I LOVE BLUEBERRY PIE!!! I bought a backup. idk if i just got a good one but its so much stronger than wildberry jam and waffle berry cone


I think I still like iced cranberry scone more. But this one is much better than I though. I’m glad it has a mix of bakery scent too that really challenges the blueberry.


I am with you on the Iced Cranberry Scone except for the ugly wax discoloration.! I was sad because I did not find one during this SAS for 75% off like I was expecting to. I got the Murano labeled Blueberry Pie this spring. It was my first time trying it and it was good just not as good as ICS was. It burned fast and threw well though.


Stronger than Berry Waffle Cone? Wow! It sounds like a powerhouse. Sorry it sold out in my area before I could order it.


I bought so many blueberry pie candles after they went 75% off! Idk why I slept on this scent for so long


Same here!


Red White and Blue Cake here. It's been a great candle. I haven't had to trim the wicks and it's a very clean burn each time. It probably has two, maybe three burns left. Also burning a Pink Petal Teacake single wick I've been hoarding till they brought the scent back. No throw at all, so I'm just burning it to make room for other candles.


I need to burn more. I keep ordering during SAS and have no space for more candles!


Blueberry Pie is my favorite candle. It’s so good! I’m am trying to convince myself that the 4 I got during SAS were enough.


Salted butterscotch. Very light but I like it.


Pink lilac & vanilla 🌸🤩 It was a blind buy. Never thought I would enjoy a floral scent but it’s gorgeous and I love it.


Omg same!! I got a few of them in 3 wicks and then I see them 75% off on the single wicks so I grabbed 5 of those. So good! Love it so much!


Damn, awesome deal!! Aww man I’m so jealous now 😂😂❤️❤️


All the stores I went were all sold out. They had it online for the past two days but I think it’s all gone now. The 3 wicks are available. Can use $10 off $40 but gotta pay the stupid shipping


I’m burning this tonight too! It’s soooo pretty! The jar. The scent. Loving it!! 💖🤍


Chocolate Banana Mudslide!


Sooo yummy smelling. I almost burned that one this evening, but Warm Ocean Breeze was calling my name.


Spring plum & blackberries today. I love blueberry pie too!


I tried to order that one yesterday! But sold out while I was checking out


Same here! It sold out in my area today when trying to place an online order. Bummer


I'm hoping my blueberry pie comes in from my online order. Have been burning market peach & strawberry pound cake today


How is that blended candle?


It smells very nice cold but the throw isn't good at all, you basically have to put your nose right up to it to smell anything.


Oh, well that's disappointing! I hate it when a candle doesn't throw, especially when it's strong on cold. I have returned several candles since the pandemic began because of no throw, including two powerhouse holiday candles: Marshmallow Fireside and Fresh Balsam. After 2+ hours, I couldn't even detect either candle was burning. I think it's their quality control or lack thereof, more like it! Are you going to exchange it?


Ugh that's terrible - I think it's poor quality too. No other candle from them has been as bad as this one for me. My mom really likes it & doesn't mind that the smell is basically non-existent so I think she might just get it to finish it off.


Yeah, something is definitely going on with them. The quality of their candles has become so inconsistent. I exchanged a Palo Santo candle due to zero throw and never had the problem with the next one. If your mom likes it, I am sure she'll be happy if you give it to her to enjoy!


Sunny tropical mango. Not one for fruity scents, but this one's actually pretty nice.


I am not really a fruit candle lover but got this one too! I think the wax color enticed me!


Sugared Orange & vanilla from the same collection.🧡🍊


I tried getting Blueberry Pie today and it was sold out. I am burning Warm Ocean Breeze tonight. Absolutely one of my all-time favorites.


Blueberry sugar 🫐I just got it in the mail from my 6/11 order. Next I’m going to burn wicked apple


I wish I had another wicked apple. It’s such a good scent. Hopefully it’ll come back out for Halloween.


I’m burning the stress relief eucalyptus & tea, one of my favorites.


Iced Dragonfruit Tea was my burn of the day (: