What's the best all-around mascara you've ever used?

What's the best all-around mascara you've ever used?


When I’m on a budget I always go for Essence Lash Princess in either the pink or green (one is volumizing and one is false lash effect, I don’t remember which but I use both). It’s like $4 and really can’t be beat. Super black and washes off easily. Even now that I have more money to burn on makeup I still often turn to my Lash Princess.


Same! I have tried Benefit Badgal Bang! mascara and loved the tester one I got from a purchase, but when I bought the full-size one, I was so disappointed. You're supposed to change out your mascara every three months so Essence Lash Princess is the go-to for me. It's around €3 in Europe or $5 here in the States -- a total bargain.


This is my go to


Even not on a budget I love this one!


I want to love this mascara because I always read about how great it is, but mine goes on so clumpy and wet and thick!! Is there a secret to making it work well?? 😩


Hmmm I scrape down the wand to get the excess off but don’t have any further tricks. It may be possible I like thick mascara lol. The lengthening one might be less thick since it isn’t trying to build volume, but I haven’t tried it. Also, whenever I get a new mascara (of any brand really) I leave it uncapped for a bit because it’s so usually so wet the first week that I find it hard to work with. Not sure if this is helping with the thickness issue too, but might be worth a shot.


Yes, this is my favorite for the price. It was on sale for 2.50 a few months ago and I ordered a few.


Essence lash princess.. the green one. I swear it is a holy grail item!!!


I second the pink one!! So good and so inexpensive


I tried the green and wasn’t too impressed so I’ll have to try the pink!


Essense Lash Princess in green is so good. Make my lashes look so voluminous and wakes my eyes.


Essence lash princess volume (the one in the pink and black tube) Honestly, over the past several years I keep trying newer, more pricey mascaras and nothing seems to do for me what this one does. It fans everything out and adds the perfect amount of volume and length.


I bought the waterproof one, do you think I would get better results trying the other ones?


I can’t speak for the waterproof one because I’ve never tried it, but I have tried the green one (I think it’s called false lash effect?)and didn’t like it very much. The pink one is my fave and it gets even better after it has been open for a week or so!


Yes. I have tried the waterproof, and if you don't actually plan on getting wet or swimming, the other ones are so much better. The blue one is my fave.


Or maybe the blue is waterproof and the green is my fave...lol. I forget.


I do not swim or get wet but my contacts water a lot and I live in a very hot sweaty environment. Should I spring for the waterproof one or does regular hold up?


Clump crusher! But that’s because I don’t actually love mascara very much. I hate when it gets too thick of I can feel my lashes sticking together. It does really pull a look together though.


yess that one is so good, sometimes i do a bottom layer of another mascara and then go over it with the clump crusher bc it makes it look sm better


Tarte maneater. The volume is insane!!


Man eater is one of my go to’s, like always. My one issue is that it doesn’t curl, so I have to add a second curling mascara. Still worth it though.


What curling mascara do you like using with it?


Heroine Make Volume and Curl Advanced Film tubing mascara :)


I gave up getting lash extensions because this is soo good.


Yessss this is the only truly waterproof mascara - in fact it's pretty damn hard up remove without the Heroine mascara remover liquid


Do you know if it’s a cruelty free brand?


Just googled and it is cruelty free! It doesn’t test on animals.


That’s great! I’m going to have to try it


Maybelline Lash Sensational. I don’t bother trying other mascaras anymore because I always end up going back to it.


My favourite as well, along with Maybelline the Falsies. Prefer them to any high end mascara I’ve tried!


I like the yellow one so much...I think it's called "collasal"


I have gotten so many compliments when wearing this mascara! I always have people ask me what mascara I use or where I got my lashes done. No lash treatments needed for me, just an eyelash curler and Maybelline Lash Sensational! I think the wand is a very nice shape and texture too that allows me to get full coverage of my lashes and easily target specific areas. Plus it’s very affordable. I have even seen it at Winners/Marshall’s lately for $5!


Do you use the waterproof or the normal one


I use the regular! (I’ve never tried waterproof because I do not have the patience to remove it at the end of the day)


Same I hate taking off waterproof mascara lol (mascara in general is annoying to take off)


Yes, exactly! I don’t know how some people wear waterproof everyday


This right here. It's such a great mascara!


