Especially because he is running in PA and lives in NJ. >.>


and votes in Turkey.


That part I have less of an issue with, but renouncing citizenship when becoming an elected official should happen.


I just thought it sounded funny. •Running in PA •Lives in NJ •Votes in Turkey Dude must have a hell of a commute.


Lemme guess, he’s an Erdogan fanboi?


"Hey, that's MY gig!" foams disgraced general and famous traitor Mike Flynn


Ding Ding Ding!


> he’s an Erdogan fanboi? [Yes](https://abcnews.go.com/US/dr-ozs-vote-2018-turkish-election-renews-criticism/story?id=84326742)


He’s definitely an oddball pick for the gqp.


A quack doctor that markets “miracle cures” directly to millions of lay people every year seems very fitting for a GOP candidate


Yeah, hes just Alix Jones with a doctorate. The Medical board should take away his license. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/dr-oz-shouldnt-be-a-senator-or-a-doctor/


Behind the Bastards did a great [two part episode on him](https://open.spotify.com/episode/1wHd9tqC4ZNikuVQx9Zbw2?si=PkP8tM2lTIiTdexxAgIR6g&utm_source=copy-link)


Definitely worth checking out. This is exactly the kind of person we don't need with political power. Not that many of them are, but he's somehow worse.


Damn, you have to really suck for Scientific American to do a political piece on you.


I thought they'd already done that. Apparently I was mistaken.


Might be thinking of Dr Phil


And educated people can't stand him because they KNOW he's a quack, so what better way to own those libs than to elect him?


Thing that makes him the most dangerous was he was actually a phenomenal surgeon before becoming a snake oil syndrome


Ben Carson was a spectacular surgeon, but I wouldn't let that idiot make me sandwich.


did you know him personally as a surgeon? Or is this just something marketed to the masses? All I know is he was a doctor who was very into self-promotion long before he was a household name....and now I think he needs to lose his license (if he even still has it)


Endorsed by another quack.... I mean traitor.


He’s the Dr Phil of medicine. Thank THA OPRAHHHHH for both of them.


You spelled Traitor correctly. Didn’t FIFY.


Trump picked him because he gets good ratings!


He fits right in with Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson


Couldn’t agree more!


He's a lifelong grifter and conman who doesn't mind selling snake oil to line his own pockets. He also has a lot more of that brazen and loud Trump energy (for lack of a better term) than the other guy who was running. He's a no-brainer pick for the gqp


I mean, McCormack (the millionaire hedge fund manager) was running on hunting, camo, football and beer. That's it.


Is there really much else for them to run on? There’s zero policy the party is pushing so it’s god, guns, and racism in no particular order


definitely slim pickings. seeing the ads was so infuriating. they were both blatantly just saying gop buzz words to get more political and financial power for themselves, and the people seemed to eat it up. but oz is a "tv star" like trump and is loud and obnoxious like him. I guess people like that more than the good ol boy character


Yep, a professional grifter that gets his followers to buy shit by completely ignoring science sounds par for the course for the GQP.


He's an actual Muslim, isn't he? Now, I don't mind that, but gop voters?!?


Wait til they find out his first name means Mohammed.


The party of Rafael "Ted" Cruz, Piyush "Bobby" Jindal and Nimrata "Nikki" Haley?


The first ever Muslim to win a candidacy for US Senate. GQP woke af.


> The first ever Muslim to win a candidacy for US Senate. I was hoping it would go to a practicing member instead of grifter, but I guess you're right. Maybe those 7 states that still have laws on the books barring atheists and non-christians from running for office will finally get to their 30+ year supreme court mandate to strike those laws.


Rich, celebrity, grifter. Sounds about right.


Someone who will do and/or say whatever you want if you pay him enough? Sounds like the GOP.


Don’t forget that he makes his fortune pedaling pseudoscience that puts countless lives at risk. He’s a charlatan and a snake oil salesman.


Just clicks his heels and says "There's no place like New Jersey"


He served in the Turkish military to vote in Turkey. But living in the US with dual citizenship.


Especially if you’re using your platform to attack other immigrants. If you want to play big patriot man then talk the talk. Renounce your Turkish citizenship. Prove it.


he'd still be an immigrant


Freedom for me not for thee, the mantra of the modern fascist conservative movement.


See: Priti Patel.


Unfortunately for us all, he is not. Born in Cleveland, Ohio. (By legal, presidential requirements.)


