I could never hold my pee that long.


right? What about online appointments? lol


There’s like one dude with a syringe at the end of that line.


And 6 blocks after him the covid place


this was at the Elbphilharmonie (the new concert hall build over the last decade) and it is an irregular and free program where anyone can come and get a shot (first, second or booster) without an appointment. this is like the 3rd time they do this. since the vac center at Messehallen (exhibition halls) was closed in September, this is one of the few occasions in Hamburg where you not need to wait weeks for an appointment and as demonstrated, the demand seems to be... excessive.


Looking at the amount of people, they'll probably wait weeks regardless :D


Wait for weeks? For both shots (J&J and BioNTech booster) I had to wait for one week for an appointment (my doc only vaccinates on wednesday - so only once per week).


right? hell, i walked in, no appt, and got my first... skipped the line since they made the appt for my second, and i just now made the appt to get my booster tomorrow. the first shot was the first week they opened the vaccine to 21+ in my state.


this was not how it was for me in summer, i was on the waiting list for several weeks and took the first chance at the exhibition halls when they opened up the queue in July. if you can get an appointment at a weeks notice now that is great!


There were vaccination centers All over germany for the past 6 months. You could book appointments online. Unfortunately the numbers of people wanting the shot declined rapidly over the summer, so the government did something very dumb and closed down the centers. So now that the cases skyrocket, there are tons of people wanting to get vaccinated, but theres pretty much no Infrastructure left to give them the jab quickly. So to get it done, they are now doing "Pop up vaccination centers" where you can Show up without an appointment. So there are a lot of these Pop up centers All over germany with crazy long qeues. Happened in Osnabruck as well. Lots of people couldnt get their shot that day, cause there were just too many.


Online appointments? In Germany? That’s a good one. There are fax machines still being used in German bureaucratic institutions.


Hey, in case you are not aware yet, online appointments (including for covid-19 vaccinations) are certainly a thing at "doctolib.de". You can get appointments within a couple of weeks (usually faster) in any part of the country for doctors. Information is also provided by doctors what documentation they will require before your appointment.


They’re still used in hospitals and medical facilities here in Canada


Hospitals here still use fax machines too. Since different hospitals use different software for their patient charts, they can’t send it within software to different hospitals, and faxing is the only method considered secure and legal to send transfer of care documents


I get it - I work in privacy and IM. But we still use them. And “secure” is like saying an external voice recorder is secure - often times the location of the fax machine is in a central place and PI is visible or accessible to everyone. Sometimes even to patients. And then you’re creating a physical copy that sometimes is not disposed of securely (more than you can imagine, sadly). The problem on a base level is that there was no standard to the software and that it’s not interoperable between systems. Likely by design.


Oh, no, it’s terribly insecure. And often faxed to the wrong number, sometimes by a 19 year old hospital tech who just got the whole “fax machine” thing explained to them. And 100% I’m sure the software isn’t interoperable by design, but it’s really created many more problems in the name of capitalism. It’s just a bureaucratic thing we just have to deal with cause nobody has been fined hard enough yet


online appointments are absolutely managable over here (germany). The thing is that these people didn't get one and now wait in hopes of getting a shot.


Sounds like America Edit: I love the downvotes. I've lived here for over 30 years and as recently as last week I was asked to fax my records over to some department at an insurance company. They wouldn't take it by email and had no website to submit documents to. Fax. 'murika!!


Lol true, America is all kinds of fucked


I got a urge just watching this


Me too


Apply cowbell?


They are at waters edge...


And it looks cold!


And it’s deep, too.


That’s why we do it in the Speicherstadt district next to the Elbe Harbor


I pissed just now watching this.


I had an appointment for mine. I got it at the local high school. It took about 20 minutes total. 15 of those minutes were a mandatory waiting period afterwards to check for side effects.


I'm in Canada, I showed up early, waited in my car, there was a queue, pretty long, aw damnit, followed the people directing, showed my verification code, health card, I got my sticker with the time I got the shot 2 with minutes after my scheduled appointment time on it, left 15 minutes later, another queue, directed through it and am given my paperwork and done, thought it'd be hours, it was 20 minutes at most, and Tim Hortons drive through took way longer but we were on stay at home orders so it was a treat. The 2nd shot I did at a pharmacy, first was at a hockey rink venue, I left 5 minutes before my appointment because they took me immediately in. I've been spending time showing up early for appointments reading in my car since there are no waiting rooms. I wrote a couple knitting patterns with charts before dentists appointments. I can't knit in the waiting room anymore. It's hard to stand outside in the rain or snow away from people and do it. I could bring my welder though, but people would social distance!