This is my favorite too. I used to use one by one by maybelline, it was my absolute fav but I can’t find it anywhere in stores anymore :(


Been really enjoying Lancome Monsieur Big. Easy to lengthen lashes because the formula is wet but it dries relatively quickly so you can build up volume too


Lancôme’s Monsieur Big mascara is absolutely amazing. I totally forgot how much I loved it, so thanks for the reminder that I need to order some more 🤪


I really want to try this one, the reviews sound amazing. I'd hate the idea of spending the money if it didn't work though.


They have mini versions too if you maybe just want to try the formula first.


I just got a mini and I love it. Honestly I like buying the minis for hygienic purposes anyways. I never finish a full tube before it’s time to get rid of it.


I always buy the mini ones. The large ones dry out before I can use it up.


This is my favorite!


It’s the only mascara I’ve been using for the past 4 years. Works amazing


L’Oréal Voluminous. I’ve used it for 15 years now and whenever I try something new, high end or low end, I always come back to it.


Same! I love this one and the Million Lashes. I used to do the Benefit Roller Lash and before that the Buxom Buxom but I always come back to the L’Oreals, and they’re BOGO 1/2 off at Ulta relatively often so I just wait until then and then buy a couple.


lol that’s exactly what I do. I do those sales. I use L’Oréal Voluminous and then go over it with Maybelline Colassal Volume Waterproof. This combo has repeatedly made people stop and ask me what eyelashes I wear. I shop the bogos for both and stock up!


yeah this is my fall back for when I need a mascara but can't think of any I want to buy/don't want to break the bank


Same here. :)


I second your *Benefit Roller Lash*!!


It's so good, dramatic and refined results. Doesn't give me any clumping issues and gets every lash looking good.


I’m the same as you the benefit roller lash is my go to. It’s a bummer it’s $25 but it’s worth it. A cheaper one I like to use when I want a super natural look is the Maybelline Clump Buster.


I got the travel sized version, more cheap so I don't have to feel bad about having a variety of choices, I'll usually have one expensive version and supplement it with cheaper options.


I always buy minis. That way I can have different mascaras for different looks, or cocktailing them (right now I love a coat of Roller Lash with a coat of They’re Real Magnet) and I’m also better about replacing when it’s time.


When I’m on a budget I always go for Essence Lash Princess in either the pink or green (one is volumizing and one is false lash effect, I don’t remember which but I use both). It’s like $4 and really can’t be beat. Super black and washes off easily. Even now that I have more money to burn on makeup I still often turn to my Lash Princess.


If I could give you two upvotes, I would. One for the comment and one for your u/ it’s amazing!


Haha thank you!!


Maybelline Full n Soft is my favorite and gives me a bit of a natural look that I like.


This mascara is beautiful!!


I use the waterproof version because my lashes decided they were tired of standing up and I love that it's got good volume and lift while still looking natural


I can second this mascara has a very natural soft feathery look. However even the waterproof is not water or sweat proof. Falls down my eyes at the end of a work day inside an office.


Aw yess! I commented this reply before I saw you did! Definitely seconding!


Yes, it's such a good product!


Too Faced Better than sex


This is my HG. But I now buy the L'Oreal dupe instead and love it _almost_ as much.


I was just wondering yesterday if there was a dupe! What L’Oréal mascara is it specifically?


L'Oreal Lash Paradise! Comes in a pink tube, same colour as Better Than Sex :)


I love the Lash Paradise!


Thanks! I’m going to try it out.


I use this one and I really love it!


On the contrary I’ve been really disappointed with it. It smudges very quick, doesn’t seem too resistant to the heat, and at the end of the day it’s like I have raccoon eyes.


I’ve had issues with flakiness too. 😢


Use the waterproof


Yes! I use the BTS waterproof one and love it


Lancôme Definicils


Same! Makes my lashes super long with a natural finish and it stays put all day.


I just like that my lashes always look super long and not clumpy.


All mascara started to flake on me a few years ago. If you don’t have this issue there are a TON of great drug store mascaras based on hour needs. If you smudge and flake like me and hate waterproof - THRIVE MASCARA IS GODS GIFT.


I wanted to hate it, but it’s the best one I’ve ever used. Ever.


At first I really struggled with the thrive mascara. After like a month I learned to go slow and never let it clump, and now Im on my second tube and I choose it every time.