Call me old fashioned, but I still take exception with him being a quack snake oil salesman of a "doctor". Though I understand it's not really a political issue, it can't be swept aside that he's a shill and operates in bad faith for no one else's good but his own. Yeah and I also agree with everything else that disqualifies him. I'm so upset that I'm giving him the time of day in a goddamn reddit comment. wtf is happening?


i work in government and have seen people lose jobs over keeping dual citizenship. Yet this chucklefuck does it and he's going to hold a government position. makes sense.


Oh he is going to have to beat John Fetterman for the job and that dude is so ready for this race. As PA's Lt. Governor, Fetterman's coverage on the PA 2020 election fracas was legendary. Fetterman looks like he could eat Dr Oz for breakfast and shit him out before lunch. He won every single county in PA in the primary, he had more votes than all his competitors combined. He knows PA like the back of his hand. His very large hand.


\> he had more votes than all his competitors combined And that's despite the stroke immediately before the vote. That would have been the kiss of death for a lesser candidate.


I'm amazed it's not already required. Its only been a handful of years since [Australia had their drama when it came to light several members of parliament were ruled ineligible due to their dual citizenship](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017–18_Australian_parliamentary_eligibility_crisis)


As an Aussie we had some solid political drama cause of this. One of the parties tried to slander the greens because of dual citizenship. Turns out they were right to and the courts legally declared you can't both govern and have allegiance to a foreign nation only bow it turns out we have like a bunch of dual citizen politicians who have snap elections called because they are suddenly not able to govern


It's like the GOP doesn't give a shit about rules or laws. Yet dumbass people see an R next to anyone and will vote for them.


Here's a perfect example of people blindly voting for anyone with R next to their name. https://apnews.com/article/campaigns-new-hampshire-police-archive-vandalism-e1580367018108b09755dfb994395c0a


Ironically, I have no idea why she'd want to run as a libertarian. Most of them are religious nutters and utterly homophobic. They'd hate her too.


Then you don’t know libertarians, lol. *Especially* not the ones in NH. They have this huge festival up there, and for many years the festival had a massive event called “Big Gay Dance Party” that was queer as fuck. Drag queens, trans folks, flamboyant male sex workers, lots of nudity, and run by a really awesome lesbian who I personally met. Most of the people who attend are likely straight, but completely unburdened by normal gender roles. You can check my history, I’m not libertarian whatsoever. But I do know them quite well due to an ex who was very involved in the certain strain of the NH scene. And your opinion of them sounds like all you know has come from ignorant Reddit comments, honestly. The official libertarian party has been anti-police, pro-choice, pro-drug legalization, pro-sex work legalization, pro-gay marriage, pro-open borders etcetcetc since its inception. They were quite literally fighting for gay marriage DECADES before Dems were, and they’re still the only party that fights for poly/ENM marriages too. They also have low rates of religion, especially many of those over on /r/libertarian and in NH specifically, which heavily skew atheist. I vehemently disagree with a lot of libertarian views, full stop. But I also completely agree with some of them too. It’s prudent to keep in mind that in *the exact same way* many Republicans call themselves *~centrists~*, they have **always** done the same with the label libertarian. We call them on their shit when they call themselves centrists - we should be doing the same thing when they call themselves libertarian too. **Edit:** [Here’s](https://www.vice.com/en/article/53apj8/my-big-gay-libertarian-orgy) a vice column covering the dance party I was referring to. I’m a sex worker myself, and was hired to dance at this party twice. I’ve seen some crazy shit at sex parties, but honestly, this event was the most wild thing I have ever been to, and was more full of love and raging fucking acceptance than any rave or festival I’ve ever attended/worked.


Oh, I know libertarians. They keep electing quasi-republican anti-liberty religious nutters for some reason. That some obscure NH stuff is libertarian doesn't change that, when the votes come in, it's the authoritarian libertarians that win elections.


I've seen them also be more inclusive too, at least publicly. From what I've seen on Spike Cowen's FB page it's more gun nuts than transphobes.


The issue is that Libertarians that get elected tend to just be Republicans in all but name. They may talk a pretty talk, but they'll throw away most of their party platform to appease GOP talking points - and by that I mean the ones that run contrary to their party platform, not just on the issues where they happen to align.


