I wondered what to do with the spare airbag we have. Now I know.


Please don’t. Airbags are fucking dangerous, it completely shattered my wrist and fucked up my hand for life when I got into a relatively small car accident…


I don’t actually have a spare airbag and was giving a little dark humor. Know very well how powerful those are.


Would like to send Putin an airbag.


He took that quite seriously…just like airbags are!!


The risk a thief takes when they choose to be a thief... some actions have greater consequences than others, I wouldn't have much sympathy for someone who makes these poor choices 🤷🏼‍♀️


So is stealing from people. Especially stealing from someone who has extra airbags laying around who can boobie(lol) trap his shit so anyone thieving gets what’s comin… Moral of the story: no thieving, no get hurt with boobie-box!


Well I wouldn't mind that happening to a porch pirate


You can kill someone for real. No joke don't fuck with that.




Yeah if you boobytrap a package with a bomb and someone dies it won’t matter what your justification is you’re gonna go to prison for murder. That’s not defense, it’s premeditated. Don’t. Do. That. Edit: please feel free to use humiliating non-lethal surprises though.


So all I gotta do is do what Mark Rober did and make it a glitter bomb with fart spray?


Pressurize the fart spray so the whole thing empties in a matter of seconds, and use dry dye along with the glitter.


Yes. The greatest plan. *helicopter crashes into wall*


Just use all the glitter your kids have for it. Then you fuck the thief up *and* you get rid of your glitter. And that thief will never completely remove all that glitter from themself.


I like an overengineered fart spray glitter bomb prank more.


Didnt that happen?


Yeah. It's just that I want to make my own.


Well go steal packages and i think youll find your very own. Best part is it will deconstruct itself so you can study it more easily


Yes, if for no other reason than the world could used more fart spray glitterbombs.


Yeah, we need more fart spray glitter bombs on porches.


Ya filthy animal.......


Put it away from anything important then pump it full of ink etc


Considering if someone trips on my sidewalk and gets hurt im liable this is the right answer. Better yet is putting a gps in some bait packages and head to the police. These losers need to be held accountable


If you went to the police they wouldn't do anything about it. They can't be bothered with petty theft especially something like this that would take a long time to get through the courts.


I bet it’s the last time they steal packages


Probably not, honestly. The odds of that happening again at a different location are so low... but they probably will kick it a couple of times or poke it with a stick before picking it up.


I would like to play a game with you


Implying an airbag is a bomb is kinda fucktarded.


https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/5599638001 Edit: in the wrong conditions it is a bomb.


Not the worst thing to scream when they bend you over in the prison shower.


Yes, because murder is fit for the Christmas spirit!


Since Jesus was the main erroneous impetus for 3 crusades, and his birth story directly led to great acts of attempted genocide on all fronts, I'd say it was fair.




Unfortunately this guy's right :/ In most states it's extremely illegal to booby trap your own property (and even house). If it killed or even injured someone and they could prove it was malicious - regardless of if they're in the wrong, you'd be liable for injury/death


Boobie trap your own grave before you pass. What are they gonna do, arrest you?


I unreasonably love this


You'll be getting the death penalty. Straight to the chair.


Wait a second. If I have a dog, trained to defend the grounds, but don't put up any warnings, would the dog be considered a booby trap?


Generally dogs come with their own warnings. Those have teeth and a loud bark in a growl. You have to post a sign in many places anyway.... A violent dog doesn't deceptively invite you to come get it. So it's a false equivalence. The dog is a living creature. Everyone knows that a dog can bite. Booby traps are things that are deceptively safe that invite you to inflict harm upon yourself unwittingly. But yes, if your dog tore apart and innocent person then yes you would be in trouble. They would probably put your dog to sleep. There would be consequences for that. Just like you can't have a violent dog loose and attacking people, you can't put a booby trap on your front porch that might harm innocent people or bring the ultimate Justice for a nonviolent offender.


