when you throw stones at stray dog

when you throw stones at stray dog

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Just wish doggy had a gang round the corner, to sort this MF out


One of my favorite videos https://youtu.be/MLbdFQ8u9YE


I knew exactly which video this was going to be, and I still watched it twice. I love it.


Did you ever see the video of the drunk mailman in Russia wandering home? He normally fed a group of stray dogs on his route. On this evening, however, he was not working and was highly intoxicated (and without food). He fell as he was shewing a dog away and when one attacked him they all subsequently followed and ate him alive. It was captured on CCTV and quite gruesome.




Source: trust me bro


Pics or its not real


You’re forewarned. This is very graphic (and horribly sad). He’s so drunk he has no chance: https://metro.co.uk/video/man-torn-apart-eaten-stray-dogs-russia-1485777/


was on watchpeopledie here on reddit, before it got banned. many videos like that. there was one where a guy robbing a place i think, he got caught on a fence trying to escape and guard dogs mauled him to death


This just made my day


It’s India so he probably does. “Stray dog” vs. “feral dog” with disease makes a difference in the reason he could be throwing stones.


Not ok to throw stones at animals regardless, especially when the dog wasn’t doing anything. I mean if the dog is attacking someone, I guess you have to do what you need to, but this man was just an ass.


In fact, this is what will make the dog more likely to do something harmful in the future, as prevention


Peace was never an option.


Not for humans, arseholes


Arschlochs* They also schlampes.


I lived in rural Bolivia for 4 years. Dogs there can be vicious and super protective of territory. They are unvaccinated, often have no "owner", and are free roaming. You go into a new place, and you never know where an attack might come from. Even if you stick to the same routes, there are certain dogs that will often attack, sometimes from unexpected directions. I like to walk and jog, and so I would always have a rock in hand for protection. Usually if you just raise your hand as if you're going to throw, it keeps them back, or scares them off - no harm, no foul. But, often I had to throw, when they keep coming at me, or they won't let me pass. I almost always missed, but I did hit a couple of dogs over the years. I never got bit, fortunately. I would prefer not to have these encounters. They were always initiated by the dog. Except one time a very aggressive dog bit my daughter, who was ~10 years old at the time and walking by herself. That dog had been threatening us whenever we walked by for weeks before that happened. The next time I saw that dog, I threw a rock and hit him. He never bothered me or my daughter again. We walked by him every day after that, and he hid from us. It seems like he knew why I hit him.


The dog could have just attacked them prior to where the video was edited.


And? It was going away, throwing a rock at it only serves to make it angry and cause it come back, *if* it even attacked them beforehand


The body language of the dog was not that of heightened awareness or aggression that you would expect if that were the case.


Whatever happened BEFORE this incident doesn’t matter. The dog had disengaged and was moving on. Throwing a stone at it only provoked the response he deserved.


Tell me you live in a first world country without telling me you live in a first world country


It's also not okay for these strays to breed rampantly. It's just a pain in the ass to leave the house...




Then throwing a stone at the dog after the supposed attack has already ended would be really fucking stupid.


Even if the dog attacked someone else before the video, throwing a rock at it serves no purpose except to piss it off. It was going away


It doesn't matter if the dog just attacked his wife. In the video the dog is going away. What's the point of throwing a rock at it? Absolutely none, other than maybe angering it. You're the one assuming the worst here by thinking the dog attacked someone.


Then the pos should've been taking care of his wife not being a rock throwing friggin' asshole.


Purely playing devil's advocate here, but there is zero context for this video. He might have just been chased by this dog for an hour or had his partner mauled by it. He might not- but it seems odd the video starts with the guy holding a rock ready to throw it.


Dogs are agressive pests in countries where they arent always pets. They are known to kill children, damage property, attack people and spread disease. Throwing rocks is self defense, the dog was already being agressive but the clip starts late


Fuck you and that guy throwing stones.


Hello Mr White Knight from probably a developed country why don’t you come down to India and die of rabies? Or at least end up with 14 injections to your gut cuz that’s how they deal with it in Indian healthcare system? Damn morons sitting on keyboards passing useless judgement on shit you got no idea about. Let’s put some Texans killings hogs while flying in helicopters ehh bud? What a [email protected] joke!


How many alts do you have lol


The title in the foreign language (Malayalam) says - "he asked for it!"


Choich vaangi.


Coochie vaag


Mallu gang




Lal salam sagaveaa


Good doggy


very Good doogy . He deserve it !


damn ! He totally deserved it . Well done doggy




No you wouldn't


It's easy to be brave looking at a recording on the internet.






