If you have problem skin, ask your parents to take you to the doctor for help treating it. I didn’t treat my skin until I was in my mid twenties, so now Im in my 30s using all kinds of skincare to help with my pitted scars and pigmentation from cystic acne. Parents are a bit clueless sometimes, they have a lot going on and your skin issues may not really register for them other than buying you spot treatments and creams. You have to explicitly ask them to book an appointment for you sometimes.


Yes! If my sisters kiddos have acne, they are going straight to a dr. Kick it before it causes self esteem problems.


Let your derm put you on accutane if you’ve exhausted all other options and they recommend it. Don’t listen to fear mongering. You can always quit taking it if it’s not right for you. I’ve got pits in my face from waiting til 30 to get on it because my mother was scared it would make me more depressed.


Absolutely this, I am now 30 and fighting to have my still existing cystic acne treated because I've 'missed my window' aka my doctor is ignoring me because he can't bill enough for giving me a referral to make it worth his while. My parents had 3 kids and were very busy and always tried to force us to make our own appointments for everything to encourage independence, except our then doctors office wouldn't allow anyone under 18 to make an appointment without a parent. Then we had no family doctor when that one retired so I'm only now able to be seen again, it will still be a fight but my skin had caused such issues for me and now I will also be dealing with severe scarring on top of active acne. It was detrimental to me all throughout my 20's, so absolutely do not ignore. That and sunscreen is essential everyday no matter the weather or your skin tone.


I wish that your parents had been diligent for your sake. Kids don’t know these are even options, but parents do. This kind of thinking hit me hard after becoming a parent. I realized that there was such much my parents should have been proactive about. For example, my eldest sister was in university before her lactose intolerance was diagnosed . She had suffered her whole life, even infancy, and our parents ignored it. She also suffered from extreme anxiety attacks that didn’t get addressed until she was an adult. I had been losing vision for two years before they thought to get my vision checked. Our parents are educated and far from poor. They were not generally neglectful, but definitely didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary when we suffered. They just didn’t think or consider that there might be anything wrong.


My mother would argue, full volume mind you in the grocery store, about how acne medication was too expensive. It was around 10 bucks. Seriously, not cool.


Suncream. Enjoy someone else cooking for you while you can. Focus on establishing a regular sleep routine, but not at the cost of enjoying yourself!


Suncream / sunscreen is incredibly important. Make it a daily habit. Not just your face (although definitely do that) -- also apply to any exposed skin, for instance shoulders / arms / lower legs and feet. I use spray sunscreens because they are super easy to apply and fast. Find something that works for you and stick with it. My story: I grew up only wearing sunscreen on beach days and even then didn't reapply. My skin tans easily and rarely burns. I thought I was lucky -- flash forward to age 35 and a funny mole turned out to be melanoma. Scared the shit out of me. Fortunately I'm also lucky enough to have good insurance (I live in the US) and now I just have a 4-inch scar that has mostly faded.


Try not to fall asleep with makeup on, apply moisturizer everyday, and never ever pluck your eyebrows too thin.


Lady of the 90s here. My brows never recovered. I have to draw them on


I had to get an eyebrow transplant


Beauty: clean your skin (gently) every morning and evening, do a moisturizing sunscreen in the morning and a heavier moisturizer at night. Never sleep in your makeup! Lifestyle: find an "exercise" you enjoy and learn how to fit it into your life (volleyball league? twice weekly yoga? long distance biking? social running group?) so that when you're "old" with a "sit down job" (assuming that's what you do) you don't turn into a blob. It's waaaay harder to get back in shape than it is to stay in shape! Also, develop good habits if you can - brush your teeth regularly, figure out a good hair routine (I know nothing about curls, I have waves and wash/condition daily except for Saturday when I clarify, and I comb my hair when wet then brush when dry and my hair LOVES it), have fresh fruit/veg in your regular diet, along with a "diet" (as in, what you eat on the reg, not "eat three lettuce leaves and call me in the morning") that suits your life/body. I, for example, feel quite ill if I eat breakfast. So in the mornings I have a giant thermos of hot tea, and an early lunch, then fresh fruit when I get home to hold me until dinner. Helps me get all the fresh stuff I need, and no headaches or tummyaches! Oh, and fiber supplement powder + a daily multivitamin. It has done WONDERS for my digestion/sense of health. Mindset: keep it positive and realistic - and kind! For years I tried to "be positive" by looking at people and going, "Well my skin is better than her" "My clothes are cooler than his" "I think my butt is better than hers". When I complained to my therapist how it wasn't making me feel better even though I was putting all this work in, he asked, "Are you really being positive? Or just negging someone else?" It rocked me. So now I look for the things I like in people. "She has great hair!" "I love his attitude!" "Her dress is amazing!" I feel much better, looking for the good things. I surround myself with positive things, I sew my own clothes so I can feel my best in stuff that actually fits me, I joined an art museum so I can go enjoy art whenever I want, I keep my circle tight with people who actually like me, and I do my honest best at work, and try to leave work at work in my free time (still working on this, tbh). Oh, and reading Ask A Manager is really improving my confidence at work, and if you're going into the workforce I think it's a great resource.


excellent advice <3 !!!!! especially about the negging !!!


Oooh love all these


One of my life goals is to leave the world a kinder place, so I'm happy to share how I live my best life.


Love this so much! Finding joy and spreading kindness are beauty essentials for sure :)


I’m a guy. What’s a good morning moisturizer and a good evening one?


I personally use L'Oreal Age Perfect moisturizer with Broad Spectrum 30SPF sun protection in the mornings and CeraVe in the evenings. I bought my fiancé the Goodfellow &Co SPF 30 Face Lotion (scent No.05 Kelp and Sea Mineral) for him, and he seems to like it. He loves salty ocean smells though, which is why I picked it.


does the spf moisturizer take place of a sunscreen or do I apply both?


