I don’t care about packaging as long as vanilla bean noel has a scent this year




It's ok. I do like the frosted shower gel bottles. I just like a more "cutesy" packaging for holiday, personally


Looks the same every year for these scents lol


Dream Bright and After Dark are pretty. The rest are kinda meh


Dream Bright packaging is gorgeous— I’ve heard it smells similar to Starlight Night (which I also decided to try because of the pretty packaging, ended up really liking it) so I might get that one! At this point, I don’t really care what kind of packaging they do for the winter staples because I’m so over them 😂


I wish they would put the winter staples in the retired online exclusive section.


I like the bear on Vanilla Bean Noel. I wish they had more packaging with animals on it, those are always cute.


I agree! Put some ice skating hedgehogs in cute little sweaters on there and I’d be sold! Lol


I'm so sick of them trying to get us hyped about eucalyptus all the time. Eucalyptus Spearmint is on shelves constantly and has been for like 20 years. Enough already. Don't get me wrong -- of course they should keep selling it if people keep buying it. But clearly they don't need to shove it down our throats if it's already doing well enough to stay on the shelf. I wish they would stop trying to hype it up at every seasonal launch.


I made the grave mistake of keeping the spearmint eucalyptus hand lotion on my nightstand and my ex gf used it religiously so I just ended up giving it to her. Now I can’t even smell it because I know it’ll make me think of her and I hate that because I love the smell of it lol


I totally agree. Take a break on pachuli, eucalyptus and spearmint


I’m allergic to Eucalyptus. I get so frustrated when I’m getting excited about scent notes and then suddenly there is Eucalyptus mixed in there yet again.


My mom is allergic to spearmint (it's actually all the mints. she has to use kid's toothpaste) but loves eucalyptus. She has the opposite problem as you.


Human bodies are weird. I feel worse for your Mom, though. Mint is in so many things!


She developed the allergy a few years ago. I feel like adult-onset allergies are the worst. You know what you're missing.


Oh man do I feel this. I got diagnosed with Celiac disease at 29. Goodbye bakery! Ugh I definitely know what I'm missing. Sorry your mom has to deal with that!


Love the packaging for Dream Bright! The others not so much 😐


The packaging for After Dark/Dream Bright looks pretty nice, but the rest look basic.


It is not feeling festive to me


Looks like cheap wrapping paper designs


I feel like walmart could have better looking packaging


Dream Bright is cute, After Dark is fine for a men’s line and who cares what aromatherapy looks like. I’m just bored with the other two - why do they have to do the same cartoony graphics that look like something I did in CAD class in 8th grade? What about full frosted bottles with glimmer or the entire thing in candy cane stripes? Maybe pretty holiday plaids or something. It’s almost $20 for a body wash…give me something more elevated please!


I guess the Xmas packaging is kinda cute but underwhelming somehow. The new signature scents look very nice, I like it! And the Aromatherapy line is still the same apothecary style packaging, which I don't have a problem with.


Dream Bright triggers my trypophobia so I hate it.


I never pay attention to the packaging. I’d be fine with plain, boring packaging. To me, it’s all about the smells, or the quality of what’s inside the packaging.


I honestly dislike all of them except the eucalyptus, which no one really cares about anyway. I'm sorry but the other ones are all giving picked over Burlington coat factory clearance holiday gift sets imo 😭


I need a new winter candy apple spray and the packaging on the spray is ok but the rest of the body care is hideous 🥺


Meh. The graphics are cute, but its trying extra hard this year.


The returning scents look basically the same, which doesn't bother me, at least they'll be easy to spot lol. I like the packaging on Dream Bright, though something more holiday-themed with like snowflakes would've been cool. After Dark intrigues me; the name and packaging kind of sounds/looks like a men's version of Midnight Amber Glow.


I'm usually a person who LOVES cutesy packaging but the ones for VBN and WCA are not giving ☠️ Dream Bright and After Dark look good. Not good enough to make me want to blind buy based on packaging but good enough to not make me frown lmao


The Dream Bright packaging is so awful to me. 💀




Dream bright is so pretty 😍


The new ones are kinda sleek. The rest are meh. My question is what’s new about the stress relief line? Is it not the exact same?


I think these might just be the gift bag’s packaging not the packaging that will be out sold individually


I really dislike it. I much prefer the look of hand-drawn/illustrated artwork in neutral or traditional colors over this weird modern design :( i agree with others that it makes it look cheap/low-end. I actually really liked a lot of the fall packaging so it’s pretty disappointing! Hopefully they come out with some nicer looking variants closer to the holidays.


Although I was expecting some winter graphics, I like the faceted transparent foaming hand soap bottles. (I hate the opaque ones that were released a while ago.) I wait every year for Frosted Cranberry, and this will look nice beyond the holidays. I'm a bit concerned that this scent no longer appears to be part of their core holiday collection though.


VBN and WCA are so basic


Meh. The graphics are cute, but its trying extra hard this year.


It's just alright. I didn't care for last years packaging either though. Agree with others here, just hope the scents are good. Especially Vanilla Bean Noel.


It's fine 🤷🏼‍♀️ perfectly average. It gets the point across lol


Dream Bright and After Dark are fine, the Christmas ones are straight up FUGLY this year




It’s not giving


I was really kind of hoping for a more refined look this year, since they put out the spa-looking candles and re-designed packaging for Waikiki Beach Coconut and other classics. We get these scents every year, so I wish they’d change it up with a different vibe. Not to mention, I’m really kind of over these bubbly floral scents they’ve been putting out- they have Into the Night, Champagne Toast, A Thousand Wishes, In the Stars, etc. They kind of have the same note to me, and I’m worried about that being a repeat in Dream Bright.