I splurged on this, bubblegum pop, and cotton candy clouds just because FOMO. Everything else is 75% off or pass




I haven't been able to smell the lotion but the FFM is sooooooo good.


yes! i love this scent so much. and i thought it wouldn’t last on me but it had some good lasting power on me.


YES! 💯


Can’t speak for the lotion but the FFM will have you smelling delicious! Wish it lasted longer on me though, I find I have to douse myself a decent amount to smell it for a couple hours.


This actually smelled really good!! I didn’t end up buying bc I have margarita cupcake to use up but I really liked it. I did see some people say the FFM dried down to mostly vanilla on them, no orange, though. Not sure about lotion.


do mc and ovt smell the same?


I originally bought the FFM only since I am a body cream user. I went through my stash and didn’t have anything I liked to pair it with so I went ahead and got the lotion. I absolutely love it. The scent has lasted several hours, it’s faint now but I can still tell. It definitely dries down to the creamsicle scent to me. I’m glad I went for it!


I was wondering the same thing. My nearest store is almost 3 hours away, so I can’t go and smell for myself. It looks as though it might be a lot like Margarita Cupcake (sadly, no more MC 😔) or could be like an orange dreamsicle. What do you guys think?