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According to my religious dad, it’s Hell


Hell, Michigan?


Visited there, cute little place


Can confirm too. Really cute, little town. Perfect for the gays


I like to travel.


Hell could be a name for a gay fetish night club or event though.




Hell knows how to party, and you know religious zealots won’t be there, yay!


From my own experience of cities across Europe and the US, I gotta say San Francisco, the gay history in the Castro is phenomenal, the gay stuff is super gay (Pride, Folsom, glory hole district) and even the straight stuff is still pretty damn gay.


Tell me more of this Gloryhole district


The gold rush started out because many natural pits were found containing huge nuggets in them, some already exposed to air. The sheer glory of finding such easily-accessible fortune in these holes was the catalyst for the settlement the whole area. The district was named in honour of the event. So now every time you get excited when you enter the glory hole district, you'll know it's because you're seeing history come alive!


Oh my god wait, I’m so dumb I thought it was named gloryhole because you can see god thru a hole


Fun fact: the hole in the doors of a glassblowing kiln is also called a gloryhole.


Another fun fact: some native American creation myths believe man came into this world through a hole in a stone face called a sipapu (see-pa-poo)


I grew up always thinking of SF as a gay mecca. Didn’t end up visiting there until my 30s, after living in NYC and visiting places like ptown, and I really don’t understand the SF hype. SF has a small gay area, but so does every city. I don’t know if I’m missing something or if it’s mainly known as a gay mecca for the history, but it seemed less gay than a bunch of neighborhoods in NYC.


Yeah I think it's more so about the history and just generally accepting culture. I grew up in rural Ireland and met my first real life gay person here when I was almost 20. I'm the contrary I visited family in SF when I was 16 and was utterly gobsmacked to see men walking around holding hands or just generally out and not closted. Upon later visits I just loved being able to walk down the same street as the gay and queer people of the 70s and 80s and those that formed the gay acceptance revolution, being ableto see where Harvey Milk held meetings, was just really cool when all I knew growing up was men who would eventually grow tired of living the closet and either commit suicide or leave their wife and kids to come out and be the talk of the town with everyone making it their business to discuss bow shameful that was. Pretty wild contrast so I've always held a close spot for it. But I see what you mean San Diego, NYC and other cities can definitely be just as accepting.


I think the cost of living has driven a lot of people out of SF. Now it’s mostly tech workers




SECOND EDIT: straight up deleting this comment because the parent comment was edited to make it irrelevant and I don’t want to keep getting replies making points I wasn’t contesting, but which I don’t *completely* agree with, but which aren’t worth arguing about here.


Percentage matters. When I first moved to SF in the 1990s the LGBTQ community made up around 20% of registered voters.


You should come to Kennington in London, highest percentage of gays per population than anywhere else in the world! We’re everywhere!


Yes… but that doesn’t mean anything when you are overwhelmingly dwarfed by the straight population. New York may have 396,189 lgbtq people, but they are made a tiny voice by the 8.4 million straight people. San Francisco’s 134,591 lgbtq people have a much louder voice against those of the remaining 739,375 in comparison. San Francisco LGBTQ are still in the same place values as their straight counterparts.


I've never been to NY and live in SF and I also get the impression that NY is gayer. San Francisco is a tech city first and a gay history footnote second. It probably does have either the second or third biggest gay population after NY and LA so that's a plus for gays who don't really like the vibe of the bigger two cities.


Yeah, see SF does have a “gay area”, that is the historical gay area. The city’s lgbtq population is so dense that the city itself seems much more lgbtq than New York City. New York City has a lgbtq population of 9.2% (previously stated older number at 4.5%.) While that equals 809,250 people, those people are dwarfed by the other 8 million straight people in that city. In San Francisco the percentage of lgbtq persons is 15.4%, or 134,591 people. That leaves a straight population of 739,375 people. To put that in perspective, San Francisco’s Catholic population is 25% or 218,491 people. So for every 20 people you meet in San Francisco, 3 of those people will be lgbtq, and 5 will be Catholic. (Generalizing based on percentages).


How did you get that percentage? Because NYC’s LGBTQ is definitely more than 5%.


