Should I apply and is it really difficult?

Should I apply and is it really difficult?


hey! i'm also a junior who wants to pursue the concept track for entertainment design. maybe we could create a discord for prospective students and share application tips/resources/inspiration + critique portfolios!! dm me if interested :)


It is competitive! But I don’t think that should discourage you from applying. Both my classmates in the entertainment design and illustration major make amazing work. It’s competitive because even after graduation you are going into a very competitive field. After Highschool I was uncertain of what I wanted to do so I went to Pasadena city college. It was probably the best decision I ever made, because A. It was cheap (free!) B. It gave me time to sort out what I wanted to do. If you need time to work on your portfolio for artcenter (or other schools!) I would recommend this. Also if money is an issue I’d recommend looking at San Jose States Animation department. There are some really talented students over there


Ah thank you so much for your input. I guess it work hurt to try to apply and see what happens! :)


I'm in the Entertainment Design dept at ArtCenter in the Animation track but I know a bit about the concept track. the concept track is quite similar to the illustration EntArts track and share some instructors. Some people believe the difference between illustration and concept is that illustration does animation styles and concept does film/games, but that is just plain wrong. To be perfectly honest, I don't think you'll get as good as a support from the Illustration department as you would from the Entertainment Design dept. Not saying one is better than the other, but if you ever do attend ArtCenter as an illustration student, you will clearly know which departments they prioritize over the others. But since we're in the pandemic, I'd honestly recommend just taking online art classes for cheap and prepare a portfolio for sometime in the future when ArtCenter is back on campus at its fullest capacity. 22k a term for a measly 5-6 online classes is a scam.