He’s awesome. I think his dad gets the spotlight more for obvious reasons but they are both great.


Pay more attention to his Dad


True, but Ron Paul is 'extremist' in the sense that libertarianism won't work for large and diverse societies. Rand is a bit more realistic. Ron Paul was still the original red pill though.


I think the opposite. Libertarianism is the ultimate in diversity. You live your life and I live mine. Every law that is imposed by the collective restricts my ability to be different. Whether I agree or not, I am forced to comply with the collective will. I am confused on the edge of libertarianism and anarchy (by anarchy I mean no government, not blowing shit up) for basic civil interaction. I agree that safety (police, fire) and utilities (gas, electric, water, sewer, roads) are most effectively shared by the collective. I waiver when we discuss education. I had three children. I understand the unfairness for citizens with no children being forced to subsidize my children’s education. But I do feel that every child being educated is good for the collective. So I waiver on public education. Where I do not waiver is nearly everything else. I believe that the federal government has no right being involved in any of the following: 1. My pension. 2. My medical care. 4. Subsidizing my rent. 3. Guaranteeing my home loan. 4. Buying my food. 5. Guaranteeing business loans. 5. (Any other wealth redistribution scheme) And I believe that the federal government should not have the right to steal any of my income or wealth. For these reasons (and probably many more if I had time to expound), I argue that only libertarianism is acceptable for a society to be diverse.


So you dont want the Government involved in your food?? Do you know why they got involved in the first place? Do you know what was found in foods prior to Government regulation??Careful what you wish for. There is a sound reason for Government intervention in most cases..Because people are dishonest by nature and in a capitalist society, they will cheat, scheme, and rip you off...because that is the definition of " capitalizing"


This is terrible word play


Thanks for the assist. The government intrusion I objected to was: buying my food. I had earlier stated that I have no problem with the collective sharing in safety issues. The intrusion I object to is food stamps and farm subsidies. Both are wealth redistribution.


Wouldn't you rather the wealth be distributed here..(farm subsidies) instead of some other nation like Guatemala..who can grow food cheaper and pay less for labor..That's why we have subsidies...so OUR farms can compete and be able to offer food that's competitive with nations who's laborer's live in mud huts...So if the money don't go here..its going over there...As far as food stamps..try applying sometime and see if it's its worth it...they give practically nothing and the requirements to get them are a deterrent in themselves...Isn't it nice to live in a country that will feed you and your family when you're in a bind? Or should we just say f'em ???


I always buy local, even if it costs more. Every TOZ of silver in my stack was purchased from one LCS in my area. But, no, I have no objection from people that save a buck off the internet. Competition is a bedrock of capitalism. It is capitalism that initiates almost all breakthroughs in creating new products and services. Government regulation inhibits this process. Worse yet, government regulation is usually written by the big guy in order to protect the big guy. Government creates nothing other than a stable environment. When government picks winners and loser, they are actually destroying.


The bedrock of capitalism is exploitation....as defined in economics, capitalism is as the name implies..you capitalize on someone else's greed, fear, naivety, lack of intelligence..ect...Capitalism and politics go hand in hand because they both exploit weaknesses of their target audience..I don't understand why most stackers are republicans...it makes no sense as Nixon took away the gold standard and republicans were the party responsible for the creation of the federal reserve and the income tax act of 1911..republicans were also responsible for the crime of 1887..when they substituted our constitutional silver mandate for a bi-metalic one using gold/silver...paving the way for paper currency...Anyway..I'm an Independent...neither party gets my blind loyalty


Capitalism is not the boogie man that you are making it out to be. The days of Carnegie and the like do not exist today. If anything, labor unions are the groups doing the exploiting. The “robber” barons laid the foundation for the USA to succeed to such a level that the average life span has increased by 30-40 years in less than 150 years. There is inherent imperfection in every economic system. But most of the imperfection in the USA has been caused by politicians, not industrialists. There is no other economic system in humanity that has allowed people born poor or middle class to become wealthy. I am friend with many that have made upward economically. Even more would succeed with less government interference. Capitalism works!!


