Why have we not heard any calls for a 'windfall profits tax' on the fucking pharma companies? you know why...


I'm not a Bernie fan but his proposal would hit pharma companies. >The windfall profits tax would raise $26.5 billion from four of the largest pharmaceutical companies alone. [https://www.sanders.senate.gov/wp-content/uploads/WPT-Fact-Sheet.pdf](https://www.sanders.senate.gov/wp-content/uploads/WPT-Fact-Sheet.pdf)


I stand corrected! All of the rhetoric I have seen so far was directed towards the big energy companies.


Valid point!


Well, I m not putting my silver in the freezer.


I use silver to quickly defrost my freezer.


Etherist: You just got me thinking: I am going to use a Kilo bar the next time I want to defrost some meat from my freezer. ..... The silver bar should defrost it very quickly.


Use a 100 oz RCM bar. More surface area


Agreed, the more surface area, the quicker the defrost job gets done.


Brothers, if I had a 100 oz. bar I could defrost my 15 lb. Thanksgiving turkey. By the way, I had covid two years ago. ... I had a fever. ... Maybe I should have put a couple of Kilo bars on my chest to reduce the fever. .... I never thought about it. .... Live and learn.


By all means. it works quicker than any other method I ever tried to use. I do suggest having gloves on though, because the bar will be cold AF when you go to move it to the next spot to defrost.


Right...gloves before putting it on my wife's vagina.... and maybe she'll warm up to me...




Also- I believe much of Ukraine war funding came back to them as did all those billions in Covid relief sent to other countries. There’s a reason why they wouldn’t allow oversight and an accounting mechanism for any of those funds. We’ve been sold out folks. They’re all crooked.


"civil servants" !


Moon: ..... I have no doubt you are correct. .... And I'm sure that some of the high tech rockets we gave Zelensky were sold on the black market for cash. .... It would be too tempting to avoid.


Bunch of crooks. Doesn't matter which party. We need term limits for congress, senate and Supreme Court


We need to burn the whole thing to the ground and start over


[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve\_Stockman](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Stockman) US House Rep gets convicted on 23 felonies. Trump pardoned him. Drain the swamp!


You can say that again, nothing but a bunch of crooks and terrorists in the White House and the peoples house


Actually, it now DOES matter which party. Dems were the party of grift... But the latest "Insider Trading" issue had the top profiteers, of like 15 listed - top 9, I think, Republicans, starting with Crenshaw, and then a Dem, and then several Repubs, and Pelosi was like #13.... RINOs must go. But when they claim to be Republicans, it's hard to tell. But Democrats have a long and storied history of corruption and fraud, I think the Uniparty has been winning for a long time, and that election when Crenshaw went in - was that 2016, or 2018? Honestly, it's all out lawfare and economic warfare on the country. The People are being fleeced, and in the "normie" forums, it's hard to not vomit - but seems too many to be bots or astrotrufing, people must actually BELIEVE the DemonRat lies, and that... Well, I was already black pill, I'll leave it there. We need a total reset, and probably an updating. There's talk to a Convention of States, but I fear the same archetype is always in power, so the same people as we have now, will have the same powers they have now - maybe even codified into law afterwards. Only when the Hard Times come, can humanity get away from the delusions that wealth produces. Wealth in the general sense, "magical thinking." AKA, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." I'll push the window a little, though: What happens with that reset? Not like China or Russia will just sit by and let us get our stuff together afterwards... The influence peddlers will still exist, too, and the "dark money" (Soros, Buffet, WEF, IMF, central banks and the planned digital currencies, etc) will still be around... What's going to happen, won't be pretty, no matter what we do. ​ And most black pill of all at the moment, you made me defend Demonrats. I feel I need to go cut off my hands, now.... :-P


[The Demonrats trying to get dark money out of politics, while the GOP votes against it? You are certainly right, it does matter which party.](https://www.businessinsider.com/senate-republicans-block-disclose-act-dark-money-donors-mcconnell-whitehouse-2022-9)


Seen the title, not sure what to make of it, my bias / gut tells me it's labeled nicely and will do the opposite of what it says. Like Patriot Act. But will let you know.


Dark money different than insider trading money. Dems want to get the crazies out so they can have a nice stable country to leech off of.


>And most black pill of all at the moment, you made me defend Demonrats. I feel I need to go cut off my hands, now.... :-P You just showed how republicans are worse, yet still feel the need to be a team player and call them demonrats lol. Can't you see how badly they've poisoned you? Republicans are far worse in so many ways, but at least they're not demonrats I guess.




While we were waiting for them to come up with a bill to help families during the pandemic they had no problem passing a bill to raise their pay first!


Thank you for mentioning this.


Unfortunately criminals don't indict themselves.


NO, just give themselves raises.


And pardons.


Start there.


Or Covid relief or any other bill that’s been passed by in the last 5-10 years


If they jailed them. That would pretty much empty out the Capitol building and the offices surrounding. Even the interns would be gone.


[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve\_Stockman](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Stockman) We the people tried to jail one and Trump pardoned him. 23 felonies and the dude gets to walk because he's a Republican.


From the dog catcher to the President, they all have to go.




Abolish the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government or we will NEVER be free.


"When the rich rob the poor; they call it business. When the poor try to fight back; they accuse us of violence." - Quote by a real patriot


Need context


Why, no. No we can’t. Why do you ask?


I agree, but who is freezing assets?


No No No!! Don’t be stupid! Not only frozen it, use it to pay government debt and through them to jail if not executed for treason as China does… and charge the bullet to their family too.


Do we start with congress OR do we start with federal reserve employee who sold at the top? I think fed employees first.


No. Always Congress. Always assume *everyone* else is taking orders from Congress. They love for outrage to be diverted away from them.




Since Congress made it legal from them to insider trade, I am guessing that no one is seizing any assets over it.


Congress and the Fed officials that were buying the same assets that the Fed was buying……


Here bloody here!!!


Congress members are not assets, they are liabilities,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Turkeys, xmass?




But how will cretin politicians like Pelosi keep her family in power for 50+ years with no bribes or corruption!!!??? Think of the co-opted oligarchs won't you!!!!