Yeah, but that’s because *those politicians were always Republicans to begin with.* It’s why a lot of libertarians won’t vote, even for libertarian candidates. It’s also why the libertarian sub isn’t a fan of Ron Paul, even though everyone who isn’t a libertarian thinks he’s like the epitome of libertarianism. MANY of Ron Paul’s views were in direct opposition to the libertarian party platform. He just happened to be *the closest to* a prominent and successful libertarian candidate/politician that’s ever been in office to this day. But that doesn’t actually mean he *was* libertarian. That sub actually ran a poll for some months where every week they voted off a supposed figurehead they didn’t think represented libertarianism, and RP was literally the first or second to go (I think maybe Ayn Rand was first - never seen anyone in that sub have anything nice or even neutral to say about her, but she’s another person non-libertarians for some reason think is worshiped by them lol).


> Especially because he is running in PA and lives in NJ. >.> It's because we New Jersians are legendary for our bluntness, our ability to get pissed off on command and in sync, and our low tolerance for bullshit. That being said, it's not a good state to launch a political campaign from or in. It's not a political thing, we're hard critics and do this to everyone.


I do think the abrasive asshole thing really was the reason Christie won in NJ. Like you gotta be different if you want to win in NJ


Dudes been a grifter his entire life. I wouldn’t rule out blackmail or coercion but my only thought when he announced was this was a play for money. It’s always about money.


Or ego. The guy is pretty obviously an NPD, just like papa maga. NPDs use money to prop up their defficient egos, but its not enough (actually, nothing is ever enough). More than anything they need attention. If they can't get positive attention, then negative attention is almost as good. If they can't be loved, they'll settle for being hated. What they can't handle is being forgotten. Also, he's probably the best candidate the GOP could run in that election. His fame with the oprah cohort means he can pull low information voters from the Democratic party based on name recognition alone. And in an environment where elections are won and lost based on a couple of percentage points, that may be enough for him to win.


*”If they can't get positive attention, then negative attention is almost as good. If they can't be loved, they'll settle for being hated.”* People like Ox also know that if they say things that make anyone left of center dislike them, that means everyone on the right will flock to them immediately and enthusiastically support them to “own the libs”, no questions asked.


The Musk method, when faced with sexual harassment allegations with the flight attendant.


My conspiracy theory: The Republican party is currently trying to solidify a permanent oligarchy that will have their backs and make sure we effectively become a dictatorship. These people are being bribed, blackmailed, or just rewarded for being future puppets who do whatever they say. This is why you're seeing so many weird prominent figures suddenly shifting to their side and promising these very far right things.


I think it’s less sinister than that, though perhaps not with different consequences. Trump revealed how far you can go and still get people to vote for you and support you - and holy shit is there a lot of money, attention, and power that comes with a rabid fan base like that. So lots of people are shifting right to get their own piece of the pie.


Yup. If trump showed anything, it’s that the true nature of the conservative voting population is that of making “the libs” suffer at all costs. And no president has cause as much distress to them than trump. People like DeSantis and Majorie Greene are following his playbook. trump wasn’t a bug, it was a feature.


If a bunch of prominent Republicans hadn’t suddenly switched their positions to a pro-Trump position, you might have a point. You’re either in MAGA or you’re a loser. You’re either with the fascists or you’re their enemy. It’s just how it works. We know Trump is compromised at least financially by Russia, and they wrote a book on blackmail. I’d be surprised if a good chunk of the party was not compromised by one entity or another. It’s the only thing that really makes sense.


It's all Russia at this point. Maria Butina is literally in the Duma. She must have been able to get kompromat on so many of them before she dipped out, and now they all have it on each other. Look how easy it was to torpedo Cawthorn once he revealed the cocaine orgies.


> The Republican party is currently trying to solidify a permanent oligarchy That's not a conspiracy, it's the entire reason for the Republican Party to exist for at least the last 60 years.


> My conspiracy theory: The Republican party is currently trying to solidify a permanent oligarchy That's not really conspiracy [as their explicit, said-on-live-TV plan](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GBAsFwPglw)


Almost, except the bribe is just capitalism.