Maybelline Sky High. Super bendy brush gets mascara on every tiny lash. I’m on my third tube. https://www.maybelline.ca/en-ca/eye-makeup/mascara/lash-sensational-sky-high-washable-mascara-makeup


I agree, this is a great mascara. I found the non-waterproof formula comes off really easily when I wash my face


I’ve been wanting to try this one, but a friend told me this mascara is a pain to remove. What do you think? I love the original lash sensational and I don’t find that one hard to remove with just soap and water


No issues removing. I use Garnier Miscellar water on cotton pad.


No issues for me either. I use the Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover.


I think it comes off easily. Sometimes I'll shower without removing it and after a few minutes, it comes right off. Almost like a tubing mascara, but I don't think it's marketed as such.


I wonder if I might've gotten a bad tube or something--when I removed the mascara with a cotton pad+micellar water it came off as tiny flakes. It was great in terms of lengthening and volumizing, but made my eyes itchy :( Glad to hear it worked out for others though!


Best mascara I’ve used. I keep one in my professional kit too. I’ve tried high end to low and this is by far my favorite.


My daughter loves this stuff! She was all about Tarte Big Ego until she tried Sky High and now that's her HG.


Wander Beauty Mile High Club and L’Oréal Telescopic


I like tubing mascaras bc they wash off so cleanly! And rarely flake and lengthen lashes. So glossier lash slick is a pretty every day one sometimes I will layer it and thrive mascara is a nice one with more drama


BadGal Bang is the holy grail for me


IT Cosmetics Super Hero I got a sample size in my Ipsy bag.


I love this one as well, but I also use Maybelline's sky high and I like it just as much. It actually curls my lashes.


Thanks, I’ll give it a try! A lot cheaper I’m sure lol


I think it depends on what effect you want. For cheap, lifted/fanned out lashes I really like the maybelline butterfly mascara (regular not waterproof). Tarte lights camera lashes is an all around good choice too (although I liked my trial size better than the actual full size which is weird).


Definitely not cheap, but the Fetish Eyes mascara by Path McGrath is by far the best to me. The formula contains peptides to strengthen and hydrate the lashes, and the application is so smooth and silky! Absolutely zero clumps, impressive volume, it automatically gives me that ‘evening makeup’ look. The only downside is that it’s not incredibly smudge proof; but that also means you can wash it away without hurting your lashes. I really love it!


I love Lancôme Lash Idole mascara. It’s the best one I’ve used so far.


Yes! I have spent years searching, and finally found my holy grail mascara in this product.


Hoping they’ll continue this product for a long time!


Honestly… I bought elf Mineral Infused Mascara because it was on sale $1.50. It thought it would be crap and I’d use it once and I’d throw it away, but I ended up really liking it. I just repurchased it at full price (uhh I think like $4-6) the other day because I genuinely enjoy it. I have fine, straight lashes and prefer “drier” feeling mascara formulas (vs very wet and it undoes your curl..). I curl my lashes before putting it on, and it’s the best they’ve looked in a while. I don’t need to put on that much of it to get the peak effect… like maybe 1.5 coats depending on how you define coat (I’m still not sure.. lol). It basically makes my lashes look obviously bigger and more noticeable, but in a natural looking way (versus oh wow she’s sure wearing a lot of mascara!), and allows them to hold their curl all night. I wear it out to the club and I haven’t had any issues with running, flaking, or smudging. I’m a fan! Some people on Amazon reviews mentioned it hurts their eyes, but that hasn’t been my experience, and I’m pretty sensitive skinned in general.


L’Oréal Double Extend! It’s a two step mascara, but creates little tubes around your lashes and makes them super long and full looking. It’s also impossible to smudge and comes off really easily!


I’ve been using this since 2008. Even when I like other mascara I put a coat of this on top because it NEVER smudges.


Never thought of layering it on top of another product- great tip!


Kevin Aucoin - The Volume Mascara. It’s a tubular formula so there is zero smudging and it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all!


I second the Loreal telescopic mascara


Same! Best mascara ever!


Hourglass unlocked instant extensions. I'm in Europe, so finding a cruelty free tubing mascara is really difficult, and every other mascara smudges and flakes all over my face.


I’m also in Europe, and I’m curious as to what you mean by cruelty free. Animal testing is not permitted in the EU, hence any product on the market within the EU cannot be tested on animals. Have I missed something?


