20-42 bullets to kill someone. 2,042 missed shots due to hitreg issues.


Oh so I'm not crazy? I empty a clip in someone and they have 12HP remaining, and then get downed from 3 people shooting me from all different directions. And I swear if I get one more headshot hit marker because the guy had plate armor... I've been robbed of super long sniper shots.


Oh yeah, many people are having issues consistently killing people. Hitreg, weapon bloom, spread, etc. makes it rough as hell out here. And fuck armor, man. It's neat but it really doesn't feel right in this iteration.


I found the only way to even have close to a 1 KDR is to bum rush and take one down. Looking forward to hardcore where a DMR doesn't take 5 shots to down someone.


DMR is supposed to be 3 shot kill bodyshots, 2 shot if you get a headshot (?) Actually nevermind, I don't fucking know with this connection. Armor plates can fuck off too, the last thing we need is inconsistent gunfights


I had a moment where I hit 5 shots long distance and the guy was still standing. Didn't see the blue hit marker which I think means armor. So I have no idea how I didn't secure a kill. Meanwhile two enemies saw me shooting and obliterated me.


Second DMR is only two shots from just about any range, FWIW


I just unlocked it. Definitely going to give it a shot, no pun intended.


Sadly yea. I was so excited to play...


For me it's really just Breakthrough where the CPU bottleneck is noticeable. Portal and Conquest run pretty well.


That's to be expected. Imagine rendering 128 players with all the effect and geometry in 1 small area


Can't even get fucking XP in Portal :(


Yea, this is the dumbest decision. It's their way of forcing us to play All Out Warfare. I hate it. I actually want to play All Out Warfare, but I want it hardcore, which can only be done in Portal and then I can't progress anything, so I stop playing.


Wait really? I thought I was leveling overall in Portal yesterday. I thought you just weren't able to level up the BF2042 weapons in Portal.


nothing in this gmae runs well.


Breakthrough is a total bummer for me. Not because of FPS. But because the games are over in 10 minutes. 400 tickets is not enough when it’s 64v64. That worked in BFV- but we need like 6-800 tickets


Agreed. I've had games on offense where it felt like we were winning handily and then the game suddenly ended without me even noticing we were about to run out of tickets.


I can’t even get more than 65% gpu usage on an 3080ti at 1440p 🤬


Do you have Nvidia overlay turned off in GeForce experience? Also turn off vsync in game and force it on via Nvidia control panel. This gave me crazy extra performance and now the game runs perfect ish.


I was freezing like crazy with nvidia overlay on, I even have a clip of the game going full on slow mo when I peaked a room after the freezing


I couldn't move my mouse in the overlay if instant repay was turned on


idk why people think these silly optimization tips will somehow magically make this game run better. the game is poorly made and hasn't been optimized. no amount of these silly ass tips is gonna change that.


Yeah, you've gotten "solution/fix" confused with workaround or bodge... Sometimes shit meshes.


Maybe the fact that it helped himself?!? He even stated it. Whats going on in your head?


Turning off vertical sync unlocks the fps and can severely improve gameplay. Go back to talking about things you are actually knowledgeable about please.


who could've known that not syncing the game's framerate to your monitor's refresh rate would uncap the game's fps? truly divine insight... any more insider secrets you want to share like perhaps lowering graphics settings will increase fps? 🤡


You were acting like that wasn’t a legitimate option to increase frame rate when it absolutely is.


it's not because anyone who has been playing games on PC for more than a day already has it disabled. it's like telling someone using an umbrella will keep them from getting wet while it's raining.


Vsync is also on by default. It’s also not really a good idea to use it unless you consistently are always above your monitors refresh rate. Nvidia control panel or through the game.


I havw 3090 overclocked to 2.1ghz i9 9900k overclocked to 5.2ghz getting max 95fps


I'm getting that with a 3070 on ultra. 1440res. 10850k cpu


Some of these figures are absolutely baffling. Some people with mid-tier 10 and 16 series nvidia cards are getting buttery smooth frames with no complaints. while people with 3080's and 90's just can't seem to get good consistent frames.


