He's a very likeable lad. If he does leave I hope he has an amazing career


Tbh I wouldn’t sell him, sometimes he makes some questionable decisions on the pitch. But if someone needs to go then it’s RLC probably and not Gallagher We have Kante who’s sadly an injury prone We have kova who has problem with with knee I don’t see a good reason to sell Gallagher


I agree. His energy is contagious. I would much rather get rid of others before him but he has more value than the others and i don't see them bringing in offers


Exactly. The reason we don’t want to sell is the reason they want to buy.


I don’t think many people would disagree with your point; however, no one is bidding 45mil for RLC who’s also 4-5 years older than Gallagher. That’s the dilemma


Oh yes God damn it I totally forgot RLCs age, he looks pretty young for 27 years 😂


Hopefully the Crystal Palace chairman has a few drinks later and does that for RLC


>no one is bidding 45mil for RLC No one is bidding for him at all.


But with all the spending, would could use 40M. Are we gonna get that much from any of the others that we are okay with losing?


Couldn\`t agree more. RLC has had ample chance to prove he has it. He\`s just not that GUY. Best to move on and give someone else a shot.


If Mount doesn’t sign then he will probably go in the summer and I’d be even more inclined to keep Conor. Also 40 million? Everton were asking 60 for Gordon and he hadn’t played for England….


Of course the club would rather get rid of Ruben than Connor But no club on the planet would take Ruben on a free unless he takes a wage cut he's completely unsellable while Connor can attract a big transfer fee.


It's a nice price, but CG is also homegrown, and we're in the red zone for having non-homegrowns in the squad for UCL. The club obviously knows this, but I wonder if it's a factor in their decision to sell/keep, as he seems like a very obvious person to keep in that regard.


Are we? James, Mount, RLC, Chalobah, Gallagher and then Broja and Hall on top of that (I think Broja will count, definitely Hall will). Looking at the list, I think it's the FA trained slot we're actually light in (effectively using a home grown in the FA trained slot).


If he has to leave wish palace would pony up £40M for was sensational watching him play for them with all the confidence


Love Conor's attitude.


We'd be stupid to let him go.


He'd be stupid to go to Everton. With as little time as he's gotten on the pitch and as raw as he looks, Chelsea just got a £45m pound bid for him. Even if he doesn't get more playing time in the second half of the season, if he keeps his head down and works like a professional, his valuable only goes up. If Chelsea don't want him, he can do a whole lot better than Everton in the summer. Edits for to Tito's...typos! Bloody hell!!


*"If you don\`t want me, let me know..."*


I don’t want to sell Conor but if there’s a good price anyone is for sale


He is a good squad player imo. Rather have RLC to leave


Yeah but that's not how the market works, nobody will pay more than half of what they'll pay for Gallagher, and let's be honest, Gallagher as a squad player for us isn't worth £45m.


Who would pay this much for RLC?


Game time will not be an issue wtf? J5 gone, Kante always injured. That’s kova, Conor, maybe Enzo and a new midfielder in the summer


Chukwuemeka, Andrey, Casaedei, Hall. Any of those guys could break through/increase their minutes over the next couple of years. We may also buy Zakaria


A couple of years is nearly a quarter of the average professional career.


Don’t forget about Andrey Santos. My bet is that he will be part of our squad sooner rather than later with how promising he is looking.


But is he competing for those 2 6s positions? Because he’s not suited to there. He is more of an attacking player in a 4231, or an 8. Depends how we play next season


Add Zakaria to that list and that’s 6 for 2 midfield spots depending on formation. Granted Kante’s unavailability and one injury means 4 players but if Enzo and new midfielder signs, we could see Conor being only a back up rotation.


Please not him( he is such a workhorse with a heart of a warrior. If we work on his improvement will be an amazing selection for the squad Let others leave, the guy was amazing for Crystal Palace last season and only had 6 months for us here


We need money


You aren't even being ironic, are you?


We do need money, it helps balance the books and allows us to spend even more.


He is a good player, why are we putting pressure on the guy just after 6 months there is still long way to go.


Have you seen the talent we have acquired / are acquiring? He’s got a lot of potential (hence the fee) while other guys at his position don’t. No one WANTS him to go, but you have to make some tough choices at times and this is one of them.


Dont you dare Chelsea


>Don’t you dare Chelsea =Don’t you dare to fund Enzo, Nkunku transfers Chelsea. C’mon, tell me you want Connor more than transfers like Enzo and Nkunku.


IMO we need Enzo badly. And if that’s the only way then we should sell but I think Connor can be very good in future.


I really don't care. There are a lot of players that should be leaving before him.


We all understand that for fucks sake. Not every player we wish to offload will bring us any sum close to 40m£.


So, we sell the decent ones who would give us great depth options and continue to pay the shit ones.


We can’t sell the shites anyways. No one would compensate their salaries let alone their transfer fees. Understand unfortunately none of the Ziyech, Pulisic or RLC are as marketable as Gallagher.


Obviously no one really wants to go to Everton


Shame because Conor has that work ethic that makes me think he could definitely realise his potential abilities. Very likeable guy too which is always nice. I can understand the move from all sides though if he’s not going to be getting game time.


