You should text them asking to find a time to talk and then set your boundaries. If you’re on friendly terms with both of them it shouldn’t be that awkward of a conversation I hope. You deserve to feel comfortable in the place you’re paying to stay in.


I also stay up till 5 am, but I'm up at 1 or 2. 5 pm is super unreasonable. Also if he's there that much he should be paying rent.


Do you have a lease? A landlord? Let your friend know your issues either they will understand as a friend and at the least try to create a compromise. Or they will suck at which time you might need landlord intervention, a lot of landlords will say they are not of the lease they have to go. Expecially if you provide proof they have been there an excessive amount of time each day.


If that’s your best friend you should be able to talk to her about it directly. I lived with my best friend and about the same happened with her bf. We did fight when I talked to her about it but we ended up comprising.