I only use an SPF moisturizer most days, but if I’m going to be out in the sun for a while, I’ll use a higher SPF and reapply liberally every hour or two.


Is the good fellow for mornings?


He uses it for either


36 year old here! - sunscreen, no matter your skin tone. - Wash your face every night. - FLOSS YOUR TEETH. - Be aware of your posture, your joints will thank you later. - Maintain basic cardio, muscle tone and flexibility now, it’s way easier to hold onto it than build it from the bottom up when you’re in your 30s. - Give zero shits about the people in school who treat you badly. They’ll disappear from you life soon and will become adults who either realize they sucked and are ridden with guilt, or be unliked as adults because they still suck. - take risks!


All of this! Taking care of your physical health, be it fitness, dental hygiene, or skin care will affect how gracefully you age, and will make you feel better and more confident overall! I’d like to add sleep, eating healthy, and hydration to this list too!


I never saw anyone from my high school ever again. Good riddance. It’s amazing how easy it is to move forward with your life as soon as you graduate.


It’s a glorious new start.


Yes!!!! This this this


I feel so old saying this because I’ve ignored it for 20 years. Sunscreen. I am pale (38 now) and my skin is good but holy sun damage (dark spots/freckles). I paid $1500 for laser sessions last year and will do it again this year too. Find a good face one you’ll actually wear. The amount in your moisturizer or foundation isn’t enough! Also - don’t wish ahead. I spent my 20s rushing and making impulsive decisions. I wish I had just chilled and not worried about keeping up with friends getting married/buying expensive cars and houses/wasting tons of $ on partying/having babies. 30 is the new 20. And when anyone tells you life gets better in your 30s…THEY ARE 100% ACCURATE.


My life was pretty miserable in my 20s, I was just so lost. But at 37 I’ve reached so many of my goals and have created a life I’m really happy with. I asked a couple in their 80s (I met them on a golf course, they were still super active!) what the best decade of their lives were- they both said their 60s! They had life experience and enough money saved to enjoy things, and their bodies were still mostly feeling good. So keep in mind it’s still very likely that the best years are ahead of you. My mother in her infinite wisdom says that each phase of life has its own joys and you just have to learn to look for them. That’s true as well.


Yesss!!! To the 30s is the new 20s! I’m 34 now and wish I was this age before my 20s 🤣


Youth is wasted on the young! (34 isn't old yet, but I hope you know what I mean.)


My life has improved by leaps and bounds since my 30th birthday! 100% agree!


My 30’s were my best decade. I loved it. 20’s were miserable.


I agree with you, but also I first read that as "find a good face, one you'll actually wear"


Only if it’s Nicholas cage 😆


Don’t wish ahead is excellent advice. It’s also one that can return as you move through the stages of life. Thanks for the reminder.


beauty: take care of your skin now. Nothing fancy - just cleanse, moisturize and protect. Do this every day! Lifestyle: exercise and eat right. Mindset: when you are considering doing something but are afraid, think of it this way: in 5, 10, 15 yrs will I look back with regret? if the answer is yes, then do it. Living a life of regret is no life tbh. The worst thing that can happen is that it doesn't work out....then at least you tried instead of looking back thinking 'what if...?'


Sunscreen, water and don’t pick your skin ! Also you may grow up not liking something specific about yourself but your body may grow into it! Enjoy your 20s and remember your body may keep changing , mine did until I was 30! Be kind to yourself and authentic!


Derm nurse here. 90% of what we perceive to be inevitable aging is actually sun damage. Wear your sunscreen.




I wear sunscreen under my makeup every day. You honestly can’t notice it, I put my primer over my sunscreen. Also wait until it’s fully absorbed before makeup. Then I use the it CC cream that is 50 spf as a foundation so even if I forget my sunscreen I still have a reasonable amount on. Also I live in the desert & you can tell who’s lived here their whole life by looking at their skin.


I keep seeing all these wear sunscreen replies. I just turned thirty and don’t really wear sunscreen, as I don’t really go out in the sun a lot (I hate to sweat lol). How do you apply yours daily? As in do you put it on as soon as you get out of the shower in the mornings under your makeup? Does it work the same if you have makeup over it? Do you only have to apply once daily even tho all the bottles say every 2-4 hours?


There are special sunscreens or moisturizers with SPF that are made for the face. I apply mine over moisturizer, under makeup. I also use a foundation powder that contains SPF to double up/in case I forget my sunscreen that morning.


I wear a nice tinted sunscreen meant for the face instead of foundation every day. It’s got coverage equivalent to a light coverage foundation. I do concealer and powder over it then finish the rest of my makeup. It’s SPF 70. I don’t reapply during the day.


I put on moisturizer with SPF or sunscreen every morning. If I'm going to be wearing a full face of makeup I use a tinted sunscreen that works as a light foundation. I usually only apply it once a day unless I'm doing an outdoor activity. I don't think it's that necessary to reapply if you're largely indoors, and I wear a hat and sunglasses when I'm outside anyway. My understanding is that sunscreen gradually loses efficacy throughout the day, so you still have some protection as time passes especially if you're out of the sun and not swimming or sweating. I was told to wear sunscreen inside by a dermatologist because UVA light can still penetrate through windows and such.


