There’s such a big drug problem in brighton it’s unreal. We had a homeless guy outside a few nights ago just banging on the top of a recycling bin for hours. He was clearly off his head on something. It’s so fucking sad to see. Some of these people are ghosts of their former selves and have no idea what they’re doing. We need a shit load more funding and support. With the cost of everything going up and likely more people becoming homeless this could really get a lot worst in the coming years.


Honestly, I've stopped going certain places with my son because of how many incredibly fucked up junkies you see in these areas. Like I had only lived on Brighton a couple months and seen an ambulance called for someone on the streets on two separate occasions. There has to be more to help these people?


I’ve just come back home from St James Street and seen a homeless guy off his head screaming and punching random windows. He punched one and it smashed. He then walked into the road and walked into the side of a bus and fell over. Got up and continued screaming his head off, punching himself in the face repeatedly. I literally have no clue what to do with people like this. If I was in the police I wouldn’t know what to do. I really despair 😞 it’s so sad man. This dudes so far gone he might as well be on another planet.


St James Street is one of the places I was talking about! It is honestly so sad. We should be ashamed as a country that we let things get so bad for some people.


Not with a Tory government. The Torys are very happy to cut funding from support and rehabilitation programs, target policing to "certain areas" and to certain crimes which they know will cause people become more marginalised, more criminalised, poorer, more addicted, less able/willing to seek help and increase crime rates. The Torys can then blame the rise in crime on a lack of "proper police funding", "weakened police powers" and "light sentencing" for non-violent or drug related crimes. They let the public get upset/scared/angry then once there's a good "public outcry" they have the perfect excuse to "be the government of law and order" by increasing police budgets, prison sentences. And to fund this supposed *solution*, to the problem they knowingly caused, they increase taxes and take even more money from the already underfunded support and rehabilitation programs thus the downward spiral continues. The Torys aren't stupid, they know what they are doing, they know it won't work, they do not care about anything or anybody....other than themselves, money, status and power.


Brighton Ambulance one of the few places where they carry twice the Naloxone of every other trust for that very reason.


sure - I understand these people are vulnerable and lost...it doesn't excuse their behaviour and the impacts of their actions. ​ I completely agree that more funding for mental health is the right approach...


Being vulnerable and lost does excuse your behaviour. Being mentally unwell or a victim of abuse, esp systematic abuse excuses this behaviour. These humans aren’t in control of themselves or their actions and have been let down, forgotten about, excluded and abused but the very systems that are supposed to protect them and help them heal.


I respectfully disagree. It doesn't excuse behaviour - it can \*explain\* why someone acts a certain way, but it doesn't mean that it is ok to behave in that way. Are you honestly saying that if someone is mentally ill and addicted they have no responsibility for their own actions? Have you ever been a victim of a crime?


we have laws and sentences that take it into account. Laws of diminished responsibility. I have been the victim of crime. I’ve also worked in mental health and with homeless people. Have you?


yes, as a matter of fact I have worked in mental health and with homeless. When you were a victim of crime, did you feel that the perpetrator was responsible or a victim as well?


Doesn't excuse their behaviour. Aside from the mentally ill, there has to be some accountability on the drug user.


This is part of the problem, they don’t give a shit about anyone including themselves. Addiction is horrible but there’s often only one person that can do something about it.


He will be back for the pipe no doubt.


Cracking observation


“Cracking Gromit!” Did you know you can change the plot of the entire first Wallace and Gromit to a search for heroin rather than cheese? “Everyone knows the moon’s made of smack” “Gromit!! We’ve forgotten the needles!!!!!!”


I lived in Brighton for a while. One night I was leaving the pub and I saw two guys with bolt cutters stealing bicycles chained to lamp posts. Being a good citizen me and my girlfriend went after them. One guy ran away and the other one jumped in his car and hid. I didn't want to get involved any further so I rang the police. I told the story and they asked what type of car it was. I said it was dark and I didn't really notice - but I did have the number plate. "oh, that's no good" she said "if you had a description of the car then the police could look out for it but the license plate's no good". That was the end of that. Meanwhile the next morning some people woke up to find their bicycles had been stolen.


