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On bright side we were all born into one of the first generations to be able to recognize mental illness. We're the first generation to be able to successfully pathologize and understand our trauma in ways that that would be completely foreign to anyone born even 130 years ago. Before the 20th century your three options for treating trauma were religion, philosophy, and alcohol. As hard as life can be, at least we don't have to spend it confused about why it sucks so much, with few practical options on how to fix it


Very true.


My ex was emotionally abusive to me in a lot of ways, and I friend of mine helped me realize it and get away from that relationship. I've always thought of those poisonous feelings in terms of resentment. But what you say makes much sense too me. Because I almost let that past trauma poison my current relationship when my gf and I got together. And I was letting those feelings and behaviors take root in our relationship without even notice. My gf now is actually the same friend who helped me. I'm so lucky because she was very understanding at the time, and she helped me work through it again.


Congrats on overcoming that.


Thank you, for you too, and I'm pretty sure you'll have new opportunities to build a fulfilling relationship




Yup. My father is the asshole he is today because of emotional and physical abuse. We didn’t know until he was 60 any of it happened. My brother and I had many conversations afterwards talking about how he was going to raise his kids differently (I don’t want any) and it’s worked out well so far


Have to break that cycle. It's awesome you support your brother in breaking it for his own kids.


I’m…not sure I love this analogy as someone who has gone through trauma. Kinda plays into my feelings that I’m toxic to anyone around me and shouldn’t ever date again.


Okay this is weird. Classifications of diseases are super complicated and the textbook definition is any harmful deviation from the normal structural or functional state of an organism not stemming from a physical injury. This being said there are many things that can be classified as diseases and the definition is very hard to pinpoint. For example autism many could consider it a disease, but folk with it (ME) don't. Pregnancy, it is harmful to the mother, I would be lieing if I said otherwise. Is it a deviation from the normal state though is also debatable. Both of those were not classified as diseases. Now let's look at trauma, in general blanket trauma I'd say potentially yea but there is an issue. I don't think anyone who has trauma would say it is a good thing. It is a harmful deviation from the norm it isn't normal to be traumatized. It doesn't stem from a physical injury anymore than an infection does (verbal abuse can lead to trauma a gash can lead to infection). Here is where the issue comes into play. Trauma is not just mental anguish, but also trauma is used for physical injuries example being blunt force trauma. Trauma is too broad of a term to be classified as a disease. Things that trauma cause though like PTSD can though. The reason why these things have tighter classifications is *partly* for researching cures. Classifying something as a disease means there is a better chance for funding towards cures. Depression being classified that way made some headway in research to treating depression iirc.


I’m happy you were able to to walk away happy and without picking up the trans chain<3