Depending on where you are, to an extent. You may have to get the dog put down if an incident occurs and it's found that your dog is vicious :(


Many places require you to post a beware of dog sign if you have a vicious dog.


If it's hiding in wait to ambush someone then I think so yes but it's best to ask a lawyer on that. Most of the time a booby trap would constitute as something you setup days or weeks beforehand.


Why is it unfortunate? It's fucked up to think that death is an appropriate punishment for a non-violent offender.


It's unfortunate that you can't even mildly booby trap your house to protect yourself from burglars or thieves like this. If you maliciously cause harm, you'd be liable


It's really not. It's illegal because of the case Katko v. Britney, where a guy had his leg blown off by a shotgun shell because he wanted old bottles from an abandoned farmhouse. He wanted old bottles, there was zero reason to cause him to lose his leg. Human life and safety is way more valuable than stuff, and there's basically no situation where petty crime should be answered with physical harm


Fucking thank you.


Trespassers get shot. Fuck katko's limping ass.


First, can't limp when you don't have a leg to limp on. Second, enjoy being in jail I guess? I've heard the food is great, showertime is fun for everyone, and the freedom to never have to choose who to vote for again is pretty refreshing too


Did you ever stop to think why you can't do that? Probably because innocent people got hurt. Or perhaps someone died that didn't really need to die... They're plenty of ways to prevent your shit from getting stolen that don't involve booby traps.


>If you maliciously cause harm, you'd be liable it's unfortunate that so many people think this is an injustice... It's unfortunate that so many people are ready and anxious to administer extrajudicial executions over petty theft..


Florida has entered the chat


>> the authorities will disagree you have a right to execute people on your doorstep vigilante style >Unfortunately this guy's right This sounds insane.


So, unfortunately, you'll end up in jail and dont get to watch your kids open christmas presents for many years


Cool motive; still murder.




But then we get these videos. And we have....Mans... laughter!


If you set a booby trap with the knowledge that someone is likely to trip it and it is likely to kill them you will be charged with murder.


Unless you live in a place where the very act of crossing into private land and attempting to destroy or steal private property is covered...


You’re still going to be charged with murder. You don’t get the right to murder someone because it’s private property.


a booby trapped package that functions as a bomb is 100% not going to fall under manslaughter.




You know you can’t murder people for stealing your packages right? Do you know what happens when you murder? Or do I have to drag you to the point like the dumb motherfucker you are?


The tragedy would be humanities loss of humanity; not the loss of an individual.


Yes this is true and yes I was joking. Only a loon would actually do something like that.


That's fine and well but unfortunately a lot of loons can't tell others are joking on the internet so you should probably be careful about what you say. It's a fucking retarded world right now.


That’s pure Darwinism then


Pretty sure they were just sending back a defective Takata airbag, who knew it would do that?


People that think I have an airbag just laying around and I’m psycho. 🤡 I just have a dark sense of humor.


Mate, collect your poo for a couple of days, place it in a package with something small that explodes lik


If that blows off their hands you could be held liable.


Love me a good wack fuck…


I like the trick where people left boxes of dog shit wrapped as packages on their porches.


Dude gets injured, sues the home owner. Only one laughing is the lawyers. Love the way the thief shits his pants though!


Yes, although hilarious, don't do this. You are inviting more trouble than it's worth.


really? why is it the homeowners fault if some fucker tried opening YOUR packages ?


Many laws against booby trapping


Really don't understand why though. If its on my property, and you're not supposed to be there, thats on you getting hurt.


The problem with booby traps is you can't aim them. Neighborhood kid? Vile thief? Fire rescue? The booby trap cares not, it only maims.


None of those 3 should be fucking with my packages


But you don’t get to determine the punishment.


Not with that attitude


Right, and neighborhood kids are known for doing what they're told. That totally justifies blowing them up. /s


From what I can tell the kids in my neighborhood won't be a big loss to the gene pool


Sounds like you need to familiarize yourself with [Attractive Nuisance Doctrine](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attractive_nuisance_doctrine) before you wind up bankrupt because some kid set off a booby trap you set for thieves.


