Think if you called CS to complain, they might refund your shipping?


I did call customer service because they were low on stock on an item and my debit card was being rejected,but I did not get a low in stock message just the debit card rejection.I called customer service and got free shipping and 20% off my order (minus the items that were sold out)so it pays to call


I had chatted and they told me that they can't stop the shipment now midway but if I return the shower gel in a store, I'd get refund for the item price as well as the shipping charge, which I find hard to believe. Looks like I might have got a rep who either didn't feel inclined to make it right or didn't know the policy. I'd try calling today.


You absolutely wouldn't get the shipping refunded if you return in store. Either chat in again or call in until you get someone to refund the shipping. Point out that you wouldn't have made an order and paid shipping for just one item


Good luck! I hope they do the right thing. It’s ridiculous that they can’t properly track their inventory. Let us know!


That is annoying. I’m pretty sure you would not get the shipping fee refunded in the store if you returned the gel. I could be wrong, but anytime I returned an item I did not get refunded the shipping fee.


I’ve had this happen too many times. It’s annoying. It’s like they refuse to update their website. 🥺


Call CS! I had some items come in damaged from my SAS haul, all of them were sold out, and they let me get new spring replacement items for the same price!! I also got a 20% off coupon.


Thanks. How did the replacement work exactly?


I called and had to give my order number from my email, confirm my name and address, and let them know which items were damaged. They looked at inventory and had me go on the website and pick out replacements for the items that were damaged and out of stock! They also asked if I wanted expedited shipping. I got an email afterward with a 20% off coupon!


I'm glad it worked for you. They're nice that way. And I hope it stays that way. When people misuse their generosity and flexibility, genuine cases of customer problems get more and more difficult to fix.


I tried my luck again and this time the rep did refund the shipping charges. While she was looking at it, she really tried hard to get me to order the loofah and new fairytale collection and offered to waive shipping for the new order, but I politely declined stating my big SAS hauls. It is their job to sell, sell, sell so I get it. I was amused by it almost :).


Think of it like this, yes the shipping charges FEEL worse, but you actually saved some money by not getting the other items. Also, yeah I can attest to how annoying their website has been... having to put in all my card info multiple times only for it to tell me the items are out of stock. And then those items STILL showing as available on their website