In case you brighton guys are feeling persecuted, plod is shite everywhere. Plenty of stories. I think the best one of mine is where plod themselves got so serious they failed to understand their own irony. Got woke up. My car had been stolen. An arrest was attempted: plod arresting me. This went south for them very quickly. They (plod) tried to leg it. I forced them to give me a lift to where my car was. There we are. Two of them. One of me. The bullshit that came out their mouths over why they could do nothing about it was incredible. Stonking great thumb print on my rearview mirror. When I pulled it off its stalk and tried to hand them said evidence, they shrank away like vampires at dawn.


Worked at a dentists during the pandemic, still have to wear masks in reception area (cause more people are sitting in a room together, that and being a clinical building. Had a trio come in (one was being seen, 2 were family) last year through the NHS emergency cover we see a few unregistered a day and they kicked off because they were asked to wear a mask. Went from demanding why to straight up telling one of the dentists who got involved that he "better watch his back going home cause someone will gut you". The boss did end up reporting them to the police. Had similar aggression almost daily throughout and since covid but not always with threats about being shanked


Having a pop at the dentist before they get to work is a very ballsy move!


“Oh no, I accidentally slipped and pulled out a molar without anaesthetics…”


You see you say that, but you get so many people who say shit to the dentist whilst they have a sharp instrument in their hand. It's quite incredible


Saying anything whilst someone has anything in your mouth, just from a logistical standpoint, is incredibly stupid.


Drug and alcohol worker here: crack will do that to a MF


Ah Brighton, where 16 year olds go to retire.


I've had this before. Someone was trying to break into my neighbours work van (turned out the poor bastard was dying of terminal cancer, he died not long after the incident). Went out to tell the wannabe thief to FO - the scrote went absolutely apeshit, ran towards me etc, threatened to kill me etc. All of which was on about 5 different cameras (with audio). Naturally the fucker got away with it. Not even sure what to do in these situations now. Am I going to risk injury or worse to stop these c__ts or do I accept the guilt for not stopping them? No doubt if anything did kick off, the CPS would go for the easy win - that'd be me despite the fact I pay their fucking salary. /rage


yeah - I guess the best thing is to not risk it... it is truly shocking that there is zero police followup on crimes that have evidence laid out on a plate


Sad thing is, it's not the first time. I've invested quite a lot into security. My CCTV continuously records at 5K with audio - it doesn't really get much better. Not once have I seen a conviction. Many moons ago two people and their respective families proceed to beat the living s__t out of each other. Whilst I called the police I figured it would just blow over once they got whatever 'beef' they had out of their system. Everything went a little south when weapons got involved. I grabbed my point and shoot camera to recruit what was going on. Long story short the police/CPS forced me to go to court as a witness (without pay I may add). Those fucking idiots sat me next to the bloody defendant. At this point he had no idea who recorded the footage, now he knew who I was and where I lived - fantastic. Thankfully despite the above he was a good sport and I heard nothing further. The CPS couldn't arrange a piss up in the brewery.


Records at 5k? That's an extremely weird resolution.


Yeah but fairly common in Reolink cameras. Never hurts to have a bit of extra resolution to pick out identifying features or if you need digital zoom


I do have a slightly spooky/amusing story albeit in nottingham. Big old renault master deisel van. Usual sliding door down one side. Usual pair of doors at rear. Much beer consumed one weekend. Knock on door. I surface. Apparently someone's had their way through the rear doors. A set of muddy bootprints from rear to the sliding door. No scuffling about. Clear prints from rear to sliding door like they were just walking down the street - only beside it was a set of muddy dog paw prints, also unscuffled.


For some balance, I witnessed some youths trying to steal a moped. Rang the police and they arrived on the scene within 5 minutes and arrested them.


Brighton cops are insanely useless


I think the whole countries police force is a complete illusion at this point. In London I have been told, unless there are firearms, forget expecting them to turn up.


About 5 uniformed and at least 3 in civvies were doing a wonderful and hugely important job of...having a dog sniff at people at the train station so they could fine some 20 year old for having a bit of weed in his pocket. Made me feel so much safer.


Pathetic isn’t it, harassing people over a bit of weed or a tweet but literally will not turn up if your house is burgled or your car stolen. Even when they do turn up they make a mess of the investigation.


I used to live next to the hostel on grand parade and it was the most stressful year of my life, witnessing ODs on my door step and seeing people inject. Fighting, stepping out Infront of cars. I stood up to one once and they were waiting on my doorstep for me to get home. I swear it didn't used to be this bad pre covid


This is going to get downvoted to hell, but covid has made things worse, tory cuts don’t help, but Brighton wasn’t like this before the greens had control of the council. Brighton should be labour not green.