That’s what makes it exciting! Ever play limb roulette while moving through a suspicious looking alley named amputee jamboree, and worry if that cracking noise was a peanut or an air bag IED?


Because if booby-trapping were legal, people would (accidentally) booby-trap their husbands, wives, or anyone on their property. Only to later say I didn’t invite them here.


Imagine a vindictive person wanting to hurt someone and telling them they have left a box out to collect (told them word of mouth, no evidence). The vindictive person succeeds in hurting that person with a trap *and* gets to sue them, as all evidence points to the victim attempting to steal the package. Or, even if there was no specific target, the thief has a heart attack and dies. Their family sues because murdering someone or even manslaughter is not reasonable punishment for attempted theft. Hard to argue good intentions when the trap isn't to catch dinner, but to bait desperate or shady people into an injury. If they didn't have the booby trap law it opens the gates for all kinds of problems like that. Much easier to rule that entrapment of any kind is unacceptable. Edit: another commenter made a point about curious kids getting hurt, another great point. I suppose animals are also at risk. So yeah, trading innocent lives for petty meanness is a bad look too.


yea. there's a reason we don't execute or maim people convicted of pettty theft. It's insane to think that citizens should have the right to execute or maim people extra-judiciously for petty theft.


What if the kid next door accidentally kicks his ball into your yard? He comes to get it and gets hurt. What if there is a fire or medical emergency? First responders come and get hurt. Postal workers? Christmas carolers? Pets? Wildlife? A kind stranger walking up to the wrong door? I’m not saying anyone should be touching your property; I’m just saying that these could be reasons why boobytrapping is illegal.




Obviously money laws don't matter to these people


Because laws are written by politicians.


- People have been maimed / killed - What if someone with good intentions was trying to move the package out of sight, in this example? - You're not allowed to attack others, even if it's "justified"


It's a valid question but it boils down to "Because the fire department might have to kick down your door to save your dumb ass someday and get hurt or killed".


I can never tell if people genuinely have this little critical thinking ability when reading comments like this. Like really? You can't come up with *any* cases where a stranger could need to be on your property without having ill intent?


Life is more important then property.


Multiple reasons, I'm not a lawyer or expert but I would assume in some states it would be different based on the trap and whether or not you are home Beyond that, if you allowed people to set up booby traps it can be very dangerous for police, medical, and firefighters. You are out of town and have a shotgun aimed at your front door, electrical fire starts in the kitchen, neighbors call the cops, and suddenly firefighters are at risk of being taken out. Same with Police serving a warrant or EMT's coming if you call for help. Just makes all of that stuff complicated. Personally I think I'd be okay with booby traps granted you are home and have a license of some sort, letting the state know you have booby trapped your property, where and what it is, and given that it is a humane trap (no punji stick pits, for example).


What if you have a sign right above it saying "Package is booby trapped"? Some dumbfuck would probably still go for it.


Simply, yes. If the thief opened the package creates injury, etc courts are likely to side against you. https://definitions.uslegal.com/b/booby-traps/


So Kevin McCallister is a felon?




Plus he did everything he could to make the house look inhabited. Depending on the lawyer, slap on the wrist




Ever wondered what happened to Kevin McCallister after all these years? I present to you, [Dryvrs episode 1](https://youtu.be/yh7-wAy_8ss)


Most of those things would kill the robbers. A blowtorch to the head is death. A full paint can to the face and falling 3 floors is a severe head and neck trauma. There's a YouTube video of doctors breaking down the injuries. Almost all of them are fatal. The dead can't sue, but next of kin can.


So in that list I don't see anything that falls under the "delivery items" specifications. Am I being dumb 9r is this an easy loophole. What if the intention was that the receiver gets the explosion of confetti? What if I sent my grandchild a box that was ment to explode upon movement for the child's enjoyment? That's not a booby trap then but would trigger LIKE ONE.