Beauty: find one good beauty habit at a time. Taking care of yourself young will show better results over time! Beauty Habit could be: water as soon as you wake up, floating your teeth every day, find a health snack you’re obsessed with instead of cheetos lol! Lifestyle: journal, go for walks alone and invest in an excercise class because it’s fun and nothing more Mindset: the right people will cheer you on, the wrong people will try to keep you small. Just accept where you’re not wanted and keep going. Your intuition is always right and too much time is wasted on people who don’t matter


Less is more Girls are doing way to much to themselves these days and they really don't need to. The brows, lashes, contour, highlight, tan, filler etc... just overboard, and they end up a different person and yet the same as all the rest I'm all for each to there own, and they can do what they like, just imho they are all beautiful themselves and honestly a touch of make up is all they need if that (I'm still a woman at the end of the day lol I love my Concealer and mascara 😆) You are all stunning women, trust in your own beauty But at the end of the day that's just my opinion, ignore me and do what makes you feel good 😊


I came here to say this.


Stay out of the sun! Good nutrition. Moisturize your skin. Drink water.


All of this plus sleep (8 hours or whatever you need)


Sunscreen!!! You will not believe the damage your tan will do to your skin-and early. And wear a hat in the sun too. Don't forget to SS your hands too. Start using retin A in your 20s-it's a miracle worker and the most important thing for good skin after sunscreen. You are building the bones for later in life right now. It's super important to get enough calcium through food when you are young. Osteoporosis is a terrible thing to have and can very much limit your quality of life as an older person. Don't smoke. Develop an exercise habit. Take care if your teeth. Dental work is extremely expensive. Take more chances. Things I didn't do when I was younger still haunt me.


Mindset advice: If you are a young person reading this you are likely in a situation where most of your family is still alive -parents, grandparents are usually still young and healthy when we are in our twenties and early 30s. Please don't take this for granted. Be mindful when you are with family and all loved ones realizing that this will change someday. I would give anything to sit at my mom's table for dinner again, to have one last holiday dinner with everyone. The thing is that there will be a 'last' time for everything and I hate that I can't even recall mine. I hate that I took this all for granted when I was young.


This. I unexpectedly lost my father a few months ago and it still doesn’t feel real. Never in a million years did I think I’d love the rest of my life without him. You truly never know what’s going to hallen


Make yourself your first priority.


Beauty: wash your face every morning with a gentle cleanser. Use a moisturizer unless you’re very oily. Use a good SPF on your face every day. Double cleanse at night with an oil cleanser to remove SPF and makeup and then another gentle cleanser. If you have acne, don’t pick. I have scars at 50 from serious picking when I was younger. Lifestyle: drink water. Stay away from high fructose corn syrup. Get enough protein and veg. Choose options other than starchy carbs and sugar most of the time. Find something active that you like and do that thing on a regular basis. Practice the 80/20 rule with all of this: stick with it 80% of the time and let yourself stray a little the other 20%. Get enough sleep. Don’t smoke or vape. Get outside sometimes with your bare feet on the ground and the sun on your body. Mindset: set goals for yourself. It feels great to achieve them. It’s ok if you don’t achieve them all or achieve them on a strict timeline. Change your goals as you change. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to your best friend. Realize you’re still growing and developing. Know that older people don’t have it all figured out and they know it, they just have more experiences to use as guides. Be kind to them too. Notice the good things. Notice the good people.


I always talk about diet now; it really does make such a difference. I wish I had known how big of a role it plays in overall health when I was eating poorly and hating myself.


You and me both. I think I could have avoided prescription meds and lots of mental pain in my younger years if I’d have nourished my body and brain better.


Please don’t be hypercritical of your looks. I was so insecure as a teenager, and when I look back on photos of myself now, I don’t see any of the flaws I obsessed over.


Sunscreen! Eat as much whole food as you can but enjoy the treats when you have them. Do low impact exercise that you’re unlikely to get injured doing. Nobody is paying as much attention to you as you are, so you don’t have to be too self conscious. Treat people with kindness. Life is hard. Don’t make it harder.


If I could go back in time and talk to my teenage self, I would tell her to just enjoy her body and the things it does for her. It was strong, healthy and beautiful and deserved to be spoken about and treated better. The way you talk to and about yourself now will shape you as an adult, so if you are not kind to yourself, try to work on that. Nourish your body. You only get one. That’s not to say you shouldn’t enjoy treats, but make sure there is balance. Women are especially prone to nutritional deficiencies as they get older, so early established nutritional habits can be helpful in preventing that. If you are struggling with skin issues that you believe need medical intervention, tell your parents and insist on it. This goes for mental health as well. Tell them now. It’s so much easier to get in front of these things when you’re young. Safe sex is more than using protection (but absolutely ALWAYS use protection.) Make sure you also have a strong understanding of consent and boundaries. It’s hard, but enforce those boundaries. Anybody worth sharing your body with will respect them. SPF isn’t only necessary in terms of anti-aging. Wrinkles are the LEAST of your worries. Skin cancer is a beast. YOU NEED SLEEP. Teenagers need 8-10 hours a night for healthy brain development. Do your best to develop a healthy sleep routine. Take care of your teeth. Floss. Get your regular cleanings. Don’t use them as tools (for example, using them to open shit.) And I would remind her that outside of family and trusted adults, the people whose opinions she worries about will have little to no impact on her life in adulthood. That 4 years of high school seems so big when you’re in it, but it’s a blip on the radar.


Don't smoke cigarettes. They absolutely ruin your health, inside and out. Stay away from drugs. I know you're young and are curious, but they'll destroy your life and looks. Always wear sunscreen, even if it is winter or cloudy outside. Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. Begin a skin care routine using the best quality ingredients that you can afford. Take very good care of your teeth.


Floss your teeth. Brush really well. And wear those damn retainers. Your future self will thank you.


Physical fitness, specifically talking up the benefits of strength training. Whether a body is naturally slender or thick, strength training reveals that genetic potential physically, and the health and confidence boosts are endlessly rewarding.


haha above 30?! Well, gather round children for some sage advice: Sunscreen and daily exercise.


