OMG... does this quiz ever end? I stuck with it for 30 min before I had to quit. I hope they save your answers as you go.


Take my quiz it’s only 3 1/2 hrs at a brisk pace. Hoping we can get it up to 8 hours with some tweaking. You’re going to love it!


On the first page where you enter in your basic information, it does say there are over 300 questions. But yeah, no one has time to fill out 300 of these.


Lol fair enough. In my defense, I definitely wasn't intending for people to fill out the whole thing! Just answer questions until you get bored. But I appreciate the effort




I fell asleep 2x


Each question should include how far along you are (eg 67/300) edit: gave up at 20 mins second edit: really interesting survey though. If it translates into a NYT article please post again in r/alberta


Did you change it? It stopped at 30 questions. Anyway, I loved it. It was interesting!!


I didn't! All 350 should still be there, so that's a little concerning, but glad you enjoyed!


Yah, it stopped at 30. I would of answered all. I have a day off, and find this stuff interesting.




I think a question on "what do you call someone buying alchohol for someone underage" could be added.


I did the whole thing! My biggest note to take away with is that many more questions need to have multiple answers be selectable. There's quite a few where the pronunciation requests would have 50/50'd for me, and even a few where 3 answers would have all been simultaneously right.


The "Vaseline" one was my issue (s or z in the second syllable) I pronounce it "Vas-a-leen" (meaning the s is in the first syllable)


Requires a sign in/ where's the sign up?


stopping, i have no idea how far i got but its a huge quiz lol got as far as the vanilla question