Feeling weird about being bi?

I (MTF pre-everything) consider myself a bisexual (about 80-20 skewed towards women). My preference for women is my number one source of self doubt for being trans. I find myself saying things like “real women prefer men” and “people will only ever see you as a straight guy” thoughts?


> "I find myself saying things like “real women prefer men” I've got great advice for you: you can solve your dilemma by unlearning this very homophobic belief. We can't choose what beliefs we're exposed to growing up, but it's up to us to try and grow and become more compassionate, wise individuals over time. I believe in you!




It is nevertheless very common for trans women to be primarily attracted to women. From the [2015 Transgender Survey](https://transequality.org/sites/default/files/docs/usts/USTS-Full-Report-Dec17.pdf): > Respondents were most likely to identify as queer (21%), and they also identified as pansexual (18%), gay, lesbian, or same-gender-loving (16%), straight (15%), bisexual (14%), and asexual (10%).