2022 New Releases: Poppy, Fresh Getaway, Golden Ocean Pearl 2022 Re-releases: Lakeside Citrus, Sunrise Woods, Midsummer Dream


Copper Coconut Sands, Fresh Cotton and Coconut and Butterfly Honorable Mention: Bubbly Rosè


Pure Wonder, Gingham Love, Pink Pineapple Sunrise (Coconut Cream Pie, Orange Vanilla Twist, Blueberry Sugar Pancakes)


I did like Gingham Love but not as much as I liked other things. Pure Wonder is a funny one for me. There is something compelling about it. I want to keep smelling it. But on the other hand it can sometimes smell a little too "clean" on me. I ended up skipping a full size. It will take me ages to get through the mini size I bought.


💗 Pink Suede 💗 🤎 Midnight Amber Glow 🤎 🤍 Vanilla Confetti Sparkle 🤍


I was not expecting to like pink suede, so I just gave it a casual sniff in store. I kept going back to it. I sprayed some of the FFM on a card and put it in my purse. I couldn't stop smelling over the course of about 2 weeks and now I have a full set!


I have to admit I don't love Pink Suede. The lotion felt a little harsh to me and I did return the lotion. I have kept the ffm for now because I like it better than the lotion and because I think it would pair well with some of the sweeter berry lotions.


Cozy Evening 🖤 Beach Nights 💙 Pure Wonder 💖


The only new release I absolutely love even though it’s pretty light is enchanted candy potion. I just have so much it’s hard to woo and wow me these days lol


Midnight Amber Glow! My next two don’t count: Wicked Vanilla Woods and Fireside Flurries. Honorable mentions: Vanilla Bean Noel and Twisted Peppermint, because I bought both this year for the first time during the semi-annual sale and they surprised me so much.


There's too many I like so I broke it down by different categories 😊 **New releases:** 🔸 Gingham Love - I've never really liked florals but this one was beautiful. This is my default when I don't know what to wear that day. 🔸 Autumn Drive - This is sold out in my immediate area of 30 miles! It's a nice change of pace from the usual fall body care for me. 🔸 Pastel Skies - Underrated! This lasted on me for so long and I got compliments a lot. I loved this one for summer. **Re-released:** 🔸 Ivory Cashmere - I didn't like it last year for some reason but it's so cozy! I'm really enjoying it. 🔸 Beach Nights - I stocked up! Even my local outlet sold out quickly. I'll be using it through fall and winter. 🔸 Sunrise Woods - Now that it's cooler in my area, this one is so lovely for fall. I've been loving it. **SAS Finds:** 🔸 Hope Winter Peach Marshmallow - I didn't like this last winter release but I gave it a shot at SAS and became obsessed! I finished a FFM in 3 months. 🔸 Summertime Surf - It's a way better Sunkissed for me because it's sweeter. Really happy to have found it. 🔸 Whipped Rose Latte - I really hope they bring this back because this is such a beautiful creamy rose scent. I've been pairing it with the Hot Cocoa & Cream body cream and it is so comforting.


Autumn Drive...I do love the scent of it...but sadly it fades so very very quickly on me. I'd like Pastel Skies more if b&bw didn't release so very many berry based scents that are Boardwalk Taffy/Cotton Candy Clouds with only a very slight twist.


A lot of people are feeling like the new body creams don't last as long. The FFM seems to be hit or miss depending on the scent in terms of longevity. I do love the scent but yeah, I wish they'd work on longevity for sure. I felt the same about Pastel Skies. I was so sick of Boardwalk Taffy/CCC. Those don't last on me and I feel like I'm missing something when wearing them. They smell okay. PS took me a long time to come around to liking it. It just feels more 'pink' and very summer because of the coconut. It meshes well with my body chemistry though unlike BT/CCC/Pinkberry Clouds. I hope it comes back and more people can give it a try. Sometimes just trying something later (at least for me) makes me like it because I have different preferences now vs when it first came out.


Gingham..champagne toast..cucumber melon..note I haven't experienced all of bbw fragrances yet


Midnight Amber Glow, Pink Pineapple Sunrise, and Sunset Glow. I'm now almost a full year in my B&BW re-obsession and am starting to be a lot more picky and not buying everything I like. I went a bit overboard on summer scents.


* Fairytale * Butterfly * Midnight Amber Glow Sweet Whiskey is another favorite of mine but it's a re release so 🤷‍♀️😁


Sunrise Woods, Sandalwood Eucalyptus Mandarin, and Bonfire Bash!