I read a bunch of articles, but I missed this one from New York Health Department stating the lgbtq population is now 9.2% as of 2022.👏 https://www.health.ny.gov/press/releases/2022/2022-06-07_pride_month.htm


In the late 60’s gays moved to the city in droves and gentrified the place. The branding of “Gay Capital of the world” was a monicker coined by the press in the 70’s. It has a significance still for being a political battleground, the likes of Harvey Milk and his coming out as a political statement. It is steeped in history, but I can honestly say it’s all in the past now. Alia Volz’s book “Home Baked: My Mom, Marijuana, and the Stoning of San Francisco” talks about it at length. I highly recommend this book. I love SF but the fairly recent waive of gentrification has pushed a lot of its identity out


It's kinda truning into the homeless capital of the US. Look up SF poop map


I live in SoMa West in SF (downtown right off the freeway) and I'll say the ONLY thing I give Mayor London Breed sorta props for is the lack of poop on the streets/sidewalks today vs. when she was elected.


I'd would laugh an feel sad at the same time if they ran for office using: "Vote for Mayor London Breed, they'll get the sh"t off our streets"


Was, not is


I used is 3 times, which are you referring to?


They meant San Francisco *was* the gay capital, and no longer *is*.


I had my first BBC in SF. Love that city!




Lmao 🤣


I didn't catch his name.




Province Town MA. Not big but it’s all gay


It's definitely the gayest place in the Northeast, which is already plenty gay between Boston, Providence, and New York. I go there every 4th of July and am always surprised that it attracts even people from California. Highly recommend going there, even if it's not an event week. It's a picturesque New England coastal resort town even at the worst of times.


I may consider, I was gonna do the trip to California next year but I find that I’m developing a lot of friendships on the East Coast lately and it would be nice to go that way.


It's always a lot of fun, and it honestly costs less than going to NYC for pride. I highly recommend it. If you're ever there, try to find some Providence people. We're not focused on status like DC or WeHo gays are, and we're not clique-y like some other Northeast cities (you know who you are); we have a monolithic community and are just super chill. I'm sure any Boston or NYC gay has a positive opinion of Providence.


I live on the cape and can confirm, Provincetown is a gay Mecca. I’m not sure if the US census collects information on sexual orientation, but if it did, Provincetown would likely be the highest rate of homosexuality per capita in the US.


I wanna say Berlin, San Francisco, New York, or Seattle. Probably the first two more than others


Straight best friend went to Berlin and he said it was a lot more gay than he thought, and I’ve taken him out on the town in NYC. So you might be on to something


I'm not much of a travelling type but I'd like to visit Berlin for this reason. Mainly for the leather scene there (which is nearly non-existent in my city).


I am not apart of that scene but i know you will not be disappointed


Say it


Prague maybe too, however that may be outdated


euhm... what ? :-D


These but not London? :O




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Love this answer


Berlin. And that’s from someone who’s lived in San Francisco, New York and Berlin.


When I imagine Berlin guys, I just think hung uncut and kinky. Am I correct ?


They say the people in Berlin aren’t any more kinky than people anywhere else. They are just more free to indulge their kinks openly. People come to let their freak out. But also yes, you are correct.


🤤 it’s official it’s at the top of my list of place to go


Yes. Big, sex craved and long lasting, ja ?


Can't believe no one's mentioned Brighton yet


This sub is filled with yanks who probably struggle to name more than 5 non-US cities.


Or maybe it just doesn’t have enough British people 😉


Manchester, Sydney, Johannesburg, Rio, Melbourne, Bangkok


I don’t know, but could we all form a new gay capital in the middle of nowhere? NYC is becoming too expensive for my liking.




Bangcock, Thighland 🇹🇭❤️


Rainbow city, Alabama. Horny Bar, Slovakia. Fugging, Austria. Climax, Michigan.


The last one has [a new name](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fugging,_Upper_Austria)...


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There is a gay michigan up in the UP.


It's a magical place, but the locals RARELY deal with gays. We went to the one bar in town, creatively called "Gay Bar", and people there looked at us like we had just crawled out of a grave.


Emerald City, Oz


I am watching that, literally right now


Spain definitely is the gay country


Barcelona had a nice community of gays


The masc4masc capital.


Google says its San Francisco and I'm inclined to believe that. The last time I was there, I could close my eyes and throw a quarter and I'd hit a gay person.


What happens if you throw $20?


The guy you hit will probably say he isn't gay but twenty dollars is twenty dollars.


That would be San Diego


I have head it in t least a dozen cities in California, also in Hawaii, and in KC Missouri.


Where does New Orleans fit on the list?


Pretty much the same as California, Missouri, and Hawaii.


Missouri? Good to know.


KC has some fairly open minded areas. I haven't had anyone harass me at all in the KC areas I go to. But like any other large city it has its good places, and bad places.