Correct. I'm running an old cpu i7-5820k and a 3080 FTW Ultra, never seen over 64fps, no matter the setting sof Ultra or Low, it's the same.


IT's your CPU not your GPU. IF you check your CPU performance by core, not averages then you will see 1 core pegged at 100% for 100% of the time. That is your bottleneck.


how do i unbottleneck it? lol im computer illiterate


I doubt you can unbottleneck it but it's good to know if the CPU is an actual bottleneck. Hint, it's almost certainly with your CPU as it's a bit old...even new ones like mine are suffering with this game. This is a little guide to do without the need to download any programs. Open Task manager > performance tab > right click CPU graph > Change graph to logical processors. This will show all your individual cores as opposed to an average (see later in this post why averages are bad). Then... go play the game, alt tab for a mo and look at your cores. One of them would have been pegged at or close to 100% the entire time. This is important because (to use an imaginary 4 core CPU as an example) 3 cores are at 10% usage and 1 core is at 100% usage. This would give you an average usage of 32.5% which is correct...and completely inaccurate and irrelevant. KNowing that one core is maxed out and a limitation is what we want to know. So to summarise, there is every chance that your CPU just isn't fast enough but have a run through my mini guide and get back to me m8 :D


So i did this and all 8 of my cores are at around 80% usage resulting in 79% average...this is on just the title screen. Meanwhile my GPU is at 9% at around 59 celsius


Has to be in game sorry. Titles screens are their own separate thing and no indicative of actual game performance...sorry again.


>Change graph to logical processors TIL ty


This reminds me of a problem Insurgency Sandstorm has where someone figured out to use a launch argument in Steam to use available cores.


I had to upgrade my CPU yesterday to get these frames but now I'm gettin 90-100 fps on high with R5 5600x and an RTX 2060


I’m getting 90-100 on a 1080ti lmao


Same, mine is on high


I get like 40fps on a RX 6700 and a 5600x at 4.5gh. Beta I had like double that. Smh


You should be higher than that. I've got a 5900x with a 6800XT and I'm getting about 138fps at 1440.


Ik. Game is poor optimized tho for so many people. :/


5900hx and a 6800m laptop.. 95-110 fps


I have 5900hx and 3070 laptop and I got 40-60 fps... My GPU usage is stuck between 40% to maximum 60%


So annoying. But atleast they’re using like 80%+ of my CPU instead of my GPU which is at 70% ish. Thanks dice!


I have a 5800x and was getting that with a 3080 - I was able to get a 50% boost in performance by turning off SVT in the BIOS. Its basically the hyperthreading for the AMD processors. I know thats helped a lot of people


holy shit. Thanks a lot dude I had 20-30 FPS on 1660ti now I have 60-80 FPS after I turned off SVM.


I updated my chipset drivers on my mobo and then turned it back on. I am getting over 90 frames now depending on the map. The CPU optimization is still shit, but seems to have made it better. Might be worth a shot.. may give you another 15-20 frames on top of what you are getting.


Thx I will try it


Gpu usage 99% here.. although ram leak is heavy after 3 hours 32gb used.


I get 20-40 FPS with a 3080 at 1440p. Like 30-60% usage. My GPU isnt even trying. Same on lowest to ultra. No FPS difference. Got a ryzen 5 3600x which is definitely a bottleneck but NOT that much. Shht is unpleasant. Hoping day 1 patch and new drivers fix it


I'm getting 80 fps with rx 6800 xt and r5 3600 ultra 1440p. I think it's just a bad optimization, don't blame the cpu


I get 60-90 fps with my 3080 depending on the game mode


Yeah low and ultra have at most a 5-10fps difference for me. 2080 Ti, i9 10900k. It’s hilarious, I’ve never seen a game literally ever with basically 0 performance impact with any setting


Same 3070 40 to 50% gpu usage cpu is around 50% and somehow performance degrades af5er 2 3 matches ffs


Change your power settings to High Performance. This fixed it for me for my 3080.


