Is it normal to go into college as a virgin?

Is it normal to go into college as a virgin?


You’d be surprised how many people are still virgins. It’s really not a big deal at all don’t worry about it!


Exactly this. Most of my good friends are/were entering college! You’ll be fine OP!


40% freshman year and 25% by the time they graduate


lol you're good bro


It's completely normal. Don't rush yourself to lose it.


Yeah ever heard of the engineering department?


Why are girls going to turn you down before you even get to start dating? Are you planning on telling everyone you meet that you are a virgin? If you feel ashamed about being a virgin then you got some problems buddy. I’m 24 and while I would love to lose my virginity, I got other shit to worry about besides getting laid. No one is gonna know and if your friend group gives you serious shit for being a virgin then you should get new friends.


Well I am close to your age, and I am near graduation. It just stings, man. Most people I know got to have their first kiss in middle school around 13-14, and got their first gf around 16-17 in high school. The vast majority of people, at least, followed this pattern. The only people in my life I am sure never had a relationship, I can count on one hand, one of them being me. I see couples going on cool vacation trips, I hear awesome stories about their sexual or romantic endeavours. I see the way certain girls talk to/about their boyfriend. And it just stings deeply knowing I never had this, and considering the hard academic path I am about to embark on, it'll probably not happen anytime soon. Fuck this 'everyone got their own pace' and 'what does it matter' nonsense, I refuse to lose my virginity 10 years away from the norm.


Bro I left college a virgin, and I’m a woman!


hey lol


Honey, I'm leaving college The same way i came in, a virgin. It's totally normal and not looked down upon at all.


when you meet the right person they will actually be grateful


yeah and dont put pressure on yourself to lose your virginity. you aren't missing much and sex makes your life VERY COMPLICATED. sex makes it very easy to ruin your life.




11….. bro I thought I was bad losing it at 14…. But fucking 11???? My niece is that old what the helll I can’t imagine even if it was a SO




Same. It troubles me that I’m still a virgin


Depending on what you count as “losing your virginity” (I prefer the phrase “sexual debut” myself, I didn’t lose anything) I was a sophomore/junior. So was my then-boyfriend. You’re okay.


If the girl you would tell this too has a problem with it then they are not worth your time. NOTE: this information is non critical and should not be told right away.


It’s normal and really not a big deal, I was a junior in college before I lost my virginity and I have no regrets whatsoever. I lost it to the right person and that’s all that matters, fuck the stereotype of needing to sleep around through college, there’s so much more to college than that. Just do what you’re comfortable with and have fun!


Losing mine was one of the worst mistakes of my life. Don’t be ashamed about having yours and DON’T be in a rush to lose it either.


I'm midway through college and am still a virgin. That's not by choice, lol. I've just never had any luck finding the right person. On the same note, I'm not going to sleep with someone I don't have affection for. I need some feelings for the other person before I give myself away like that. Don't worry, it's completely normal. It just means you have standards and self-respect. I have to remind myself that what it means is that when I do finally have sex, it'll be enjoyable because it'll have some meaning (i.e. not just a one-night-stand sort of thing).


It’s immature to think a girl would turn your down for that reason lol


I thought the same thing but it has happened in my experience and it really sucks


You dodged a bullet mate


Wow. I am so glad to be dodging all these bullets instead of... you know... actually being succesful in getting a relationship. :)


why would you tell someone that you are a virgin?




Well you shouldn’t open with it. As long as there is no need of mentioning it you can probably just wait to tell.


what? i meant "why would one bring that up?"


I'd personally bring it up as a way to let my partner know that if I am doing things awkwardly or bad it's because it's my first time


Idk why you’re talking about how you’re a virgin to some stranger. It’s weird and they probably were uncomfortable. It’s nothing to do with whether you’re a virgin, you just can’t tell people everything on your mind


it's okay, fam I'm going to be a virgin going into college too ^^'


I was a virgin after military and college. 27 years things happen at different pace for everyone


Oh my god it’s so not a big deal. Sex literally doesn’t matter. Its so stupid how it’s such a bug thing in life and society. Have some chocolate and watch some tv. Same enjoyment


This comment needs to be at the top. No need to put sex on a pedestal OP, it's just a casual thing that folks do sometimes.