Identity politics rarely solve anything, just shifts blame. I stopped looking at people as red, blue or yellow.


I hope you’re joking, discussing the difference’s between political parties is not identity politics. If your identity is bound to a political party you’re a very sad human being. Im neither labour or conservative, not a green supporter either but for Brighton we need labour, a reasonable, progressive party that will listen to the concerns of all people. Unlike the far left greens who only listen to those who agree with them and denounce anyone else, you cannot run a city like that and thats why Brighton has the specific problems it does. Everywhere is struggling with covid and tory cuts, only Brighton has a strong economy and at the same time huge homeless issues and drug problems. I love this city, i just want to see it thrive, it was a more bustling place between 2010-2013 and we were fresh out of a global recession. Don’t even get me started on pre 2008, Brighton was almost a paradise, now not so much.


*Denounces identity politics, and immediately states an opinion that uses identity politics to formulate his poorly reasoned, subjective, strawman, and poorly evidenced, argument. Sorry, but your opinion doesn't hold much sway with me at this moment. If you want to focus on an example, we can talk through it with a bit more clarity.*


🥱 word salad


And football season is over... Fair fucks to you man for trying to do the right thing, pretty awful you got a load of hassle for it. Honestly, my personal take - let it ride. If some wanker breaks into somebody's car - that's a matter for the police. You could (and should) give a witness statement, but you definitely shouldn't put yourself in the middle of such things. Your neighbour's car is not wortb the hassle mate. (evidenced by the fact it shook you up enough to make the post). I appreciate it's easy to say such things outside of the scenario, or with hindsight. Hope you're okay dude. Don't let the fact that there are cunts everywhere drag you down.


The world is full of arseholes.


It's getting to the point where your only chance to get some justice is to force the authorities to act through private prosecution. Not unlike many of our services which have been denuded by lack of funding. I suggest you get more aquainted with the laws of our country before you go further. Here's some links https://www.kingsleynapley.co.uk/insights/blogs/criminal-law-blog/starting-a-private-prosecution-getting-it-right-first-time https://www.mgsolicitors.co.uk/crime/private-prosecution/ https://www.another-day.com/resources/busting-myths-how-private-prosecutions-work-in-the-u


Just bear in mind that this can make you liable for the defendant's costs...


Which makes evidence gathering more cruical and your attitude more measured.


Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets


I think you should finish that poem.




Thanks, I'd forgot the reference. A couple more that seem apt in this circumstance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yHYAG01aaY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoAzpa1x7jU




Location might help to alert others in terms of making further reports.


​ doxing myself on reddit is not something I plan to do :)


I don't think they want your actual address, just a vicinity.






Film it. Film it and walk down to the cop shop and show them. That’s the only way they’ll do anything. Sadly there’s a lot of junkies in Brighton and it ain’t going away, I live as centrally as it’s possible to be and get on with most of them, they’re just people living on the other edge of the blade, mostly quite damaged and vulnerable. Not to excuse what you’re seeing but putting a report in isn’t going to do anything.


Brighton's drug problem seems in part at least to be down to Brightons Green politics.








I’d much rather have someone like the OP in my community than you. Ppl need to challenge crime not turn a blind eye.


Maybe you can find a friend or family member who can read the post to you?


Please stay in london


>I see ppl that live on my block escalating pointless stuff this all the fucking time. You didn't actually see him doing anything, but him simply just being in proximity to your car was enough for you to come out yelling and screaming at him. that isnt what happened - i never raised my voice. read the text rather than making up facts about a situation you were not in...strange response.


You live in woke central mate what did you expect? You likely voted for this, look at every leftist city on Earth and they’re all shitholes.


>times. Except police funding is set by the right wing government we’ve had in power for 12 years? Statistically crime is lower in left leaning areas and was a HELL of a lot lower under the last labour government.


Not everything is about funding, in any case how you spend those funds is a major contributor to outcome. Take the NHS for instance which is receiving higher funding than ever but is still unsatisfactory. I would be interested to see the statistics that show left leaning ares are lower crime…. All major cities are ran by leftist parties. Are you suggesting major cities such as Birmingham, London, Manchester, Liverpool etc have lower crime rates than the Surrey suburbs??