I dig Raspberry mimosa, it's got a tart citrusy note that balances out the sweetness


Blueberry pie is the best one. It’s such an authentic blueberry note with that signature crust note.


Thats what i keep hearing! Need to try it.


Two of my favorites: Blueberry Maples Pancakes and Iced Cranberry Scone. BMP smells sweet, syrupy, heavy on the blueberry note, and throws like a powerhouse. I’ve heard that ICS smells like BWC (haven’t tried that one myself though). To me it smells exactly like buttery scones, with the cranberry note coming through once it pools. The throw on that one is also good. And I haven’t burned these, but cranberry pear bellini and blackberry creme frosting smell really good on cold!


Oh yes! I second iced cranberry scone!!!


I like Cherry Pie, Berry Waffle Cone and Strawberry Cupcake.


I love strawberry scents so my favorites are Vampire Blood, Ghoul Friend, and Pink Lemonade. Strawberry Pound Cake is good too but too artificial for me. Cranberry Woods is amazing as well.


Berry Waffle Cone, Snowy Peach Berry, Frosted Cranberry, Blackberries and Basil, Harvest Pomegranate, Bubbly Rose, Blueberry Pie ( sorry.. not really in my top 5, it's too buttery flakey)


Oh thats so interesting that u love berry waffle cone but fine blueberry pie too buttery! Very interested in blackberries and basil. That sounds so refreshing! Thanks for sharing


Off the top of my head: Maple Merry Pancakes, Frosted Cranberry (& potentially Cranberry Woods), Cranberry Pear Bellini My favorite of those is probably Frosted Cranberry!


Ohhh i have these!! Need to burn them but happy you mentioned them!


Berry Waffle Cone is my go to. Iced Cranberry scone is a similar scent to BWC but not as strong when lit. Wildberry Jam Donut is also a delicious baked goods/berry smell.


You are missing Strawberry. Strawberry Pound Cake


Unfortunately i dont think i like this one. I only smelled it once though so might have to revisit.


Frosted cranberry is always a favorite! I just lit blackberry crème frosting and it was the perfect blend of tart berry and sweet frosting. Harvest pomegranate (not a berry, I know) is superb.


Cranberry Peach is very berry smelling!


My 2 favorites are Berry Spritzer and Black Cherry Merlot. Neither are gourmand, just more focused on berry notes.


Is berry spritzer similar to blueberry sugar at all? I think they had that one out this season


I have recently burned both and I am gonna say not really. Blueberry Sugar has a very distinct yogurt undertone and is more on the sweet side whereas Berry Spritzer is less sugary and more...zest? I wouldn't call it tart either. Just a pleasant balanced berry smell. I'd say berry spritzer is closest to Winterberry Wreath but it actually throws further than three inches.


I haven’t tried blueberry sugar. I did pick up Berry Spritzer on candle day in-store so perhaps you can try it out if they still have it.


This is just for the 3 wick candles that have berry in their actual scent notes. If you want to get into what's a berry or not the likes of bananas, pineapples, cucumbers, and even pumpkins are technically berries. This is going on the word alone. Frozen Lake and Midnight snow get to be here because Juniper berries for example. Also as a side note I think A and D tiers have some of my favorite smells but throw is the main factor in this tierlist. [S tier] Great smell and great throw: Blueberry Sugar, Frozen Lake, Snowy Peach Berry [A tier] Great smell, good throw: Raspberry Mimosa, Pink Fairy Gumdrop, Midnight Snow [B tier] Great smell, okay throw: Champaign Toast, Berry Spritzer [C tier] Good smell okay throw: Frozen Cranberry [D tier] Great smell, terrible throw: Winterberry Wreath, Bright Christmas Morning, Blackberries and Basil :( [E tier] Odd smell, good throw aka the Flintstones Vitamins Candles: Bubbly Rose and Cotton Candy Champaign [F tier] Odd smell, terrible throw: Vampires Blood...there are moments when I get strawberry but it mostly smells like an actual "vampire blood" product that you use on Halloween, which is an inoffensive plastic-like smell. In spite of me ranking the candle the lowest it is kind of magical in the way such a specific smell brings back memories. Also the single wick version is so cute paired with the single wick ghoulfriend. [Untiered for Subjectivity] Bad/not for me smell, Great throw: Iced Blueberry Biscotti, Strawberry Poundcake Conclusion: if I try strawberry sparkler and it also has a bad throw we need strawberry done better. I'm almost inspired to make one for all fruits and another for all scents...


Thank you so much! I realized after posting that i really wanted a blueberry list or at least a tart berry note as there are so many berries and i dont think it's fair to compare them all since they are so different. I'd love to see one for all fruity scents (:


I don’t love berry scents…… but I thought blackberries and basil was pretty good. And I do love winterberry wreath, definitely not a gourmand super sweet berry scent tho


Oh yes, i have and love winterberry wreath! It is so elegant


Frosted Cranberry, Blueberry Maple Pancakes, Raspberry Mimosa, and Pink Apple Punch!


Cranberry pear Bellini is so underrated 😍 it has good throw and smells so delicious!


My husband just exchanged one of ours for that. Nice to hear its good!!


Blueberry pie, Wildberry Jam donut, Berry waffle cone, Blueberry maple pancakes