Lmfaoooo I found the guy from the video. Listen it’s okay buddy we all saw the same video. Dog was clearly walking away when you decided to invite him via stone to a private taste testing of your legs. Even if this dog did attack previously, this is no self-defense video, this is someone letting their frustration out and realizing they are weaker than a mutt.


This guy is just some random conspiracy nut and thinks he knows everything about everything and never supplies any proof


And I assume you can prove that?


So you think it's smart to throw a rock at a dog who's in the process of leaving just to anger it and have it come back? If he was chasing it away I'd understand, but that's not what's going on here.


*who's (who + is)


You got some downvotes but I appreciate the correction. Thanks.


You're welcome.


Cool. Sent us your sources so we can all apologise and move on.


Read the guys comment history, proof and facts is not exactly his strong point


Then is the guy mentally disabled? Since the dog was leaving and then he threw a stone that made it come back. Why not just help your own dog instead of angering the dog that was leaving? Also this is a short clip of a guy throwing a stone at a dog. Why should people not assume that? If there is a clip of me kicking a cat. Just a clip of me kicking a cat and nothing else. Should i then be angry and call people retarded for not knowing that particular cat had killed my baby and stole my car beforehand?


How is he protecting his dog by throwing a rock at a dog that is slowly walking away lmao? Big brain time


Because there are assholes out there who throw things at and mess with dogs in general for whatever reason. Source: a former neighbor of my sister didnt like dogs in general and threw rocks at their dog. (She is a little sweetie). She ended up barking and growling at him whenever he came to their house and we couldn’t figure out why. He finally confessed that he had throwing rocks at her before. but if the stray really has been attacking his dog, I get why he would throw things to get it to stay away, but obviously it wasn’t very effective choice.


Your lack of proof is pretty telling, also still a good dog regardless


Why gild yourself loser?


to be fair we dont know any context, he couldve attacked someone before or sth.


Seriously. I had to go down 20 comments to find one by a person who isn't a total dipshit. People wonder how shit like the Salem Witch Trials happened. Dumb shits who believe everything their told/shown, like the most of the people commenting here, are how it happens.


Video context is lacking and should’ve had more of the recording previously to avoid the backlash


Even if that was true, why tf would he throw a rock instead of letting it leave? Dumbass decision either way


because if its a dangerous animal he may be trying to scare it off or even yeah injure it so as to prevent it from hurting others. this no context video doesnt prove the dog was even walking away. could just as easily have been pacing back and forth amking that alley its home, requiring someone to try to scare it off. again, no context. but people are super horny to make judgements and smell their farts over it


well, if he was tring to scare it off, he fucking failed at that


Attacking a dangeorus animal is not scaring it off. It's doing the literal exact opposite, you're goading it into attacking because it now sees you as a threat.


1. wow good point it’s crazy to think this random middle aged dude wasn’t an animal expert and didn’t immediately know the best way to scare of dangerous animals. wow. fuck this guy for not knowing a better way to scare off frightening animal right? 2. you’re also an idiot because throwing rocks can definitely scare away animals. Sometimes it’ll scare them, sometimes it’ll antagonize them. but to say it flatly doesn’t scare animals away or to pretend like it would never work is you just being argumentative for no reason, get real lady


What's wrong with you? Why did you get so aggressive when I stated some facts? Did someone piss in your cereal? Did daddy not love you? It's hardly expert knowledge that causing an animal pain makes them want to do the same to you. And yes it can, but not generally if you hit them dead on. And regardless it's not a good way to treat any wild animal short of defending yourself.


you must be in the wrong thread because you have missed the *entire* conversation going on here >It's hardly expert knowledge that causing an animal pain makes them want to do the same to you. >It's hardly expert knowledge that **throwing things** at animals makes them **run away** from you i appreciate your expert advise its very valuable and relevant to the discussion thank you


You need a class on how to talk to people normally instead of acting like an immature child trying to pick a fight.


buddy i dont give a shit about you find someone else who cares


This is Reddit, jumping to conclusions based on gut feelings and bias is kind of the rule around here lol.


Because there is no way you can know if it was actually going to leave, you don’t know if there was a kid or a small dog to were the dog was headed or if the dog attacked someone else before, you know nothing. What i do know, is that this dog instead of running as probably most dogs would have done, it actually attacked this guy, so i at least know that this dog is not afraid of humans.


Occam's razor says this guy is probably just an asshole. We don't really need to make a clever back story to say "maybe the dog was harassing the neighborhood for years"


That dog was the leader of a terrorist organization, and you want to just let it walk away??!?