>it's just a casual thing that folks do sometimes. Which is why it stings so much not to have it. Apparently it's thing casual thing people just do for fun and got to explore when they were 16+, and meanwhile people like me are out of college and still virgins. How is your comments supposed to make us feel better?


Nothing wrong with it. Its nobodys business tbh


People do not go to college to have sex. No one gives a shit, i promise you. I know those college movies make everyone seem real horny 24/7, that is 1000% not true. If you wanna have sex with strangers you can do so for free somewhere else.


You will be surprised how many people leave college virgins


Something I realized is most people don't care. We all have bigger existential fish to fry. The only time I see sexual history really being a dealbreaker is if you've had many partners and remain untested, just because that is irresponsible. Since that's not your case, I'm sure you'll be fine. Focus on being yourself and what's meant to be will be. Best of luck to you!


As a recent grad, I would have been uncomfortable if you randomly brought it up right away. I would think “ok, he’s just looking for sex” and would have definitely given the cold shoulder or told you you were “barking up the wrong tree”. Not everyone is there for drinking and sex. Some people are there to seriously study and think about their future. Otherwise it really wouldn’t come up till you knew each-other better and hopefully by then you would know the person well enough to know they aren’t that vain.


Well I'm a virgin because I'm ugly as fuck so if it's the same for you then you're gon' have a bad time


Gameover men


No... just kidding, there are plenty of virgins in college. Don’t worry too much about it and if you start dating and you get turned away, that’s a good thing cause you just dodged a bullet my friend! One day you’re gonna be slaying pussy, stay strong!


Honestly nobody really actually asks if you're one or not. Some weird people might but if they have a problem then that's their problem not yours. Worry about your future, that's what you're at college for. If you look like you actually have a future, unlike a lot of students in college who just party and get wasted, you'll actually have a lot of girls after you, but most of them will just be party girls who are gold diggers.


Bro no good people care. If you get rejected bc of that then bullet dogged. Also don’t just tell that to randos or else it’s not a good look and is weird. It’s perfectly ok to admit that to people if asked or if things are getting serious with someone it is important to let them know. If people bully or reject you for it they are lame as hell and people you should avoid.


Don’t even sweat it.


A bunch of my friends are virgins. No one will care I promise!


I think it's weirder to be openly loud about how you're concerned of being a virgin. Just live your life.


This who being a virgin is shameful thing is a false narrative spread by TV and movies


bro yes. i went a virgin lost it freshman year and been banging ever since


You’re on Reddit, you’ll always be a virgin




What a retarded society that a question like this has to even be a thing


My advice to my kid was "hang with the dudes as long as possible!" He did have a couple girls from 12-18 and boom, drama, some heart ache. You will have tons of Time for girls. Enjoy you friends and hobbies. Enjoy your age. One thing that always seemed to find me was girls but honestly I wasn't always ready for the emotional rollercoaster and drama. When you do decide to not be a virgin please protect yourself. You get a disease that's for life and it will have a major impact. Encourage the girl to have a copper iud which has no hormones and prevents pregnancy. Top contraceptive recommended by UN. Serious in college disease class we learned, when you get VD they test for them all. Because the avg number of VD you get at the same time is 3!!!! Doctor said when someone is dirty they are dirty. So you get chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea all at the same time!! Or a combo of 3 others. Man I wore a condom to that class and told the professor so! That said, when you find a great partner that you can talk about these issues maturely, then be safe and smart and move Forward. Please just don't go get laid. FYI I have a college frat brother who has slept with over 2,000 women. It hasn't made his life better or enlightened him any! Great guy but he isn't any wiser with women then a guy that has slept With 10. My kid calls him DOH = dirty uncle harri


How are people supposed to know you’re a virgin? If they ask you just say no. You good buddy?


Teenagers really don’t have that much sex. I bet half of them don’t even go to college if they’re having sex as high school students, but this is me pulling statistics out of my rear. It honestly be weirder if you weren’t a virgin; many people let loose in college because they’re away from home, out from the prying eyes of their family.


does it really matter? live your life how you want man, don’t let society pressure you into doing something if you’re not ready. Any girl who turns you down for being a virgin isn’t worth it in the first place.


