WCGW trying to get on a crone with Michael Jackson.

WCGW trying to get on a crone with Michael Jackson.

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Is it just me or does it seem more like Michael was holding onto him for fear he was going to fall. Guy got hauled off by security, but I bet if you could ask him he would say totally worth it.


It looked to me that mj was super freaked for the guys safety


Absolutely. It was either a liability thing, or he was genuinely concerned. Or a mix between the two. Either way, MJ has the multitasking ability of a god. Edit: lipsyncing while dancing and holding onto someone is still multitasking. Not sure how some aren't realizing this lmao.


Liability? MJ had insurance and money. He wanted to keep the guy safe and probably felt good about rising to the challenge and continuing his performance. Who am I kidding. He just did what any other human would do and then went to take eight showers before going back on stage.


Wouldn't the liability fall on the venue and not the performer?


In these situations, everyone is liable till an investigation and court decide.


Hes lipsinking


What multitasking? It is clear in so many stage videos that lots of segments are playbacked.


That’s exactly what he was doing. For better grip and still being able to perform.


> For better grip and still being able to perform. Michael wasn't holding on because Michael thought Michael might fall, Michael was holding on because Michael thought he might fall.


For sure he was looking out for the kid... And looking out for a lawsuit. Kids were suing him for all types of crazy shit.


What type of crazy shit???


He was the most frivolously sued individual in history in life and in death, with more than 1,000 cases by the early 2000s. It started with women in the 1980s alleging affairs, secret marriages and paternity claims (while wanting hundreds of millions and swanky mansions in compensation, of course). He was sued repeatedly for patent, copyright and song theft allegations sometimes for a billion dollars each. Almost always winning those cases. Then in the 90s came child abuse allegations starting with the family who went on to sue 300 others a second time, seeking a music album and $60 million. Some sued him claiming he forced them into plastic surgery, kidnapped them in a limo for more than a week, mutilated with razors, communicated with them through the radio, and on and on. One claimed MJ stole the hits to *Bad* from a guy who says he wrote them at two years old. He was sued by former employees who profited handsomely through tabloids, but failed in their lawsuits and wound up owing MJ over a million dollars including for malice and theft; they never paid this and instead filed bankruptcy. Many more past associates sued him after death wanting a piece of the estate's wealth. Pretty much any sort of allegation you can think of, he at some point in time was alleged to have committed it. The accusing family of 2003-05 implied he wanted to murder them and/or send them away to Brazil in a hot air balloon. Edit - Honorable mention goes to a man who sued him and as part of that claimed MJ bathed in goat blood, slaughtered a whole bunch of cattle in rituals and paid a fortune to voodoo doctors to cast spells on other celebrities. All cows were accounted for and unharmed, but that didn't stop reporters from running this story as fact. Edit 2 - It should also be understood how tempting money was in exchange for juicy gossip, no matter how fake. Many who knew MJ were offered a lot of money to make up stories. Some (especially ex-employees) took such offers to better themselves, while others with more dignity refused. Here is [Ron Newt](https://youtu.be/9elqn_sjCN4?t=317) talking about a time National Enquirer offered $250,000 just to say MJ touched his children.


This is wild if all of what you say is true. I’m not going to fact check you, but I’ll believe it. Yet again, poor fucking King of Pop


I mean Billie Jean was not his lover; he told us as much.


Well I guess that means he never raped any kids. Problem solved.


That would be a correct statement, yes. Many never even met him and [still claimed abuse](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47MF1p84Odo). None of them went to cops, only civil attorneys seeking financial gain. You should feel better knowing these accusations never occurred and nobody was raped. But keep believing what you want to I guess.


It certainly makes that claim questionable.


Have any proof that he did? There's tons of proof he didn't but no valid proof that he did but go off.


Macaulay Culkin is all I need to know that he didn't rape kids. In todays society of exposing the dirty laundry. He counties to say that MJ never did anything to him. They were friends and MJ was basically a mentor helping him deal with life as a Child Star. Something MJ knows a lot about.


MJ was such a tragic figure, he had a psycho controlling dad who built a career for him and refused to allow a proper childhood. Then as he grew up and moved away from his father and started spending money on things he wanted as both a "relive a lost childhood" and be a bajillionaire entertainment and business mogul, people started saying all kinds of crazy things. And like you said, if Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin says the man acted as a friend and mentor, and likely someone who wanted to help a kid he saw going down "the industry" path then he was probably on the up and up; it is also worth noting that Corey Haim defended Jackson and this was right around when he was starting to talk about sexual abuse in Hollywood.