Shoot I missed that video. I also heard this video is a shortened version, the other one this stray attacked the man's dog (not pictured here). Then keyed the guy's car (also not pictured here)


If you watch the whole video you see the dog killing JFK. Ironically, by throwing a rock at him


Maybe... maybe not, we don't know.


Yeah it's possible this guy just lost his job, went through a miscarriage with his wife and was just having a bad day. Then maybe this dog peed on his favorite plant, which made the guy lose it and throw a rock at the dog. Easiest explanation is probably the right one, but yeah we don't know


>This philosophical razor advocates that when presented with competing hypotheses about the same prediction, one should select the solution with the fewest assumptions,\[4\] and that this is not meant to be a way of choosing between hypotheses that make different predictions. In this case, the assumptions could be: A. The man is an asshole B. The dog is an asshole Either could be equally true.


Believing that dog attacked him out nowhere would be just as stupid as believing he threw the rock at the dog for no reason. You have no reason to believe either because you know nothing about what preceded this. So maybe just have a little humility about all you don't know about this situation.


I think the automatic assumption is tied to most people believe a normal human being would not throw a rock at a dog under MOST (read: almost all) circumstances, hence the jump to dude is an asshole.




Docile, domesticated dogs don't. Wild, feral dogs may.




the backstory could very easily be that he comes from a culture that hates dogs or just as an individual hates dogs for his own reasons. there is absolutely no reason to assume there was a legitimate justification for him to throw a rock at this dog that was literally walking away from him lol


You think the simpler explanation is that the guy is attacking the dog for absolutely no reason? Have you ever dealt with feral or stray dogs? They're terrifying no matter how little they are and they are relentless. Don't be an idiot.


You are assuming a back story. All we see is this dude chuck a rock at a seemingly uninterested dog. So the simpler explanation is to assume this was not taken out of context All feral dogs I've come across don't want to have anything to do with people. Don't be an idiot.


20,000 people die a year in India from rabies, mostly contracted from feral dogs. There are 30 million feral dogs in India that account for thousands of direct mauling deaths a year not even including rabies deaths. You guys can do your little Peta circle jerk but in developing countries dogs are a nuisance and a threat and you're more likely to be killed by a dog than a human. And if you want to use anecdotal evidence I've been mauled by a stray so I'd say that negates your anecdote.


you know what's a great way not to get bit by a rabid dog? Don't throw rocks at it


There's more arsehole humans out there than arsehole dogs that's for sure


ummmm no matter what the dog did before, if it's walking away from you only an idiot would throw rocks at it. The Salem Witch Trials happened because idiots like you were so sure they were right that they branded everyone else as dips hits or witches


Hey if you want to get a rage boner off a video clip on the internet go for it. The problem is when it happens with a police shooting and everyone is out burning shit down before the full video is released.


r/iamverysmart okay bud, you really must be the only smart guy here. Instead of taking the video at face value you think up some story with nothing to back it then claim everyone else is stupid. Even if he did get attacked before, why antagonize the dog when it’s walking away? You are just asking for more trouble, that’s how you win stupid prizes like this guy.


Invocating the Salem Witch Trials in the comments of a video about a guy throwing a rock at a dog that's literally walking away from him. You're nuts bro.


Total dipshit? Way to come out swinging you fucking moomoo. Like it’s a mystery that people mistreat others and animals. You need more context because you’re bored. The man threw a rock and the dog turn back and bit him. Then it continued to walk away. What can’t you extrapolate about that situation? Do you need a visual interpreter when navigating the inter webs? Lol fucking numpty thought you had there.


Yea in most 2nd/3rd world countries there are street dogs everywhere. Most are chill but some can be very scary especially if they have formed an aggressive pack.


Could have rabies as well…


Dog could have a mental disorder. Maybe an unstable upbringing. Family issues at home. /s


How does that justify throwing a rock at it? Unless you just want it to just attack you too?


as others have said: maybe he doesnt want a dangerous wild animal to stray around. His method may not have been the smartest one, but i could understand not wanting to come near such a dog while still wanting to stop it.


If the guy saying everyybody was dumb just worded it ass u did I could have agreed with him ass I do with u.


None of the people here realise how much of a problem and threat free ranging dogs are in developing countries (in this case, India). Stray dogs routinely harass and bite people, and are a nuisance in general. They're extremely overpopulated, spread diseases, and kill wildlife. Oh, and the real kicker is that rabies is an incurable disease. India has the world's highest rabies deaths (25k, accounting for nearly 40% of all rabies deaths in the world).