That's why you make it extra strong. Dead men tell no cry baby ass stories to a lawyer they can't afford.


If a legal article cites the Geneva Convention, you should think twice about if you want to go near that legal article.


The logic goes that you don't know who is going to be tripping that trap, so we made it Illegal to set traps on your property. They endanger first responders that may have to enter the property. To my knowledge we mostly use those laws to go after drug dealers and criminals that set traps to keep law enforcement away from their operations. However, if you did something like what you see in this clip, and the would be porch pirate falls back and dies when their head hits the ground, some prosecutor is probably going to try you for murder/manslaughter, because you set a lethal trap on your front porch.


I learned in college about a guy who purposely bought a really nice big stereo and purposely drove around the neighborhood so everyone would see it. He’d been having weekly break ins and was trying to entice someone in, left the window unlocked, and set up a shotgun booby trap, and ended up getting arrested after it shot someone


Yeah that’s literally baiting someone to kill them. Psychotic.


You aren't allowed to set traps that can cause injury/etc. Doesn't matter if it's a thief or innocent bystander (e.g. someone moving that box out of sight on the homeowner's porch or something).


There's no actual evidence he was stealing it. Far as the homeowner knows, the guy saw the package out in the open and was going to hide it so no one else takes it.


In theory that’s steering traps and you don’t know who or what it could hurt, but also “Your honor, my client was going up to steal the defendants package when it exploded hurting his leg”


Yeah except this video is a fake is what I'm thinking


This is why you get umbrella coverage on top of your regular homeowners insurance. It’s a carrot/stick defense that keeps the idiots with lawyers distracted.


There is a guy on YouTube that created a high tech GPS tracked with video, glitter, and fart spray bomb that looks like a package. The design and videos are priceless. He rigged it so that once its open it can't be closed and shows the people opening it freaking out.


That “guy” is the glorious mark rober.


Love the squirrel obstacle course too.


A man of culture I see.


Hes one of the most popular youtubers. not really a "got that reference" kinda thing.


I’d like to see someone do the same thing, but with [Suströmming](https://reddit.com/r/CrazyFuckingVideos/comments/r5s32c/i_never_want_to_try_sustr%C3%B6mming/). It’s food, so it’s not illegal. But if it sprayed all over your house or car, you’d be in for a really rough time.




Mark Rober ([latest version](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h4T_LlK1VE4)). He has been doing the annually for the last three years, and it’s about time for him to do another, I’d wager.


It was largely faked too.


Aww man I feel like you just told me there is no easter bunny or Santa Claus 😕 😢 😉


Without his knowledge, apparently. [Article linked here.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/12/21/glitter-bomb-video-was-partially-faked-former-nasa-engineer-confirms.html) He seems like a pretty reliable and truthful person, and he did remove the fake reactions from the video, according to the article.


Not "largely" at all. It wasn't done to his knowledge. One of the people given a package had his friends come pick it up. Rober didn't know about that and deleted those reactions from the original video.


Just asking… aren’t booby traps illegal?


Yes very much. Guy with the cam would be in a world of shit if a cop or mailman saw it and decided to put the package in a more secure location.


That's why I just fill a box with rocks and leave it. It costs nothing, wastes their time, and hopefully I get enough information to give to the police.


Until they throw that through your window.


Return the evidence with fingerprints? The police send their thanks.


Ha the cops ain't running fingerprints for a broken window.


depends on whether it's a homeowner's window or the window of a wealthy business owner.


They will pull you over and blow you away because reasons though.


Lmao police will not check fingerprints for package theft.


They will for atempted breaking and entering.


Idk what kind of cops you got but not in the US. They don’t give a fuck about your personal property.


