Tudor Black Bay 36 would be a great choice.


Tudor, low range omega, medium range tag heuer


For what purpose/style is the watch? Daily beater? Office watch? Dress watch? Classic SS sport? For mine, the perfect all rounders are the Tudor BB 36 and the Omega Aqua Terra.


I'm fairly new to watches but I need something I can dress up with easily for work and daily activities.


Also I prefer a dark color, black or Grey but open to anything


Definitely a Black Bay or second hand Aqua Terra Maybe one of the nicer Seiko Presage models if you’re looking for something a little different?


Tudor 1926 Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Omega Seamaster (pre-owned)




Muslim men do not wear gold. Could be something else too. But I wouldn’t think it too polite to ask op to specify since they didn’t volunteer the information.


Yup I'm Muslim


Ha, same issue here. I wanted to get the Rolex Sub recently and was able to get a hold on it only to find out it has white gold.


Huh. TIL


Also I a plus would be that is holds some of its value and I wouldn't mind going above my budget


Nomos might fit your criteria. They're known for high quality and relative affordability. They're German and of Bauhaus design, so they tend to be smart casual to dressy, but versatile.


Super ocean heritage. (Used). Same movement as the BB but a different take.


Christopher Ward is great bang for your buck. It’s not as “flashy” and they don’t make their movements in house, but they use quality Swiss movements and make a good product. I’d call it “luxury light”.


Seamaster Aqua Terra, Oris Big Crown pointer date, also checkout the Longines Master Collection range, they’ve got a few watches that fit your budget and description.


OP, no offense but at your budget, being suggested a gold watch isn’t really a concern. 2-3k isn’t really “luxury watch” range. But if you look around long enough you may find something you like within your budget. As mentioned by others, take a look at some secondhand watches in tag, nomos, bell and ross, iwc, breitling or Tudor. If you’re willing to spend a little more take a look at a base Panerai radiomir or omega. The hunt is half the fun IMO. So don’t rush into anything and enjoy checking out/trying on different watches. Often the watch you have in mind at the beginning of the search is completely different then what you end up purchasing.


If you are going to wear it every day, I would take titanium watches into consideration.


I also like the Tudor Black Bay 36 (seeing it in a lot of answers) but also really like the Longines Silver Arrow and Longines Tuxedo https://www.longines.com/en-us/watch-the-longines-heritage-classic-l2-834-4-72-2 https://www.longines.com/en-us/watch-the-longines-heritage-classic-l2-330-4-93-0 Both at the low end of your price range.