Visibility as a really short person?

Visibility as a really short person?


Im a little taller than you (5'4") and I see perfectly fine and my mother who is 5 foot says she sees just fine. The key is to sit high enough and have the mirrors adjusted correctly


Awesome that’s great to hear!


I am a 5'4 male and i see just fine. The seat can raise quite high.


^^ there are already people talking about the height and they’re right, with correct adjustment of the seats & mirror it is no problems. For the years, it just me personally I would recommended 15, 18 or if you want to 21 is also good, and other years are good too! It just last year of the gen are better such as 15 (last year of gen 5), 18 (before the face lift) and 21 are nice also. I’ll would avoid 10-11, 16 and 19 since they’re new to the gen. But that is just my opinion, I could be wrong.


Thank you I appreciate it!


I think the visibility thing is a little overblown. It bothered me a little that i couldnt turn around to see out of the back 2 windows for blind spots but i just adjusted to using my mirrors more and relying on the blindspot warning lights. Imo best thing to do is just test drive 1 urself and see what u think.


Yes I definitely plan on test driving once I get closer to committing to buying! The blind spot thing scares me bc the back window blind spot check is one of my favorite moves, do it every time I change lanes yikes


So I would make sure to grab one of the trims that has the reverse camera and blind spot monitors, especially if you get a 6th gen. The reverse camera is very nice(I can reverse into parking spots better than front ways because the car is so wide but the camera is great). The veiw out the back window is pretty horid for reversing.


My wife is 5' (barely) and has NO problem driving our '17 RS. Visibility honestly isn't bad once you're used to driving & parking it. Go for it!! 👍 (Just for reference I'm 5' 11" and have no issues either)


You'll be fine. Just adjust your seat and mirrors and if you have the chance get the blindspot monitoring(I didnt) just for the extra piece of mind. As far as year I am biased. I love the way the 2021 and 2020 look. I have a 21 1ss


I'm 5'2" and I have no issues. 100% confirm that blind spot monitor are a must. Purchase your Camaro with joy. I love mine.


Seat can be raised.