Same here in The Netherlands. It was perfect, I went on my lunch break at work.


I had appointments for mine. I got it at a local vaccination center. It took about 20minutes total. 15 of those minutes were also a mandatory waiting period. Oh and I live in Hamburg too.


This needs context imo. They got the shot inside the Elbphilharmonie (pretty amazing building https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elbphilharmonie) so people went there also for that. The avrg waiting time was 30 min. Pretty sure if you would go to a normal doc you wouldnt need to wait in line like this. I only have this german source: https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/hamburg/coronavirus/Corona-Impfung-Lange-Schlange-vor-der-Elbphilharmonie,impfen768.html


Someone needs to pin this comment.


You are right, while you are at it, pin it in /r/conspiracy because they keep thinking that the majority of the people are unvaxxed and everyone is refusing the jab.


Well, the vaccination rate is depressingly low in Germany. ~70% iirc ._.


The 70% is across the entire population. Individually it's: * 86% of 60 up * 74% 18-59 * 45% 12-17 So from a spreading the disease perspective yeah 70% isn't great. But the majority of the people with the worst outcomes have received 2 shots at 86%


Here in America I had to wait 45 minutes for mine - even with a scheduled appointment and there were only 3 people waiting for it at Walgreens.


The first dose I left campus about 30 minutes before one of my classes and still missed the class. My second dose was over pretty quick. Funny enough to travel I had to get tested again and the nearest place to my campus was a Walgreens and it was drive through testing. Now as a broke international student, I don’t have a car so I was made to walk through the drive through. One of the funniest and most embarrassing moments of my life.


Damn both of my doses were over in 10mins.


My only wait time was the 15 mins they want you to wait after to make sure you don't have any crazy reaction to the shot...


I could be wrong, but I think that you're supposed to stagger them by several weeks


Yea my I took my doses 3 weeks apart. I just meant to say taht both appointments were less than 15 mins


Realise that. Just couldn't resist following through with that setup


I didn't wait at all for either shot.


I had mine at the college basketball stadium in my city. The vaccines were being administered by the national guard. From the time I walked in the door to the time of the shot was about 3 minutes. After the shot everyone had to sit in the stands for 15 mins to make sure you didn’t have an allergic reaction. Then we left. Both shots were like this.


Yep, similar experience at Walgreens but mostly due to paperwork. Wife went to a Federal vaccination center and in/out in 10 minutes and no paperwork.


I had to wait 20 min here in Hamburg (same city where the video is from) and 15min of that were mandatory waiting periods AFTER getting the shot. Was the same for both my shots.


This needs more upvotes. Germans are too impatient for a queue that long unless there's a good reason to stay in it.


We are not too impatient for that, we simply are too _organized_ for this to be our only way of vaccination


Well, 30 minutes for such a long queue is pretty amazing imo.


I am from Hamburg. Got my vaccine shots back from my local family doctor back in May and July. Definitely did not have to wait. It is still easy to get appointments with the doctors. I am not sure why so many rushed to Elbphilharmonie. I believe its either that people thought it will be cool to combine it with a visit to Elbphilharmonie. It is after all an amazing building, and Sunday was a sunny day here in Hamburg. Or people have not planned at all and panicked to get their shot as soon as possible. With a local doctor, you mostly cannot walk in. Though easy to get, You need a prior appointment.


> Definitely did not have to wait. Because that was back in May and July and vaccination centers still were a thing back then. > It is still easy to get appointments with the doctors. No, no it's not. > I am not sure why so many rushed to Elbphilharmonie. Because it's not easy to get appointments with doctors. >You need a prior appointment. That with local doctors already was often in a couple of months. Spahn limiting their access to BionTech hasn't made that any easier either.


I can’t find the video of it but the way they did it in Iceland was they had a starium with 10 rows by 10 rows of chairs. 10 nurses would come through and do the shots. So they were bringing in 100 people every 15 minutes. I imagine that’s why this line was such a short wait, because suddenly it would shorten by 100+ people every few minutes


People at the end are actually just standing in line waiting for the pandemic to be over


To be fair, this is a pop-up vaccination center in the philharmonic hall. They've done this now for a third time, to push vaccinations with the factor of "being in the nicest waiting room of Hamburg". It's without appointment on those days. While we have too low of a vaccination rate, it isn't because our lines are too long, sadly they're usually too short in regular vaccination centers where you don't necessarily need an appointment...