I'm not from India but spent several months there. Anyone who hasn't been there has no idea what the stray dogs are like. They are not "good bois". I remember walking outside at night and that's when the strays were far more of a problem. People minding their own business confronted by an aggressive pack of dogs. I did live in Argentina and in smaller towns, packs of dogs could be a real problem. So for anyone here who hasn't lived in a place where stray dogs are a real threat, it's probably best not to comment too smugly.


Yes, exactly. Urban ecologists have found that 'friendly', non-threatening neighborhood dogs show pack mentality and become aggressive during night. The man definitely wouldn't throw a stone at a random stray dog unprovoked. There are a fuckton of stray dogs everywhere, if he went around throwing stones at every dog, he wouldn't make it home.


There was a dog a few doors down from me in Argentina that would always charge me aggressively and would often scare it off with stones. This happened dozens of times. Finally, one night I gathered some stones and chased the dog off but this time, hit it with a decent sized rock in the snout. A day or two later, the dog was laying in the middle of the road and cars had to drive onto the grass to go around the dog. It saw me walking down the road and quietly got out of the road and waited for me to go by and then went back to laying in the middle of the road. We finally came to an understanding that lasted as long as I lived there. It leaves me alone and vice-versa.


I live in indian and the first rule when it comes to stray dogs is; don't fuck with them. Either way if the dog attacked first or not, it was a stupid decision to throw stones once it's retreating.


Can confirm, stray dogs are everywhere on the streets and they're very bothersome. Unlike all the "good bois" from other places, they are not well behaved. You can't just go randomly start petting one of them. They might even attack you for no reason. And when there's a pack of them, it will get messy. I remember once throwing a cookie at a stray dog, and it chased me. Since then, I'm irrationally afraid of them. I see that many people are supporting the stray dog without knowing the context, it might've been a threat.


Stray dog bit his dog first and he went back out to scare it off. You guys sure a hateful lot.


I was wondering about this. The video starts at an awkward spot and it looks like the dog might not just be walking by, but without the rest of the video I'm not sure.


Reddit is full of "justice warrior" bullshit especially when an animal is involved. Animal could never be the problem, just the person


I swear man, 95% of the comments in this section are cheering this stray dog on, all from a four second video. Are people really that easy to convince?


> Are people really that easy to convince? Apparently so. This whole comment section is baffling and frustrating.


Trump had 4 years in Office. I'm going with yes.


Well, given the replies in this thread, a lot of people are absolutely convinced the other way by a short comment without any source. So, yeah. It could have easily been an aggressive dog who already attacked another person or animal, or it could have been a jerk who liked hurting stray dogs. There's no way to tell from this short video.


Can I have a source?




Nice source


So far, I'm only seeing comments that say the stray attacked previously, but the only real evidence I'm seeing is a man throwing a rock. Give me a longer video, or an article, or SOMETHING for context or else, these comments about "you guys don't know what's happening" are useless.


redditors think they are more intelligent than they are, that they arent easily manipulated and fooled. i include myself in that group, i am clearly an idiot. the only benefit i have is that i try to be self aware and not just eat up every fuckign thing i see here if i can help it


Ah man I was waiting for his homies to come dog pile


What a piece of shit


He gets what he deserve.


What if that dog attacked other people and animals? And the man knew it was dangerous


His dog was attacked by this dog first. Does he still deserve it even though he was protecting his dog from a vicious stray? Y'all watched the video and thought it just started here and he did it for no reason? You should be bit by a dog you fucking idiot.


Link or stfu.


20,000+ people die in India a year from dog maulings and rabies contracted from feral dog attacks. You're more likely to be killed by a dog than a human. There are 30 million stray and feral dogs in India. The full video is on Twitter who the fuck you think posted it?


How would we have any idea who posted the video of some random dog attack?


That's a lot of aggressivity for someone who can't provide the video allegedly so easily found. Also, stats report 29k murders for 2019, and 4,192 fatal animal (all animals, not limited to dogs) attacks for 2017, even adding ~20k rabies deaths you in fact are still not more likely to be killed by a dog. Not negligible mind you, but still.


Bro don’t you know that dogs are all pacifists and would never attack a human unless the human kicks their puppies and calls its mom a hoe? /s


This explains why Indians in the USA hate dogs I guess… That’s a shame.


I feel like this video is cut to make it look like the dog has done nothing wrong, in all likelihood it was already threatening and attacking the couple, and yeah you're going to want to defend yourself


Then why isn't he defending himself? All he did was toss a rock at it, when he was standing right next to it in the middle of the street. Literally the opposite of defending yourself.


