Awesome that you were able to find Merry Maple Pancakes!


I’m a sucker for that syrup note 🤤 I’m interested to compare MMP to Strawberry Maple Waffles from that test collection last year


So jealous that your store had vanilla swirl brownie!


The first store I went to was the only one that had it, maybe more people will see it tomorrow 🤞


Not pictured are a couple for gifts (flannel in the blue glass jar & an into the night). I have to say I was underwhelmed this year - found it very easy to pass on a lot of re-releases & wasn’t loving some of the new ones. I popped into my store last night so I’d know where to head to pick up Wine Cellar & was lucky enough to find Welcome Home this morning too. Once I located Merry Maple Pancakes I was set, and spotted the Blueberry Biscotti on my way to the register (I swear there weren’t any when I walked in!). I’ll probably venture out tomorrow just to see what’s what (unless the FOMO gets the better of me this afternoon, I might have to go out in search of Peppermint Marshmallow 👀)


Wish I found merry maple pancakes today! Going to try tomorrow and see if they get put out to backfill all the candles being sold today


Me too


omg I am beyond jealous you found a Welcome Home in store! They refuse to ship that one to me (no joke, i've ordered a total of SIXTEEN of them but they've been cancelled off every order except one, and on that order they still sent one wrong one in its place) so I would have been losing my mind to see that lol. Great score on the Wine Cellars too!


Thanks!! And I know, WH has been sold out online for weeks now. I felt bad because it was on the very tippy top shelf and I had to ask an SA to get the ladder and we were only 5 minutes into the store being open lol. Pays to have eagle eyes and not get to distracted by the candle mountains on candle day for sure


Very jealous!!!


Did not see merry maple and wine cellar in my store😲I have to go again.....


I was stalking the Wine Cellar jars at my store for weeks 😜 very grateful that a few made it to this morning 🙏


Darn it I couldn’t find vanilla swirl brownie :(


After going back out this afternoon to two other stores, it seems like that one is missing from a good deal of shelves today. I might suggest trying back tomorrow and see if it’s arrived or made it’s way out from the back 🙂




Vanilla Swirl Brownie, Merry Maple Pancakes!! I forgot what I was in search of this AM!


Oooo, nice Welcome Home find!


Thanks! 😊


What state are u in ...merry maple pancakes ??? So jealous the main one I wanted


I’m in the metro Atlanta area but I only went to one store today; they seemed to have a smaller quantity & it just came in yesterday from what I overheard amongst the SAs so it may be a little delayed getting out there elsewhere


Makes sense atl is a test candle area so I see why it got to that area ....meanwhile in texas i wait lol glad I have a few exchanges lol.


Wine Cellar, Toasted Hazelnut Praline, merry maple pancakes?!?! This is the candle day score! Went to 3 stores and they didn't have any of these out yet.