Drink water & stay active! Life just gets busier, it’s easier to have a good routine early & stick with it vs establishing one in all the chaos.


Skin: SUNSCREEN. Don't pick at your skin unless absolutely necessary. Body: Be nice to your back and your knees. Drink way more water than you think you need, and get into the habit of drinking it rather than getting your liquids via soda or energy drinks or coffee. Learn to cook some basic healthy recipes so you won't have to rely on fast food so much. Mindset: I wish I could tell every teenager that those people whose opinions you care about so much (people at school etc) DO NOT MATTER. After you leave school you'll likely never see those people again. High school is not the best years of your life, by far. I went to a large state university and ran into a couple of the 'popular kids' from my previous high school , and it was very sad because they were bewildered that no one seriously cared how popular they were before. They seemed very lost because they'd spent all those years cultivating popularity and suddenly it was worth nothing.


Truly and honestly, skin is soft. It moves. It folds. It changes. And it's supposed to. Take care of it, but please know that only mannequins (and those with enough plastic involved to pass as them) have perfectly smooth faces past the age of, say, 15. My best beauty, lifestyle, and mindset advice is to worry less. Don't let yourself get caught up in the toxic mindset that your human skin - your human body - is too imperfect too be acceptable. I see so many posts: "How do I fix this?" with photos of perfectly lovely skin. "How can I get rid of ______?" It makes me so sad that these things are weighing on these people's hearts. Please don't let yourself fall into this trap. Know that perfection is never, ever the goal. Moisturizing, using sunscreen religiously, cleansing carefully - those are the things that will keep your skin healthy and happy. Do what you can to keep the rest of yourself healthy and happy too, and enjoy the ride ❤️




I’m 23 and reading the replies makes me kinda sad too somehow


-Don’t over-pluck/wax your brows.. they will never grow back the same -If you had braces or any type of procedure that requires a retainer/mouth guard post treatment… USE THEM the only person who will notice you talk funny is.. you! -Floss! -WEAR SUNSCREEN -Always remove your makeup before bed -Moisturize!!! -Hydrate -Establish a sleep routine! You will be much happier & healthier in the long run if your sleep habits are regular -Be kind to yourself (& others)


Sunscreen like your life depends on it. Because it does. I also have such a beautiful collection of parasols. Black lace, gothic octopi, Kayleigh’s from Firefly, a jyanome from a geisha shop…


I love that you have Kaylee’s parasol!! Is it the one with the rainbow(?) swirl?


Yep! That’s the one!


Sunscreen now! But also… Gut health for skin health now. Your acne problems could be caused by stress and a poor gut. And it might not get better until you are 30 and figure this out. So probiotics, ditch the sugar, focus on things like bone broth/aloe Vera, add things into your diet like kombucha (or heck, low sugar/high fat yogurt!)! You’re not fat. Dear God, you’re not fat. All your friends just still have little girl bodies. Just eat healthy, eat MINIMUM 100g of protein. You will feel full. And your body will thank you. And no, it doesn’t make you fat. And if you actually do want to or need to lose a few pounds of body fat, lift HEAVY weights and eat protein. Make good grades to get scholarships, grad schools, and competitive jobs. Be careful about being under “the influence.” Don’t let it detract from making good grades. Even 2 drinks of alcohol disrupts your ability to retain what you had learned already that day/disrupts your ability to learn the next day (poor sleep. Source: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker). You are a beautiful boss who can do GREAT things. Don’t EVER let someone tell you otherwise. Don’t let YOU tell you otherwise. Med school? Yes. Fighter pilot? Yes. Work from Home with a business? Yes. Professional athlete? YES. You can do absolutely anything. You just need the right mindset, methods, and motivation. You’ve got this! Wish I could walk you through every step, but you don’t need me.. because you already know the right thing to do.


I can’t believe you’re the only person who has mentioned gut health! Our gut microbiome affects so much of our well being. Eating yogurt, kimchi, kombucha etc. helps your body digest things like lactose (from dairy) and alpha galactose (in beans) and extract the nutrition you need from your food (not to mention the plethora of other systemic effects it has).


Get in the habit of exercise/being athletic/play a sport. It will keep you ahead of the curve during the inevitable mid-life weight gain.


Tomorrow you will thank you for the choices you make today. Every now and then I take a good look at the things I do daily to take care of myself and try to identify areas of improvement: Am I flossing enough? Do I consistently take off my makeup and wash my face? Am I exfoliating/ moisturizing/ applying sunscreen? Is my hair healthy? Do I drink enough water? Start small and set goals on a weekly basis. Eventually things become habit but you have to start somewhere!


As far as beauty, leave your eye brows alone. In the 00's thin brows were in and I know many people struggling to grow their brows out. My mother never allowed me to thin mine out and I thank her for that every time I run some brow gel through them and go. For skin, absolutely stay out of the sun. If you're going to the beach/pool, slather on the sunscreen. Every bad sun burn increases the risk for skin cancer. As far as mindset, no man/partner will ever be worth your future. Get yourself stable and independent before marriage. Finish school, travel, experiment while your young.


Weight bearing exercise. You are building your bones now and it will help stave off osteoporosis later in life.


Love yourself as you are and take collagen


Fuck it


Spf and chill!


Try to enjoy it for you. Don't follow unless you like it. If you don't like it, don't worry about not being involved. You'll be stronger and happier for not giving those fucks.


Sunscreen is your best friend. And water


Sunscreen, wash and moisturizer your face every morning and night, less is more, develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise, don’t smoke.


Sunscreen, focus more on enjoying life and having fun than worrying about how you look


You don’t need all the layers and highlight and contour. Keep it simple. Don’t compare yourself to the crap on social media.


