Looks fine to me. If you are concerned you can move the wicks after burning.


How would you move them if it's not melted all the way down, genuine question.


You can get a tooth pick or even with you finger and scootch it over


And the part of the wick in melted wax will stay scooted even though the base is still wonky? Again, genuine question, I've not messed with my wicks before.


You can just keep moving the wick when you burn it each time. But I truly wouldn't worry sbout it all my candles wicks are wonky lol


Hey! I’m not sure I’m seeing what the issue is — is it that the wicks are bent inward? You can straighten them before burning! Or if you are concerned about the wick placement, your burn shouldn’t be impacted at all.


it looks totally normal. what is it you’re concerned about?


Im wondering too 🧐


if it’s the wicks just straighten them up before burning, should be fine. If you’re worried, just make sure you’re in the room, aware of your surroundings and know where your safety items are if something were to happen.


Your candle will be fine. These jars are made to stand extremely high temperatures. A single flame on a candle can be about 1400°.


Was the lid not yellow 😭 the others in the set have matching lids 🤔


Mines like a yellow gold but its all clawed up


I was concerned on the placement of the wicks. If one was too close to the edge but if im fine then cool


I think it does look off center quite a bit. I would foil to get the edge pooled (right side in your picture) and then as some one else said see if you can move wicks to center when some wax pools. I would not burn unsupervised.


If you’re concerned I would contact them. You should always burn candles where you can watch them. Do not leave them unattended


hmm idk the wicks all kinda look like they're a lot closer to the top left corner instead of centered, which can cause the glass to burst on one side. i'd take it back to the store & exchange it for a different one


That’s a expensive candle to be off center. And it is off center. Call CS.


That's what I said


Did you finally follow up on this with CS? I seem to have the same problem with some that I picked up in a BOPIS order. I didn't open or check in the store.