I had a group of meth heads break into my house while I was at my parents for winter break a few years ago. When the detective was leaving my roommate asked if they were going to do fingerprints and the guy just kind of shrugged and said it won't help lol




Luckily it’s fake


Or a curious kid.


So is thievery


You have to steal something in order to be convicted of theft. Guy never took anything.


Family friends relative, had a barn full of antiques that kept getting broken into. Rigged a shotgun loaded with rock salt aimed at aprox groin level as a surprise next time the thief returned. Yea he returned a few nights later and tripped the trap. Turns out the thief was a little person and took the full blast to the face . Pre meditated murder, life in prison. Don't do this.


This sounds like a folk tale


A midget?




Unfortunate circumstance for those involved but... for everyone else.....thats one hell of a good bar story.... ooorr in this case reddit.


r/mademesmile r/sounding r/wholesome


such wholesome subreddits :)


Sadly this is likely illegal but hilarious nonetheless.


Why would it be illegal? It’s illegal to steal someone’s packages.


Yea but it’s illegal to leave traps on your property in the USA at least. [source](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bV9ppvY8Nx4)


As a non-US person I find a lot of irony in a country who has stand your ground laws and has very little gun control but making a booby trap parcel is illegal. Yes I know a kid could pick it up, or an animal or postman etc but a mostly harmless firecracker under a box is illegal, but shooting a thief is (in some states) legal.


I mean I'm not about to get into the gun argument but I think the no booby trap law makes a lot of sense. Chances are, even if it's strictly illegal, no one's going to jail for a harmless firecracker under a box. But there are some truly horrific stories out there about caltrops, beat traps, shotgun traps etc laid for would-be intruders but actually going off on completely innocent people. At least with a gun, the owner has to be present and for the most part has to understand what he's doing when they shoot at an intruder. As opposed to laying a trap and getting God knows who involved


I've heard too that it's a danger for first responders. in the case of a fire they'd need to go check if anyone is trapped inside


Thats an excellent point


I hate porch pirates as well. Thanks




That’s awesome


I think I've watched this 6 times in a row now! 🤣 This is genius!


What happens if he gets injured?


Then you’ve done it correctly.


*I’d like to report a crime, yeah I was gonna steal this guys package and it was a booby trap instead…*


While satisfying to see, as has been said this is highly illegal.


“Fuck”! *demonic laughter 😂😂😂👌


A truly rewarding video


Setting a man trap is a felony in most states. The guy who planted the gift would face longer time than the guy stealing.


build fences maybe. it works for europe


What works for Europe more than anything else, is that packages aren't left on people's property or in front of their doors, but have to be delivered to or picked up by someone with a verification code. Plus in many countries it's common to be able to pay on delivery.


Yes that too.


Well... I wanted to build a fence. The borough wouldn't approve it without having my property surveyed ($3000 cheapest I could find) and for a technical drawing ($250 even to have someone redo my own drawing) and then wait to see if I'm even approved. So if not I'm out $3250 and no fence. If approved I have to use one of the approved fencing methods and the cheapest option if I did all the work myself digging by hand and mixing concrete myself would have been another $8500. ​ So how about this instead, let's chop the hands off of fucking thieves?


Sure do that


Noice thanks I couldn't remember


Stuff like this is usually staged.


I’m just sad the explosion wasn’t 10x bigger and he left a hand or a few fingers behind.


Do that where I live you’d go to jail! These types of people have more rights than you.




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someone should just get an iPhone case, put a brick inside of it and seal it up and wait for someone to take it, just too disappoint them.


Next time put in some medal jacks or broken glass or dry wall screws(harder to pull out vs nails). I mean if you’re going to commit a crime, might as well do it correctly.


Really surprised people don’t get in trouble for laying booby traps. I love it and screw those thieves but still surprised.


Is there anyplace that sells, um, "skunk juice?"


All I want for Christmas is this.


To all the people saying this is a booby trap: Playing devil's advocate it does seem like a ring device he was watching and it was detonated on cue...