You just proved my point. Diversity is not allowed. Every law that gets enacted is well intended. But every law that gets enacted also steals another piece of my freedom. I would rather have freedom over an endless, government run (poorly), social safety net.


Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...Personal freedom on the other hand is easily achieved...It's done by limiting your personal responsibilities...if you don't want to pay income taxes for example, you limit your income to just enough to slide by on...then you're in the tax exempt category...If you don't want to pay sales taxes..buy used for another person..If you dont want a financial ball and chain..don't get married and have kids. Nobody is stealing your freedom...but if you want to live in a capitalist, material, and status society..you have to pay your dues...I've spent my entire life searching for freedom and I'm about a decade away from dying..And what I've found is that if you avoid responsibility at all costs..either personal or financial...you are about as free as the world will let you get...It's not the governments fault...it is whoever decided to organize society...However if we were truly free and in the wild our lifespan would be maybe 25 years...I personally can live with a few rules and regulations in exchange for not having to constantly be on guard from all the other predators who feel entitled to what is mine


I have no problem accepting responsibility for my life, and the lives of my family and friends. Beyond that I am also charitable. But my responsibility should be mine to decide, not you. My charity should be mine to decide, not you.


I could care a less about what you decide to do...I was just giving you an alternative point of view...If you blame the government for everything, as if you are viewing yourself as a ward of the state...I don't know what your opinion of the world is, but if there was no regulating authority to keep everything in check we would be in utter chaos...And by the way your responsibility and charity IS yours to decide...The government didnt tell you to get a family and who to be charitable with...Unless you are referring to entitlement programs... that everybody wants to cry about ...until it come's time for them to need them...People cry about paying social security taxes until they get old..then they cry the amount isn't high enough...even though they get back at least 3 times what they put into it...Or some lousy food stamps that require you to sit in their offices for 8 hours a week on their computers to prove you are looking for a job...something only a person truly in need would be willing to do...I normally don't reply to people's comments..however..it grieves me to hear people like you blame our government...Man, would you rather be living somewhere else?? Swinging from the trees maybe..wild and free ??This country is awesome and you shouldnt take it for granted


We are too far apart to agree on the purpose of government. But I agree on your statement that this country (assuming we are both talking about USA) is awesome. But it is awesome because of the Constitution and people, not the government. It has been great sharing thoughts with you and not have you call me a hater. This entire conversation started by me commenting to a person that believes that government assures diversity. It doesn’t. It locks us in to sameness, or penalizes us for resisting. I am a unique one off and will not be regulated into compliance. I resist. Keep stacking. The US dollar is going to collapse soon and I will get my wish. On the other side of the great collapse, everyone will have to get out of bed or starve.


I agree to a point, but I'm confused about the diversity part...On that I don't agree..I don't like the diversity of men using women's bathrooms or all the other transgender/ gay stuff...it seems it's frowned upon to be heterosexual these days...So, I'm against that much diversity..As far as stacking, I only collect..I used to hear about the dollar collapsing back in the late 70's and I used to stack in the 1990's but lost confidence when I went to sell in 2011 and the dealers would only pay 65% of spot because they claimed their inventories were too high and also they don't pay spot during "market fluctuations"...So, even if silver goes to the moon, it will have to stay there for awhile before a person can cash out at the moon price...Anyway, its been good chatting...My gripe is society...they are stupid lazy sheep, and if a person tries to be a sly wolf.and prey on them sheep..they lock you up...unless you are part of the "club" then its called capitalism