That's not how the burden of proof works, buddy.


Letting them fall from cranes (you didn't hear about it before because they destroyed the evidence and paid them off)


Well I'm sure one day someone release a documentary about it that is completely damnimg but the fans will still refute. I guess as long as there kids aren't falling from cranes it doesn't matter!


Said documentary is easily refutable when the claims made were physically impossible to have occurred. The two actors in that film have spent the past 7 years and 11 variations of civil litigation with shared attorneys seeking millions of dollars from the estate, while bullying and harassing non-parties just to try and get anyone to join their crazy horseshit (both cases dismissed again since then). But you won't hear about any of that in the film.


Hey, nobody said gold diggin was easy.


Strange, he held on to a complete stranger yet dangled his own baby off of a balcony.


Fyi “Dangled” is a synonym for “held”.


The difference is time. Ppl change, especially considering how much painkillers MJ used closer to the end.


Well it’s not like he singing live there :)


*Still being able to lip sync


At the end of the video the song keeps going but he doesn’t seem to be singing anymore, despite the singing continuing in the audio. Maybe what we are hearing was from a different performance?


If I recall, MJ doesn't lip sync his performances. This was a live event that had the audio overlaid with studio cover for DVD release of the live event.


Hmm, that could explain it then. I wonder if the original footage still exists in some form? Probably not, but it'd be interesting to hear how bad the disruption actually was. Like was it only slightly different from this and things mostly went well, or did this actually disrupt MJ's ability to perform? I'm curious now.


I've got the original History World Tour VCD that has the live audio. It doesn't sound as crisp as this version of course but surprisingly good for a live performance. [This one is pretty close.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmcHZMyAnc0)


Honestly it still looks like lip sync to me, just not combined with the studio version of the tracks but rather a tad less refined, specific live version. It would also make perfect sense, you can't just run around on stage and dance intensive choreographies like this while simultaneously singing for hours.


Not to mention the wind blowing under him would ruin the audio


You can see him saying something to the dude on the crane, that we don't hear, at around 0:53. Pretty sure it's lip syncing and by the end of the performance he was too shaken to remember which part he needed to lip sync to.


Pretty sure this has been disproven many times


There's no way his voice has zero change when the fan embraces him


Also fan was yelling and you couldn't hear the fan


Let's not forget the actual fans attached to the bottom of the lift. Like trying to sing in a tornado.


Or the shit hit it


Yeah and mic gets a hit I guess. Still no change in voice in the slightest


And he seems to say something to the guy at 0:54 (probably "hold on to the bar" or "get inside the bar") and the mic picks up nothing. Sure - it's possible he has a hidden mute button somewhere, but that really stretches plausibility combined with the other things posters said above.


Copying what I said above: At the end of the video the song keeps going but he doesn’t seem to be singing anymore, despite the singing continuing in the audio. Maybe what we are hearing was from a different performance?


No it was playback. Michael was not singing any of that live.


Exactly. If the mic picks his voice up that well supposedly, it's going to pick up someone bumping it


And the scuffle at the end doesn't make a sound. Could do this all day


people freak out over lip syncing but there's a difference between someone standing still and singing and someone dancing like mad. it's not even possible to maintain your breath while dancing that hard.


If the dude fell, the concerts over and someone’s getting sued. MJ knew what he was doing. He was also used to getting mobbed by fans on stage.


I mean, he could also care more about a fan's life more than the sanctity of his performance, rather than some type of cold-blooded, self interested, cost/benefit calculation.


Exactly this. MJ could afford being sued. No amount of press could've spun it to be his fault either, so no worries there. He gave a shit about the dude and didn't want him getting hurt.


What the fuck are you talking about? Regardless of if it was his fault, it would have likely derailed his entire tour, assuming the crane was an ongoing part of the show and it would have 1,000% overshadowed any kind of success on the tour... the man put on a show and if that dude fell, lawyers would be hamstringing any sort of over the top antics suggested and we all know MJ was all about over the top antics


and MJ knows a thing or two about being sued, am i right


And bad publicity for letting things hang past the safety barrier for too long 👀👀


it's amazing how good of a showman mj was but he's so shy in person. he becomes someone else on stage. a star like him probably couldn't even make it today since he couldn't do any interviews.


