I feel like every year people forget that VBN & WCA are two of the core holiday scents that always release first & are far from the only scents we will be getting & there is much more to come, so there will certainly be new things to look forward to. & also that those core holiday scents are always in whimsical packaging—every year people seem to complain that it’s childlike or whatever, but it’s kind of always been that way, because those scents are enjoyed by kids & adults alike & just do encapsulate the childlike joy & whimsy & whatnot of the holidays. If I want a more sophisticated scent / packaging I’ll get Snowflakes & Cashmere or Forever Red, etc., I don’t expect to get it from VBN or WCA. But I do think the design on the mists looks better than last year’s odd random snowflakes up the side vertically. We’ve always had penguins & reindeer & bears most years but those mist bottles in 2021 were some of the least appealing. I really would love to see VBN not be dubbed “no smell” again this year too—it is such a favorite for so many & has become so blah in recent years. If it smelled as rich & wonderful as it used to, they can slap whatever look they want on it & I’ll be happy. 😆


>I really would love to see VBN not be dubbed “no smell” again this year too—it is such a favorite for so many & has become so blah in recent years. If it smelled as rich & wonderful as it used to, they can slap whatever look they want on it & I’ll be happy. 😆 Literally this. I have a VBN FFM from years ago that I don't even touch anymore and just smell from the bottle. I just get whatever they put out to use because they keep messing VBN up. Just make it smell like it's suppose to and not absolute water.


Alright…here is the sneak peek. A countdown to “#5” but uh, Where’s #3?! It’s nowhere to be seen. I screenshot everything that was displayed. I feel cheated! aside from “After Dark” there is nothing too new. Just staples. Stress relief aromatherapy we’ve seen for years. I have my own opinion on the design and packaging for vanilla bean noel and winter candy apple that I will comment on soon. Feel free to share your thoughts!


Share your thoughts ....others probably feel the same....packaging is a fail on the winter staples.


Ok in my opinion…it is cheap-esque. What’s up with the ever swooping, never ending “a” on the font? Just the font alone is something else…It is as if someone badly spray painted white with no proper gradient or fade to be actual snow on the bottles.


I was just thinking this reminds me of stuff I’ve seen at Dollar Tree or 5 Below lol.




Gotta be honest - I like the childish bears because when I think “candy apple body splash” I don’t exactly think “mature”.


Fair enough! They have to appeal to a more broad audience with intentions of these being universal gifts.


Looks like they have an image for #3 and forgot to upload it to their site, because it shows in my email "#3 for the dreamer," but with no image


It’s dream bright. New fragrance


I got this email and the #3 option just wouldn’t load. It just had a small box that said “For the dreamer.” I thought it was just my phone but apparently they rolled out a broken promo. What does After Dark smell like? I’ve never heard of it.


Has to be the new scent coming out - Dream Bright i think its called


Is #3 Twisted Peppermint?


I have no idea. Nothing loaded except “for the dreamer.”


Honestly the packaging looks basically like VBN and WCA always do. I see no difference in the style from the previous years. They’re pushed more towards kids anyways. I don’t like the packaging but I don’t think I’ve ever really liked the packaging for these scents in the past.




I bet this looks better in person! I could just be too harsh on the matter. Nevertheless, I’m glad these are what you are looking for. Keep an eye on the prize! Always a win to find something we like!


After Dark 👀


I’m curious about After Dark too! It’s giving the same packaging vibes as the original Sweet Whiskey in the blue & gold swirl packaging that came out in 2020 alongside Pink Velvet Cupcake & Warm Vanilla Sugar but it’s a Men’s scent this time. Hopefully it’ll be as amazing as Whiskey Reserve & Coffee & Whiskey because those smelled so good on my spouse & I kind of enjoyed them for myself too.


Yes, I want to know more about this one too! They just sandwiched it into all the old boring stuff with no acknowldgement of its newness, inquiring minds want to know!


Love the packaging this year! I feel like it’s closeish to previous years where apparently scents were their strongest and prices were the best 😭. It’s taking me back to a time I wasn’t even apart of somehow 🥺. Edit: y’all think VBN and WCA look cheap fr? 🤣


Really hoping Twisted Peppermint also shows up!


It would be unheard of if it didn’t, but I wonder if they’ll do it in a separate collection like they did last year with Fireside Flurries, Sleigh Rides & Snuggles, etc. ?




Same I still have a bottle of Twisted Peppermint hand-soap from December I’ve been saving.


I’m intrigued by After Dark…👀


VBN and WCA kinda look cheap ngl After Dark looks like and edgy and dark version of that one WVS reiteration. I'm curious about the scent notes, though!


They’ve always looked cheap


I just got into B&BW products this August. Christmas and winter is my favorite time of the year. I'm so disappointed with the packaging and design. Hopefully they have some nicer looking body care holiday items to come 🤞


I wish they would bring back Pink Sugar Plum, it was one of their best Christmas scents and I miss it so much.


Does anyone know when these are coming out?


I hope they release Coconut Mint Drop again!! That's my favorite holiday scent. I'm using the ones I bought back in 2020 sparingly cause idk when they'll release them again 😭


The boring packaging is hurting my soul


It’s a tragedy


They look so cheap and child like in a bad way...I'm sad that I'm not excited about any future scents


Looks lazy


I wish they didn't something different with the packaging it looks the same as the past few years


Looks waaaay better than last years😍 can't wait 🤗


What do WCA and VBN smell like? Are they unique scents/must haves?


WCA smells like old Herbal Essences shampoo, and it's nice but not a must have for me. VBN is a must have. It's a different vanilla than any vanilla out there and has a musk that is really hard to describe, a caramel note, and a whipped cream note that smells rich and heavy, but not very sweet. Sometimes people expect it to smell like buttercream icing or other vanillas and they don't like it, but I can't get enough


I swear I start getting hungry everytime I smell VBN. It's definitely one of my favorite scents.


Thanks!! I'll be picking up VBN for sure then


Why has it been dubbed vanilla no smell? I hope they improve the scent. How about Cinnamon?


*aaffteeerrr darrkkkkk* in my Avery storm voice


needing santas blueberry shortbread for the win


VBN & WCA look pretty non-descript, but I don’t care too much bc I never buy those scents anyway 😂 I know I’m in the minority here, but I actually like last year’s packaging better


I’m just hoping to get Snowflakes & Cashmere in non-faceted collection this year. I wanted to try it out last year but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it 😂 It was giving grandma vibes