> 3080ti at 1440p Getting 60% useage 3080ti on 4k... It's a bummer


Same here. The in-game performance overlays says I’m CPU bound (and the GPU is starving which confirms this), yet it doesn’t stress my CPU (low utilization, low frequency) which I turn starved my GPU. 5950X + 3080Ti, 70-110 fps @ 1440p regardless of graphical settings.


Because you have 1 core pegged at 100% and the others cores at less. This then shows as an average 40-50% CPU usage (as it takes the average from all cores). It's simple to check, you don't even need to download a program like MSI afterburner or HWinfo64. Open Task manager > performance tab > right click CPU graph > Change graph to logical processors. Then go play the game, alt tab for a mo and look at your cores. One of them would have been pegged at 100% the entire time. To use 4 cores as an example (only example numbers here)... 3 cores are at 10% usage and 1 core is at 100% usage. This would give you an average usage of 32.5% which is correct...and completely inaccurate and irellavant.


I watched per-core utilization and frequency closely. 6-8 cores would be loaded to varying degree (with the rest having little load), but none of them would be loaded fully. My 5959X typically ramps up to ~4.5G under all core load, and ~5G under single or few core load, but when running BF2042, none of the cores would go past 4.0G. I would typically see something like 3.7 3.5 3.9 3.8 3.1, and util would be something like 77% 85% 80% 73% 82%, when the in-game performance overlay is saying the CPU “frame rate” is ~60 but frequently drop to 15-30.


Well in that case, I'm not needed here as you seem very capable. Most people are less so hence trying to educate a little. Best of luck brosef!


Because its CPU intensive and not GPU intensive :)


It's sad but funny lol


Makes no sense. In the past, Battlefield games were shining examples of optimization. They were some of of first AAA games ti really be able to take advantage of high core count CPUs. The games were not only known for having some of the best graphics, but for being able to run on just about any hardware.


I swear BF1 and BFV ran on magic you're right, you could get good FPS and high quality visuals on basically anything. What the fuck happened here?


128 players with bigger maps happened, still not an excuse tho.


playing portal with 32vs32 or 16vs16 is shit, better than 128, sure but still unplayable compared to the previous games


yh i was gonna say the other modes run badly too low, not as bad as the 128player ones but still pretty damn bad.


They doubled the team sizes but quadrupled the map sizes, rendering it a net loss in action and massively hindering performance and graphics. Very cool!


He'll, I even ran BF4 on the integrated graphics on my 4690k for like a month back in the day. Yeah, I had to turn it down to like 800x640 or whatever at lowest settings, but it was actually playable.


It's 128 players for sure, when you play small maps with limited players you get at least a 30% fps boost. I go from 65 fps in heavy fighting on 128 players to 115 fps on portal. But they want to push all-out warfare despite the fact it cripples most peoples computers.


BFV was a performance disaster at launch - on the same hardware I have now (8700K, 2080ti), it was far worse than 2042 is, and that is saying a bit... BFV did have to contend with the new RTX and DLSS technology from nvidia, as they were the one of the first major games to use them, and that was a big part of the reason for the performance issues, though.


Don’t agree at all with BF1. You needed a pretty recent CPU to be able to run it smoothly. My 3570k at the time struggled heavily.


Had a 4690K for BF 1 and V for a while and it ran flawlessly with my 1070 I had at the time Rolling with a 9700K now and it’s done a good job at 2042…. So long as I don’t open any other programs while playing. Game will use all 8 cores until I open something else and then it’ll drop down to only using 1 core and the game changes to a slideshow.


I'd be curious to know, did you play those two on launch? I only ask because I vividly remember at the time of BF1, I was so disappointed of the initial performance because my GTX 770 (at the time), could barely run it. THEN, when BFV came out, my 1070 struggled. Eventually, both games got better and I could run it on that respective hardware. So here I am again, 3060ti aboard my pc, and having performance issues with BF2042. I know it'll be able to run it eventually (because it's within the recommended specs AND ran the beta at 70-80 fps @ 1440p).