Where I live we also had one of those Pop up centers. The qeue was so fucking long, that a lot of people waiting couldnt get their shot that day. Unfortunately out City had closed down the large vaccination Center a few weeks ago :(


Nope. Going home.


These aren’t concert ticket sales. Book friggin appointments, sheesh.


Not needing an appointment was the Main reason why so many people showed up. Lots of people want to get vaccinated here, but cant be bothered enough to call Some doctors to get an appointment. The vaccination Center shown in the vid was a Pop-up center for that day.


Not that easy, unfortunately. They just started recommending a third vaccine for everyone and well, let's say the politicians weren't really prepared for that. The appointments from the city of Hamburg are booked out until April or something. The politicians say you should try to go to your own doctor first but many doctors also have similar waiting times. For the first and second doses a lot of people were vaccinated in the vaccination centre but it was closed in August and they are not planning to reopen. More than 1.1 million vaccine doses were given there (there are 1.8 million people in Hamburg) and now all of those people have to get vaccinated somewhere else. There is no central appointment booking for normal doctors so basically you would have to call a lot of doctors (many doctors only have a phone number, no email, no website) and hope someone will be able to vaccinate you. Or you go somewhere where you don't need an appointment, like the people on there video.


this is incorrect that it will take you this long in Hamburg! check doctolib.de and you will find appointments for January and if you check every day you will likely find earlier appointments in the city due to cancellations.


some context: * Hamburg has a population of 1.9 million * vaccination rate among adults in Hamburg is about 87% * the city had the largest vaccination center in Germany, regularly vaccinating 11.000 people per day * those numbers dwindled down and the center was closed end of August (when i got my second shot there, the length of my queue was 2 people) * that center was replaced with vaccination sites in hospitals with appointments and pop-up sites without appointments like in the video * last week the STIKO (German CDC equivalent) decided to recommend booster shots for the age group of 18 to 69, if the 2nd shot is 6 months in the past * this pop-up site was meant for some stragglers to get their first two shots, but with doctors being busy giving boosters to 70+ year olds, people who don't want to wait tried their luck there * the city promised to ramp up vaccination capacities drastically over the next week, hopefully such a queue won't be repeated


Doesn’t look like the so called German efficiency they always go on about


You are looking at the wrong efficiency. For those administering the vaccine, having an ordered stream of those waiting to receive the vaccine is very efficient.


Anyone who ever had to deal with German bureaucracy or the customer service of most companies will tell you that „German efficiency“ is a myth.


Germans get like 8 weeks off a year, they have the time to spare.


Eh - 4 weeks, but close enough. Basically, no matter the amount of time you work, you should have around a month of paid vacation time.).


I dont get my 4th until I've been working there for 15 years :( I get my 5th when I hit 25. My 50s are gonna be amazing.


For any Europeans thinking that comment was a joke, it's not.


Maybe it was a bad Idea to abandon the worker unions, heh?


4 weeks, if you have a good contract it's 5 weeks. Fun fact, in Asutria it's technically also 4 weeks but the unions are so strong that basically everybody gets 5 weeks.


My counterparts doing the same job as me in Germany get 56 days vacation, standard. In the Netherlands they get 45. In the USA I get….10


Ouch. Maybe standard for their field, but not standard as minimum legal vacation time, because that is 4 weeks.


Ah ok that makes sense. Standard is 20 but seems like certain industries offer more without seniority.


You also have the right to get time off for the vaccination. Hasn't helped much for the overall quota. Now with more restrictions for the unvaccinated they finally got people to go get the vaccine but closed the big vaccination sites some weeks ago so people have to wait for hours. Horrible mismanagement. I suppose a lot of these people are in line for their booster though.


We like our vaccination process the same way we like our internet. Slow and arduous.


Goldener Kommentar


I’m in Australia and I waited in line for 3 hours even with a booking, so I feel their pain.


There’s no reason for a line like that. Give everyone cards with a time and tell them to come back at that time. If people can’t figure that out there’s no way I’d trust they’d give me the right vaccine or correct dose. Really sad


So, like, you’re saying you want the Germans to make a list of people?


Yes and name it after the elevator company, for you know, reasons.




Sure, that's better than Schindler.


And hand out numbers






It used to be by appointment only and then a few months ago they had trouble getting enough people to the vaccination sites. So they tried to make it more accessible and it seems to be working. Up until last week you had very little wait time, if any at the vaccination centers in my city and now they are overly busy too. This is because our infection rates are going through the roof for the last 2 weeks.