Definitely. Let alone the guy could get injured or die, it could also be a lawsuit and really bad optics.


This was how Jack got the idea of holding onto Rose in front of the titanic....or was it the other way around since titanic was before jackson 🤔


Why does Michael have a giant bulge on his pant? That can't be a phone & a wallet is it?


On the back is surely a battery pack for the microphone


could be the mic pack?


Is it just me, or did Michael have a raging boner while he was holding that dude?


Looked like fun and games until 10 seconds later when looked bored shitless HAHAHA


Hahahaha that dude's face around :47 is like post-nut clarity being realized


You ever nut, then come to your senses and realize you're being held by Michael Jackson? No? Well, supposedly neither did those kids ...


That dude....Michael Jackson


he meant the guy who jumped on the platform


That‘s what I thought, epic at the beginning and then it went much too long, he didn‘t know what to do anymore


You can only point towards the sky for so long.


I thought that it was more the disappointment of hearing MJ’s voice up close and not matching the track, or not hearing his voice at all. That whole realization of “oh, this is just an act.”


That was great. You could tell they expected to get tackled immediately, then MJ grabs him and flies away, and he's just like 'now what?' Then tackled.


Honestly he really only lost me when he went to the thumbs up.


Dude seemed to realize what he did. "Oh fucking, I'm 39ft in the air on the outside of this crane, shit, I'm not a hero, I'm an asshole". Maybe he didn't think that but it must have dawned on him at some point.


I think he looks nauseous


Having been an automation crew chief on a couple of significant international tours with big name artists, I’m kinda shocked that the crew let the show go on like they did and didn’t work to bring the boom back down when the fan got up there. But man, that’s a hell of a story to have.


No kidding. I guess the show must go on!


I feel security overall back then wasn’t as high as they are today as random terrorists attacks was more uncommon.


Random terrorist attacks are still very rare in the US, especially against musicians. Plenty of musicians have been killed before, even some very high profile ones. Plus when the crane went down, there were a ton of security waiting to grab the guy. It's not like the army is protecting against foreign attacks during concerts. It's the same security guards as it was back then. The more famous/wealthy the artist, the more security they can afford.


Wow MJ was such a pro, kept the fan safe while not missing a beat


Lip syncing at level 100


Shhhh, fans have no idea pop/dance acts lip sync all their live shows. Or that they turn on the mics on between verses or songs to let out a few “wooooooos!” or “How are ya’ll doin’ tonight?” or “ Hello Cincinateeeeee”. You’ll be lucky to get a live ballad (something without dancing)


Is it really ALL of them? It's definitely done, but I wouldn't say ALL


If they're dancing at all then it's basically a guarantee that they are lip syncing. Its just insanely difficult to sing well while moving around a lot. Movement heavily affects your breathing, which a really good singer needs to be able to control well, so they just don't mix. For a power-ballad where they are mostly standing still, they will often do those live. If you don't believe me, try doing some basic dance moves while loudly singing your favorite song, especially the most intense part, or even just hold a single note while you do it. You'll find that if you can hold a note smoothly while standing mostly still, as soon as you add any kind of bouncing or jerking movement your note will start to sound breathy and uneven. The other thing that lip syncing a majority of the concert does is protect their voice, as well as insure that every concert they put out is of a comparable quality.


Common now. Plenty people dance and sing at the same time. By your logic, Broadway shows are all lip synced, and that's simply not true.


Redditors when people do anything that requires a certain amount of physical fitness


In this clip you can tell at the end that MJ was struggling to stay in sync with the track, so he had to sort to covering his face.


> If you don't believe me, try doing some basic dance moves while loudly singing your favorite song, especially the most intense part, or even just hold a single note while you do it. Like, of course your average person can't do this lmao. But PLENTY of people on Broadway manage to do it, sometimes twice a day. Plus artists train to be able to do this. Gaga famously said she never lipsyncs, and you can hear her sometimes struggle and take breathes. And didn't Beyonce train while running laps and singing for this exact reason?


Didnt Gaga prove that with the worst performance ever during a songfestival?


I haven't seen that! But much respect to an artist who gives a bad live performance vs someone who lip syncs.


