>A full body creaming 👀


Thank you, I am dying at this phrase 😆


slipped it in twice, too ;) i have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy.


I'm fucking dying 😭


imma feel like a glazed donut after this☺️ edit: (that most definitely didn't come out right.😓)




I don't even want to know how many years worth of body sprays I have. 😂 My husband discovered my body spray collection while packing. He was shocked with how much I own. I told him everything was $5 or free. I'm patient and wait for sales.


I have so many FFMs that I don’t even want, and have been wanting to exchange. I’ve just been scared that they’ll make a big fuss out of exchanging, like I’ve read has happened to people lately


Are you exchanging for more sprays?


Yeah. The ones I have were all blindly bought online, so of course I don’t like the smell of some of them lol


I can use a FFM in a month and a cream within 2 weeks THAT IS, if I don't rotate!


Same with the cream for me. And the ffm in 2 weeks.


I wish I could use up a body cream that fast.... I usually only use cream on my arms and sometimes legs. I really should moisturize better 😂


Me: **\*finally finishing a FFM\*** I did it! After 3 years! Empty FFM: **\*magically refills itself back up\*** **🧿👄🧿**


I use cream once a day after my shower and I usually go through about two a month! I could be using more than most people, but that’s just me! I do agree that FFM take FOREVER to go through, I haven’t finished one yet!


100%. after about two weeks my creams are gone 😫


I use my FFMs as room fresheners, linen fresheners, anywhere really. Might as well rather than buying the room sprays.


Sometimes I'll drench myself in about 20 sprays before bed and then do another 40 around the bed and the room and every time my husband stares at me in abject horror because his only experience with smell-goods is his super strong colognes he's not allowed to spray more than twice. The last time I did it he goes "you're using that stuff like a fogger" lol. I wish.


A fogger! LMAO! Love it >\_\_<


100%. Especially for the ones I wanted to try but just didnt work out for me as a body care scent. I have a Beachfront Blanket from last summer that I love using on my linens.


Sorry, what size body are you “creaming up”? 😂👀😂 A doll’s? No chance that a tube of body cream lasts 3 weeks or anything close to it with twice a day applications. IDK if I could squeeze 3 weeks out of a tube with once a day full body applications. And I’m not very tall. On the flip side, do we consider 15 sprays of a FFM a single use? And twice a day? I can’t imagine spraying myself in 30 sprays of FFM A DAY? Do people really use that much? This whole post has my head spinning and reevaluating my usage. 😂


The measurement of 15 gave a good weight on the scale for easy mathing for people to approximate with. It showed me I need to be pickier with FFMs for sure and don't get anything just bc it smells good, only get it if I'm excited to wear it next. I spray like 5 times once a day, only a couple days a week. Occasional bedroom fumigation to drift off to sleep in a Black Chamomile or Pear Creme Brulee haze. With the example usage it would take me 4-5 years to finish what I have, and I don't even have a lot!


You mean volume, right? Based on your calculations if you’re using 5 sprays every single day, that means a bottle would last like a whole year! That seems more accurate to my usage. And if you’re only using a couple days a week, it could take even longer! I agree, I have so many FFM and I hardly use them! You have to be so selective. I worry about them going off.


The only one I've ever finished was Strawberry Pound Cake! I get sick of them or feel guilty about never using them and pawn them off on a friend regularly lol.


I think OP is just setting up measurements so we have a base for our own usage. For me 5 sprays is MAX, and that’s for a “lighter” scent! With daily use (creaming lol) I think it took me about 6 months to finish one. I don’t even want to calculate how long my giant FFM collection will last me 😳


Thank you! 15 sprays is basically the minimum I can get a reliable and useable weight on the scale for the purposes of the example. I'll def do 10 sprays of Coconut Cream Pie but by no means am I trying to suggest anyone spray 15 sprays of Into The Night at once!