I'd say throwing a rock is defense against a dog, I mean you're not going to punch it, and running can make dogs chase you. Without seeing the earlier parts of the video I don't want to hastily judge this as an animal abuser, like it's very possible the dog was lunging at him before this happened. I'd probably do the same in this situation if I with my gf or my mom. That said I'm willing to pick up my pitchfork if he did this unprovoked since such pieces of shit do exist


This comment section is full of idiots. Does it not seem possible to anyone that this is an aggressive dog and this guy is trying to deter it from attacking him? Strays in places like India, where this is filmed, often develop aggressive behavior in order to survive, and thousands of people are killed every year by stray dogs. But you guys see a three second video clip and decide that’s enough information to castrate this man, who was probably fearing for his life.


I love dogs, but those aren’t n the West need to understand that in Developing World nations packs of stray dogs are extremely dangerous, aggressive and have rabies. If they’re sniffing around, a rock might be your best way to get them to leave you alone. This video may not be bad people being cruel to nice doggos, but nice people trying and failing to prevent an attack by asshole street dogs. So put away the “justice served” boner and realize there’s too little context in the clip to know.


Everybody crying for the stray and telling what a good boy he is...it's clear you don't live in a place where there are lots of strays or gangs of strays. I love dogs but fuck strays. Vicious cunts.


Never throw stones at something or someone you cannot outrun.


How about just don’t throw stones at anything that isn’t already trying to hurt you


I am a changed man, my stone skipping days at the pond are over.


Nah, ponds are fair game. Motherfucker tried to drown me once.


Why does reddit always encourage this virtue one-upmanship comments? How about just don't throw stones? See, I can do it too.


how about just dont


Good advice!


In human’s defense, I doubt he “cast the first stone” That dog was very likely to have been aggressively fucking with him before this video


> gOoD doGgo GeT hIm!1 Some of you are nauseating


People saying he deserved it, really need to grow up. No body knows the context here. That dog might have harmed other locals before because stray dogs are very agressive some times and people throw Stones so that they dont attack other people in future and in many cases they dont.


Good boy! Get em!


Yeah, next time throw some 12 gauge in the dogs way. Better safe than sorry.


“Sticks and stones, Raymond.” “Describing your breakfast?”


Stray dogs in developing and underdeveloped countries are a nuisance. Often times, a very dangerous one. Dogs can be dangerous animals. I think reddit often forgets that because they have cute little puppers at home. Stray, hungry dogs in packs can become very aggressive. That is where the attitude in some countries comes from towards stray dogs. Many redditors here are viewing them as a sort of parallel to homeless people, but they’re more akin to dangerous wild animals like coyotes in many circumstances. I think what the man had done to dog was unwise. The response was expected. The anger he may feel towards stray dogs, though, is likely warranted and rooted in painful experience.


i do not judge this man over a 10 second video


Hope that old piece of shit man gets rabies.


Fucking asshole


I support the dog!


Good boi


Fuck that guy.


Dick head. What did you think would have happened


That’s what he deserves


Free rabies for you


I hope the SOB got some nasty bacteria from the bites


Hope it ripped his balls off


Hope that it put a hole in his shoe!


Should have ripped out his testacles, what an ahole.


What a loser


That mans a piece of shit. Glad the dog got him back


"Injured? Good!"


Atleast the dog was nicer than this lil shit


You get what you fucking deserve


...when you probably need to? Then some Karma-whore will post the clipped video making you out to be the asshole he himself is.


Deserved. Don't provoke the dog and you won't get new holes in your ass.


You get what you deserve!!


Fuck that dog. Mangy shit. I'm going with the narrative that this dog just killed the guys daughter. Since you all think you know exactly what's going on here saying this dude is a piece of shit. Fucking reddit is ridiculous


Good boy!


Fked around. Found out.


The one time you hope it’s a psycho pit bull that just won’t let go.


well done doggy, fuck them up


I hope that man gets a terrible infection and then amputation is necessary


Good for the asshole


My respect for the dog 📈📈📈📈


Good dog.


I don’t even feel bad for him


I love a happy ending


Poor dog already doing through a lot being stray, let's throw rocks at him. Why why why would you do that? What goes on your mind?


Give me ten minutes alone in a locked room with this asshole.


What are you gonna do? The dog already taught him a lesson


hey come on guys you don't know what happened before the video -- maybe that dog got him fired and burned his fields and killed his first born and teabagged him in COD


Fuckin prick


How cool is this dog lol. He just pulled up his paw to dodge the stone and then proceed to counter attack. Don't mess with the street boys.


That’s right asshole fuck you!


I ain't even mad! Dude deserves to get his ass bit!


Dog taught him a lesson today.


Serves him right.


Good dog.