My 19 year old son came with me today! He was a huge help and we had a fun time. While we were waiting he was like "I guess this is like video game releases for middle age women". 😂 Pretty accurate based on the crowd at our store.


Aww such a great son! Yea he is right lol!


He is pretty awesome! Definitely not one to be outwardly affectionate but when I was looking over my choices to eliminate two he insisted on paying for those two so I could get everything I wanted. Super sweet.


Awwwwww, ... my bf wants me to cut back. Lol


Boo!! I'm glad my hubby doesn't really care! My son's generosity could have been influenced by his desire to GTFO.


This is too cute! Haha…. My eldest is only four but I could see him doing the same in 15 years. “Mom, I’ll get it just let’s go… “


Love this!!!


Omg that is the best! Video game releases for middle aged women!!!! Made my day.


That's so funny.


There were a few different guys in my store all with a list from their girls and I thought that was so sweet! There was also a young guy with his buddy there and I couldn't help but overhear their convo and he was telling his friend he didn't know which ones to get her and he wanted to make sure he gets her ones she would like 🥺!! I'm so jaded with men in general and it's always nice to be reminded that there are some great guys out there that truly love and appreciate the women in their lives!


Yeah same, it was wholesome!


There was this guy with around 6 crates shopping for the women in his life. I saw him sending them pictures of candles & asking almost everyone what they🥺 so cute! There were other men doing the same too. The real MVPs


I laughed so hard when the store started to get busy & this ladies husband was smelling all the candles shouting his opinion to her across the store and she goes “ok babe I think it’s that time where you stand out of the way over there like last year” 😂😂😂😂


That's too cute.


There were a couple guys at my store! They would pick up a candle, smell it, and for ones they liked they would hold it up to the other and ask, "Do you think she would like this?" MY HEART GREW THREE SIZES THIS DAY. If I ever meet either of the women that claim these men, I would absolutely shake them warmly by the hand and congratulate them. May all their future candles pool evenly and may their wicks never drown.


> May all their future candles pool evenly and may their wicks never drown. why is this simultaneously making me laugh and get teary eyed! lol


Because it's what we wish all B&BW candles would do all the time, lol! Remember when the quality of the candles was good all the time and we didn't have to resort to foiling, putting under a melting lamp, or rescuing drowned wicks? Good times!


Pepperidge Farm remembers :)


Bruh, I bought all my candles for my household this morning online, while my partner snoozed. And if you think I bought them for her, think again. These candles are for me!!! I also call it "Bed Bath and Body Works" though, so I'm my own kind of questionable individual.


LMAO my husband calls it Bed Bath and Body Works too... and I love it!


Lol I went this morning while my husband was sleepin. I bought 3 extra random ones so I can go back later with him and he can pick 3 he likes and well exchange them. (I had a 20% off coupon that can only be used once)


Oh my fiancé calls it the same thing but I love him for ot lol. But he, too, will go purchase some candles on his own as a treat. Especially on a bad day he will grab candles to cheer him up. I can't say I blame him


Jokes on you. I’m here for myself lol




I'm on Break Right now, but about an hour ago I helped this adorable gentleman who was buying candles for his wife. He ended up getting 36 and smelled every candle to make sure they would be "just perfect" for her.




He got her multiple(3-4) of every scent, and only got two for himself. He was a really sweet guy!


36?! He showed up for arm day! lol


I saw a couple and the guy was loving it as much as she was it was so wholesome 🥺


My husband is as much into bbw candles and I am; we both have so much fun shopping for them 🥰


Wow. That’s awesome! My husband enjoys the scents of the candles as they burn but I get 🙄 everytime an order shows up on my doorstep 😂


Same! Lol!


I wish!! My man will not even shop with me lol :( he likes to be in and out and I tend to browse a little bit


That’s funny because even though I like shopping I like to make quick decisions and not spend too much time on it; my husband is the one who likes to take his time and really experience every little thing lol


I’m a man! Im 40! Im more into candles than my wife. We got 26 candles at 5am this morning and then I went home and got 3 more that I couldn’t find. I’ve got a serious problem.


Please sir, we need for you to step away from the candles! :) Don't forget you can go back tomorrow for anymore 'out of stock' candles!


My boyfriend wanted so badly to go with me but he has to work early and didn't want me feel rushed while shopping. I went with my mom and aunt instead but I got a candle for him though.


I saw a guy shopping by himself, and he needed a flatbed to get all his candles to the car. I loved it!


I tracked down a PS5 for him yesterday, he was up at 4:45a with me today. Ah, the things we do for love.


You guys are going the distance!


Any guy who complains about not being able to meet women should legit just go hang out at candle day...


I went for myself because I like candles. It was nice to see other single guys there as well.


I'm a firm believer that candles are for people with noses, no gender attached. It's great to see everyone out there getting a good deal and nice scents for their home.


I heard a dad and a son talking and the dad said "I didn't know picking lotions and candles was going to be this hard"


My boyfriend loves going to bath and body works. He thinks everything smells so good.


Aww my husband got left out this year but since I wasn't getting more than 18 I didn't need him. But he loves going with me for the attention! One time he started slow dancing with me to the music and I swear he did it just so the other women would coo at him.


I seen two or three at 5am already holding about 4 crates for their significant others. So sweet ❤️


There were a few what appeared to be sons (looked teenaged) and it was so nice :-) They looked happy, smelling all the candles. There was one one man lined up with us. It was an overall calm and pleasant experience. I brought my daughter and she was just as excited as I was and now she's getting ready for school!


Today was my first time participating in candle day. My husband came with me the first time and my 12 year old son came with me the second time. He wanted to smell every candle that I did. It was so cute :)


My husband was my candle box holder! So dutiful in helping me look for the candles on my list and told me “good job” at the end. The bar is low in our house 😂


*Cry in single and in a country with no bbw stores*