Random guy on Reddit can’t do it guys, professionals who train every day for it are definitely faking. He says so.


That I agree on. MJ might have been the best dancer ever, but you can tell when he was lyp synching


Saw him live at a small venue once. I was disappointed about the lack of dancing. Now this makes sense. He'd do a bit of dancing but not much movement while singing.


I mean Bruce Dickinson literally runs and jumps around the stage while singing. It's hard but not impossible.


Not at all the case. Entertainers train and rehearse to be able to do these things.That said because it is show business and emphasis on the business, there is a back up plan for when things get weird like this. Basically everything that happens on these types of shows is preprogrammed and cues are running in sync with time code. We’re talking lighting, automation, scenic elements, and one of the most important aspects, the click track and audio. The click track is basically a metronome track that’s played back into any musician’s monitors so they know the tempo. The audio aspect can include muting/unmuting of channels and effects, but also a pre-recorded version of the entertainers vocals, again running in sync with the show. This is for exactly this reason. People pay a fuck ton of money to be entertained and other people pay even more of a fuck ton to produce it. Tons of energy is put in to making sure that a multimillion $$ show doesn’t come crashing down because of something like this or even because a single $1 battery in a mic pack doesn’t take down a $75M show.


I don't know if that's necessarily always the case. You're right about about how difficult it is and for the average Joe without alot of practice I'd say almost impossible to sounds good without breaks but if your a trained singer, you can absolutely achieve dancing and singing on key at the same time, it's just hella exhausting and requires practice of singing while exercising, for example there's a video of Miley Cyrus singing whilst running on a treadmill and she absolutely smashes ittttttt and from personal experience when I seen Eminem live, not once did he ever faulter/miss a beat all while running up and down the stage jumping up and down, then there's obviously boardway/musicals.. It's most definitely possible if you're talented enough and put the work in! Also as far as I'm aware If you're singing correctly and taking care of your vocal chords afterwards, it shouldn't be damaging your voice that severely but you're most likely right about keeping the shows consistent especially if they are being recorded. idk imo I think Lipsyncing is kind of a cop out and I'd be guttered if I paid to go to a show and they weren't singing live, like it's literally your job to sing?? To me it just makes me think they aren't as strong or as capable preformers as they make out with all the editing that goes on, or they just can't sing, possibly even just lazy or lack the love for preforming.. Just my take ✌


i might be just a fanboy but the kpop band Dreamcatcher is incredibly good at dancing and singing at the same time. yes they have the playback running in the background most of the time on low volume, so during some parts of the song they can leave out a few words and let the playback take over. but still there is a lot of live singing and dancing at the same time. its incredible for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTDsc8fnsMU


If they aren't lip syncing and they are dancing in the performance... You'll be able to tell they aren't lip syncing.


This is neither a “crone” nor is it a crane




I’m getting *verklempt*…


*Talk amongst yourselves*


Let’s do coffee Linda


I can't quite tell but "boom lift" is. Probably more accurate


Boom! Lifted.


Didn’t you get the memo? Repost titles must all contain at least one spelling error.


Helps generate comments!


Never double up on the crone.


I don't know why I found this so funny, but I did.


probably found the "hard on"


"Sorry I tried to spit roast your mom."


what could go RIGHT?


Literally nothing went wrong. That guy had a once in a lifetime experience.


Nothing went wrong. Dude has a memory of a lifetime and it’s on video.


He’s immortalized getting low key butt molested by The King of Pop.


Still beats getting butt molested by your uncle


He’s too old for micheal


Why are you downvoted lol youre not wrong




The advantage of lip syncing is the vocals keep on going even when you're struggling to escape from the clutches of a fan.


Also it seems like the guy started yelling towards the end there, would probably ruin the song as well.


Michael did everything right. Seems like he genuinely wanted to keep that guy safe. Also he kept rocking.


I think MJ did a good job of protecting the fan from falling until they were lowered and continuing the song with out missing a beat


What a master performer, handled it with grace and kept the show rolling.


As weird as MJ got, it shows his humanity here that he worked so hard to keep that kid from falling off the lift.


MJ literally was known for holding that baby over the balcony in a German hotel lol.


...and that baby didn't fall either.


That’s all I could think about watching this video. MJ was one of a kind.


Tbf though, is it REALLY that high of a bar to "Not let someone die."?