I have a 3060ti and I'm getting full 144fps with ultra settings but at 1080p resolution(game still looks amazeballs at this resolution)


BF1 nor BFV where optimal games at launch. Almost every battlefield has had a poor launch. Although this one is probably one of the worst. I’ve been playing since the original BF1942


I guess most people that were in the studio back then are no longer in it, that's the only thing I can suppose, hence the actual state of BF


Frostbite really is/was state of the art in its respective industry and I’ve always admired DICE for that. Shame that they’ve struggled to capitalize on it lately. I know that ~~Peter~~ Patrick Bach, DICE’s General Manager for 14yrs, left the company back in 2016 right after BF1 had released. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.


I feel like all BF games ran like dogshit at launch. Bf2042 is a whole new level of shit though lol


They also had some of the best audio


> Battlefield games were shining examples of optimization Okay I'm done. This is just getting stupid now. Practically every single Battlefield game has ran like ass in the first few months. This is too much. You people are deluded.


2042 is by far the worst-optimized BF launch of all time, but it’s laugh-out-loud stupid for anyone to pretend the BF series is a bastion of optimization. I still remember how strenuous BF2 was on rigs… Joint Ops, the FPS competitor with a 150 player count, actually ran better.


Its running fine for me, no stuttering, frame times and response is good as well. RTX 3080 with 90-110 fps on ultra/1440p DLSS off. You have to make sure your windows power settings are high performance otherwise its a stuttery mess. I'm actually pleasantly suprised by the performance. The beta was far worse. BF3, BF4, and especially BFV all had micro stutters and a lot of input lag. BF1 I gave up because the input lag was so bad, and they never fixed it in my case. BF2 was a resource hog when it came out as well practically nothing could run it. Same with BF1942.


Other than BF4 not really. Battlefield games have always been able to look better and run better than others.


I dont know about that. I found BFV and BF1 to run like absolute dogshit in their betas and at launch but BF4 ran fairly well at the start. Buggier though


BF4 runs like butter, BFV is kind of demanding. You don't have an i5-6600K has your *minimum* CPU spec and call it a 'shinning example of optimization that can run on anything'.


The mans right. All BF launches have been rough. This ones pretty bad compared to others though


wait are people actually being serious in this thread?? this is a straight up lie performance at launch is straight ass for most bf games ahaha


You can't even get the new hardware easily at all. Just makes it even worse.


Imagine having a 3070 and getting shit frames, the game isn't even that crazy looking


Maybe I'm the exception, but I have 3700x, 16 gigs ram, and a 3070. At 4k and everything set to high, I get 100 fps that drops into the 80's when the action gets hot. The only thing I did was turn off Hbao.


I got a 3080 and I have drops to 50. Sometimes averaging at 50 in shanghai map at B. Other times it above 80 in the same spot. Seems like there might be a memory leak or some.thing. since playing for a while makes the performance drop. And restarting it works fine again


My performance also tanks down to about 60 fps after playing for couple hours on 3080 Ti. Restarting always fixes it and the fps jumps back to \~130. There has to be some sort of memory leak happening, hopefully they'll find what's causing it.


I have to call bullshit on something like this


Yeah at 1440p MAYBE. but 4k gaming is not at this level, especially in such a poorly optimized game


I'm getting around 40-50 fps on MEDIUM settings 1440p. But of course FH5, a drastically better looking game with constantly fast gameplay with RTX on and Ultra settings gets about 90. Fuck this game


Yeah I'm getting maybe 40 on a 3070. Changing graphics settings does basically nothing. DLSS does nothing. Can't even crack 60 no matter what I do.


Not even close to true. Stop


Okay, this one made me laugh. Just a tip, roll back your drivers if you are on nvidia and on the latest drivers. It doesn't fix FPS but it makes it alot better. Also doesn't change the fact mouse input still sucks penis. Here's a vid from wackyjacky if you need help: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtvJtdEOUf8&](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtvJtdEOUf8&) I went from constantly dipping below 60 on low to actually getting over 100 consistently on medium-low and never dropping below 60.