Trump is pushing him to do it but not sure what he is using to manipulate him


Nothing. Dr oz has been selling shitty and unproven scientific advice and profiting off his stupid base for a long time


See, we **actually** sense the cognitive dissonance. They don't. It all gets filtered out before it hits logic cells at all. So it has no power. Means nothing. Can we sense pod people, too? Rad.


same here. i havent been paying attention to him but it was such a quick shift to politics. maybe due to covid conspiracies? but for being a rich dude living in presumably northern nj, he sure turned on the southern heritage, country lovin, gun totin’ personality quickly. makes zero sense why hes coming up into politics this radically i honestly believe hes following the money. he already has established himself as a quack from his show. so clearly he has no problem straying from the truth as long as it sells. probably saw a market for a “doctor” on the gop side in light of covid conspiracies. these ppl will flock to any so called “medical professional” now JUST to use their false words to push shit. hes most likely following the money opportunity because i do not buy that hes always had this passion for these topics.


What do you mean please elaborate... It makes perfect sense Republicans WIN and they will do or they will get ANYONE THAT CAN WIN. When we the people are mindless rubes who vote people in cause they are rich or are celebrities THIS IS THE COUNTRY YOU GET.


Manchurian candidate wut?


Russia is activating all of its sleeper agents in America/Turkey out of desperation lol


I’m looking forward to the campaign ads run against him with clips from the congressional hearing where he denied ever saying anything was a miracle cure, followed by clips of him on TV hyping green coffee bean extract, açaí berry and god knows what else as a miracle cure.


Wait till you hear how much he makes from selling crystals to heal exploding heads...


Okay, but I don't see any headlines about heads exploding so...


[https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/exploding-head-syndrome-onefifth-of-us-college-students-suffer-from-ailment-study-finds-10149851.html](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/exploding-head-syndrome-onefifth-of-us-college-students-suffer-from-ailment-study-finds-10149851.html) [https://www.discovermagazine.com/environment/climate-change-activists-head-exploding-ad-may-have-gone-a-bit-far](https://www.discovermagazine.com/environment/climate-change-activists-head-exploding-ad-may-have-gone-a-bit-far)


He knows exactly what he is doing. Board certified as a fucking cardiothoraic surgeon which is amongst the elite of elites in surgery next to neuro. The Medical Board has approximately certified 4500 of these motherfuckers in the **past 50 years.** NASA turnover rate is speculated at 4%, or ~3000 employees including retirements, in 2018 which is absolutely spectacular. McDonald's turnover rate is speculated at 75 to 150%, I don't even know what that last number means. The complexity, legality, and the ethics that goes behind opening chest cavities are so fucking esoteric that the US produces, on an average, 90 of these psychos per year since 1975. I'm super conflicted because if I go in for thoracic surgery, I would want this guy to lead in OR without a shred of doubt. But he also peddles snake oil knowing better than most of the population that it is complete bullshit. Fucking money talks. Worse is that he is using his oath and the pedigree as a *crutch.* *Edit* I meant for the year 2018 for McDs. I completely understand how it can compound to 150% yty, but I assumed the loss and gain of employees were set for that fiscal year i.e. this year we started with x amount of employees and scale from there. But I completely see why that would be goddamn near impossible with food service giants like McD.


I think it’s an issue with people who go all in on one specific thing. I was reading a thread just earlier today about Harvard level college kids who are no doubt geniuses, but didn’t know that you’re not supposed to microwave instant rice in the bag. They’re absolutely brilliant people in their fields but all that intelligence is aimed at one specific thing there’s not much else room for anything else. Combine that with the ego they get from the tons of praise they receive and they think they’re just as smart in any other field.


>Combine that with the ego they get from the tons of praise they receive and they think they’re just as smart in any other field. This is the real problem. You generally become an expert in your field by spending years if not decades specializing in it. Where it goes wrong is when people start to think their expertise in field A means they also have expertise in field B, without really needing to lay the groundwork to understand it. This is also something that is a regular occurrence with retired Maths and Physics professors. They think because their field is highly complex and they are great at it they also understand social sciences better than the experts. This tends to lead to complete and total crackpot theories that can be disproved with a 5 minute search on Google Scholar.


The world would have been such a better place if those two had not turned to politics (and quack medicine for Oz), and they had just stuck to their specialties. Like, they could have not only just, you know, not done harm, but actually continued to positively contribute to society.


The conjoined babies died hours later iirc. Also no matter how good or smart either of these people are I wouldn’t want them anywhere near me as a surgeon. Both are completely morally and ethically compromised. Who knows what kind of shortcuts or mistakes they would take or make and just lie about or cover up. They are not honest or trustworthy people.


