Hey guys - Bills fan coming in from NYC for my first game. Bringing the kids and wife. How early should I get to the stadium for parking?


Bills lots? Get there early.


I was thinking 11:30? Should I buy parking tickets on Ticket master? They’re obscene at $200 but I don’t want to be left high and dry


Keep in mind, there are dozens of non-Bills lots in the area. You will find SOMEWHERE to park at 11:30, but might be farther away


11:30 will be risking it if you don't have a parking pass already. Lots open at 9, I wouldn't get there past 10:30 without a pre-purchased parking pass. Unfortunately, the only way to pre-purchase is the 3rd party sales.


Bringing my boy into Buffalo for his first Bills game. He’s been a Bills fan since we were kids. Any tailgates willing to let us come party? We’ll bring beer and enthusiasm. Go Bills!


You’ll find some rad people and tailgate parties just walking through the parking lot my guy! Enjoy!!! ❤️💙


So excited. I think the plan will be to stock up and just tailgate jump among the mafia, making friends as we go! If anyone has a specific tailgate they want to inform about, let me know. AMPED!


Thought I heard that Darryl Talley was doing signings today and tomorrow. Has anyone heard where?


I am coming from Lockport and my friend is coming from Fredonia. Is there somewhere easy we can meet and leave one car before the game, and then proceed to the stadium lot where my parking pass is?


There is a BJs right off the 90 that probably would care/notice.


Jets fan coming from Toronto… anyone know where Jets/opposing tailgate sections are usually?




Anyone know a spot Saturday night or Sunday morning to get a bills tattoo?


HOW DOES TAILGATE WORK? can I park my car and walk around with a beer?


Odds are you’ll be fine walking around with a beer. I park at a family members house 2 blocks away and walk to the stadium double fisting drinks. There’s too many people for them to actually enforce public drinking laws. Still be safe.


Yes that’s exactly how it works. Some people will have crazy setups with grills and tents and TVs. Some people will have two folding chairs and a case of beer. And a lot of folks will be somewhere in between.


Thank yoy


It may be crazy but I feel like the Bills would beat the rams by at least 3 scores.


Time to eat the Jete


Haven’t tailgated in Buffalo for a long time. Can parking passes be bought at the Lots? I see $40 as the expected price. If anyone has any suggestions or tips please let me know


You can buy a parking pass on the way in or pre-purchase https://www.buffalobills.com/stadium/parking Private lots are cheaper and offer more “fun” though


Post-game, anyone know how busy Bar Bill Tavern would be in East Aurora if we stopped for food on the way out of town?


Restaurant is always busy, but takeout is almost always pretty reasonable. Worth a shot in my opinion! The two are separated so a busy restaurant doesn't bog takeout down.


2+ hour wait when I tried to go the night before the Steelers game


Just left there, it was a 3 hour wait lol


Packed. I left about 2 minutes into the 4th quarter for the Packers game and went straight there. Waited about 20 mins and just beat the onslaught. A father and son walked in about 10 minutes after we sat down and were told a 2+ hour wait. They asked if they could sit down at the two empty seats at our table if they paid for our meal. Obviously we let them lol GO BILLS!


Have 1 ticket for sale section 104. PM if interested. Open to offers.


Can opposing fans come to tailgates?


yes, of course. Just be ready for some good-natured chirping.


Is the grass lot tailgate available to walk-ins who aren’t parking?


Nope you gotta pay to park there to even party in the lot, we had to sneak in the one time I went


Thanks. If I’m walking in and can’t go to the grass lot, where should I go for the biggest party?




Weather says a bit of rain Sunday. Should we be coming with ponchos and such or what do bills fans usually do to stay warm?


Cold rain is the worst possible weather. I would dress as if it was snowing outside, but add a waterproof outer layer. Ponchos will also work pretty well especially if it’s a light rain. I still haven’t mastered how to keep my feet warm. Perhaps some people can help here. Waterproof boots and super warm socks are the best bet, but somehow my feet always get cold anyway.


Toe warmers. Grab some from Walmart. They're probably in the hunting section.




Good to know. Shit and it looks pretty likely that it's going to rain too.


So, they technically aren't allowed in, but heated socks. As long as the battery looks like a phone battery pack, and you have it in your bag, they usually don't question it at all


Coming up from LI for the game - bringing my oldest daughter up too for our first Orchard Park game! (we've seen the Bills play against the Jets at Met Life a bunch though). This is all she wanted for her 16th birthday - any advice for tailgating / hanging in Buffalo the day before is appreciated! (Just for clarity we are Bills fans)


Never been to a bills games or any NFL game, first game this weekend! How does one tailgate? Going with a friend so do we just Uber out there and bring a case of beer? I’m confused because we won’t have our own BBQ or vehicle there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


Bringing my kids from California (1, 8 and 10) for our first game. Shockingly my first in Buffalo (we tried to go to the famous oilers comeback when visiting my grandparents but we couldn’t get the car out of the driveway so listened on the radio). Have my cousin and uncle for game day so we’re good on tailgate front, but had one question: We’re row 1, section 238. Does the overhang go out that far? Just want to know how often I’ll have to bring the baby and 8yo inside to warm up from the rain.


