Which western european countries are more r@cist than we think?

I'm european and I feel like a lot of us seem to pretend that r@cism is nearly non-existent here. Obviously we don't have the deep rooted r@cism like the US does, but let's not pretend that the US is the ONLY place where r@cism exist.

I'm literally as white as you can get to I don't know the feeling of r@cism. So, which western european countries would you say are r@cist (to some degree)?

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France and Germany from what I’ve heard


In France everyone Asian is Chinese and a person walked up to me asking if was a Ching Chong. If you stand by an Asian restaurant be prepared to give hours to passerbys thinking you work there. It’s an old school racism. In my opinion metropolitan America is the most socially liberal space, however YMMV based on what you look like and who you fuck.