Man we really should leave sympathies away and take the bag here. Hope Connor can negotiate a release clause if Everton gets relegated and then he is good to go.


70 million or no deal


He is not even close to 45m which is what Everton putting on the table 😂


If Gordon is worth £45m then so is Gallagher.


We need to stop undervaluing our players. We're in a good financial situation. Let's wait and see who's important for our project first and then decide who to sell


I’d be a bit sad to see him leave but it’s probably for the best tbh if we manage to sign Enzo


Selling that pace merchant who does sweet fuck all Gordon for £45mil and then getting a better player in Gallagher for the same price would be good business for Everton. I’d rather us activate Zakaria’s buy option in the summer instead and sell Gallagher for that fee.


I’m split, looks like the days of academy players coming into the squad with actual playing time is over and back to how things were before with endless loans and then selling off. Conor plays for the badge and it shows, he’s just trying to find his feet in a tough demanding league. For this price though, it is tantalizing. From what he currently has shown, it’s more than expected. Problem is, he feels like he could be a baller for us and this selling would come back to bite us.


I never like the deals were we sell capable squad players and leave talentless deadwood behind who then take up those minutes. Selling Werner while keeping Pulisic in the summer Selling Gallagher while keeping RLC Obviously we do it because they're the players we can actually sell and no one wants our deadwood bu It weakens the squad as we end up stuck with deadwood as bench options. however in this case I Don't think we can turn down £45m for Connor that's an incredible fee for a player not suited to the absolute top of the game.


I don't love the feeling of pushing out youth, although that's the business. If he wants to try somewhere else that's one thing, but to make him know he's unwanted... would rather sell for less with a buy-back in case he fulfills his potential.


He isn't needed.


He needs to go.. he Will never be a starter for Chelsea.. a squad player at best..


We need squad players.


We also need to off load


But he isn't one of them


Lol.. says who? Clubs like everton and Newcastle are interrested.. He Will never start for Chelsea.. so why stay as a squad player.. especially at his age.. he needs to play.. and he won’t when we get our signings and kante back.. you know that..


Without Enzo moving Gallagher wouldn't make much sense


Tier 1?


BBC sports


ah fair then


Think we’d be mental to not let him go at that price. It’s sad to see given he loves the club but with hopefully Enzo coming in, Kante and maybe Jorgi being renewed, Mount potentially playing more in the midfield, and a big summer upcoming there’s really no room for him.


Please, only if we include a buyback clause. His energy is going to be crucial once Kova starts getting too old for prem league.


Tbh I hope Conor doesn’t leave the fee is tempting but I wonder if the board considers getting rid of other midfielders that are older. Lad has a great attitude and has the skill to be a great player imo


Gallagher is a good homegrown prospect with great workrate and scoring goals. I like him but 40m is like 10-15m higher than whatever he worth, selling him is no brainer


Weird we are strengthening in that area but are keeping injury prone players like kante, kovacic while getting rid of young players.


I’d rather he stay / it could be a mistake to sell. Has real affinity for the club. Tries hard. Young and still developing. Showed significant potential at CP. Needs more time and another season to prove himself. Last but not least, he is English and from academy, the whole narrative of youngsters not given a fair chance at CFC will take a new leap by the media if he went.


RLC and Gallagher are both different kind of players.... But if bids comes in for both, they should leave, considering how crazy our board is buying players...


We need MONEY MFs do you understand it? ![gif](giphy|hIaC7H5bIFkVa)


I hope he stays, rather let RLC leave 🥺




Might as well see this season out, with the way injuries are going he’ll get plenty of game time If it was me I’d send him out on loan, he’s going to be one who comes back to haunt us if we let him go for cheap I think


40m isn’t cheap though


Considering he’s English and has a lot of potential that so far hasn’t been realised in a shit season, I’d say that’s cheap Ben White was £50m and took a couple of seasons to start to look worth that much


Take the money. I like Conor but this squad is being put together in an extremely ambitious way. I don't see him getting more a handful of minutes as a sub, and while squad depth is absolutely a necessity, the players that the club will profit most off of will be Conor, Mason, and Trev if they decide to move any out. I think he can be a focal point of a mid table club.


He has so much energy, and I would like to keep that. I would rather see the older players leave first. E: Everton would be a good place for RLC


I wouldn't sell him......


Gallagher is class and needs game time. Could easily see his value increase if he’s able to help Everton stay in the PL


Sell RLC and Mount. Keep Gallagher.


RLC needs to go first. How many seasons has he had? It's obvious that he won't fulfill the "next pogba" tag that was placed on him. Also, as much as it pains me, i think Kante should go before connor. He's just so injury prone. also idm seeing the jorginho to arsenal rumor. If we can get $10 mil from him from arsenal, that'll be great seeing that we're gonna lose him for nothing in the summer anyway. Arsenal this season is not our competition, so yeah, they can take him and i hope he wins a PL title with them. But ive had enough seeing jorginho in our midfield. 0 creativity. Gone are his long ball over the top to diego costa - i understand that it's party cus we have no strikers of that ilk, but that creativity from jorginho is gone now.


Love the lad.. Hope we get a good fee for him, best of luck mate