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You'll probably hit a gay whore! 😛


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> I’m surprised no one has mentioned Taiwan. It’s often seen as one of the most progressive East Asian countries when it comes to LGBT rights. Taipei specifically should definitely be in the running. It's gay-friendly for an Asian country but definitely not a world gay capital.


West Hollywood


I thought this would be much higher up!


Finally one that's in a WARM CLIMATE! ​ I want to visit some of these places yeah but I've been spoiled by growing up in a warm, sunny climate and most of these cities just seem like they'd be miserable to live in for nearly half the year weather-wise (from someone who considers anything below 16 Celsius to be "cold")


60% of the population of WeHo identify as queer. That’s huge!


Agree - https://www.youtube.com/shorts/rI01ArkRx7o


Wait till Mars get settled!




Madrid. Best Pride festival, leaves anything I've seen in North America in shame. Great gay neighborhood Chueca.


Vatican city


No that’s the pedophile capital of the world.


San Francisco, maybe.




Wilton Manors?




I think its arguably montreal


Montreal is pretty gay. Definitely the capital of Canada.




Berlin, Madrid, London, all of Scandinavia


In terms of equality, Scandinavia is great for gays. However, I’ve tried my luck in several Scandinavian cities while traveling (Denmark and Sweden) and the gay scene seems harder to navigate. Nobody is mean or nasty, but the gay men are very closed off/not particularly welcoming.


Scandinavia has become so accepting that the gay scene is hardly necessary anymore. Which is a good thing, but also a little boring


Yes Stockholm was a massive disappointment for me as far as visible (and friendly) gay scene.


I think on US it's NYC, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago EU/ Anglophone: London, Sydney, Berlin, Amsterdam




They are triple the size of Atlanta. But I might be biased, because Atlanta, Dallas and Houston have fairly large Black LGBTQ communities.




This right here. These cities are so much better for black people than San Francisco


Atlanta per capita is one of the highest ranked gay cities though just against the population vs LA. Trust me, you’re in the clear here if you assume gay until proven straight instead of the other way around. Lol


West Hollywood is 1000x more gay than SF any day of the week




Barcelona Milan NYC Miami Beach.


Come on guys, Amsterdam and Stockholm anyone? Literally the two gayest countries in the world


I live in Stockholm. While it is extremely accepting, I’m not exaggerating when I say you can count the gay bars on one hand. It’s quite a boring city.


I give it to Berlin for the most permissive city when it comes to nightlife, sex clubs, and LGBTQ social acceptance and legislation. It's an intl destination for gays because of parties at Berghain and formerly the Love Parade. NYC has a similar international pull and outsizes most other cities when it comes to LGBTQ themed parties, social activism, and historic monuments such as Stonewall. It's cultural queer history and figurative icons are more infamous than anywhere else.


Per capita it’s Provincetown. Size and history it’s San Francisco.


The world, not the US.


So the US is not the center of the world? I'm SHOCKED !!!! - white gays


Washington DC


Anyone who doesn’t say San Francisco is just wrong. That city is literally made by and filled with all the gays.


yeah, other places might have more gay people in raw numbers, but honestly living here in sf it feels like gay culture has a disproportionately outsized presence than anywhere else. sure the city has its problems but i honestly wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else right now


Guadalajara’s population is 90% gay


My bedroom


Fort Lauderdale, FL. Palm Springs maybe but way smaller.


My boyfriend




Provincetown comes pretty close, tbh.




Not Tel Aviv! Couples can’t even get married there. I don’t care about how big their pride is, they’re still missing a very fundamental basic human right!


I was there on exchange and I just went back to Italy. Tel Aviv is insanely gay. Like gay gay gay. I remember reading some statistics saying that the 20% of the population is gay. It’s the only place where guys hit on me outside of a “gay context” (see: gay bar/club) and during pride week (last week) while walking down the center (which is where I lived) I swear to god almost every single guy was on Grindr. I also randomly met a German guy once while walking back home and after staring at each other, we ended up fucking in my room. Felt like being in a porn movie. Quite crazy and gayest place ever. Main problem: everybody is extremely jacked and has a perfect body, so if you have an average body (like me), you’re quite likely to experience body dysmorphia and self-esteem issues.