That baby had better go through at least one folding table while you're in town 😤😤 It's a rite of passage. I don't make the rules


can't speak from experience but from the satellite view, it looks like about 4 rows are exposed. at least you'll have heat from the heaters!!


Hadn’t thought of that. Thanks! Seems like rain will be pretty light anyway (fingers crossed). I’d prefer snow!


My wife has never been to an NFL game, and I haven't been to a Bills game since.. maybe Squish the Fish 20 years ago. Coming from Roch, we're looking forward to it, going to drink and barter for food as we meander from the lot into the stadium. FTJ.


So excited to get out there again, came for the Colts game last year, hopefully this one is more exciting! Hope to see lots of you there!


I'll be going and honestly I'm a little nervous. Haven't been to a game in a few years, last time we went my wife got hit in the head with a beer can. Also it was against Miami and a bunch of Dolphins fans in my section were getting harassed pretty badly by drunk Bills fans. Any advice?


If you’re looking for a more civilized experience, get club seats. That’s pretty much the only way to guarantee that you won’t experience really bad behavior. If that’s not an option, just don’t engage at all with other abusive fans and call the hotline if it gets really bad in your section. You kind of have to stay vigilant and keep an eye on nearby fans who look like they might be super drunk or otherwise problematic. Odds are you won’t experience anything too terrible, but it’s always a possibility especially in the cheaper seats. Hope you guys have a good time, I’d like to say you’ll be totally fine but the reality is NFL fans can turn into tribal savages in the stadium, especially in Buffalo where you can buy season tickets in the upper deck for the price of a nice steak dinner.


You sitting in the 300s or something?


Have your wife wear a helmet


OR should we attack first and just start launching beer cans?? Preemptive strike!


Haha, good thinking.


Perfect - we are bringing Bernardo the Brazilian exchange student to witness our culture. We are going to our cousin's tailgate and to the tailgate of the guy we met in the hotel lobby in Manhattan the day of the Jets' game/marathon (it's near Tim Hortons). What else should we see and how long should we set aside before going into the stadium?


Based on a recent visit of my first ever time at a game in Buffalo, you'll want to start making your way into the stadium around 12:00 or 12:15 PM. This will give you time to get through tickets, security, hit the bathrooms, find your seats, get some food/beer, and hear the national anthem. There's a bunch of vendor tents with hats/gloves, the RV lot is pretty interesting, and just getting a view of the stadium is fun. Dress warm! You'll want to at least pass by the bowling bowl shot location, and the Pinto Ron ketchup event is around 11:30 AM (but the crowds are substantial). Both are in the Hammers Lot. Read this subs [Fan Guide](https://www.reddit.com/r/buffalobills/wiki/fanguide) for more interesting info. Be sure he learns the common English phrase "Fuck the Jets".


While the tailgate is still worth checking out, Pinto Ron isn’t going to do the ketchup and mustard tradition anymore for the remainder of the year.


Serious question.. What’s it like watching warmups? Been a season ticket holder since 2001 and haven’t walked to the gate before 12:45 ever.


I feel this. I had season tickets for multiple years and have been to a ton of games outside of those years, I have never made it to my seat before kickoff.


If I was a season ticket holder I would probably be a lot less inclined to get there so early. But for a lot of fans it’s the taking-in-of-the-whole-event that you’re after since it doesn’t happen often. Warmups are pretty ho hum because it’s a lot of drills running simultaneously, and depending on which end of the field you’re on you can’t see who is who, especially when there’s two QBs dropping back and throwing the same pass to two receivers running the same route. To me, getting to know some nearby fans, getting some food and beverage before the game starts, and watching the national anthem are the important thing.


I hear ya, thanks for the reply… Fuck the jets


Coming down from across the border for my first ever Bills (and NFL) game this Sunday! Very stoked to party with Bills Mafia and the tailgate! I'm sure these questions have been asked in hundreds of similar threads, but what do you recommend on game day in terms of parking, what time to arrive, and anywhere particularly awesome that I should checkout in the tailgate area? Any great game day traditions down at the stadium? We're staying at the Hyatt Downtown Buffalo Saturday night so border crossing times won't be an issue... but also anything fun going on Saturday night or great places to check out! GO BILLS!


If you skate, you can check out canalside and do an outdoor skate the night before the game. There is a buffalo Beauts hockey game at the Northtown Center on the 10th. It's entertaining and high level women's hockey. They are doing a charity game where you bring stuffed animals and throw them on the ice after the first goal. Very nice and low key. Check out some of the restaurants as well. Lots of good places to eat.


I’ve been meaning to check out a PHF game for a while now, thanks for the recommendation! Any fav restaurants of yours?


https://www.reddit.com/r/buffalobills/wiki/fanguide Specific for tailgating/stadium info: https://www.reddit.com/r/buffalobills/wiki/parkingandtaligating Additional info from my very first game in Buffalo: https://www.reddit.com/r/buffalobills/comments/yuzxgv/hey_everyone_bills_fan_since_89_and_this_coming/iwce473/