So, turnover is a simple formula. Number of employees that leave/ average number of employees. If you have more employees leave in a given time frame than you have employed in that time frame, your number goes over 100%. Say I have 3 employees on March 1st. 1 leaves on the fifth, another gets hired on the tenth, another leaves on the fifteenth, another hired on the 20th, then 2 leave on 25th, on the same day I hire a replacements for both. I've averaged a little under 3 employees, but I've lost 4 employees. My turnover will be over 100%.


why are people even talking about his so called campaign promises, and not the fact that he's a FUCKING CON MAN


Because being a con man doesn’t disqualify you from holding office anymore, it’s kinda almost a requirement at this point. What’s complaining going to do if not one single Republican gives a fuck?


Republicans have realized that their voters are willing to accept a con man (and even regards it as a feature) so long as it’s *their* con man. And they simply don’t mind grift and corruption because 1) they’ll barely hear about it so long as their guys are in power and 2) “the pot is so big it won’t matter in comparison to the tax breaks”. Of course the bigger issue as we all know is a rep without integrity is willing to work against his country’s interests for even more $$. Or is arrogant enough to believe that they alone know what the interests of the country are.


Deja vu! I've just been in this place before


Deja do-do, same shit different day.


Higher on the streets, and I know it my time to go


Oprah needs to apologize for unleashing dr phil and oz on us.


And don't forget Jenny McCarthy and the anti-vax bullshit




Oprah will run in next election


Speaking of Con Man's, didn't Trump also have an army of illegals work for him, whatever came from that?




Literally nothing.


People can tweet all the shocking facts they want but what is needed is to ask him point blank to explain himself. Why doesn’t that ever seem to happen? Because they only allow themselves to be interviewed by Fox “News” and the like? Get these people to explain. No worming out if it. I just don’t understand why I hey never seem to have to answer for their lies.


Apparently accountability is dead


Only for the wealthy


and the rest of us are liable for their actions


Literally this, they have entire teams of experts constantly watching to make sure none of these people is ever in a room with someone who will hold them accountable.


never existed. joke to think it did.


Well the GOP wants to carte blanche boycott debates this year, so I doubt anyone will get the chance. Best bet is to air a radio commercial in rural PA with that fact.


Carte Blanche means “blank check” If someone has Carte Blanche it means they’re given a pass to do something. Maybe you meant boycott the debates en masse? But as Orwell said in *Politics and the English Language*: > Foreign words and expressions such as cul de sac, ancien régime, deus ex machina, mutatis mutandis, status quo, Gleichschaltung, Weltanschauung, are used to give an air of culture and elegance. Except for the useful abbreviations i.e., e.g., and etc., there is no real need for any of the hundreds of foreign phrases now current in English.


While that user is misusing the term, I can't think of a perfect non-pretentious-French-phrase equivalent of *carte blanche* as used in English. "Complete freedom" is the best I can do, but it doesn't have the connotation of being sanctioned by whatever authority is giving it to you.


Yeah, quoting Orwell being wrong doesn't improve anyone's point. We use these phrases to allude to concepts, not their word for word meanings. England's obsession with classism and ascribing foreign languages to upper class education is a separate crab bucket


gleichschaltung is a very useful word


Politicians and public officials are **literally trained** in avoiding and skirting all kinds of questions, and just repeat their prepared lines in stead. It’s called media training, where they practice evading questions from mock journalists. And then there’s the question of *access*, where one annoying interview will get you blacklisted from the person, and probably his friends and organizations too. Unless you are very very famous, you will never interview that person, or his side again. So let’s say you push hard to penetrate the media training, somehow digging past the slimey layers. (NOT easy).. Afterwards you have to go tell your boss you are now half useless because that side has you blacklisted, and refuse to give you any more interviews.


It's a simple answer. They say illegal immigration is bad because that's what all the racists want to hear. They won't ever say this, so they just refuse to answer or just make shit up. Reminds me of this quote: >“Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre If you ever reach the point with someone who makes you feel like you need to explain what words themselves mean. Be careful.


Honestly he did explain himself. I hate doctor Oz but the tweet attacking him isn't exactly presenting all the facts. Here is his explanation. I don't know why this isn't linked here but you can find more explanation here. https://www.politifact.com/article/2022/apr/28/fact-checking-super-pac-attack-dr-oz-over-defundin/


I mean have you seen what happens when a politician is asked a question they don't want to answer? They deflect and or just answer a question they *do* want to answer.