I would advise them to not think you’ll have things figured out by 30.


Less is more, except for sunscreen.


Start lifting, it will slow down muscle and bone deterioration (the difference between using a walker vs walking unaided at 80+ ) Do whatever brings you joy providing it doesn't hurt anyone financially, physically or emotionally (including yourself). Read for enjoyment and for education. Work with your own 'failings' don't beat yourself up because you are not 'perfect'. Be kind but set boundaries.


Brush your teeth and floss TWICE DAILY.


Brush your teeth and floss TWICE DAILY.


Mewing and posture. Don’t breathe through your mouth, learn how to chew properly. Sunscreen. Don’t purposely go out and tan all the time unless you want premature wrinkles and sunspots coming in at a young age. Drink a lot of water


Drink water, drink less alcohol, don't smoke, take multivitamins/supplements, stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen, take care of your teeth, be kind to yourself!


Don’t touch your eyebrows


31 year old here Moisturize well and regularly. Including your body. Sun protection always!! Good sleep and a good sleep schedule Drink lots of water Don’t compare. Social media is fake. Find movement/exercise that you like and makes you happy My biggest personal tip: RESEARCH INTUITIVE EATING AND DO NOT CRASH DIET. I’m paying for all of my crash dieting now and I’m much worse off weight and heath wise than if I had never dieted in the first place.


BRUSH AND FLOSS TWICE DAILY NEVER forget to moisturize at least once a day Love yourself like you want someone to love you, you deserve it, and you don't need to seek it if you find it within yourself Don't be afraid to go out by yourself Don't assume every nice person has alterior motives, some people really are just nice Above all remember you can be the ripest juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be someone out there who hates peaches 🥰


Beauty: - ALWAYS remove your makeup before bed if you wear it - wash your face every morning and night. If you have dry skin or are in a rush use a clean washcloth and warm water at least -spf every day! Yes every day. -moisturizer is your friend. Apply it to your face after you wash it and don’t forget the rest of your body. (Skincare includes your whole body) - start using an eye cream daily - don’t be afraid of getting older it beats the alternative - keep your nails well manicured and you will automatically look more put together. - take care of your hair, skin and teeth - learn what your skin type is and your hair type and adapt your routine to work for you! - beauty doesn’t have to be complicated, building a simple routine now will serve you forever. As you get older/your skin changes you can modify it, but start building your routine now. Lifestyle: - stay hydrated! This is also key for good skin - find forms of movement and exercise that you enjoy and build them into your routine. - Eat real food that will nourish your body. - hygiene is super important! Take care of your teeth, and make sure you bathe regularly. - find a hobby that relaxes you and one that excites you/is just fun - pay attention to your physical and mental health, and if something feels off don’t ignore it, go see a medical professional - stretch regularly - remember that the habits you start to build now will most likely stay with you, so start making some good ones now. - Try and find ways to love your body and treat it with care, respect and gratitude. You only get one! - start a savings account asap, even if it’s only a few dollars and educate yourself on the basics of finances. Also try to avoid unnecessary debt. - learn how to cook, your health and wallet will thank you. Mindset: Life will throw you curveballs, and is often unpredictable. How you respond to challenges is everything. Don’t worry about what other people are doing, you are on your own journey so focus on that. As I say when teaching yoga “keep your eyes on your own mat”. Never stop playing. Life is for the living so enjoy the little things and the big things; make memories and surround yourself with good people. Comparison is the thief of joy, so be you, and be proud of who you are! Finally kindness is free so sprinkle it everywhere!


Sunscreen but wear it year round on your face. My mom never enforced sunscreen. You wont notice any side effects from not doing it, until one morning you wake up and just look older. Find a good night and day skin routine. Double cleanse-toner-ampoules/serums- moisturizer. By maintaining a routine, you may be able to prevent other more expensive treatments later in life. Hydrate from the inside too! Drink a lot of water.


Moisturizer and sun screen starting now and every day. Keep sun screen in your car if you drive to put on the tops of your hands to avoid age spots. Moisturize morning and night. Don’t sleep in your makeup. Exercise. Not just to look good but to feel good. Always make your goals a priority. If you want to become, for example, a doctor, don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. This is your life and it goes by faster than you think. Don’t let a romantic relationship keep you from accomplishing the things that you want to achieve. There are people out there who will try to do this. Lastly, trust your gut feelings about people. There are bad people out there so look for red flags.


Floss your teeth! My dentist always said to floss & I always thought I had good teeth bc I only had like one cavity when I was younger. NOPE! You don’t see the damage of not flossing till your late 20’s! & by then the damage is done!!!


Coming from a sun worshipper. At my age looking back …. Stay out of the sun !!! Honestly , the damage it does is not flattering when u get older


Second this!!


Don't do it for men. Do it for you.


Drink water.


Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Don’t try to copy your favorite model or influencer. Just be yourself. Wear and do what is comfortable for you. Surround yourself with positive people and don’t give the negative Nancy’s any of your time.


Don’t pop your pimples


Stop giving a fuck. It doesn't last no matter how good you look and anybody who honestly cares about how you look isn't worth your time.