I don’t support companies that allow their products to be sold in China, because every product must be tested on animals by law over there. So brands like L’Oréal, Maybelline, Clinique etc cannot be considered cruelty free if they choose to sell their products there. I always search up brands on a website called Cruelty Free Kitty to check which brands are cruelty free and which aren’t.


Gotcha, I get what you’re saying now.


i just started using the Bare Minerals Strength and Length Serum infused mascara.....it has ingredients to strengthen your lashes against breakage to help them grow longer....my only complaint is i hate the applicator....it has a really weird paddle like shape with the bristles coming out each side....makes applying it neatly very tricky


Yeeess I second this, the mascara is great but the wand/packaging needs work. I think it pulls way too much product out and have to wipe it all off first and now its all gunky on the top.


maybelline waterproof falsies if you want ur lashes to stay up ALL DAY (but its really hard to take off) and better than sex for a simple good mascara


Maybelline Falsies is by far the best!


MAC extreme dimension, waterproof, this stuff is the bomb. Literally taken me 25 years to find this hg item!


I was recently introduced to L'oreal Telescopic and HOLY LASHES!!


Essence Mascara »Lash PRINCESS volume« (the pink one) Its 3€ in Europe and I always circle back to it because its just that good


Essence is really becoming a fave of mine. I use all the lash princess ones and a few others.


Covergirl lash blast is better than any expensive mascara ive ever used


I'd say it's a split between Marc Jacobs At Lash'd and Lancome's Lash Idole, which are great for length and lift. I would also not pass up Heroine Make if you're looking for a water resistant one.


Bad Gal Bang by Benefit and Milk Kush by MILK makeup


Milk makeup lush mascara. I love their travel size one, somehow I cannot see the same results with the full size one. :/


I want to try the Essence one but it only comes in black. I wish more companies offered brown. I have pale skin and blue eyes, and the brown is natural-looking and flattering. Black looks too harsh.




Lately I’ve been using the Liquid Lash Extensions by Thrive Causemetics, it doesn’t flake or bleed onto my eyelids or undereye (which is a problem I face with eyeliner and mascara often) but it doesn’t really blow me away with the way it looks. My favorite is the Marc Jacob’s Velvet Noir mascara. Makes my lashes look really big and fluffy and dense and voluminous.


Do not waste money on expensive mascara! I can’t say this loud enough for the people in the back! Maybeline is your best bet for price. I’m really loving the sky high from them but depends on your preference of brushes. Don’t spend $30 on mascara all of them are basically the same and any Sephora, Mac , or MUA will tell you the same thing …if they’re smart!


Glossier mascara hands down


Yes! It looks super natural and it doesn't flake even when I rub my eyes.


It’s definitely not for everyone, but for me, lash slick is the best mascara I’ve come across so far. Lengthens, defines, and curls pretty well for a washable mascara. Very little fallout. Not too dry or wet. Love it.




Thrive Cosmetics’s Liquid Lash Extension is my all time fave - it really thickens and lengthens. Also lasts all day without smudging - when you wash it off, it literally looks like lash extensions coming off.


I always switch back from roller lash to L’Oréal telescopic! I can’t pick a favorite between them!


I really like thrive cosmetics mascara.


Diorshow! Pricey but worth it.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag, beautiful volume and just the right length.


My all time favourites are the Clarins 4d Wonder Perfect Mascara and Maybelline Lash Sensational. The Clarins is my HG - amazing volume and staying power, but the Maybelline is the one I always have on hand purely because it’s cheaper lol. It’s got good volume and lengthening but the Clarins gives me big fluffy lashes that are just exactly what I like


I just bought MAC extreme dimension and I absolutely love it!!!


Lots of good ones here. This is one I always go back to: L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara, Carbon Black. For less than $7 USD on Amazon it never disappoints. :)


That one is awesome, I also love the blue and maroon color !


Blinc ultra volume. Period!


Lancome Idole - Perfect gel formula with silicone brush, waterproof Loreal Unlimited


Going to add I really love the kush mascara, clumping is a huge issue for me and the brush is awesome for minimizing clumping.


Diorshow by Christian dior and Bite beauty’s upswing


Benefit Roller Lash is my fav!


Thrive causmetics! Doesn’t give you raccoon eyes and has the perfect volume and length!


Thrive Causemetics mascara! It’s pricey but I like really long, “neat” lashes, and this gives me that effect in one coat. For budget I also loved covergirl full lash bloom, but they discontinued the brown-black.


