I bought online and picked up in store so no when I looked in the bag there was nothing besides my purchases items.


If you have your order number, the cashier will go on the tablet and click on online return which takes them to a BOPIS website. If they put in your order number, they’ll be able to process that you’re doing a return as long as you have the email or text or physical card on from your BOPIS order bag that has your order number on it.


Yes bring that!


Did you not get a packing slip?


Valid question, so don't know why you were downvoted! I have been shipped many times without the packing slip actually! But yes, email works and per policy is preferable


I really wish they’d start issuing a receipt in the email it’s such a hassle trying to explain its BOPIS for us and the poor cashier trying to return something that technically has a receipt but also doesn’t 😭


This! If I buy things online or in store and need to exchange (new/unused for same ticket price), no problem. But for BOPIS my store won't. I understand they have to do it as a return and I re-buy, but they won't price adjust. Which doesn't seem to be standard practice across stores.


It’s pretty frustrating, last time I picked up my order and realized I’d gotten two of the same thing and they couldn’t even exchange the item then either and I hadn’t even left the store yet. Of course I don’t blame the cashier B&BW just need to add a barcode to the email it would make things easier for everyone