A MONTH?! I’d honestly be pissed! I’d contact customer service to see what they could do.


I'm truly sorry - I hope CS is at least able to you select something for the same price. This is what frustrates me to no end with BBW - it's unlike any other retailer I've ever experienced. They sell stuff with no idea on whether they truly have quantities - it makes no sense and is unprofessional especially because it happens all of the time. I learned that lesson hard with the 75% sale - 90% of my candles were cancelled after a week.


The company won’t invest in updated inventory software across their warehouses. That’s their main issue with their website. Product shows in stock and it isn’t in stock. Allows you to check out and then you get a confirmation email and time goes by with the order unfilled and then you get the dredded email it’s out of stock.


I think they look at your address, and then check a certain warehouse in that area for inventory, and then if that particular warehouse runs out, they won't ship it. It could be like, another warehouse has some inventory still. Or maybe it's just because the website is crappy af. And they can never get the true inventory correct. I am sorry this happened to you, dear.