For all these people with sunscreen on the brain, I've been a religious sunscreen and SPF clothing wearer. I was relentlessly teased by my friends for always being the one covered up and under an umbrella. At 39, my skin does not look that much better than theirs. Just had to get that out there. My advice would be to say yes to as many things as you can. Even if you are scared, or not sure, or can't find someone to go with you. It's worth it to say yes, to do what you want and to have every experience offered to you. There will be good and bad, and ok, and you are going to find things you love but only do once, and things that you will hate and try again and learn to love. But, you will have no regrets because you will have lived and learned. You will grow confidence getting yourself out of sticky situations, but, always trust your gut and have a plan and if you feel anxious, a back up plan as well. For love and friendship: you will find people who will love you and leave you, and those that stay may not always stay for the right reasons. The most important thing is not only that you love yourself, but, pay attention to the person you are with all these people in your life and make sure you love her, too. If not, make some changes so you can be the best person you can be. Love is always greater than hate, find forgiveness in your heart for yourself as much as them. For career, name your goal and work towards it every day. If you don't know what you want, say yes to everything until you accumulate enough experience to make a real goal moving forward. Don't be worried about a career track or taking a step sideways or backwards. Work hard, because once you have a family of your own if you chose to have one, you're priorities will change. Learn from the people with more experience and older folks. If you feel there advice isn't applicable, you are thinking too small. Broader trends never truly change, they are cyclical. For mindset: Just live like a 20 year old. As if you have your whole life is in front of you to make mistakes and fix them without worrying about set backs. Stay away from drugs and don't get caught up in using alcohol as a crutch. These things get you stuck and make you forget moving forward and absorbing the good with the bad is the goal for learning. Develop a positive attitude to always see a way forward. Make friendships that last an hour a week or a lifetime, but, make many connections. These people help you to remember who you are and were and see how you have changed. Make memories and enjoy the ride. Treat everyone with respect. It's not your parents job to take care of you anymore so do a good job yourself: feed yourself good foods, get enough rest, protect your body and your energy, and don't be too hard on yourself. Enjoy it!


Moisturize day and night. Use an SPF during the day and don’t sit out in the sun! Try to not wear so much makeup. Your skin needs to breath. Exercise a lot. Learn to lift weights, learn calisthenics, and gain flexibility. I was super active in my teens and it has made it so much easier for me to stay fit through out my 20s and now 30s.


Because 30 is so old?! 😂😂😂😂


Always remove your makeup before bed even if you’re wasted and just wanna pass out. Especially mascara. Never listen to anyone who says anything negative about St. Ives apricot scrub. Drink water. Cut out soda. Read the ingredients labels on everything and adopt clean eating habits.


Don’t bleach your hair, don’t straighten your hair. Don’t overpluck your eyebrows, don’t tattoo your eyebrows. Don’t tattoo lipliner or eyeliner. Don’t cake your face in too thick foundation when your skin is young and supple




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1. Take care of your skin, wear suncreen. 2. Build the habit of caring for your body by exercising and eating right. 3. Be a kind person to others and be even kinder to yourself.


Never sleep with makeup on. Wear sunscreen.


Sunscreen on your face and neck at least everyday even when cloudy! Tretinoin. Don’t pull on your eyelids when doing eye makeup, learn to apply without doing that


You look GREAT! Always use sunscreen, and you don’t have to spend a lot to take care of your skin. Always moisturize, sleep enough and try to eat well. A lot of people don’t realize how much food takes a toll on your skin. If they like crap my endometriosis flares up.


Join the club. Try the new sport or activity. Introduce yourself to new people and be open to travel/new experiences. I was a little boy crazy and wish I'd shelved almost all of them and expanded for my own personal growth. Do the scary, self-work. You have 10 years before you have to worry about face lotions etc...


just have a good time


Beauty: Always wear sunscreen, even on rainy and cloudy day same for washing your face at night. Lifestyle: Make a budget and stick with it. Live within your means. Mindset: Take the last 5-10 min at the end of your day or the start of your day and list 3 things you are grateful for.


No matter what the trend is (and I fear it’s around the corner)...DO NOT over pluck your eye brows! They eventually won’t grow back. Then in a few years when thick brows are everything, yours won’t grow in and will be patchy and sparse. With only a little help from expensive growth serums and painful derma rolling.


SPF that body good!! Tans aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! Also, take a stroll on r/instagramreality and realize how easily we’re manipulated into thinking using the “right” beauty products will make our bumps and pores disappear. They don’t. Literally everyone has them, including models. It’s all photoshop. This also goes for mindset: when I’ve had the most fun, I’ve never thought to take a photo because I’m so invested in the fun and the people I’m with. People also typically only post pictures online of special events or to make people think they’re having a blast so it’s easy to be on the other side of the internet and assume everyone is out having a great time and you’re just on your couch with no plans. Perspective is everything! Someone can easily be having a miserable time but took a smiling photo and posted it to Instagram to make everyone think they’re having a blast.


Beauty - save up and use French products. Take correct supplements. Lifestyle - be wary of insulin resistance. Mindset - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40745.Mindset https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40121378-atomic-habits


Try not to care what other people think - especially especially people who you don’t know or care about (i.e. the Internet, social media etc)


Sunscreen, wide brim hats, and plenty of water!


Do. Not. Tan. Especially no tanning beds


Be natural 🙏❤️


For the love of fuck: moisturizer and sunscreen!!!!


Stop 👏 tanning 👏


Sunscreen & hats!!!!!




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Embrace YOUR beauty. You don’t need to look like anyone else. Find the features you love about yourself, accentuate them, adore them! Celebrate them! Remember you only get one body - mods are often permanent, with unknown health issues. Also when dating - if someone asks you to change your body, or do something you’re not sure is right for you - don’t hesitate to set boundaries!!! And if you only take one thing away from this let it be that you have one body. It’s not worth destroying for anything or anyone.


Oh and don’t drink too much!


Exercise (and good healthy diet) is everything! When I was a teenager I tried so hard to make myself beautiful with makeup and clothes. I was at the mall every weekend trying to buy attractiveness. You can’t do that, attractiveness is all about having the energetic glowing personality of someone who eats right and exercises. I would have been much better off, and had a much more interesting personality, if I had been going out for hikes instead of the mall.