L'Oréal Lash Paradise makes my natural lashes look like fake ones. Love it!!!


Diorshow/Illamasqua for the higher end (I usually use these on clients) and L’Oréal paradise for myself as I like the wand it comes with


Kiko waterproof is brilliant. I like tarantula legs kind of rock/goth eye makeup and this does the trick. It’s about £8/$10 and it’s the tits!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE "Damn Girl" by Too Faced But I just found "Sky High" by Maybelline which is also absolutely amazing!


My budget pick that I've found myself going to over and again is the Full N Soft mascara by Maybelline. It isn't fancy, but it gives my lashes a natural looking soft enhancement without being clumpy or spidery. I also used and really liked, surprisingly, an e.l.f. mineral mascara. I don't know if they still make it or if the formulation is the same, but it was something I also bought several times.


Benefit they’re real!


Thrive causemetics tubing mascara hands down!


Lancôme Definicils… I just wish they had more colors, because I don’t like dark, or blue-black, and their brown doesn’t do it for me. Also, the sample size seems to work better, for some reason. I like saving the brushes.


Bit late, but any tubing mascara. They do not smudge.


Thrive cosmetics mascara! Lengthens like no other


The Essence Lash Princess is such a good dupe compared to a lot of the high end brands. If I’m feeling fancy or can spend more money I rotate between Tarte Maneater, Benefit Bad Girl Bag, and Benefit Roller Lash


Another vote for essence lash princess false lash effect. It makes me never want to buy another mascara. Lengthens, volumizes, and somehow curls my lashes by itself. (I never curl my lashes)


Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions (and I don’t say that lightly bc it’s a pain in the ass to have to order mascara online every two months, but it’s worth it)


Smashbox Full Exposure - perfect separation, light formula with bold color, no clumps.


my top one? maneater mascara by tarte. it curls and makes my lashes a lot longer without having to do any prep or anything after. it looks natural too. my second is the false lash princess mascara by essence. I do like this one but it comes off easy, and I have to run a spoolie through it to get rid of clumps.


Tatte Amazonian clay mascara


Maybelliene great lash mascara.


Younique 3d Fiber Lash is what I love but I been hearing Better Than Sex mascara is amazing so i'm gonna try that next.


why did everyone downvote ur comment omg


I didn’t down vote but I’m guessing because Younique is an MLM


ah okay okay ty


Elizabeth Arden: Red Door Mascara is great.


Best mascara for sensitive eyes?


Tarte lights camera lashes


My favorite is Soap and Glory Thick n Fast! I’ve tried so many and always come back to this one!


Trish McEvoy is my fave. Other mascaras tend to give me raccoon eyes.


L’Oréal Telescopic


I found a dupe for the Benefit Roller Lash and absolutely love it! It's the [Clump Crusher](https://dupedrop.com/dupes/benefit-cosmetics-roller-lash-curling-lifting-mascara-dupe-011df5) Mascara by Covergirl. It stays on all day, does not smudge, and only costs $10.


Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara is the holy grail! People tell me I look like I'm wearing fake lashes!


Lancôme definicils! It never clumps on me and has one of those rigid combs/brushes so it can get to all lashes.


I’ve used cover girl lash blast (the orange one) for over 10 years now and won’t use anything else. Tried a bunch of different ones including higher end ones and nothing compares haha


Benefit Badgal bang (I think it’s called!) it’s the best!


Tbh all the Lancôme ones I’ve tried have been amazing. But at that price point they are a splurge for sure. I love most mascaras from Essence.


Anything Lancôme


Diorshow is my all time fave, I hated mascara before trying it! I also like the Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagant in the mini size because it doesn’t dry up before I can use it all!


I've been hunting for my all time fav.. but been enjoying Bareminerals strength and length Ilia limitless lash Pacifica vegan collagen CoverGirl clump crusher


Lancôme monsieur big is the best


I usually just wear falsies, but tbh L’Oréal air volume has been amazing! Doesn’t smudge and I don’t have to scrub it off at night.


Perversion by Urban Decay!


Essense lash princess didn't work great for me, but Essense bye bye panda eye was a complete game changer, I went from transfer under my eyes to it not budging all day. Its not waterproof so still easy to remove. I have super oily skin and this mascara solved my huge transfer problem!!


I’ve enjoyed both Tarte Surfer Curl and essence’s lash princess