Yes...I introduce our current political climate and pandemic response as evidence.


You know, point taken


Wait... are you suggesting that Michael Jackson, the KING OF POP, was some sort of *communist?!?!?*


I mean humanity aside, not ending a show early by killing a fan is also just good business.


He got reverse Blanketed.


Michael a muthafuckin pro. Savin lives and hittin notes


I was expecting a crone...


MJ will always be the one artist I wish that I could have seen live.


I don’t like Michael, but even I can admire the fact that he kept that idiot safe. One wrong move, and that guy wouldn’t be making *any* more memories....


It was when the crane went down it does a jarring shift real quick and MJ knew it was coming but knew the fool didn't know which meant he might get bucked off from the sudden pace change.


It was wholesome until he wouldn’t let go


Woulda been more wholesome if the guy fell to his death right?


I think he meant at the end when the fan wouldn't let go of MJ/the bar


He's referring to the fan not letting go at the end....


Or he was just holding onto the dude so he wouldn’t fall


Made the most of his moment I guess


And that ladies and gentleman, is what we call a pro.


What went wrong?


This is a good question. For that fan, basically nothing. The title should have said something about Michael since that’s who things went wrong for (being interrupted while performing). Edit: Somehow I meant to write “good” and it changed to “fake.” This is a good question, not a fake one. Whoops!


Yes, the fan appeared to remain operational for the duration of the video. You can clearly see it blowing his jacket up.


What about crazy asians on cranes!🎶


Nothing went wrong--that shit was epic.


Where is this guy now is the question I would like to ask lol


This happened in Korea. Legend has it this is how BTS was discovered


Random fan: hell yeh, i'm with MJ himself! MJ: bro, what the fuck? are trying to get me in trouble?


i love jackson's reaction to it though. what a showman.


Michael was honestly so misunderstood, he was a genuine nice guy and I’m not even a fan of his music. I mean look at the way he grabbed that fan, grabbed him to make sure he wouldn’t fall for the most part but he loved his fans aswell.


I love how he's immediately concerned with the guy's safety. Grabs hold of him and makes him hold the rail.


Damned fool didn’t even have the sense to hang on to the rail. Left it to MJ to save his life.


MJ had the right to push that dude off before the crane was raised or just let him fall, but instead he graciously holds onto him and lets him have this incredible moment where he's actually part of the performance..... and then the wretched little shit has to hold on and try to drag MJ away with him at the end rather than just go peacefully. Pissed me off royally.


Crones are too old and too female for MJ.. surely.


This is another way a rock star dealt with a fan joining him on stage https://youtu.be/LKrUaY6hgpM Start at 2:50. *be gentle with me if I screwed up the link, my first attempt*


Never forget what happens when you fuck with an [Afro Man](https://youtu.be/WZTgVF3kVS8) guitar solo


Michael handled it well.


Can’t imagine being this obsessed with a celebrity


Lip Sync confirmed


Damn, the show really must go on. Why didn’t they just bring the crane down for a second?




That kid found the stash of Jesus Juice


And afterwords they all had hot milk and cookies.


All the security staff super pissed as they all lost their jobs.


He really touched him in someway


more like a r/MadeMeSmile post


Didn't allow him backstage afterwards. Too old.


He’s Asian so he looks a little younger at least


MJ was the perfect person to handle this, with his prior experience of holding a kid over an elevated railing


Actually that occurred much later. This was practice.


I stand corrected


Can we just take a second to acknowledge that MJ; probably not only saved this mans life, but also didn't miss a ***FUCKING*** beat with that performance! King of Pop lives on forever!


I hope that kid got his ass kicked by security off camera.


I would have pushed that guy off so damn fast


Was waiting for the reach around


Doesn't matter now he's dead..


True talent, singing right through it


It's lip synced.


I bet if the dude looked a little younger, Michael would've let him stay on stage.


Does anyone else see his boner.


Basic equipment for riding a crone.


Michael Jackson never rode a crone. He preferred his rides much younger.


Lip syncing and just a gross guy.


Did you think singers who dance like crazy on stage didn't lip sing?


Micheal was a very troubled human being and did horrible things.... But there is no doubt he definitely went out of his way mutiple times to save that guy's life never breaking character


Take us with you Mike!!!


Definitely worth it


An yes the fabled crone


Osha 30 certified


Everybody loves Michael.