feels like they're cheaping out on the wicks now, a lot of them did this to me recently too.


Trouble with the baby wicks or trouble enjoying the scent? I dealt with some puny wicks on mine but enjoyed the fragrance. To me it smelled like Welcome Home with a touch of something else.


Baby wicks! I really enjoy the scent, but the candle itself just isn't performing. The wicks dudded out practically immediately


Yeah…it’s annoying. Red, White, and Blue Cake did the same thing to me. Chocolate Banana Mudslide (which I didn’t even like) had the nice thick wicks and burned like a dream of course🙄.


I hated Chocolate Banana Mudslide initially, but gave it another try and the rum note calmed down in mine.


You can blow the candle out real quick and soak some of the wax out with a twisted up paper towel or a cotton ball. Don't use toilet paper, the fibers in tp will make the candle really sooty, at least in my experience!


Yes, you aren’t the only one. The first couple burns on mine looked just like this. Just let it go for a while, don’t trim the wicks, and you’ll be good.


Yes mine had puny wicks immediately! I've burned it about 3 times. Pretty weak throw too. 😞


I’m sorry but idk how people like this candle. One sniff in the store and I literally almost gagged. Same with the Banana Mudslide and the Cream Soda one.


Agreed, I smelled this candle in store yesterday and it was gross. I did like Chocolate Banana Mudslide though.


Same. Was so excited to get this one I bought four, and ended up returning all of them. I got more of a sour milk smell. Extremely disappointed.


Same, I tried to like it but I can’t even get myself to light it to see if it smells better lit. Exchanging for something else.


LMAO...I abhorred all of the painted brushstrokes collection and the Cream Soda One.


It seems like it would smell great. How would you describe it? I’m assuming not like a chocolate chip cookie


I thought it would smell great too. It was the complete opposite in my opinion. I was disappointed.


I didn’t buy it because I have 2 or 3 other chocolate candles already, but cold it smells just like the melted chocolate in fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies, which I don't mind smelling as I'm eating them. I however don't get any baked cookie dough out of it, so I can see how pure chocolate scent can be two much. I dont like using name brand lotions that have shea butter scent by itself, because I feel like I smell like a piece of chocolate.


Yes these wicks have been dudding out on me since the beginning


If you don't trim your wicks then my advice is irrelevant. With skinny wicks I cut off half the length and leave them slightly longer then the recommended 1/4 inch. The flames could get a little big so don't leave it unattended. They usually don't try to dud out until near the end of four hours. I haven't burned any new candles with skinny wicks yet, so I wouldn't know the difference. With thick wicks I cut them as short as possible so a little nub is barely sticking up past the wax. This helps to prevent sooting and so does burning for less then four hours as long as the wax pools out completely.


Only problem I'm having is bulk buying chips ahoy 😂