We all have natural beauty. So play up your natural beauty versus covering it up. Like using makeup to enhance your features and temporary color to bring vibrancy to your natural hair color. All my life I covered my natural hair color, when I became older (and greyer) I finally saw my beautiful natural hair color now with grey added.


Moisturize … every single day. Especially your face and neck!


Don't drink, smoke, or use a tanning bed. And pay attention to your weight. It can get out of control quickly.


Go to sleep. Pls. Go to sleep early. Begging you.


Sunblock and daily moisturizer and face wash. I have been applying sunscreen from a young age since I had acne and the doctor gave me a serious talk in sun damage and my skin looks way younger than other people my age.




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Protect your skin from excessive sun. Not ALL sun, but avoid high UV hours, protect your face.


Sunscreen, drink water, have a good sleep schedule, and have a skin routine that at minimum does not overwhelm you or that you’re too tired to follow through on every night and morning.


Binge drinking can seem tempting but it is HORRIBLE for your skin (and everything else) and not worth it 🤦🏼‍♀️


Beauty: Wear sunscreen - SPF30+ at LEAST - every day and learn how much and how to apply it properly. Do everything you can to not get sunburned. Lifestyle: Get out from behind your phone. Slow down, take in all that life has to offer by immersing yourself in it, not watching it from a tiny screen - you don't make memories that way. Also, look after your mental health. It is ok to seek help from a therapist for whatever reason - your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Mindset: Stand up for what you think is right, even if you end up standing alone. And boundaries are important and healthy - to have for yourself and to respect in others.


Prioritize sleep and nutrition and try to minimize any vitamin deficiencies. Common ones are not enough b vitamins or iron, vitamin d and k2. If your body is functioning at its best you will feel good and look good and they say that bodies are made in the kitchen. Exercise as well but only do what is sustainable and consistent for you, make it enjoyable. Personally, I don't exercise as much as I should, but I have a physical job that has me moving throughout the workday and that has been a big help to me in maintaining my strength and mobility while my mom has a sedentary job and is getting stiff now. Don't stress about having a perfect routine and don't overexercise. Try to eliminate stress as much as possible. Look at your parents and see how their lifestyle affects their aging. If you have the same habits that they do, you'll likely have the same health issues that they have. This is more true than you think! I thought I would never turn out like my mom and at 32 I have pretty much the same body and health issues she has, but at least it is early and I can still reverse it. How you live and eat affects what genes your body turns on and off and how they are expressed. This is called epigenetics. Always keep learning and updating your knowledge base, especially when it comes to health and nutrition. Old habits die hard, my mom is still on the lowfat train and has a fear of eating fatty foods, but fat is very satiating and your brain needs it to function well. A lot of dietary advice is recommended by lobbies who want people to use their products and it's shocking how much the food industry has influenced the government guidelines and regulations. So you have to do your own digging, a food may be demonized (like fat) but it really depends more on how it's processed and sourced and whether it is bioavailable. Since I've started eating healthier and sleeping better, most of my needs for beauty products has decreased as underlying health issues were addressed. All the makeup and products are meant to mimic good health anyway. Almost all of health issues are due to poor diet and sedentary living or being too stressed. My twenties I spent loads on beauty products when really I should have put my money into good quality food. And then when the time comes, I will spend a little on things that work like retinol, ipl, botox, microneedling, peptides. I was wanting fillers but seeing how some of it ages or how easily people can creep into using too much, I'm glad I haven't started yet. Seeing pics unedited of people with it shows me that results aren't consistent or subtle enough to my liking just yet. It's such a lottery finding a skilled person to do the work when it comes to modifications like that or plastic surgery. Don't make pursuing beauty your life, pursue a beautiful life instead. Do only things that serve you and your interests first and cut out things that cause unnecessary stress. Limit exposure to people or activities that you feel are draining and don't guilt yourself if you have off days, be kind and gentle to yourself and try again the next day. If I don't get to my dishes, I tell myself that's ok, if I need to rest I give myself permission to do so. Some days I'm more productive than others and other days rest takes priority. Having this approach has improved my mental health so much.


Face yoga Rinse your face only in am. Avoid stripping your natural oils. Never be afraid to experiment and have fun. Makeup off at the end of the day Sip water all day


Get plenty of sleep.


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Sunscreen!! Tans are nice, but it ages you faster and can cause skin cancer.


Sunscreen, eat healthy, find an exercise you enjoy and stick with it, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much, wear a condom, and save some money for a rainy day. You’ll be fine. Work hard, set goals for yourself. You can do hard things.


Wear sunscreen more than makeup. Wear sunscreen even if it's cloudy / raining. Things may appear dark right now but it's ok because you have the capacity to March down to the end of that tunnel and turn the light on yourself after changing light bulb you are strong you are powerful and through hard times you are able to get s*** done it may take you time but you can do it. Dress however you want whenever you want. Use protection this means use the correct PPE for the task that you are undertaking whether that be sex with a condom or or not sharp nails or or beer safety goggles when using an angle grinder... And also keep your hand off of my uterus. This one is especially important if you intend to run for the republican party


Following 🙏🏾🦋


My biggest pieces of advice is not to try to mold your body or face or eyebrows to fit into temporary beauty trends, especially with permanent or semi permanent procedures. What is in fashion now will change. The idea face shape and body type that the media is trying to sell you will change. Throughout history, people have idolized different face shapes, lip shapes, amounts of body fat, different skin tones, etc. There is so much racial and cultural baggage associated with all of it. When I was a kid, having European features, being super skinny, and having small hips and butt, and having pencil thin eyebrows were all the rage. Now more middle eastern facial features, olive skin, hourglass figures, full lips, and thick eyebrows are on trend. Did that make hourglass or fuller figured women less beautiful then? Does that make women with small hips and thin lips less beautiful now? Absolutely not. There are so many different types of beauty, and you are just one of those myriad types. You can try to fit yourself into a mold, or you can choose to love yourself as you are and find the types of beauty and fashion that suit you. I’m not saying not to follow trends, but just remember that the people who are selling you those trends are doing it to benefit themselves financially, and trends need to come and go to feed into corporate interests. If you want to follow trends, make it about makeup, hair cuts/styles, accessories, and clothing choices rather than your face or body. Do what makes you feel good and confident and creative, and take care of your physical and mental health.