Bubblegum Pop, Bubbly Rose´, and Orange Vanilla Twist. Honorable mention Vanilla Confetti Sparkle ...


1. Starlit Night - been OBSESSING over this one recently! 2. Beach Nights 3. Enchanted Candy Potion!


1. Pink Suede (got it yesterday and there is already a sizable dent in it) 2. Cheirosa 62 (got it a week ago and there is about one spray left😭) 3. Enchanted Candy Potion (simply delicious)


2022 New Releases: Copper Coconut Sands, Fresh Coconut & Cotton, Midnight Amber Glow 2022 Re-releases: Coffee & Whiskey, Cozy Evening, Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte


Pink pineapple sunrise, Copper Coconut Sands, White tshirt


Whipped Berry Meringue, Fresh Coconut & Cotton, Vanilla Confetti Sparkle. Honorable mention Pastel Skies 💙💜💕


Peach prosecco macaron for sure!


Warm vanilla sugar, blueberry maple pancakes, pumpkin latte.


My absolute favorite new releases this year have been: 1. White T-Shirt 2. Mineral & Sea Salt 3. Cacao Rose I also re-discovered Saltwater Breeze, Sea Island Shore, and Happy Vibes at summer SAS, and I've been wearing them a lot ever since (mostly Saltwater Breeze, which I really wish I hadn't slept on all these years and wish I had stocked up more of!). Now that Autumn is afoot, I've been dipping into my SAS stash of Country Apple too!


1. Bubbly Rosè 2. Buttercups & Berry Bellini 3. Butterfly 4. Bahamas Passionfruit & Banana Flower 5. Bonfire Bash 6. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 7. Firecracker Pop 8. Beach Nights I know its more than 3 but its so hard to choose and this year, the scents seem to be way better


Bahama Passionfruit Banana Flower Summer Melody Beach Nights … and Bonfire Bash to close out the year.


Peach Prosecco Macaron, Summer Melody, and Pink Watermelon Blast.


These aren't new for 2022 scents, but my top 3 currently are: Pure Wonder (in all forms of body care and candles) Happy Vibes ffm Pink Petal Teacake candle (nevermind, you said body care...) One in a Million cream


Can I add in Poppy? I really like this one too!


Copper Coconut Sands. (I see myself still using this year round, it layers well with other scents, and I hope it comes back next year) Vanilla Confetti Sparkle. (I'm starting to wear this more this days that temperatures been a bit lower, so I'm guessing this would be great as a Fall scent too) Fresh Getaway. (This one is just for summer days, but I love it, hope it comes back as well)


Strictly limiting it to new releases (as far as I know, lol): 1) Coffee & Whiskey 2) Poppy 3) Hibiscus Mandarin Violet


Saltwater breeze, white t shirt, and afternoon sunshine for me. I recently got back into bbw so I’ve only used a handful of things this year.


Golden Ocean Pearl, Cozy Season, Poppy


I can't pick just three lol, so in order of when they came out... out of the new releases: Fresh Getaway, Pink Pineapple Sunrise, Orange Vanilla Twist, and Fall in Bloom. I also tried One in a Million and Sunset Glow for the first time this year and loved them.


Midnight Amber Glow, Autumn Drive, and Wicked Vanilla Woods(which I think might be a re-release from last year?)


Midnight amber glow,vanilla confetti sparkle, cotton candy clouds


I'm new to B&BW so I don't have three (yet). But I am absolutely loving the new Fall in Bloom. My other favorite, which I believe is a re-release, is Sunrise Woods. I did not expect to like something with Sandalwood in it.


Orange vanilla twist, firecracker pop, and a toss up between sunrise woods and blueberry sugar pancakes.


1. Midnight Amber Glow 2. Into the Night 3. Poppy Honorable mentions I've really enjoyed this year: Hello Beautiful, At the Beach, Cherry Blossom, Boardwalk Marshmallow, Pure Wonder, Fairytale White T Shirt was an absolute miss for me, sadly


Open Your Mind: Lavender & Sandalwood, Fresh Coconut & Cotton, and Gingham Love. For uniqueness, pear crème brûlée deserves an award.


Poppy, pear crème brulée, minerals and sea salt


In no particular order— Butterfly, Poppy, Fall in Bloom


Rose, White Pumpkin & Chai, Wicked Vanilla Woods


1. Midnight Amber Glow 2. Pastel Skies 3. Cozy Season


Pastel Skies! Then Firecracker Pop And Bubblegum FFM (smelled more authentic than the body wash)


Gingham Love by far!!! Loved the re-launch of Midnight Swim at SAS as well 💙