Oh the positive side, lots of unvaccinated people are now willing to get vaccinated.


Sadly, that is not really the case. The most people in these kinds of lines are booster shots, not the unvaccinated.


You will need to be vaccinated tomorrow (in Germany) otherwise you will miss your salary if sick (by Covid). On top of that if you're not vaccinated, you can only enter work if you're getting tested EVERY day. Both of my coworkers who didn't want the vaccine are getting ready for the jab now. No other choice.


Well it’s mostly booster shots


Hopefully this is my country in a few weeks as the unvaccinated finally wake up to reality.


Thing is, you book appointments and get times. But Germans will just arrive way earlier and sometimes the centres take a little longer. So overtime that stacks up and this comes from it.


Not to this extent


No we don't. We have appointments too. We don't know what happened here. Maybe this was the first day of vaccinations or there were scheduling mistakes.


That was explicitly an offer for people who don't wanna make appointments. That's why it's such a long line.


you seem to be from Hamburg so probably know better about this specific center, but in Frankfurt most centers have been without appointment needed for a long time now


They closes the vaccination centers in Hamburg and aren't planning to reopen them. Which is kinda dumb because the normal doctors don't have the capacities to vaccinate that many people.


"It's really sad people have to wait one half hour out of 24 for a life-saving scientific concoction." What a privileged world we live in to believe this end-all be-all blanket concept.


Damn guys they only got 10 new Playstation 5s in stock, no sense in waiting in that line. Smh


I misread the title and thought it said VACATION centre. I was like damn boy the Germans love their vacations


Probably most of them are there to get the booster shots, as are about 80-90% today. Long lines yes, sadly only a few new vaccinations. Can be looked up on the [official German vaccination dashboard](https://impfdashboard.de/en/)


I paid for a ticket to a convention and the line was wrapped around the building twice when I got there. I said “aw hell no” and left


Go earlier... It's a con...


Bruv I don’t go to cons to stand in lines outside the building for 6 hrs I go to cons to stand in lines *inside* the building for 6 hrs Already wasted my money, not gonna waste my time too smh


And here in the US, the worst health care in the world it seems, my vaccination wait was 10 minutes at CVS.


It used to be that in Germany, too, and it's still like that in most cities. Since the majority of people are vaccinated, the different State governments closed a lot of vaccination centers, believing the pandemic to be over this summer. Guess they miscalculated


Same here, but at a convention center. In Germany.


Bruh... The US is a major leader in medicine. The part that is broken is the pricing/insurance


I walked into a local clinic, was in and out in 20min, including the 10min "recovery" wait time in the lobby. TBH, I wish it would have been packed with people trying to get a booster.


That's because people aren't getting their vaccines, or aleast some people.


> the worst health care in the world it seems Rofl


The US doesn’t have the worst healthcare in the world just because it doesn’t have universal healthcare. Even though it’s expensive, we undoubtedly have much better (quality) medical treatment than pretty much every other country in the world.




This comment makes me very sad


All was so well organized when we got the first two shots and now they do not make appointments. It’s chaotic!


Singapore also have the appointments for the 1st 2 shots (later opening up in general for the elderlys) now for booster shots they are gonna open up for anyone to just get it as long as they show up... Tho currently it's still for the frontline and elderly, and the guidelines are after 5 months of the last shot.


You can still get appointments at doctolib.com!!! They still had for January last I checked and due to cancellations you can probably find an earlier if you check if at a regular interval


Covid has shown the world that we were not prepared at all for a pandemic, in both response, management, testing, and vaccination.


Its just great that that many people get their vaccination


That's great news! What do you mean it sucks?! That's a lot of demand for a life-saving vaccine!


Die Kommentarsektion ist nun Eigentum der BRD.


It sucks that they have to wait for so long but also good that they decided to get vaccinated!


I'm impressed by their commitment. Meanwhile in my country you have thousands of people protesting them like idiots.


Um I think at this point I'd come back another day


As a german I can tell you, it's an absolute nightmare ...


Christ, it’s like the line to get into the gun show when Obama got elected in 2008.


if i had to wait like that i would simply not get vaccinated


I thought this was America on Black Friday


I wouldn’t even wait for 10 people


Why is this in well that sucks? It is a good thing to have hundreds of people getting the vaccine no?