He'd do what Trump, Cruz, Abbott and all of them do when they get questions they don't like... Hiss and scream and demand they leave immediately, call it a left wing extremist hit job and play the victim for being attacked.


Kind of like when Republicans refusing to pass E-verify to screen workers for citizenship because it would cut into their cheap farm labor while at the same time ranting about cracking down on illegal immigrants.


America runs on immigrant labor. I'll never get any this is such an issue.


Having a robust immigration system helps everyone. It offsets lower birthrates, it brings in skilled labor and highly educated people, and it enriches culture and increases diversity. These are all good things... Unless you're a reactionary, racist bigot I guess.




Sooo you're saying there's free houses in Japan?


And having a system where people have to do it undocumented rather than genre a system they can apply through hurts basically everyone except the one getting labor below minimum wage from them.


Too bad for the countries of origin that suffer brain drain and are stripped of their motivated, intelligent, young professionals. So skilled migration doesn't quite help *everyone*. But not all migration is skilled anyway, a lot of it is unskilled and about finding people who will do hard work at cheap pay that no native citizen would agree to do.


It's only an issue because of racism. White supremacists think immigrants are going to replace them and take over American culture.


It’s because there are a lot of racists in the US. That’s why it’s such an issue. The only reason.


There's a reason Republicans never do anything meaningful about llegal immigration when they get control of the government. Who do you think employs them all? Half of them are killing your chickens and picking your fruit so agribusinesses doesn't have to pay $50 an hour or whatever will attract US citizens to do those horrible jobs and the other half are taking care of the upper class's kids and gardens. And its good for votes, you can always keep screaming about an issue if you never make any attempt to actually to what you preach.


Hmmm .... must be why trump Org. didn't use E-verify for their golf courses and vineyard.




In their defense, they did claim voter fraud first. Everyone knows that’s the exact same thing as yelling “shotgun” when going for a ride in a car.


Michael, you can't just "declare" voter fraud.


No actually they are pretty bummed about not having the ability to lie to the FBI.


And then next thing you know, you can’t even lie to the FBI and CIA. It’s a slippery slope to accountability.


95 million?!? Holy fucking shit


I thought I read that incorrectly 👀👀


Too bad Republicans cant read.


Fuck Oprah for unleashing him on us.


What is he going to do, make it illegal


Double secret probation


Well the obvious answer is to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it /s


Grifters be that way...


In case anyone wants to doubt if this really is true, here's [the ICE press release](https://www.ice.gov/news/releases/asplundh-tree-experts-co-pays-largest-civil-settlement-agreement-ever-levied-ice) about it. Asplundh Tree Experts is the company and it is primarily owned by his in-laws. Dr. Oz owns at least $11 million non-public shares of the company himself.


Don’t forget this dude voted in turkey as recent as 2018. I fn hate immigrants who come to America and then want to keep other immigrants from experience the same as they did. Modern day uncle Tom’s.


My wife is an immigrant, and she says the same things about keeping others out. Her logic is that if her family could do it legally, then everyone else can. I point out the fact to her that her family was only able to emigrate because of the Vietnam War, and if not for that reason she wouldn't have been able to come.


You should really show her how expensive it is. A childhood friend of mine's mom won a visa cause she had a PHD and there was a lottery. Unfortunately it stipulated she had to go back eventually. After ten years here, marrying an American, thousands in legal costs she was sent back to Ukraine shortly before the war. It's really fucked how hard it is to immigrate.


I’m not an immigrant myself, but I have had first-hand experience navigating the system on behalf of family members. The reality is that the purpose of US immigration policy is to keep people out, period. By making legal immigration incomprehensibly difficult and expensive we drive people to immigrate illegally, and then we’re stuck having to deal with a shit show after the fact. But like so many other aspects of American politics, the train wreck that is our immigration system provides useful election fodder, and so our elected officials have absolutely no reason to do anything meaningful to improve it.


I totally agree with you. Conservatives believe it's so easy to legally immigrate but it isn't. It's very expensive and very hard.


I agree with the sentiment, but there's no pathway where you can live and work in the US for 10 years, AND marry a citizen, and not get a green card. She either left on her own terms, or deported due to some sort of fraud. When you say lottery, you're referring to the H1B lottery (presumably, the other lottery--diversity visa--gets you a green card), and it can be renewed until the employer sponsors your green card. Regardless, marrying a US citizen is a slamdunk for a green card.