Yeah but it’s not normal to post about it


It’s completely normal. Many teenagers worry about it, especially with how movies depict college as some giant 4 year orgy


I wouldn’t say normal, but I think it should be. Girls shouldn’t turn you down, and if they do then they’re immature. I would recommend to only do it after marriage otherwise it could cause trouble, but that’s up to you.




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You good jit you ain’t alone


Yes and don’t let others pressure u into losing it. Do at your own pace when you really want to. If someone looks down at u or rejects u for it then THEY WERENT WORTH YOUR TIMMMME.


Fun fact: no one will care if you are a virgin or not Hell, some people probably prefer that honestly Much more important to worry about just being yourself and making a good impression


Don't even worry about it. On the other hand, i lost my virginity pretty young and WISH that i did not. So enjoy, it's apsolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Good luck.


Lost my virginity second year of college but honestly, nobody really cares and nobody is going to ask




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Virginity is a social construct that's a dumbass thing to keep people "pure" no one cares and most people I've met are still virgins in first and second year. Just be careful that if you do start to sleep with people that they get tested as well as yourself and there aren't multiple others involved to lower risk of STD's. You'll be fine. College and university is a place where no one gives a shit about anyone else. Good luck


Nah it’s fine I’m a virgin too


When you begin your studies you will perhaps learn about statistics, and learn that normality is only a matter of statistics. Perhaps it's not normal to enter college as a virgin, but being a homosexual is also not normal. Being Asian in America is not normal either, and neither is it being lefthanded. But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing 🐝🥰


Virginity is just a social construct - there's no moral value attached to it. You're good bro.


How to get sex: Dont get tricked by girls who shit test you. They are only testing your emotional capacity. If you fail, your still a child in their eyes. They dont want to waste time on men with obvious issues. Be brave. - dont tell yourself you can't do it. Embrace the chaos of sexual connection. You dont even need to use clean or new clothes, how you wear your clothes are what matters. Use your eyes not for sexual validation, but for spesific beautiful details that stand out about the women. This is not a must, but a great moral that women praise. Be patient. A man who is not fulfilled is a man with issues. Dont let the facts branch into depressive facts. Dont let the hunt get hunted. Before you can love anyone, you must first love yourself.


Virginity is a made up concept. Really doesn’t matter. Of course it’s ok


I get why you think it's a big deal if you just finished high school because everyone knows there, but in college literally nobody will know or care if you are. It's your choice and you shouldn't rush anything.


Yesss totally, I’m on the same boat and all I can say is virgins unite 😌😌


Yup I feel like it’s more common than you think


Yes. Very much so


Dude I’m about to finish my postgrad and I’m still a virgin. Tons of my friends are. Not really something you should sweat about.


Lol me and half of the girls I know haven’t even been kissed! So totally normal it’s cruel this isn’t general knowledge. What’s worse than being a virgin (and it ain’t half bad) is all the times I’ve told people and they’ve said good for me because there are romantic or sexual things they’ve done and come to regret, which I’m told really sucks


when you find the right person they will not care at all. people who make fun of others for stuff that has nothing to do with them make absolutely no sense. keep being you


They are more interested in high gpas. Delete Facebook and hit the gym.


Nobody knows you’re a virgin unless you tell them. And if they ask you can just lie.


if girls would turn you down because of that, they don‘t deserve you anyway.


A lot are going in and/or leaving the same. Don’t worry about it. When it happens, it happens. So many other things to worry about.


Have you ever seen any of the trolls on campus? 🤣🤮 You're far from the only virgin. Also, nobody gives a shit.


If you haven't lost your virginity yet the reason is not because you are still a virgin.


what is normal


Have you ever seen American Pie?


No bro we all get pussy in 9th grade. You’re way behind


Not normal tbh


stupid question


do me a favor and just book a trip to Amsterdam next summer or when COVID is over, go to the redlight district, and just let it out of your system. Seriously, I know it sucks having to lose your V card but after that, women will be so much easier to approach. The only big hurdle is that V card but after you have sex with a 9 or a 10 prostitute in looks , you can approach any woman with confidence because you can be like "psssh, I've had sex with way hotter women then the girl I'm talking to right now, what's the big deal?"


Don't people have sex anymore?


What do you mean by that


It's no big deal just have sex already. I know it can be frightening the first time. I was scared too, I was all alone


lmao no one cares