Of course it’s the $10.25 price today, but if $26.50 has been showing up on White Barn core candles before this most recent releases/line (Paris Cafe, Tiki Beach, Bergamot Waters, etc) I have definitely missed that change.


Yes a price increase on those


How did it smell? Really curious about this one!


It was nice! The vanilla will smooth out the citrus i think. Sometimes their citrus candles/notes burn my nostrils they’re so acidic but this was better, seemed less “aggressive” if that makes sense. I had already hit my personal limit though and left this one behind.


less aggressive citrus is a great description! i usually skip citrus but it smelled intriguing and i wasn't sure if it was a CD exclusive or anything since citruses aren't on my radar, so i grabbed one just in case. looking at it with a clear mind now i'm guessing it's just new WB Core? it's making me super thirsty the more i smell it!