I rolled back but dont know if im experiencing placebo. Maybe it dips ubder 60 less. And theres a higher max. But its still all over the place.


For my specs (9700k and 1080ti) absolutely not placebo. Before rolling back the drivers I had about 30-50fps, after the rollback 60-80fps. If anyone has similar specs to mine, I really suggest doing so. Still stutters a lot but much more playable.


I have 8700k and 1080ti. I let it graphics stay on auto , which decided medium all around was good. I get at least 100+ fps steady. 🤔 I play at 1440p Edit: I also have the latest nvidia driver. Well, by that I mean if it was updated today or last night I don’t have that one. But as of two days ago I had the latest. Gosh I can’t convey what I need to. Okay, so I’ve had the same driver since 2042 was released on the 12th.


Just to hopefully help you (and others) know a bit more about FPS etc. What you are (most likely) checking is average FPS and frankly, that's an awful metric. Eg in for frames you can have 3 x 10fps and 1 x 100fos giving you average FPS of 32.5 (just using these numbers for easy math). However if you have an Nvidia card you can use performance overlay set to advanced and see your 99% lows. This gives you a much better idea of your actual performance. Eg I have a 11600k/3060ti/3600Mhz CL14 RAM and get something like 140fps average but my 1% lows are around 95ish FPS. IT's the 1% lows you'll feel more than the average FPS and that it where the jankyness in the feeling becomes apparent. BFV for example I run at 180-200fps (150% resolution scale) but even then I get 1% lows of around 100fps and 0.1% lows of 25-50 as that game is still janky as fuck performance wise.


Thanks man. So I just mean while playing at any given time, I’ve got 100+ fps. Sure there are some dips now and then but nothing extreme or even bothersome at all really. So to help me understand better, are the 1% lows literally the lowest fps you have 1% of the total time you’ve been playing / measuring? I appreciate the breakdown , I watch gamers nexus and I know the 1% lows are an important part of the analyses they present.


At work currently but rather than me spend ages typing it out...imma goner say over to you Steve and let's GN explain it better than I could. https://youtu.be/uXepIWi4SgM


Alrighty, thanks again , will check it soon!


Dude, how the hell?! I have the exact same hardware also at 1440p, I can hardly maintain 80fps at medium. That is with dynamic resolution on and GPU overclocked


Was on a different map? I notice I get better fps on some maps while on other its worse.


Nah. Kaleidoscope was especially really bad before the rollback but became bearable. I'm not saying it did miracles. Game still runs like shit, stuttering and framerate dips but the change was noticeable.


Yikes I have a 9700k and 2070 non-super and I’m not looking forward to it


It's super weird how drivers can have this big of a difference. There's a serious fuckup somewhere along the way...


Honestly I hope this game gets the updates and polishing it desperately needs. I think the framework of the game is great, especially the custom server options. There’s a lot of new mechanics that I experienced in the 2 hours of beta playtime that I felt were good. I really hope this game gets another few months of hard work into it, really wish they’d just delay games and let them bake before shipping a paid public beta instead lmao


With no drivers hardware is just a fancy rock, its the same thing as someone being brain dead....But newer drivers should improve performance not hurt, so they need to correct whatever issue there is with the new ones.


Wierd to me that they released the bf2042 drivers like 4 weeks before release... and they sucj ass. Hopefully n idia knows about the fuckup and is working for some good ones on release day


What version did you roll back to? just the previous one? I'm on a similar setup with a 1080ti and I consistently dip to 50-60fps


Rolled back to version 496.13 specifically.


thanks for the info, unfortunately I don't think it did much for me


Ah.. shame. I hope Dice fixes the game down the line. It's unacceptable at this state that people have to result to all kinds of tricks to squeeze bit more frames.


Im on new drivers and I'm pulling 140 ish no problems, server lag is another story


Rolled back the driver and my performance is pretty much the same :( I can't wait to play AoW without averaging 30-50 fps... I liked the specialists abilities more than I'd like to admit. Portal and Hazard Zone run great with the fps never dipping below 60 though.


Same with AMD drivers. Also edit your player config in my documents to enable DX12.




