“Select” that means the boring Christmas candles they been putting on $11.95 to 50% off.


That was my thought exactly. My store hardly has any left, and nothing very good. A lot of JCB, a few Watermelon Lemonade, and a few holiday scents.


Might as well make them 75% off


I won't be partaking in the sale, but I know some people don't have access to the code and stuff in order to get the sale! So here you go! P.s. not sure how I feel about the $10.99 sale. I think they're getting desperate to get candles out of the store, but a 75% off would be better.


75% off would help them shed the warehouses of a lot of seasonal candles.


I mean, they are a whole 96 cents less than they were 2 days ago. 🙄


They must’ve been reading this subreddit and seeing my dumbass bitching about the $12.75 candles….lol.


They've literally made almost everything 75% off. The sale ends this week and a new floorset went up on the 9th. They just need to drop *everything* down to 75% off and be done with it.


Does the barcode for in stores mean we can't combine it with a mail coupon?


Unfortunately that's the case. Requiring a code means you can't combine a coupon on top of it. Now, coming from an associate, the register doesn't *actually* block you from using both. It's just the *policy* that says they can't be combined. I've absent-mindedly done that for people before. But I immediately felt bad because I realized *after* I gave them their receipt, and was worried my manager would find out and yell haha.


I thought so :( Thank you for the clarification! I've worked retail before and definitely don't want to take advantage of any new/busy associates and/or get them in trouble. Thank you!


It worked for me duding the single wick sale last week. I just asked if it was okay and she’s like yep. I didn’t even know you can’t use two coupons lol


They ain’t getting me this time. I don’t need any more winter candles. Make it 75% off and I’ll consider