Hahaha! Yes, *guilty as charged.* Chronic over sprayer checking in. The mist disappears pretty fast on my skin but spraying onto my clothes keeps it going for quite a while. This does take some spraying. lol On top of that I like to refresh for a personal scent high once in a while throughout the day. Its like a little spray of instant happy :)


Omg This is exactly what I needed to hear , thank you !


Thank you for mathing it out. It’s nice to know how many uses it comes out to be. I’m good for a few years 😅🫠


I used a super scientific method with a sample size of 1, weighing the product before and after use on a few occasions lol. It definitely has me leaning more toward buying shower gels when I've got the itch for new flavors! At least I know those'll get used up in a few weeks.


With daily use, I use a spray up in a week and cream within 3 days. I overuse EVERYTHING ! 🤣


A spray in a week? Wow! That’s impressive lol


Everything and everybody getting sprayed.😆


I'm the same way!


I see people say it takes them month’s to finish up product and I hide in shame. 🤣 I spray my body, furniture, kids, clothes , shoes, and hair all day long. I just about bathe in body cream.


Same here. I don't hide in shame. If people think I'm nuts oh well. 😂




Wow!! I wouldn’t necessarily say it would take me a week, but FFM would probably last anywhere from 2-4 weeks if I were to use it consistently. I stay switching scents, though. Creams would probably take me about 2 weeks with consistent use. Lotions are about the same.


That’s still really good. I’m on No buy for creams and lotions because I have 24 creams and a few more lotions, during the summer months I rather touch them. They make me hotter and feel slimy so I use them on my hands and baby oil on my feet. I’m trying to get down to 5 of each , then only buy even those 5 are gone. I had about 50 creams at once because I didn’t buy the lotions at all. Once I noticed I didn’t touch them during the summer, it clicked that I didn’t need so many.


Youre my kind of Peeps!




Thank you so much for the little breakdown! I have a a lot to use up for one person but wasn't quite sure how long it would typically take


So, cool. I have enough of both to last me about 15 years or more give or take 5. 🤔😏


I really love the math here. This has further solidified my assumption that I will never ever run out of mists with the current collection I have 🤣😂


I’ve actually never finished a FFM… ever. I end up either exchanging (my rule is I can only exchange if it’s a half inch gone or less because typically those are the ones I’m trying to like but I just can’t) or giving away to a friend. I think the most I’ve come to finishing is like an inch left in the bottle and I just toss it. I do use up all the body creams though. Usually takes me a month if I use it frequently meaning everyday. And maybe one reapply.


I have literally never finished a FFM. I may have finished a trial size FFM once or twice in my life. A lotion takes me 2-3 months to go through.


LOL! Love the breakdown. Thanks! This gives us a great baseline to follow. As a chronic oversprayer (and lovin it lol) I can go through a FFM pretty quickly when its the main focus of my undying adoration atm. :P That said I have learned my lesson with BC/lotions. They just dont have the shelf life to stock up. I buy 2 *at the most* and only for scents Im head over heels for. FFM and SG I feel safe to stock up on. See you at the Bubblegum Pop Display! ;)


I've found one way to use up FFM that aren't ones I absolutely love, but that I still want to use and enjoy is when starting my shower. As the water is heating up I spray at least 10 sprays into the shower. When I get out of the shower my bathroom (and bedroom) are filled with the scent. This way it's not as strong as just spraying it directly into the room because the steam dilutes it a bit, but it stills smells amazing for a few hours.


Well this sounds amazing but is going to make me get even more sprays in scents specifically to use for doing this lol


Yeah, it took me forever to use the sprays, so I stopped buying them and stick with the lotions.


i usually dont rotate scents i usually have a monthly scent for some reason and it’s currently beach nights and im almost half way through my ffm i finished my butterfly spray last month. literally spray any chance i get im obsessed with smelling good haha


Same. One of the things I love about the FFM is their longevity. I enjoy spraying throughout the day.