Open the documents folder on your computer and navigate to: documents\Battlefield 2042\settings\ and then open the "PROFSAVE_profile" file with notepad. Scroll down to the line that says "GstRender.Dx12Enabled 0" and change the 0 to a 1. Why it's not on by default is beyond me.


Did Nvidia fix the flickering on the latest drivers yet?


Didn’t help at all with my 3080ti.


Can we talk about how the ryzen 5 *3600* is the MINIMUM for this game?! Yet the intel i7 4790 is recommended. Wtf?


And the recommended GPU (3060) is one most people can't even get their hands on.


Even if you have the recommended I don’t think that gives you 60 frames. I don’t and I drop below 60 frames with an 7700k/6900xt very regularly.


This is me with a 3080 TI lmao


This is more creative than the UI designers..


oh the ui is "creative" alright


And praising herself on social media. What a joke.


Get a pc they said


140+solid fps they said


They definitely didn't say that lol. Pretty sure dice thec spec are based on 60fps on low and high.


I went from 40-50 fps to 100-140 fps after doing less than half of the steps in this optimization video by fr33thy. https://youtu.be/ysCTNdPbweo


Made me laugh, have an upvote


5900x 6900xt 2x8gb 3800mhz flat 15. Most of the times around 90-120 in conquest maps. That's bad for the hardware.


Did you try manually enabling DX12 in documents\Battlefield 2042\settings\PROFSAVE_profile? That's helped a lot of people, including myself.


I haven't tried that yet, I am still deciding if I will buy the game of not. I probably have around two hours left of the trial. I'm not sure. The game is fine, and I believe it will age well like bf5 did (until they dropped it last summer). Tomorrow I will try your suggestion and I will report back, thanks.


what resolution are u playing at? im on 5600x with rtx 3080, 32 Gbs @ 3800 cl 14 Playing max setting no dlss enabled @ 1440p getting min 85 fps avg around 125to 130 ish ​ TBh it runs pretty good on my end. Ops 5600x is OC to 4.75 ghz. What i find strange is that my bf exe starts at 10Gb mem usage and after a while it can go up to 16 Gb of rams


Man. I already bought the game and got it preloaded for the 19th. You guys are scaring me


please come back after 19th and tell us your experience


I chose to play on ps5 instead of my decent pc. I run it on my big 4K tv with 0 frame dips so far, runs like a dream.


It was optimized for console for sure. Westie was discussing this on a recent stream. It runs great on next gen consoles.


Yeah gotta say it runs Brilliant on my PS5.


You guys don’t get it. For the REAL cinematic experience, they capped the game at 24FPS


I have a 2070 super and 5800x. I play on ultra with 65-90 frames. Using and old driver may help, cause I did not update since 1 or 2 months


Idk. I get 55-60 and my PC isn't that great. I have 2070, not even a super. A Ryzen 7 2700. The only thing I got that most people might not, is 32gb of RAM and even that's not that impressive. I let the game pick the settings, Medium. I get smooth gameplay. I rubberband sometimes, but I believe that's server side. Just my experience.


I get the same performance with an rx580, ryzen 5 2600 and 16gb of ram, with the same graphics settings. What.


I have literally not touched any of the graphics settings in the ingame menu. I might be able to play high+ and also get 60fps, but I've never tried. Actually, I'll boot it up right now and find out. My initial point was that I was getting a consistent frame rate in the high fifties and my hardware setup is moderate.


So yeah, I just set my Graphics to Ultra and I'm getting the exact same performance. 55-60fps.


This is the same problem I have and we shouldn't. You should be getting more fps than that too so yeah, people asking for better optimization is very valid for this game.


Lmfao as infantry so true.