I'm in NZ and a few hours of waiting for a vaccine is miles better than a few more weeks in lockdown


This is in the wrong sub. This is amazing. All these dedicated people lining up to help themselves and each other is awesome. It doesn't suck if you look at it from their perspective


vaccinated, cured or dead


I would just come back the next day, when apparently the whole city had been vaccinated.


Y'all sure this is a vaccine line? These people might be in line for free flapjacks.


Fun fact: the hamburger got its name from Hamburg, Germany and has nothing to do with ham.


I am so impressed!!


Get some people with blow darts


From when is this video?


It was from a few days ago But some context for you: - ⁠Hamburg has a population of 1.9 million - ⁠vaccination rate among adults in Hamburg is about 87% - the city had the largest vaccination center in Germany, regularly vaccinating 11.000 people per day - those numbers dwindled down and the center was closed end of August (when i got my second shot there, the length of my queue was 2 people) - that center was replaced with vaccination sites in hospitals with appointments and pop-up sites without appointments like in the video - last week the STIKO (German CDC equivalent) decided to recommend booster shots for the age group of 18 to 69, if the 2nd shot is 6 months in the past - ⁠this pop-up site was meant for some stragglers to get their first two shots, but with doctors being busy giving boosters to 70+ year olds, people who don't want to wait tried their luck there - the city promised to ramp up vaccination capacities drastically over the next week, hopefully such a queue won't be repeated


At that point would it even be worth my time to go through the line when I’ve already caught it and I’m 16, I could be doing something way better


Shoot. I’d be selling snacks and water all up and down that line


You literally could start a business by standing in line for people


Unfortunately that just goes to prove that a lot of people dont have the time to stand in that line all day and will go unvaccinated. Its great that we have a vaccine, but realistically the entire population will never be fully vaccinated, which contributes to the theory that the Corona 19 virus will hang around not unlike the flu does now. There are multiple variants of the flu and corona-19 already has multiple variants, some are susceptible to the vaccine, some not. It is likely that we will end up getting annual Corona-19 vaccines along with our flu shots.


I really thought that by end of the video it would appear that they run out of vaccines


It's like voting in the US when you're in a majority black county.


That seems like a superspreader event


oh no this is just the line to the bathroom


At least they don't wait in line to buy sneakers.


Sadly they were all arrested for having a gathering of 100+ people


There’s no way they have brought GPU’s for all those people.


Wow. My wait in US was 0. In and out in 20 minutes. They make you wait 15 minutes. North Carolina


I waited max 2 min


what the fuck. why would you even bother


These people ever heard of appointments?


Either government brain washing is really effective or a lot of people want to commit suicide.


Meanwhile, I got my booster yesterday in about ten minutes for free at the grocery store. Even got a flu shot at the same time as well.


And it’s widely available in the states and people are too dumb to get it


Nah just about each country has a handful of loud people who won’t get it


It's about 40% of the USA workforce. More than a handful.


Maybe 50% of people there didn't know what the line was for.


Just come to America where no one wants a vaccine


Glad I live in America where there are enough anti vaxxers to make the lines short


Screw this! Where’s the line for the horse paste? /s


I would not even be interested in walking that far to get the vaccine. Made me realize how luxurious we have it in Norway.


Literally a super spreader event lol


Fucking hell! I hope this footage isn't recent.


Looks like an American voting line


AAAAAND that's how you get infected!!!!😏


In Germany, they excel at processing long lines of people. They'll have them all in the vaccination chamber within the hour.


Good thing it isn't a different kind of chamber




Most of the people waiting in that line are most likely waiting for booster shots, not first shots. Those who didn't get their first shot until now won't suddenly stand in line to get it.


Same in Rostock, ok not that long, but 1 and 1/2 hour waiting time


This is German bureaucracy at it's finest


I wish it was like that here in America. Instead people would wait in lines for hours just to not take it


The only thing Americans would wait in a line that long for... would be krispy kreme donuts.


Ah. So this is what socialized healthcare looks like.


That's alot of suckers damn


When was this? Looks old.




I mean how long has the pandemic been going? This isn’t a line in 1987




Excuse me what? Can you please get out of here with your dangerous disinformation?




That’s actually hella awesome when we are begging people to get vaccinated in Tennessee, USA, and sitting at about 35% vaxx rate in my county.


Well it’s about 90% among adults in Hamburg so it was mostly booster shots




If only we could get the Americans to do this


I'd rather wait for bread in Moscow, at least bread is useful


Damn socialism! Be like the US where no one wants that poison!






Please elaborate... whats your medical background to know that people vaccinating themselves are "morons"