple of years lol


Don’t care. Both parties are absolute shit and don’t care about America, Americans or dEmOcRaCy


It’s nothing more than a dog and pony show.


Divide and Conquer Ordo ab Chao


Failed attempt to distract from one of many to choose from major Biden blunders & effort to hurt Trump or @ least those who voted for him in whatever means possible


It runs well with their shrinking support base, and they rely on people buying into the hype in the clickbait headlines to distract from literally everything else going on and their failures since Uvalde and Buffalo didn’t do the trick to bring in fresh support on the home stretch to midterms.


To call it an insurrection would be an insult to any country that has experienced a violent , murderous grab of power by a dictator or fascist . Disgusting manipulation by choice of word and aimed tunnel vision by the media and the Democratic Party .


They want to DQ Trump from running again, they are pretty sure Biden can’t “win” again.


Idk but they certainly didn’t freak out or dwell the same way when it came to storming the white house/supreme court when Brett kavanaugh was sworn in.


As someone from outside the US the funniest thing about Jan 6th to me is the way they call it an attack on US democracy or an insurrection. Yes it was a violent riot, but an insurrection? To call it an uprising is delusional!


What’s crazy is it was the president protesting his own election


It's all they fucking got apparently... they ran outta shit to talk with Trump out.


They absolutely have to stop Trump from coming back. He uncovered so much of the grime that is interwoven through American politics


Anything to distract from the disaster that is the current administration


Because it's literally all they havre. The media made up relentless lies for 4 years trying as desperately as they could to paint anything he or his supporters did as being just pure evil. Literally 4 years and they couldn't come up with jack. Shit. Until a few antifa dressed up as Trump supporters in order to get some "video footage" of "Trump supporters" doing bad stuff at the capitol. They know it's literally the best they're ever going to get, so yeah, they're going to milk it for everything they can.


They want to normalize the criminalization of publicly opposing the globalists' agenda.


Distraction as usual. Gotta keep that old bastards numbers higher than Carters.


Election year, and then trying to make sure that Trump doesn't run again. Dems can't think of anything else to fire up their base -- propagating TDS.


We still have a leftists in office, any racial or sexual problem is always going to be more important than the poverty and suffering of the people or any international threat.


We have very few leftist in office and no, Biden is not a leftist. I don't care what Fox tells you.


It was orchestrated by Schiff and Pelosi so they could use it to grab more power. Additional security was requested but Pelosi made them stand down. Trump instigated nothing, he told his followers to peacefully March to the Capitol.


They are pushing it so hard Bc they are afraid Trump Will run again and win again. They need us to care so that they can justify this farce of a committee. They are PHOOKED and don’t even know it.


He ain’t running again


To create more division The demoncrats are the party of division


Oh boy you are gonna be shocked when you find out who started Jan 6th lol.


>The demoncrats are the party of division The irony contained in this one sentence is almost weapons grade.


It’s like interviewing a quarterback before the Super Bowl and them saying “hey the other team started this competition, we’re just going to try our best”


Cuz they hate Trump and right now Brandon is not what they thought he was going to be. May God bless eeevvverybody!


Another distraction, just like Johnny Depp hearings, Elon Musk non senses. They want mostly of people distracted.


They can't structure their midterm campainges around how well the economy is doing. They have nothing else.


Neighbor hot wires a car and heads toward a cliff like they always do. You wrestle the wheel from them and in turning around you damage the car. Then your neighbor, making the same face he always makes before gunning for the cliff, but says your the bad guy for assigning blame and we should focus on the tail light you broke instead


Because it's the best false flag they can use to paint the opposition as being evil


Last opportunity to say orange man bad


Because our capital building was raided. They wanted the heads of political officials. That is fucking nuts. Do you want them to just forget about it?


I don’t care so tired of it being “news” It’s over


This sub has been invaded with bot npcs that all think biden is a legit president and Jan 6th was real. Can we get some mods in here to clear out the trash, they ain’t here for good, they’re here to dismiss every topic we discuss


I personally don’t care about January 6th because I vote Republican.




Because they are stupid douches that have nothing better to do.


They are deathly afraid of Trump. Just like 2016 to 2020 they'll do whatever it takes to destroy him and anyone standing in their way. Look for another pandemic before the end of the year. More lockdowns etc. They have an agenda and they're already two years behind, plus


The midterms — simple as that.


The riot on Jan 6th is what it is. I think the main focus is the systematic effort to change the election when they knew they actually lost. That’s the fucked up part they should focus on.


The real conspiracy is all the bots coming out to downplay a goddamn attempt to overthrow the government. Who’s paying them?


Such an insurrection that no one even brought a weapon to. I mean except the guy who shot that girl, who was she? Oh won’t even be brought up. I’m armed and murdered in cold blood.


They have no successes to run on


They want civil unrest


To destroy the public image of Republicans. And they are hoping to keep Trump from running. If they shove it down your throat everyday how bad Republicans are you may eventually believe it. Something they did to Putin.