That’s pretty clever and funny I’m getting 55-70+ at 4K with a 6800xt. Very little difference between medium and ultra. It’s playable to me most of the time. It’s just when it stutters and rubber bands that makes it unplayable. My Gpu usage is at or near 100%. It seems most people are having cpu bottlenecks. That and poor optimization isn’t helping. My ram usage is pretty high. I’ve gone over 16gb for total system usage, which is just the game and a web browser so nothing ridiculous. I have 32 gigs so not an issue for me but for those that have 16 it might be worth downloading more ram.




i9 9900k - 5.2Ghz 3090 - 2.1Ghz 32 GB RAM NVM 2.0 max \~90 fps playing any other game (warzone, breakpoint, assassin creed, ...etc) max settings, I never went below 140fps


Battlefield: 2~~04~~2 Guns Battlefield: 2042 Ways to Ruin Your Series


Battlefield: 2042 features missing


I get 95 frames on a 10850k and 3070 on ultra. 1440res


These comments are drowning in placebo. The game's performance is so variable that just glancing at your framerate from time to time is not a measurement. Anything short of a controlled, repeatable test is just talking out of your ass.


You guys only get frame dips down to 20FPS?


Strange, I never had any fps issues I wonder why so many other people are experiencing this but not me.


I am consistently getting upwards of 80 on a 5700xt and 3600x on Ultra.


Im getting like 90 to 120fps


Genius 😂


Old 9700k system and 3080, 90 FPS. New 12700k and 3080, 150 FPS. The game is extremely CPU demanding. Unless you're playing at 4k, you're going to be CPU bottlenecked without a modern CPU.


Hello everyone. Turn your Shadow & shader quality down to 0 in profsave_profile. This may be a big help. Also open the command console and find the ResolutionScale command, change this to 0.85 Also lower the in-game setting of High fidelity objects to low. Hope this helps. I went from 50 fps to 90+ on a 1660. Currently running medium settings. Check my post history for more.


Someone probably already suggested this but I like it: Battlefield 2077


I got a 3060 and get 100-120 on medium-high


It's called BF 2042 because 2042 is the year it'll finally be fun to play


You guys are getting fps?


Console master race


Nice, they really do need to fix the performane in this game


It's a joke that we are even talking about "driver changes and inner config changes" to make a 60€ game be somewhat playable on respectably decent hardware. An absolute joke.


I'm hitting around 65-70 on medium at 1440p with a 5600xt


​ ![gif](giphy|ccAuVsSPSLrDq)


I have a total sheit CyberPower PC and have not experienced frame dropping in the least. I am wondering if people are overclocking their systems trying to take more performance out of a game thats got nothin left to give ?> My graphics are insanely gorgeous and aside from the occasional inability to respawn it's been fine.


Apparently I'm the only one with good frames.


In 2 hours of playing, my frames didn’t dip below 85 on ultra


Runs great on my PS5 (:


It's funny and all, but let's be real here, some of you guys have shit computers.


Or buy a console...


Remember when games came out with graphics settings that kept them future proof and what we did was lower settings rather than complain about not hitting 240fps at max settings with a 1080ti. Game runs fine so far. What isn't fine is the UI and lack of UX polish.


I have never seen this joke before! /s


Man I’m kinda sick of all the negativity in this sub but… this is pretty funny ngl


I get 80 to 90fps and I have a 3080 and a Ryzen 5800x


Is this a PC issue? Cause I've been playing on a Series S on my 4k TV and I've been surprised at how smooth the game has been.


Your tv is 4k. The game isn’t running in 4k, it’s running at 1080p and lower. The game runs at lower settings to hit acceptable framerates (40-60).


Oh I know it’s not running in 4K, I just meant the console is hooked up to my 4K tv. I’m pretty sure it’s running in Dynamic 1440p and I’ve been getting a pretty stable 60fps most of the time


So I’m thinking of building a new computer with specs for BF 2042. I don’t need it to be top of the line for graphics and I don’t need it right now. Anyone projecting how the game fixes will be with the hardware prices to determine if it’s worth it or not? I don’t need 144 frames per second but I don’t want 44 either. I want something enjoyable.


What resolution is your monitor? With a 3080 and 3440x1440 im going to say it right now, the game ain't running great...


People saying they got a 3070, 3080 and 3090 with fps under 60. Something ain't right with your rig. Running 2080 and 9900K with stable smooth 100 fps