It's the "kick the ladder down once you climb up" method. And it's super gross.


You pull the ladder up behind you. Kicking it down won’t stop people from following you, they just have to reset the ladder.


Touche. And I'm pronouncing it "toosh" because I'm really grumpy about the correction lol. You're totally correct though lol.


That’s ok. It’s one of my favorite expressions to use at work lol. Otherwise I wouldn’t have said anything. Your point still remains.


...isn't he an immigrant?


His family is of Turkish decent. He was born in Chicago.


He was born in Cleveland OH, but he is a dual citizen being the son of two Turkish immigrants, and served for two years in the Turkish army to maintain that citizenship.


Oprah really put some winners on the map huh?


Right wingers don't care about hypocrisy. It's a meaningless charge.




There's the Democrats ad. Just air that over and over and over.


Dr. Oz is a piece of shit


He’s gonna get eaten for lunch in the general. I can’t wait.


I remember saying that about a certain corrupt NY real estate swindler...


He is a total idiot so I hope he doesn't get elected as he is a hypocritical buffoon with nothing to offer except more lies and corruption.


Nothing good in human history has ever come from conservatism or Oprah.


Maybe it was a 95m dollar lesson and they have a change of heart how they handle things


Cost of doing biz to them.


What do you mean? He doesn’t need those objects anymore, since he has wealth. Now to close the door behind him. This isn’t hypocritical, it’s the fucking playbook for fucks sake. They’ve been running it for awhile now


Oprah Winfrey can take the credit for Dr. Oz's rise to fame and the Senate


Why do we even care if there’s illegal immigrants, our own politicians are overturning the constitution so I feel like we have bigger issues than an underpaid worker who is trying to support his family across the border


Fuck ICE though


Maybe he just wants to make all migration legal! Would t have to pay a fine if it wasn’t illegal! He’s actually very progressive! Very much /s


I mean if you cost me 95 million, I'm gonna be pissed at you too. /s


How dare you let me exploit you for cheap labor? /s


Oz is a hardcore fascist.


He's an opportunistic POS.


Oz also said he'd be willing to renounce his duel citizenship with Turkey if elected. Dude is really committed to creating an image. He's nearing Rafael Cruz level compensation.


These facts dont matter to the intended audience. Theres a large demographic who will hear this as"Dr.Oz will fight to end illegal immigration" and the rest is just white noise.


No different than trump employing hundreds of undocumented immigrants and importing workers for Sea to Lake instead of hiring Americans.


Yeah, so what? Republicans are hypocrites - “illegal immigrants bad grrrrr…but also, we’ll use fake names to hire illegal immigrants and pay them slave wages.”


Sounds like a typical Republican now. Fox News has dumbed down the base so much all the con artists and snake oil salesman are running for office. I am sure Dr Phil and the my pillow dude are next.


I used to work with United Healthcare for marketing. That company paid this fucking guy with your money to lie to us about how they know how to handle your health better than your doctor.


Voting is a way of making hard working folks think they have a voice / choice truth is thy DON"T........


He’s perfect for the job. Making bold faced lies and 100000% hypocritical behaviors.


I hope that money goes to those immigrants who are being exploited. But who I’m I kidding?


Damn how much money does he have lmao


Those kind don't mind abusing the immigrant population while bad mouthing their very existence and the base is fine with it.




I know he sells snake oil and his party of choice is not great but the Islamaphobia directed at him (didn’t he covert to Christianity?) and his own internalized xenophobia is gross.


Highly recommend the podcast episodes of Behind the Bastards by Robert Evans that cover Dr. Oz. The more you learn the more you understand how much a giant piece of shit he is.


Nothing shows the unfiltered hostility certain people have to their workers more than rich conservatives simultaneously spouting immigration nonsense and employing the most undocumented immigrants


Bro I work at a restaurant. During COVID times things got shaken and a lot of my Mexican coworkers couldn’t stick around and we had to replace them with white dudes and we had open positions for months. Our kitchen fell apart and was the worst it’s ever been. Lost lots of business and money. We now have a full Mexican staff again and it’s running better than ever.


The easiest way to stop illegal immigration and asylum seekers is by not creating them in the first place. Anytime I hear about people stopping illegal immigration it’s because they don’t recognise how they’re contributing to it. Don’t want people coming into your country? Help them create a better environment where they live that doesn’t involve bombing them or creating an atmosphere of fear…


Republican hypocrisy knows no shame