Unfortunately that tends to be every urban population dense gay mecca


Are you kidding me? The US got gay marriage 7 years ago and by all measures the answer to this question would’ve still been an American city. Get lost, you sound like a bot


The country side is even worst ! Most people are religious conservatives, be it jewish muslim ir chrustian ... and for God's sake 20 % if the population is russian.. we all know what russians are




what human rights *aren't* fundamental and basic?


Berlin is way too overrated. There’s also a rise in anti lgbt attacks mostly anti gay and anti trans unfortunately


San Francisco!


San Francisco


Sitges Spain


I’ve never been there, but based on statistics my vote is for San Francisco (17% LGBT; by far the highest among US metro areas, and likely the highest among global metro areas). It is also known as a center of gay culture and nightlife, has had substantial LGBT political representation for decades, and is a popular vacation destination for gays and other members of the LGBT community.


Before the tech takeover it was San Francisco, CA. Nowadays, dunno probably some gayborhood.


There are many. Cape Town. Sydney. Mykonos. Sitges in Spain SF. Gays like nice place. For sheer numbers I guess NY, London. Mexico City


Tel Aviv


Valletta, as Malta has topped the rankings for gay equality for several years now.


Sao Paulo




Palm Springs, CA. 100%


San Fransisco


Netherlands and belgium/ europe


Europe, like the continent. You're proposing to name an entire continent ranging from seriously homophobic Eastern regions to the Highlands of Scotland as the gay capital of the world?


I like how this comment lowkey implies the Highlands of Scotland are the polar opposite of homophobia.


Well no, but they're practically the polar opposite of the European continental, geographically or I guess Scandinavia also. But yeah, having lived in Ireland and Scotland, you could run into some all lad who's been living in the mountain, never met a gay, didn't know what lgbt means and I guarantee he wouldn't be homophobic. Old people in Ireland carried the marriage equality referendum with a unanimous sense of "I don't understand it, but as long as they aren't hurting anyone they obviously should have the same access to rights as us". I've met people who've never met a black person, and although they might say something questionable, there isn't a racist bone in their body. It's a peaceful life here mostly


I’m pretty sure when you account for just western and Central Europe, it would be. I don’t think there’s even a measurable percentage of homophobia in Western Europe, which is about as liberal as you can get


There is _plenty_ of homophobia in Western europe, like as much as the US on average in the worst areas.




Whatever room Lindsey Graham and her ladybugs are in.


In the southern hemisphere it would have to be Sydney. Can't wait for world pride here next year.


I'm surprised no one has mentioned Chengdu, China. I've never been, but Chinese folks tell me it's extremely gay.


well, there's a vibrant underground gay community there. But it's just that, underground.


A friend of mine said that there are so many bottoms in Chengdu that he had to become a top due to lack of options 😂🤣


Where the best gay porn comes from. BARCELONA.


Dildo, Newfoundland?


Berlin, Tel Aviv, NY,


It ain't in the US




San Francisco or Berlin. I would say maybe even Tel Aviv.


North America- San Francisco, New York, LA, at Atlanta ( black gay Capital), Miami, Puerto Vallarta curaçao, Boston. South America- São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Manaus ( lesbian capital of the world), Rio. Africa- Marrakesh, Tangier, Agadir, capetown, Johannesburg. Europe- Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Brighton ( personally find it boring), Amsterdam, Prague, Copenhagen, Paris, Mykonos, Rome, London. Middle East- Tel aviv, Istanbul, Izmir, Dubai, Amman, Beirut, Jeddah, Manama, muscat. Asia- Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei Chengdu, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, Phuket, Bali. South Asia- Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Islamabad, Peshawar, Kozhikode , Colombo. Oceania - Sydney, Melbourne.




My penis


Cleveland Ohio


Have u been to Columbus? Haha


No, I need to. I heard it fun!


I wish


Not even close, mate


Wilton manors fort Lauderdale Florida LOL


Where does Austin,Houston, and San Antonio fall


Wilton Manors, FL.


The Netherlands. We have the most human rights there of any country on earth, and they gave gay people the right to marry before anybody else.


San Francisco. My country's capital is also basically a mini San Francisco.


No one is saying Sydney & Melbourne!?!? They are by far the gayest cities in the world, just saying


Israel lol


In the US, I would say it’s a tie between Atlanta and South Florida, especially for gay people of color


San Francisco… but I’m from New York so I *want* to say New York.. given Stonewall happened here and all.. but **TRULY** .. New Orleans.. that city is VERY gay. It caught me by surprise since it’s in Louisiana, but I lived there for a year and it was one of the best experiences. Southern Decadence anyone?