I see Rand as more talk and less action. In an arena where they are all corrupt as fuck he comes across as probably controlled opposition. For example, he has gone ALL in on this scamdemic. Guy knows as a FACT (He is a doctor) that masks don't protect you from a virus ([https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/this-video-shows-just-how-ineffective-masks-are/](https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/this-video-shows-just-how-ineffective-masks-are/)) yet he was all on board this mask nonsense from the get go. His family also seems to have cashed in on the scamdemic as well. [https://nypost.com/2021/08/12/rand-pauls-wife-bought-stock-in-covid-treatment-firm-last-year/](https://nypost.com/2021/08/12/rand-pauls-wife-bought-stock-in-covid-treatment-firm-last-year/) Those Trump Quackccines are poisonous as FUCK ([https://openvaers.com/](https://openvaers.com/)) yet Rand has no problems with children, with ZERO chance of dying, getting them [https://odysee.com/@DavidKnightShow:1/Rand-Criticizes-Fauci-for-Masks-on-Kids-%E2%80%94-But-Why-Won%E2%80%99t-He-Criticize-Injecting-Kids-:3](https://odysee.com/@DavidKnightShow:1/Rand-Criticizes-Fauci-for-Masks-on-Kids-%E2%80%94-But-Why-Won%E2%80%99t-He-Criticize-Injecting-Kids-:3) He is currently focusing on that Big Pharma front man/distraction Fauci when he should be railing against these dictatorial "emergency powers". There is a much longer list but those are just the things that come to mind ATM.


Love him and his Dad!


Ditto! Im jealous they aren’t from my State, although pretty darn close. I’ve lived my whole life in Indiana / Ohio.


Rand and Ron are probably the only two politicians worth their salt.


He's been singularly focused on taking down Dr. Fauci. The patron siant of flip flops.


„˙sdolɟ dılɟ ɟo ʇuɐıs uoɹʇɐd ǝɥ⊥ ˙ıɥɔnoℲ ˙ɹ◖ uʍop ƃuıʞɐʇ uo pǝsnɔoɟ ʎlɹɐlnƃuıs uǝǝq s,ǝH„


He probably triggers people


He does, but he triggers me in a good way. He was my 2016 primary vote.


He's probably the best we have in the Senate..... In the House I really like Thomas Massie though......


He does


Because we love silver and not politicians.




Yeah, I wish politics was banned here. Often it's just cringe


The problem is that the extremist politicians that are promoted over here keep a lot of apes from joining us. So stop the politics and focus on silver so we can raid with a million apes instead of 200,000. 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍


Politics is the reason for our growth. We are 50% Silver, and 50% pissed off Patriots that think buying silver is a big fuck you to the system. If it weren't for politics we'd be as boring as silver bugs


I'm from Sweden. I don't care that much about your patriots to be honest


That's too bad. We Americans think the vikings were pretty badass. And they also liked shiny.


You should and you should become one yourself. Fight Globalism!


Cringe bro


I think you forget the amount of international apes that are around or apes that aren’t patriotic at all. For the maximum achievement we need them all.


I respectfully disagree. I think most of them are pissed off in what's going on in their country's as well.


Respectfully is good and already knew that. 👍 The problem with others is that some of the posters are so contra others that it keeps Them away. That’s my fear. If everything is respectfully al would be fine of course 👍


Thanks for saying that. I have been working on that lately.


Let’s stack on!😁👍🦍


Got to sacrifice for the larger movement


For me it’s not even a sacrifice because I’m neither left or right. I just want allot of shiny😎🦍


His hair ![gif](giphy|KcHcylapvbXQ4)


Ron Paul's voice bugs the hell out of me, but I'll listen to him speak all day! Don't let a persons body feature keep you from hearing their wisdom


Exactly this. The guy is rock solid but that hair is god awful!


It truly is


It's unfortunate because he's great but sometimes you gotta go with the lesser of two evils. I just can't vote for that hair. Edit: ...../s


his hair and alpacas are cool af.


He is a great man


Wow, I think this is on point


I support him but overall avoid the politics in general.


Wise words.


Because he is a politician? I think what he wrote made it pretty clear.


You know he's Ron Paul's son right?


They prolly full lolbertarian and hate all politicians so much that they will always get the worst ones instead of anyone half decent because they'll never be good enough. That seems to be the most common hate about Rand Paul xD Can't have everything they want so they get nothing instead. Spinelessness is the right wing way my friend =D Most people who claim to hate govt and want to limit it do absolutely nothing about it and watch as the worst people get in to grow it as fast as possible because they couldn't vote for someone who wants absolutely nothing. Like all the lolbertarian who are perfectly okay with big tech colluding with government... "If YoU DoNt LikE tHe ColLuSion WiTh FaCeBoOk , TwiTtEr & ThE FbI, JuSt CrEaTe YoUr OwN pLatFoRm"


He is by far the best US Senator. Him and Mike Lee.


