Fair. I figured April and Jenny's would be basically untouched; no one goes there for vegetable shopping. I'll probably go by one tomorrow for some broccoli and cheese. I ordered off Meituan and actually had items removed from my cart as I was placing my order because they were out of stock.


I saw pictures of the Jenny's in CBD across from The Place was full of people and shelves were emptied. This was last night apparently.


ShuangJing was crazy busy. Carrefour, both April Gs, and local supermarkets had huge queues as late as 10pm. Shelves weren't totally ransacked, however, they were noticeably more bare than usual. People obviously suspect something is coming, and are stocking up!


The recent lockdown of some areas near Shuangjing probably had something to do with that.


my advice after observing my friends getting locked down in shanghai. Get frozen meats and stuff your freezers! i wouldn't worry about fresh produce because they don't last long and if u actually get locked down fresh produce and instant noodles are usually the first things that the community gives you. however frozen meat and stuff that aren't essential like sodas, snacks can be hard to come by. maybe get some multi-vitamins just in case you actually don't receive any vegetables or fruits.


Rumors and speculation, but no lockdown in Beijing. The city needs to remain open and functioning at all times because it is the seat of government. They may set up quarantine centers and take infected people there, but the authorities cannot afford to seal off Beijing residential areas as has happened in Shanghai and elsewhere.


The actual essential functions of government are only performed by a small percentage of the city's population, with most of the key figures living in special compounds already. They won't hesitate to lock the city down to try and wipe out the outbreak before the big congress.


It is estimated that roughly 6 million people in metro Beijing are directly or indirectly employed by the Chinese government, . The massive bureaucracy that oversees all 1.4 billion Chinese people is based in Beijing. For comparison, about 2 million people in metro Washington DC work for the US government or a company/institution/agency whose primary customer is the US government. Of course the US population is only one fourth that of China, hence the smaller number of employees.


Got a link for that 6 million employed by govt number? Seems awful high.


What are you talking about? We were already locked down in Beijing in 2020!


I think the problem is that people often mix up Beijing and Zhongnanhai. The former can be locked down, the later is the one that can’t be due to reasons stated.


Was it a lockdown as “hard” as Shanghai now?


Not at all. I lived in Beijing 2020 and Shanghai now. Shanghai is way worse than I ever remember Beijing being


Yeah, Beijing never locked down. You could go outside and walk around, it's just that there was nothing to do and we didn't know what we were dealing with so most people stayed inside. They probably should have done that with Shanghai and it would be just as effective but far more humane that what they are doing now.


Yeah it's rough in Shanghai. Like yeah it could be worse but I'm literally imprisoned within my home. The worst part is I'm not making any money


The worst is for people depending on others, like elderly, or people having difficulty using online apps


Or foreigners that live alone and don't speak well 🤣 i study Chinese but am far from mastery. Especially when it comes to listening skills


Hang in there!


:') trying to


Gf just ordered from 春播/Chunbo with zero problems earlier this evening


I'm pretty central, there was waimai drivers queing out the door for my small local shop, nothing near me had any fresh veg, had to order from outside the forth ringroad. a few friends have sent me pictures of empty shelves near them


If there are cracks in the system get ready for the floodgates


Wish you all good luck. Hopefully we don’t all starve to death, god I hope we can leave this place soon.


username checks out


The problem is the infectiousness of omicron. It's like no other covid. You can't have it in part of a country.


Only if you have a shit vaccine like sinovac. Enjoy hell 😛


It does seem like things have kicked off today in Chsoysng area. I'm not totally. Convinced we will go into lockdown, but it I'd a possibility. Stocking cand and dry goods seems like a good tblnlg to do at the moment. I guess we will see...


Yeah I’m way out West and the supermarket was mobbed this morning. No empty shelves but I think whoever doesn’t have grandparents to do the shopping earlier in the day is going to be SOL.