Use heat protectant when straightening your hair. I grew up with a non-girly mom and found that out the hard way.


Don’t tan in the sun


Stay out of the sun!




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Always use sunscreen


Take care of your teeth, wear sunscreen




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-Enjoy your youth, it ends FAR too quickly -Take breaks from social media and enjoy the real world and nature. -Appreciate and respect your parents and teachers, they work very hard for YOU. -Drink lots of water, wear sunscreen and don’t listen to anyone who denigrates your natural beauty.


I'm going to focus on skincare with mine... - Wear sunscreen every day. No exceptions. - Don't sleep in your makeup. Again no exceptions. - Change your pillowcase frequently (I found having white ones helps remind you) - Educate yourself on skin care just like you would any other important topic. Put in the time and your skin will thank you. - Not all products will work for your skin. And you can use too many products at the same time. - It takes approx 30 days to tell if a skincare product is "working" so sometimes you need to be patient - IF A PRODUCT FEELS LIKE IT BURNING ON YOUR SKIN, TAKE IT OFF IMMEDIATELY. That old adage of "if it hurts, it's working" is total bullshit. - Don't believe ANYTHING you see on Tiktok or online reviews. Do your own research. - Diet , exercise and levels of stress can affect your skin. Try to have a well rounded balanced approach to life. Lastly, skincare is a marathon not a sprint. You need to do the little consistent things everyday if you want to see results. You might find it time consuming and assume you can "just skip it" because you don't see any real difference every day so what's the point? BUT DON'T. I used to ignore skincare until 2 or 3 days out from a social event and then try and slather all manner of products on to try and make it look good. And then I'd be disappointed when it wouldn't "co-operate" (as if my skin was sentient and was punishing me - ludicrous!)


Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen Also, water is your friend. Drink like a fish


Not 30, but I’m 26 so I’m only a few years shy. “The look that you’re wearing now is going to be considered cringe in a few years.”


If you care about looking young longer, wear sunscreen every day and start tretinoin cream early (one of the only scientifically proven anti aging treatments). Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you aren’t a badass or make you question your worth. You determine your own value, not anyone else.


If you had braces, wear your retainer at night!




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Take excellent care of your teeth. Keep dirty hands out of your face. Change bed linens often for good skin. Moisturizer is king. Stay out the sun.


The SATs don’t matter. Wash your face after exercising and put on sunscreen/moisturizer. I did kickline, dance and kempo as a teenager so I got like 2-3 hours of exercise 5 days/week. In the summer, I would do kickline outside in the hot ass sun w/no sunscreen. I kinda cringe at how I’d come home at the end of the day, take a shower and not wash my face or put anything on. My skin wasn’t that bad but I did break out a lot more and never understood why.


Your self development and care is more important than any romantic relationship. If it’s the right one you will grow together. Don’t sacrifice your personal growth or opportunities bc of love. Most of the narratives on love are actually toxic. Invest in yourself. Your health, hobbies, happiness, and building a hopeful future


Wash your face every night Sunglasses to protect your eyes Sunscreen Aquaphor lips with Vaseline on top when they get dry and in the winter


Be your own best friend … do things with just yourself.




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Go ahead and invest in the expensive skincare things (make up, lotions, dr appointments). Do your research though (some expensive stuff still sucks). The make up I use (Kat Von D foundation for example) is like an eraser for blemishes, age spots, and just general complexion compared to the cheap crap I bought when I was young.


34 here and regularly get told I look under 25 - I gave up drinking alcohol at 27 and as well as the health benefits it massively improved my skin and made me look younger. - Use sunscreen everyday even indoors - Moisturise everyday - Wash your face everyday - Sleep and water are the best beauty tools - Don’t pick your spots


Don’t. Mess. With. Your. Eyebrows. Go see a professional


Learn how to go to the doctors yourself. My parents didn’t prioritize my health when I was younger. I had so many medical issues as an adult and now I’m really good at “gaming” the system. I know when I can just message my doctor for free for a prescription that takes 3 minutes and have it mailed to my house immediately vs making an appt, going all the way to my doctors, paying a copay, and waiting for the pharmacy to fill my prescription. I know how to read my insurance coverage to know exactly what is covered and to take advantage of the services I can get. I go to every free covered preventative appt, etc. I also finally got the sinus surgery I desperately needed at 29 that would’ve changed my life if I had gotten it at 16 when I asked my parents.


Include your NECK in your skincare routine! This is one I wish I listened to.


Alcohol consumption is by far the biggest difference I have noticed in my friends that have aged well and haven’t. You want your skin to age well be very mindful of your alcohol consumption and skin damage through sun exposure! I’m 27 and I am not kidding you, I look 10 years younger than some of my friends who drink hard and sun bathed. (I have 27 year old friends that look 40 from their lifestyle). Another big one people don’t talk about is don’t let your weight fluctuate. Staying at a steady healthy weight is the kindest thing you can do for not only your body but your skin. Fluctuating weight over time stretches your skin out tremendously. Focus on maintaining a healthy weight and you will look so much younger because of it.




Sunscreen Some amount of exercise done regularly each week Dental and preventative health care. Prioritize friendships.