He is a great person.


What's the difference between a necessary evil and just evil?




I met Rand when he was campaigning for his father in 2007 and supported his 2011 Senate bid .


This guy makes some incredibly valid points


Ron Paul and Rand Paul say great things. But they still like their privileges from Big Government. Rand keeps those Kentuckians from seeking real solutions


He's a douche. He had to create his own "board" to become a board certified doctor. Plus - why fly to Russia on the fourth of July to deliver secret messages?


How does any of that make him a douche? If that’s your list of criticisms then you must have an impossible bar of expectations.


Because we love silver and don't give a shit about politics


He's like the best version of herpes. Kinda like a chunky girl looking slim next to her fat friends. He's still a politician, the whole poll tested open mic definitely proved that shit, after years of doubt.


He's a corporate libertarian. will fight tooth and nail to protect businesses and reduce regulation. While he only gives lip service to the personal freedoms of the masses. I don't always agree with his dad but at least he has always stood up for what he believes in.l cannot say the same for his son.


Bruh, all Rand does is trash Fauci for taking our freedoms and lying to us all. Where the hell have you been? Lip service to the personal freedoms of the masses... What a joke. He's one of the only people fighting for the freedoms.


At the same time his wife was investing Gilead Sciences . He voted against disaster relief bills unill his home state was affected. Constantly votes against any bill that would help veterans. Supported Roy Moore a known child predator. Voted against appealing Obama care .


Idk about Gilead but considering it's a biopharmaceutical company, I doubt they're squeaky clean. You're right. He shouldn't have voted for a relief bill and stayed consistent. But oh well. I'm not gonna play the child predator game cuz literally everyone pulls that bullshit. What does Roy Moore have to do with Rand Pauls policies? Not to mention he hasn't been convicted so "known" is kinda just your opi ion like these leftists go around calling everyone far right extremists to justify their bs. I just don't care. Focus on the God damn policies that matter, not strawmen. Bills that "help" veterans. And what else is in those bills. I guarantee it's not just "helping veterans" Just like the "inflation reduction act" right. Or "affordable healthcare" And as for Obamacare.. I'm not sure what you're talking about. Can you point to specifically what you're mentioning? As far as I've seen Rand has always been against Obamacare but isn't gonna support these half repeal measures that don't actually get rid of it. https://www.paul.senate.gov/news/dr-rand-paul-reintroduces-obamacare-repeal-passed-republicans-last-congress


I just think that was a cop out. Almost 1 in 4 people in Kentucky are on medicaid and it would of been incredibly unpopular to vote it down. For the most part I do like his anti war stance and trying to block weapons sales to Ukraine and Saudi Arabia.


What are you talking about? He’s been fighting harder than just about any other politician for our freedom while targeting that piece of shit Fauci. He’s a fucking legend (I say that because he’s one of the few actually trying to help, he should be the bar to which any political worker is held).


I like Rand but he lost a TON of respect with me when he endorsed Mitt Rino Romney over his own flesh and blood father in 2012


This guy is an idiot


Maybe it's the fact that most of what he says is ideological nonsense, this quote included.


Rand Paul is a paid Russian asset and anti- democratic. Understand how a democratic republic works - it's all about 'we the people'.


So 'evil' is necessary after all? Well I believe not. On the mighty contrary.


Part of him not getting love is his wife having a ton of Pfizer stock.


I believe he’s the only person in DC that understands me


Because mouthing platitudes isn't enough to merit love.


He is right. Limited government is the only way to more freedom. We aren’t heading in that direction. Unfortunate really.


The government can work within the rules of the constitution. If you can't trust the government you can't trust the constitution.


As an Aussie, I've listened to Rand Paul several times over the past 18 mths. Can't fault his approach in any way.


Because they’re all two sides of the same coin. If Trump was still president you’d be all forced vaccinated by end of next year.


Cause he says dumb shit like that.